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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 14, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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bill. >> mason: and your future is in jeopardyn wheyour face is on... >> wheel of fugitive! this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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after all this snow today, last few months have been mild and bleak. spring is just six days away, and this has been a wallop. here in albany, it's near-whiteout conditions all day. we have seen drivers stuck? nsnow across the city. if you are sitting somewhere dry right now, be this is a big deal, because nearly 50 million people are affected from washington, d.c. to, maine. >> unreal. totally unreal. >> reporter: the late-season storm pelted northeast and mid-atlantic with a stream of snow, sleet, and ice, forcing businesses and schools from philadelphia to boston to close. in new york state, tractor trailers were banned from several major highways. in eastern new york, the snow is so bad, this salt spreader landed sideways. parts of pennsylvania were buried under two feet of snow, but that didn't stop state troopers and the national guard from giving a 23-month-old child in need of a heart t
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escort to the hospital. mother nature showed some mercy, though, on new york city. normally, traffic-jammed streets were quiet with some brave new w yorkers battling a mixture of rain and sleet. in albany, new york, it was nearly 60 degrees last week. >> well, you see those flags there? >> reporter: this afternoon, raymond o'keefe with the national weather service measured more than 12 inches of snow. so it's not an epic storm but it's a good storm after a wild and zany winter. >> warm, 70 degrees last month and now we're look at 1.5 to two feecht snow here today in mid-march. >> reporter: i'm don dahler at the bosto boston harbor. ♪ that piled up over a fit footin some areas has turned to rain and sleet raising concerns about an icy commute in the morning with those roads are frozen overnight. earlier today, this was a blizzard by any kev of definition of that word. gusts of up to 70 miles per hour blew the s
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travel challenging for those on foot and on wheels. this tractor trailer lost traction on the zakim bridge. governor charlie baker: >> most places are now seeing somewhere between two and four inches per hour, and that will make travel dangerous, especially as the winds increase. >> reporter: most people stayed off the roads, but those who didn't, lived to regret it. 10-foot-high waves crashed ashore at lynn, massachusetts. over 800 plows worked to clear the streets. jon manley is look at a 36-hour shift. when it's coming down like this, you look out your rearview mirror what, do you see? >> snow pup just plowed it and you see it all covered again. you get five feet up the street and it's all covered. >> reporter: the stick ewet snow weighed heavily on trees and power lines, causing 62,000 householdholds to lose electric. >> reporter: i'm anna werner in sea bright, new jersey, where want snow barely arrived before turning to freezing rain. high winds with
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miles per hour kicked up the surf. storm surge was the region's biggest concern, and floodwaters came, but not from the ocean. it was the shrewsbury river that broke over the bulkhead and left water at people's door steps. several rescues were reported further south in atlantic city, but the coastline that was battered 4.5 years ago by super storm sandy fared far better in this nor'easter than expected. well, this beach in sea bright was completely replenished after hurricane sandy and there were concernses too whether it would hold up. it appears virtually unscathed. tbhut some other communities along the jersey shore they, did experience some erosion from this storm. >> reporter: and i'm jericka duncan in the pocono mountains in pennsylvania, where more than 22 inches of snow fell. that's more snow than than some parts got than all of the entire season last year. after one of the shortest ski seasons last year, tay
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monster storm was just what pocono ski resortes were hoping for. so this storm didn't disappoint. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: camel back's andrew baird said his ski resort has had to rely on machines to give them a lift this season. >> any time we have the opportunity, we gog turn on that snowmaking system and we're going to trun to the full capacity. >> reporter: before today, least one area ski resort reported about 89 inches of snow this year, 50 inches less than normal. today's snowfall will help extend camel back's taken another tree weeks. >> this is huge. this is absolutely the best way we could end the season. >> reporter: i'm kris van cleave. washington's dulles airport slowly roared back to life tuesday after crews worked through the night to prepare. but here at new york's laguardia, virtually all flights were halted for the day ands had free reign on the runways. across the country, cancellations left thousands of passengers stranded. >> all the other flights are
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on friday. my vacation ends wednesday, so i'm spending half might have vacation in this airport. >> reporter: the storm slowed amtrack, too. rail service was suspend between new york and boston when the snow was at its heaviest. >> it's just caused me to spend five hours here that i'd rather not. >> reporter: what's your biggest concern right now moving ahead? >> that people don't get a full sense of-- oh, we're back to normal. let's go back. jim esposito is new york city's emergency manager commissioner. he said with the plows and salt trucks working to clear icy roads, normal isn't here yet. >> that's why we're trying to get people to stay off the roads today. we're trying to get back to normal rush hour tomorrow, you know, with conditions that are advantageous for people driving around. and we think that that will happen. >> reporter: more than 8700 flights have been canceled because of this storm. nearly 1,000 tomorrow alone. anthony, look around laguardia. you have ever seen it like this? it looks deserted, but at least some flights are expected to st
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glait lines are nonexistent. it kris van cleave at laguardia. thanks, kris. eric fisher is chief meteorologist at our cbs station in boston, wbz. eric. >> reporter: anthony, good evening. we're seeing some impressive snow totals from this storm, especially for areas just north and west that 95 corridor. that's where we thought heaviest band would set up, 30-inch totals. we could be seeing some three-feet amounts before things wind down. still snowing heavily in parts of new york state and pennsylvania. heavily snowfall continuing for new york state and into parts of northern new england. we'll also be watching areas of snow shower lingering well into the day tomorrow. not inconceivable a few new york tens of thousands could approach 40 inches of snow before things wind down. behind us work veplenty of cold. it will be a slow melt. and here's the problem-- we had all that warmth in february, and washington, d.c., warmest february, warmest winter on record. when you have a really warm spring, it usually doesn
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now behind this storm, look at the lows by tomorrow morning-- teens and 20s, and all those areas where everything started to grow and bloom. so, anthony, this will be a big issue. we might see a lot of crop loss. we might even see a lot of cherry blossom damage in the nation's capital because of this cold. >> mason: eric fisher, thanks, eric. in, with republican leaders are trial trooeg to salvage their health insurance plan after the nonpartisan congressional budget office projected it would leave more americans uninsured than before obamacare was enact. here's congressional correspondent nancy cordes. >> the c.b.o. report raises some serious concerns. >> reporter: g.o.p. opposition to the g.o.p. plan mounted today after congressional number crunchers projected that the party's obamacare replacement bill would add 24 million people to the ranks of the uninsured. >> obviously, in a state like mine that had medicaid expansion, we have deep concerns. >> reporter: republican leaders were reluctant to call it a
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and pass it. >> reporter: but the white house said it is working with the house speaker on some changes. >> we are, obviously, in talks with house leadership. >> reporter: one flashpoint-- the c.b.o.'s finding that premium costs for some low-income, older americans would spike 750%, not an easy sell back home for lawmakers like lynn jenkins. >> c.b.o. scores are rarely fever right. they were-- >> reporter: democrats like pennsylvania's bob casey were unsympathetic. >> this is what happens when you don't work on a problem for many years and you try to slap something together in a matter of weeks. >> reporter: g.o.p. leaders like missouri's roy blount downplayed the drop in coverage. >> the congressional budget office is notoriously bad at anticipating what's going to happen in a marketplace. >> reporter: and, they note, the c.b.o. some find some upside. >> lower taxes, lower deficit
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you're saying the part of the c.bosmed analysis you like are accurate and you parts you don't like are flawed. >> um... that's not what i was saying. i pointed out the part that i i think is an accurate reflection of the tax reduction. it's pretty hard to predict coverage when the government stops telling you, you have to buy smug don't want. >> reporter: one of the bill's authors says that he and other g.o.p. leaders are considering some changes to the bill's tax credit system. but other republicans aren't waiting around to find out who they come up with, anthony. in fact, just this evening, a florida congresswoman became the latest lawmaker to say she's voting no. >> mason: nancy cordes, thanks, nancy. the f.b.i. is investigating whether the trump campaign had improper contacts with russians who wanted to meddle in the presidential election. earlier this month, roger stone, a friend and former adviser to
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he had no contact with russian hackers, including the mysterious guccifer 2.0. but stone's story has changed. >> there is no collusion here. >> reporter: despite that claim, roger stone now admits that he was in contact with guccifer 2.0, at least 16 times during the 2016 came chameleon. that twitter handle released hacked information stolen from democratic party servers. it targeted hillary clinton and democratic candidates in at least six states. >> at the time higher my one and only communications with him. >> reporter: you had more than just one contact with this personal. huone, two-- at least three, between august 12 and september 9. >> right. i-- i would refer to it as an exchange. >> reporter: that exchange appears to have started after guccifer's first account was suspended, and then reactivated
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"delighted you are reinstated," stone wrote. guccifer responded, "do you find anything interesting in the docs i posted? a day later, according to tackles confirmed by stone he asked guccifer to retweet an article stone had written. "please retreat how the election can be rigged against donald trump." guccifer replied, done." and later on the same day, "please tell me if i can help you anyhow." earlier this year, u.s. intelligence concluded that guccifer sites were a front for russian military intelligence. in a way, you're encouraging them to release more information. >> yeah, that's called networking. remember, i have no idea this gentleman is allegedly a russian. >> reporter: on sunday, arizona senator john mccain called for stone to testify in upcoming hearings. anthony, stone defiantly told us that his response to that is "game on." >> mason: jeff, thanks. the
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statement. coming up next on the cbs evening news, the top marine general faces a barrage of questions over the nude photo scandal. and later, a sheriff channels his inner sajack to capture fugitives. r seen it. covered it. uffians. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ my belly pain i could build a small city with all the over-the-counter products i've used. enough! i've tried enough laxatives to cover the eastern seaboard. i've climbed a mount everest of fiber. probiotics? enough! (avo) if you've had enough, tell your doctor what you've tried and how long you've been at it. linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children under six,
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cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. commandant went before a senate committee today and promised change. the corps has been shaken by revelations that current and former marines shared nude photos of female service members in a private facebook group with 30,000 followers. david martin has more on this. >> we'll take action to correct this stain on our marine corps. >> reporter: marine commandant roberrobert neller's, did not is senator jeanne shaheen. >> why should we believe it's going to be ditch this time than it's been in the past? >> is it going to be different? it's got to be different. >> when you say
6:47 pm
to be different," that rings hollow. >> reporter: then senator kirsten gillibrand pointed to a letter sent to the previous marine commandant in 2013 identifying website which again den graight female marines. >> who is being held accountable for doing nothing since 2013? who? which commander? >> i don't have a good answer for you. i'm not going to sit here and duck around this thing. i'm not. i'm responsible. i'm the commandant. i own this. >> reporter: neller has said he was not aware of these sites until this year when a former marine-turned-journalist, alerted him to marines united, a facebook page on which current and former marines shared nude photos of women. >> this is an ongoing issue. it's not something new. >> reporter: but erin kirk-cuomo who left the corps in 2010 told cbs news female marines were complaining about these sites even then. >> this is something that has been pervasive and has been going on for ove a
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>> reporter: kirk-cuomo believes it is part of a culture which begins with boot camp, when women recruits are segregated from the men. >> this behavior is ingrained in marine corps culture simply because as marines are told from the very beginning of training that females are inferior. >> reporter: general neller testified that about 500 current and former marines have been identified so far as having shared nude photos of female marines over the internet, and that's just one site. investigators have found at least 17 more sites containing thousands of photos. anthony. >> mason: david martin at the pentagon. thank you, david. one republican, one democrat, one car. on the road with will and beto next. introducing otezla, apremilast.
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beto's excellent adventure. ♪ ♪ ♪ on the road again >> reporter: republican congressman will hurd in the blue shirt, and democrat beto o'rourke represent neighboring districts in texas when the east coast blizzard ruined their travel plans. so they rented a chevy impala and hit the road. >> we're doing the 1600 miles from san antonio to washington, d.c., and we would love to take y'all's questions. >> reporter: they're live streaming on facebook and periscope. we caught up with them on skype. they said they're already reaching some bipartisan compromises. >> it's possible we both ordered a number 2 with cheese from waterburger. >> reporter: and when they don't degree-- >> we can disagree without being disdisagreeable. >> reporter: with congress sharply divided they say members need to get
6:53 pm
the other party the way it used to be. >> i hope some of our other colleagues take the lead and we see more of these bipartisan road trips. but it wouldn't have happened without the east coast being shut down ♪ weert best of friends >> reporter: sometimes even a blizzard can be a good thing. chip reid, washington. >> mason: we wish them safe travels. up next, a sheriff turns catching fugitives into an audience participation show. le e everything in it. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged. and we didn't have to touch our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. well, there goes my boat. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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6:57 pm
>> you're watching wheel of fugitive, our weekly program. >> reporter: and spins a wheel of misfortune for criminals. the wheel spins the names and photos of 10 fugitives, locals wanted for outstanding warrants. there's one unlucky winner. >> once we do the show, i just rely on our citizens and our fugitive team. >> reporter: and right away, tip sters call and email. >> if you're a fugitive in brevard county and you think you have friends, you do not, because as soon as this rolls, they're going to turn you in. in fact, we've had fugitives who say, "yeah, i watch it every week to see if i'm on the wheel." >> reporter: what about this connects with people? >> one, there's a little bit of humor mixed in ♪ it's lady's night >> yit's ladies' nice. neem our community and i think most communities throughout the country want to be engaged with law enforcement. they want to help keep their communities safe. >> reporter: the show has helped catch dozens of
6:58 pm
like terks on gay, arrested within 24 hours. >> looks like this week's fugitive is alicia lee pack. >> reporter: alicia pack posted on facebook she saw herself on the show but was headed to the beach, where police tracked her down. >> they ended up having to tase her, so we put on our facebook page, "tanned, tased, and arrested all in the same day." >> reporter: is there a public shame about this? >> if you don't want to be a fugitive, our team is going to come offer, our community is going to come after you. >> reporter: on florida's east coast, ivy's hoe is a hit with a captive audience. >> but i'd really like for you to turn yourself in. >> reporter: mark strassmann, cbs news, titusville, florida. >> glai one reality show you don't want to be a contestant on. that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for scott pelley, i'm anthony mason. thank you for watching. good night.
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>> right now on off script, snow is no longer an issue, but we are tracking falling temperatures and black ice. snow is hammering the region with heavy snow and strong wind. here, it is cleanup and catchup time as snow and sleets left streets a mess. all that slush is on the streets set to refreeze overnight. the dc mayor muriel bowser will be standing by to join us live. we will talk about the storm response and her meeting with president trump. let's start with chief meteorologist topper shutt. >> the storm is over. now we are worried about black ice. we will repeat this process tonight. and tomorrow night. and thursday night. we had a few nights to go through this. first things first, talk about the yellow weather alert. we have is


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