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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 28, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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♪ it's tuesday, february 28th, 2017. this is "cbs morning news." breaking overnight -- a plane slams into two southern california homes, killing three people on board. president trump addresses congress, tonight, mr. trump tries to sell lawmaker it's on his plan to keep the country safe. two, one, zero, liftoff. >> and fly me to the moon. that's exactly what spacex intends to do for two tourists pa
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of a lifetime. captioning funded by cbs good morning from the cbs newsroom from the headquarters in new york. i'm meg oliver for anne-marie green. three people were killed when a small plane crashed. the plane had just taken off from riverside municipal airport when the plane went down. there were five people on board headed home to san jose after attending a cheerleading event. no one on the ground was injured. one victim thrown from the plane suffered minor injuries. two homes were destroyed. >> reporter: security camera footage shows the last seconds of the doomed flight. within moments, you see the plane go down and then the explosion. the cessna 310 fell from the sky, about two miles from the airport where it took off. this video was shot in the
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horrifying aftermath of the crash. you can hear and see shell-shocked neighbors running to the scene. a massive fireball that swallowed the plane and two homes. at the top right of the screen watch as neighbors risk their own safety to pull someone from the flaming wreckage. emergency crews could also be seen treating at least one victim as firefighters worked to knock down the intense flames. the crash scene spread to at least two homes. even the plane's propeller was severed and fell on to a house. >> unbelievable. i live right there. i mean, it's just two houses away. i've family, two kids. >> reporter: this is what it looked like, they were in l.a. for a cheer competition in disneyland. the owner of the restaurant at the airport was with the group just before they left. she said their plane would not start until the third
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and then something even more disturbing happened. >> a lady was eating in that number one table there. and did you see the plane? finally the airplane started number three times. when the airplane started, the back of the airplane went like this. move like this. and i never saw a plane do that before. >> reporter: firefighters say it may be some time before they are able to clear the scene here because they are still searching for evidence to piece together how this crash happened. they're also searching the area for any potential victims, anyone who may be unaccounted for. so far, they believe everyone here is safe. for cbs news news, tom wait, riverside, california. >> tom, thank you. tonight, president trump delivers his first address to congress. among other things he's expected to discuss his budget proposals issues including health care and overhauling the nation's tax
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don champion is in washington with more. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, meg, the president said his budget is one that's focused on public safety and national security while overall, the white house says the speech tonight will lay out an optimistic vision for the country. many here on capitol hill and beyond will be listening closely for one thing, details. >> all i can do is speak from the heart. >> reporter: in a new interview with fox news channel "fox & friends" this morning, president trump previewed his plans and promised i bold plan to keep the country safe. >> i'll be talking about the military, i'll be talking about the border. >> reporter: part of the plan includes a $54 billion surge in spending. the governors unveiled a blueprint for the increase. >> we must be sure that courageous service men and women have the tools they need to deter war. and when called upon to fight in our name, only do one thing,
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>> reporter: to avoid adding to the deficit, the president will propose cuts to domestic programs and foreign aid in a letter to congressional leaders. more than 120 retired generals and admirals warned thero psgram are, quote, critical, for reductions. >> when you see the reductions you'll be able to tie it back to something the president said previously. we are taking his wording and turning them into policies. >> reporter: during the speech at the capitol, the president will outline plans to repeal and replace obamacare, and challenge congress to take action by mid-may. >> nobody knew that health care could be so complicated. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides are already reacting. >> we're looking for a positive upbeat presentation. >> populist attitudes will be a dime a dozen. >> reporter: now,he
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special guests invited to the speech. that list includes the widow late justice antonen scalia, and the widows of two police officers killed by undocumented immigrants. >> domp champion in washington, thank you. you can watch the president's address to congress right here on cbs beginning at 9:00 p.m. central. ahead on "cbs this morning," nancy cordes will look at how the president's priorities match congress. >> the issue of possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia is about to come for the next director of intelligence. both senate republicans and democrats are at odds. >> what i've been told by many folks is that there's nothing >>ere.
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nor should we. we shouldn't prejudge the facts. >> it was ruled friday that congressman devin nunez and richard burr agreed to white house requests to talk to reporters and knock down allegations of cabinet between trump aides and the russians. the senate says commerce secretary wilbur ross, a billionaire investor will work quickly to review the northern trade agreement. u.s. military is conducting three investigations into the yemen trade cost a navy s.e.a.l. his life. william ryan owens was kims along with a dozen last month. his father in an interview with david martin. >> object was to go in and collect intelligence, we accomplished that. from that perspective, it was successful i could certainly see hoth
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this from a different light. >> when owens' body was returned to the u.s., his father refused to meet with president trump. there was outrage and calls for action following the fifth wave of threats to jewish centers since january. jewish centers and schools in at least a dozen state received bomb threats. no bombs were found but those were forced to evacuate. >> i was scared. yeah, it was like nervousness. >> i know the risk is going into the school. like there is going to be something happen. but you just have to. >> the fbi and justice department are investigating. since january there have been at least 89 incidents in 30 states and canada. malaysian officials said this morning they'll charge two women with murder in the death of the half brother of north korea's leader.
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kuala lumpur airport. north korea has sent a delegation to seek his body. an engineer of a ride hailing company after sexual allegations at a previous job. and new details about the jury which will hear the bill cosby sex assault trial. this is the "cbs morning news."
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uber executive steps down over harassment allegations. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstands. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that a top engineer resigns under sexual harassment investigation. it was complained about his behavior when he was a top executive there. uber only learned about the complaint this week. uber haseen underclothes recruit any of after a former engineer went under public over harassment there. hundreds of former employees say they were harassed and grab by top managers. sterling is the parent company of kay jewelers and jared, the galleria of jewelry. the philadelphia
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reports that bill cosby will stand trial in philadelphia. it was argued to move to philadelphia or pittsburgh. but they argued to find a larger more diverse pool of jurors. the "atlanta journal-constitution" reports on two people who disrupted a birthday party. 15 people were charged after they waved a confederate flag and threatened to kill partygoers, the incident took place in atlanta less than a month after the charleston church shooting. one person will spend 13 years in prison. the other, six years. still to come, portraits of courage. a book of paintings by former president george w. bush becomes an instant hit. >> announcer: this portion of the "cbs morning news" responsibilitiered by seabond stronger hold all day. hesive se. holds stronger than the leading paste all day...
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williams said she wasn't sure the men would recognize her. really? they did immediately. you do tell she was just too much for the guys on the court. on the "cbs moneywatch" a guilty plea in an defective air bag place and a former president becomes a best-selling author. hena daniels is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, hena. >> good morning, wall street waiting to see what president trump says about tax cuts and other spending policies during his speech to congress. the dow jones rose 15 points yesterday closing for a record high for a 2we12th consecutive session. s&p also up, and nasdaq up 16. takata pled guilty in a u.s. court as part of a previously agreed to $1 billion settlement over faulty air bags.
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and automakers. the defect resulted in the recall of more than 31 million cars and trucks. takata is looking for a buyer or financial backer. fidelityes invtments plans to offer voluntary buyouts to its older workers. employees have to be 55 years of age or older and work at fidelity for at least ten years. the offer will be based on the worker's years of service and role. it reportedly includes extended health care coverage. united airlines announced a major expansion adding 22 new routes this summer. the west will be the start of start of nonstop service. united said it will add larger planes and more flights to key business routes. so united new routes go to the united website. and former president george w. bush
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on amazon's best-selling book list. the book "portraits of courage: a commander in chief's tribute to veterans. "more than 60 million wounded veterans and people who served in the military. officially in stores today. >> so impressive. works of art, right? >> i can't wait to see that. >> absolutely. >> hena daniels, thank you. still ahead, the launch for space travel will soon become a reality for two citizens who can afford a trip to the moon. more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. even in my dreams this
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but to hell with dreams, i'm done with it, because this is true. >> the accounting firm that handles the academy awards envelopes taking the blame for the oscar nightmare. "moonlight" won the night's top prize after mistakenly presenting it for "la la land" but howard bellamy said the mix-up could bring down the house on pricewaterhouse. elon musk of spacex announced a very ambitious project to send two tourists in a flight around the moon next year. don dahler has the details. >> reporter: spacex who would expect to launch two unnamed individuals who have already put down a vig deposit. cbs space consultant bill harwood. >> talk is cheap and actually launching a trip like this safely is a tall order. >> reporter: the company has n
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journey will cost but says it will take the space travelers out into space before moving back to earth. a distance of 300,000 miles. they'll be aboard the capsule crew dragon, an unmanned spacecraft. still, musk is known for making bold predictions that don't quite come to pass. >> elon musk makes no secret of his desire to send humans to mars. this is a major step in that direction. >> don dahler reporting. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a preview of that. i'm meg oliver, this is the "cbs morning news."
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good morning. president trump going prime time in his first nationally televised address. democrats believing it will be filled with bluster and blame. >> to the moon and beyond. we know when spacex will give two passengers
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lifetime to fly past the moon. >> do you lift, brow. >> ruth bader ginsburg does. her workout kicks butt. there are people that can't do it. the next two days will be nice and steamy. meteorologist allyson rae is here. >> we will be warm today. 70 today. tomorrow warmer. it comes at the price tag of severe weather possible. to get you out the door, 37 frederick. 43 manassas and 50 for washington. we are heading to near 70 degrees. lots of sunshine. cloud cover will increase after 5:00, 6:00 with showers. they are no big deal. just showers. not everyone will see them. tomorrow we have a yellow weather alert. it will be dry and sunny most of the day then after the
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hour strong storms. damaged wind gusts are the main threat. we will time out the storms hour by hour on futurecast. a couple of accidents this morning. route 29, one serious. if you are on 29 between the icc bricks cheney road an accident, we are seeing accident reconstruction with this one as well. it could be there for a while. then on 66, two different areas, this is for con infrastructure. it's different than the normal construction. it's heading into d.c. passing by centreville. route 29. the second between route 23 and fair oaks, route 50. that construction is as you head westbound out of d.c. on 6, larry. >> ellen, thanks so much. i'm larry miller. a few breaking news stories this morning we are following. close to home, d.c. police are investigating a fatal shooting in northwest d.c. it happened late last night arou
4:28 am
from a gunshot wound at the intersection of hanover place and north capital street. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. his identity has not been released. we are following a heart- breaking story out of california. a small plane killed 3 people and injuring two others. initially we were told four people were dead. authorities lowered the death count. the plane crashed into two homes sparking a huge fire. the victim's identities have not been released. we know that a teenage girl on the plane did survive and is being treated with minor injuries. we will keep a close eye on both of the breaking stories and keep you updated throughout the morning. download the free wuas 9 mobile app for breaking developments. that's a quick look at what is going on on your tuesday. >> the news at 4:30
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starts right now. >> good tuesday t. here it is in a nutshell. yesterday cool and quiet. tomorrow 70s and thunderstorms. then look at friday. 40s and flurries. what a weak. enjoy the roller coaster. i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. this is the last day of february. i want off the roller coaster. >> you are on it and you can't get off. you are in the middle of the ride. it will be a weather roller coaster. the phrase is march comes in like a lion, out like a lamb. that might be exactly the case. tomorrow could be an active day around the region. we are looking at a few clouds. we will see the sun come out mid-morning. temperatures will be mild, mid- 60s by the afternoon. clouds will return briefly for the afternoon. now, here comes showers. today just showers around between 4:00 and 6:00. they
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they should be generally light. we won't be concerned about those. it's tomorrow, quick passing showers through the morning hours for the maryland panhandle. it's the afternoon. the timing couldn't be more conducive for severe weather. 2:00 in the afternoon, upper 70s near 80. between 3:00 and 4:00 showers and strong thunderstorms are here. this is tomorrow, wednesday at about 3:30. we will continue to go through the futurecast and what the these are for tomorrow in a little bit. ellen. >> kind of crazy. 29 we have two different accidents. one is in each direction. both southbound and northbound will be impacted. this advertise the one southbound, the one that has accident reconstruction. serious accident overnight. it will be between route 175 and broken land parkway. then south of there, in your northbound lanes, honestly on the bridge as you head from bricks cheney road to 29 northbound at the icc you will e


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