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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 15, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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no storm 2017. the worst is over for the area but now it's really, really cold. and layering is key to survival. melissa nord has the latest on the forecast, melissa? >> just the winds that are brutal outside today andrea. you can almost see in the camera behind me kind of blowinged in wednesday. we've got winds right no
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hour. and look at what this is doing to the feels-like temperature, it's 28 and feels like 13 degrees outside because of the brutal winds that are going to still gust this amount for the rest of the afternoon. wind gusts in leesburg also up to 39 miles per hour and 38 in winchester. these gusty winds not only create a feels-like temperature that is significantly colder than the actual temperature but remember all that snow and ice we got yesterday morning? could still see the potential for some power outages from the wind gusts. and also some tree limbs coming down as well. this continues for the rest of the afternoon. and right now, feels-like temperatures still in the single digits for gaithersburg, fredericksburg feeling like it's 18 outside. wind advisory from the national weather service extended it by two hours because these winds will not be dying down at all until we go past sunset this evening. so the entire area you're in a wind advisory. winds will be gusting over 40 miles an hour. especially for the next few hours.
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that's being brought in, we also have a couple of little snow showers or flurries that will be possible. these are being brought in by those brutal west-northwest winds. that will linger for the rest of the afternoon. so here's the day planner. guess what? lot of places don't get above freezing. i think d.c. we barely crawl above freezing this afternoon. the snow shower chance 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. winds sustained at 28. gusting to 45. then at 5:00 p.m. we'll be at 32 degrees. now it's not going to last like this forever. eventually we are going to see temperatures warming back up and spring will start on monday. we'll track the return of 60s coming up in a bit and of course you can always get that full seven day forecast in our wusa9 app. andrea? >> 60s something to look forward to. well, washington like other big cities, didn't receive as much snow yesterday as originally forecast. the national weather service reportedly projected smaller snowfall totals before the storm hit.
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but after a monday afternoon conference call decided not to reverse its public forecast. the national weather service meteorologists say they stuck with their forecast out of fear people would mistakenly think the storm was no longer dangerous. well, the forecast was spot on for other parts of the northeast. albany, new york for instance is digging out of more than 20 inches of snow. kenneth craig has more. >> reporter: snow plows were out in force early wednesday morning in buffalo, new york. trying to keep the roads clear. in binghamton, new york, a record 30 inches of snow fell tuesday, making travel difficult. the state capital albany also got more than 20 inches. in new york city, about 7 inches fell. much less than forecasters predicted. meteorologist jeff barradelli says the path of the storm was closer to the coast than expected. >> it was able to get the warm air just a little bit further inland. so instead of it falling as pure
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snow and rain and sleet and that limited totals in the big cities. >> reporter: on top of the snow, new york city and much of the northeast is dealing with freezing temperatures, making clean-up even more difficult. in scranton, pennsylvania, drivers had to use shovels to clear off their trucks. about half a foot of snow also fell in boston. in one boston suburb, a tree came crashing down into the roof of the home. >> went through the attic and through my daughter's window. her bedroom window but nobody was hurt. everyone was downstairs. >> reporter: wind gusts nearing 80 miles per hour pounded the new england coastline. in rhode island, a 100-foot wind turbine snapped in half. and at the airports, crews have been working around the clock to get operations back to normal. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> the air tracking service says airlines canceled more than 1,000 domestic flights today. most of today's cancellations were morning flights, still gh
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flights grounded yesterday because of the nor'easter. and experts predict relatively normal operations on thursday nearly 9,000 flights have been canceled in the last three days. two escaped horses received top billing during yesterday's storm in new york. blondie and jewels opted for a snow day after escaping their stables on staten island. an off-duty police officer caught the pair and called for backup. the horses were later reunited with their owner. a surprise. that's what he says, d.c. council member jack evans has never heard of such a thing. he was talking about mayor bowser's meeting with president trump. mayor bowser brought metro general manager paul eat fold with her for the meeting monday evening. the president called them to the white house for a briefing on how the district was preparing for the snow that early on was expected to bring up to 8 inches as snow. as we know it left 2.5 inches of snow on the
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the art of the deal, the president trump hits the road today in michigan and tennessee. to sell his health care overall package. the move comes a day after the white house confirmed details of a joint tax return he filed with his wife melania in 2005. but today, he called the disclosure fake news. craig boswell has more. >> reporter: president trump left the white house on his way to michigan for meetings with automakers. prior to his arrival, general motors announced this morning it plans to add or retain another 900 jobs across three michigan facilities over the next year. before leaving d.c., president trump sent out a tweet calling his leaked tax returns fake news. >> came in the mail over the -- and there's absolutely nothing improper about journalists if you haven't solicited something, getting it over the transom and by the way it's entirely possible that donald sent this to me. >> reporter: david k. johnston unveiled the fest two pages of mr. trump's return on ms
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rachel maddow row. the show -- show. it showed president trump paid $38 million in taxes on income of more than $150 million, that's 25.3% tax rate. the white house confirmed the numbers in a statement. but said the president paid no more tax than legally required. after leaving michigan, president trump heads to tennessee to help sell the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare to the public. the president met with conservative lawmakers wednesday including texas senator ted cruz. who remains unconvinced. >> brings up a good question of why house members would want to vote for this bill and pay the political price for voting for the bill. if it is doomed to failure in the senate. >> reporter: vice president mike pence is making his case for house republicans to support the bill, with a series of meetings on capitol hill today. craig boswell, cbs news. the white house. >> and the white house also announced today it will review obama administration rules requiring car companies to increase the fuel-efficiency of vehicles in order to reduce
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automakers claim the rules will impose a significant cost. the day before it's supposed to be effective. president trump's revised travel ban will be scrutinized in federal courtrooms across the country today. in maryland, a u.s. judge will hear arguments from the american civil liberties union and others who want to stop the new directive. more than half a dozen states are trying to detrail latest executive order affecting travelers from six muslim majority nations. fbi director james comey will reportedly reveal today whether his agency is investigating ties between the trump administration and russia during the 2016 election. senator sheldon white house and graham have also been pressing director comey for evidence into mr. trump's wiretapping claims against the obama administration. a bipartisan hearing is also being held in the senate into hewhetssr ruia meddled in last november's election. the justice department just announced formal charges
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massive yahoo data breach. the cyber attack exposed passwords and other information of about one billion yahoo users. the indictments target two members of the russian intelligence agency fsb and two hackers hired by the russians. the indictments are part of the largest hacking case brought by the united states. the man accused of opening fire inside the comet ping-pong restaurant is accepting a plea deal. there was a hearing for 28-year- old edgar welsh of north carolina this morning. welsh has said he went to the restaurant on connecticut avenue afraiding online that -- after reading online that a child sex ring was operating out of the basement. there are no details though about the plea deal. that will be discussed in another hearing next week. the lottery for the easter egg roll at the white house is now open. the 139th egg roll will take place on the south lawn the day after easter. that's monday, april 17th. the loy
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free and you can enter the lottery by going to our website, another washington tradition is in serious danger. these are pictures of the cherry blossom trees around the tidal basin earlier today. the national park service says 90% of the blooms could be lost if we have prolonged temperatures under 27 degrees. it was 22 degrees last night. and it remains to be seen how many of the blossoms will survive. ahead on wusa9 news, dramatic video of an out of control suv slamming into gas pumps in washington state. plus, we'll hear from the professor whose children crashed his television interview and became an internet sensation. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to the news at noon. this caught on camera a spectacular explosion after an suv crashes into some gas pumps in washington state. the man behind the wheel said his brakes failed. a bystander rushed to the aid of the stunned driver of the damaged nissan xterra. >> he seemed more like he was in shock, like i thought he would be cut or hurt or limping. nothing. totally fine. >> before hitting the gas pump police say the suv crashed into a honda. that driver was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. after he was rescued from the mangled metal. investigators say the driver of the suv was a ride share driver and he told witnesses he worked for uber. and he wasn't alone in his vehicle. a woman in the backseat was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. a new survey finds more americans are defaulting on their student loans. according to a new analysis of government data, 4.2 million americans were in default at
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that number is up 17% from the year before. at least one out of every six people who have federal student debt haven't made a payment on their loan for at least nine months. visa could let people pay for' semis with thinker -- items with their sunglasses, starting a pilot program for payment enabled sunglasses. now they look like regular shades but they have a chip on the side. to pay take the glasses off and tap them on a terminal. no card swiping needed. wow. visa is trying to determine if there's a market for these sunglasses. boaty mcboatface is back in the news, yomay recall england conducted a public survey to name a new $200 million research vessel. age stead after the -- instead of the english nature. the overwhelming response was boaty mcboatface. they decided to give the silly name to a submarine,
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submarine leaves on its first scientific expedition this week. the family involved in that now famous video where the kids crashed their dad's live tv interview is talking about the blooper. professor robert kelly was speaking to the bbc when his two children made an unscheduled appearance. the live blunder quickly went into the internet stratosphere and triggered a slew of memes and copycats. charlie d'agata has more from london. >> reporter: another skype interview. has been a long day and professor robert kelly forgot to lock the door. in march's 4-year-old -- marches will-year-old marion in -- 4-year-old marion in 4-year- old swagger. 9-month-old james waddles in. >> the the -- >> reporter: and in slides kelly's wife, doing everything in her power to corral the kids while trying to duck out of the shot.
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>> the region -- >> my apologies. look -- sorry. >> reporter: the live bbc interview quickly went into the internet stratosphere. the melee triggering a whole slew of memes can copycats -- and copycats. like the one featuring press secretary sean spicer. president trump ben carson and kellyanne conway. u.s. professor's phone blew up and he suddenly found himself inundated. >> my real life sort of punched through the fake cover i had created for television. right? there i am in my suit delivering my talking points or whatever and then suddenly reality burst in. >> reporter: professor kelly says marion was in a hippity hoppity mood after celebrating her birthday at school and says his wife deserves a medal for her valiant effort. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> professor kelly knows he'll be known as bbc dad for a
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while. he's happy his family blooper brought laughter to so many. everybody needs a good laugh like that. that shows you what parents go through when trying to conduct work from home. which a lot of people did yesterday because of the cold weather. what's interesting is they're actually looking back at data and we could end up with the march temperatures being colder than our february temperatures. >> wow. and again critical to the cherry blossoms under 27 degrees. and that looks like your forecast at night for most of the rest of the week. >> yeah and this morning it got back down to 22. at the reagan national airport. now the one thing that would have been nice is if we didn't make it as warm as we did yesterday afternoon after the slice and sleet. there may have been enough of a layer on ice on cherry blossoms to protect them more from the freezing temperatures but man -- >> this is the basin now and usually be seeing the wash of pink and white coming out. it's not happening. >> just not seeing it. >> i know the parade will go on. but the blossoms won't be there. >> and hopefully the crowds will be there though.
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but yeah, our temperatures right now are 28 degrees. it feels a lot colder than that outside. and here's the data. okay i looked at average temperatures. we take the high temperatures and the low temperatures for each month. last month, it was the warmest february on record. with our average temperature 47.7. this month so far, we're halfway through it. we have our average temperature three degrees nearly lower than last month's. how many times can you say that has been the case? not that often. doesn't mean it's never happened before. but it's just -- been a very strange couple of months. all right, weather headlines, this afternoon we continue to track wind gusts 40, 50 miles an hour. windchills today don't get into the 20s here in d.c.. and most spots stay in the tens as well. as we go into the rest of the woke, we're still going -- week, we're slowly going to warm things up. by the weekend we're back in the 50s and spring officially arves next monday morning. look at the cold air that's surging down and even atlanta
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it's mid-march. 31 louisville. we're below freezing here still in d.c.. and these blustery northwest winds are starting up the lake effect snow machine. so couple of flouries like snow showers -- flurries light snow showers i'm tracking in parts of northern maryland. not expected accumulation from these though. northwest winds, that's the story of the day. these really windy conditions that make it feel that much colder than it actually is outside. let's talk about these winds. when they're finally going to let down. 2:00 p.m. today, still dealing with wind gusts over 40 miles an hour especially north of the i-66 corridor. we had in futurecast at 4:00 p.m. still gusting over 40 miles an hour. finally by 8:00, after sunset, we'll start to see these letting up just a bit. still, blustery though. 35-mile-per-hour wind gusts. and as we roll across into tomorrow morning, they'll start to lessen up just a little bit. all right forecast highs today, on either side of
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frederick, gaithersburg. if we don't make it above 32. 32 is the actual low record high for this day. pretty amazing. feels-like temperatures stay cold today. tomorrow morning when you wake up, it will feel like single digit numbers again. so bundle up the kids and lots and lots of layers. quick check of when it warms up. by saturday back in the mid 50s and there will be a few showers around for parts of the weekend but in general, we're warming things up so it's looking a lot better outside. 49 on st. patrick's day with a late shower arriving friday into saturday. morning. could be a few mountain snow showers and then again saturday night mountain snow showers, breezy sunday and spring arrives monday. and finally by tuesday, we'll be back to 60 degrees. there's more wusa9 news at noon after this.
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orson welles last film finally has a home. netflix has acquired the global rights to wells "the other side of the wind" and will finance its completianon d restoration. netflix is announced it brings to a close the decades long cinema's greatest filmmakers. the equally acclaimed actor began shooting the film in 1970 but never completed it. the man died in 1985. the other side of the wind is a hollywood satire about a filmmaker attempting a comeback. country music legend dolly parton is helping out ore county in east tennessee. her my people fund began issuing monthly checks to more than 900 people who lost their homes in wildfires last november. parton also if penned a tribute on her website to her longtime manager don warden who died
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over the weekend. and the grueling iditarod race in alaska has the oldest and fastest winner. this is the third championship for 57-year-old mitch shavie. he saved about serve hours and 48 minutes off the old record that was held by his son. dallas was about 25 miles back line. he received a check for $75,000 and the keys to a new dodge ram pickup truck. we'll have one final look at the weekend forecast when we come back.
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all right, it stays windy and cold today. frigid tonight. 50s by the weekend. >> whoa. that's it for
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we will be back at 5:00. until then, bundled up and -- bundle up and enjoy the day. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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