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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  April 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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year prison sentence for carrying a gun in new jersey, a gun that was legal for him to have in virginia but not recognized in the garden state. his only chance at freedom rested in the hands of new jersey gopher chris christie. we have more on how the governor came through just in time. >> reporter: just in the nick of time. this is good news for the family and it came down just about an hour ago. governor christie tweeted about it himself and even though a spokesperson really wasn't giving us an idea about the decision and what it would be, there was always hope because there was always precedence. you see, the graves act became law before christie became governor. it's designed to combat gang activity and called for mandatory jail time. christie has gone on the record in 2015 saying, quote, i think the law is wrong. this is the commutation order signed, sealed and delivered by governor chris christie
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granting hisashi pomp prehis life -- pompey his life back after a fateful night at a new jersey bar six years ago it was a mistake, he admits, forgot his service license in virginia was strapped around his waist when a childhood friend who got into an argument pulled pompey's gun waving it at police. no one was hurt, both men were arrested, though, pompey was charged with a felony. what led to christie's decision in one only needs to go back a few years to understand why. during his campaign stop carried by cnn in 2015 -- >> i have already pardoned three people who were arrested and pardoned three of them. >> reporter: and to a face the nation interview with cbs's own john dickerson. >> if i had my choice we would be a state where you could apply much more easily and receive much more easily a carry permit in our state. >> reporter: today's commutation came just in time. pompey was due to report to jail on monday. his family and his three children will certainlha
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plenty to celebrate. i can imagine, this easter holiday. back to you. >> quite a relief. thank you. this story and the update on being shared all across the country right now. our bruce johnson spoke with pompey's wife on the phone this evening. he said hisashi and stacy are grateful for all the support. e. kelly tweeted to governor christie thank you, sir. great relief. sad to put a decorated veteran through this for an antigang law. and from selma, this should never have been necessary but i'm glad christie did the right thing for mr. pompey. we are going to stay on top of this story and bring you new developments. he doesn't have a full pardon. the conviction on his record at this point stands. you can also see bruce johnson's entire interview with the marine and his wife stacy online. tensions are high on the korean pollens peninsula -- korean peninsula. the most important date on the country's calendar and experts watching the region expect to see a nuclear test and possibly a
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it. >> reporter: philly says it's -- north korea says it's ready to strike first if provoked if the u.s. comes up with a dangerous military option, then the first card is in our hand. we will deal with it with our preemptive strike. this means war. the country's vice minister of foreign affairs told cbs news the situation between the u.s. and north korea is the worst it has ever been. in one word trump is openly pursuing a policy to annihilate north korea by force of arms. a u.s. navy strike group is sailing towards the korean peninsula as prepares to mark the 105th anniversary of his grandfather's birth. he's been staging events ahead of saturday's military parade celebrating the country's founder. also expected to mark the holiday with another round of nuclear or missile tests. >> we have a new president that jong unis trying to chal
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him. >> reporter: president trump says north korea is a problem that will be taken care of. he's working to enlist china's help but also says the u.s. is willing to go it alone. the chinese foreign minister says no one will win if there is a war and is backing talks to deescalate tension. >> china fears an unstable nuclear armed north korea more than they fear a nuclear armed north korea. >> reporter: north korea insists its nuclear program is nonnegotiable and is trying to show it can defy sanctions. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> vice president mike pence is headed to the region this weekend. he is scheduled to spend easter sunday with the u.s. and south korean troops. well, this is what an 11- ton bomb looks like when it crashes into a mountain in afghanistan. the pentagon today released this video of the exact moment the so-called mother of all bombs sent a mushroom shaped cloud of smoke and debris into the sky. 36 isis gh
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afghanistan says the $16 million bomb accomplished its mission because it kept u.s. and afghan forces from having to take on isis in the tunnels and caves it built into the mountain for protection. >> this weapon was very effective in that use and our soldiers on the ground, our afghanistan commandos, our special forces are on the site now and the weapon achieved its intended purpose. >> the pentagon positioned the bomb in afghanistan during the obama administration and has been working on the mission for months. it is now the largest nonnuclear bomb ever used in combat. there's going to be tighter security over the easter weekend in jerusalem because of this chaotic scene today, israeli police arrested a palestinian man after they say he stabbed a 25-year-old british woman to death. police say the attacker does have a history of mental problems. the attacks took place on a light rail train near justice lum's -- jerusalem's old city which was packed with
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friday and jews observing passover. do anybody that got this letter, you might want to read it. evolution, it's time for change. >> the nationwide man hunt for the man seen here mailing a 161 page manifesto to president trump is over. it ended just 100 miles away from where police say joseph jakubowski stole 18 firearms from a wisconsin gun store. he was arrested this morning without incident after a tip about a trespassing man sleeping in a make shift tent. jeff gorin is the man who found him. >> the one thing he said over and over is no one listens to me. it may be that now they will because of all of this. he did say you're the first person to listen to me. he seemed very exhausted after we talked. >> jakubowski had been on the run for nine days. the gun store robbery took place three hours after
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mailed a list of grievances against the government at the white house. police say they were concerned about jakubowski may have been planning a mass shooting. this sunday is the 10-year anniversary of the massacre at virginia tech in blacksburg, one of the deadliest school shootings in our history. >> 33 people died including the sharon. aaron peterson was one of the victims. her parents and another family sued virginia tech to push for answers. they believe the university should have issued a campuswide alert after two students were found shot to death in a dormitory. they won the case with jurors finding the state negligent. but the virginia supreme court overturned the verdict. >> my husband was adamant about getting to the truth because he didn't feel like the truth was being told. and he just wouldn't let it go and i think it also kind of was some way for him to channel his loss too. >> she says she is
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information came out that is now in the public domain. what went wrong? that's what maryland state investigators are trying to answer after this heart stopping scene that we are monitoring at this time yesterday. 24 passengers stuck 80 feet above the ground on a roller coaster. now, this is new video of passengers being removed from the joker's jinx at six flags in margot, maryland. state inspectors say they last inspected the ride on march 2nd. three areas were flagged for needing improvement and after those problems were fixed, the ride was given the green like. the joker's jinx has a history of breakdowns. dozens of passengers were stuck here in 2014. that case was caused by debris on the tracks. state officials say a team is working on the investigation and they are still looking for the cause. the ride is closed until further notice. our temperatures are going to warm up over the easter weekend. that means the easter bunny going to be sweating. meteorologist howard bernstein out on the terrace to tell us more. >> you might want to put your eaer
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it is going to be into the 80s as we get in towards sunday but if you're headed out this evening, absolutely gorgeous, no problems, temps falling through the 60s. we will take a look at your easter weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes fill your basket with easter savings at giant.
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our andrea mccarren is going to raise one of these puppies to help somebody in need. she will soon learn which puppy is hers and then it will be time to name him. the choices are nigel, ned or nimbus. today is your last day to cast your vote on a maryland mother is getting support from across the country tonight after sharing the final moments she spent with her 4-year-old son. >> yeah, ruth scully of leonardtown lost her son nolan to cancer in february but recently she wrote about the last conversation she had with nolan in a heart breaking post. ruth told nolan he didn't have to fight any more, he got excited, he said i will for you, mommy and when ruth explained the only way she can keep him safe now is in heaven, nolan said he will go there and play until she gets there. ruth says nolan then went into a coma while she went to take a quick shower and she called it a miracle when he opened his eyes, smiled and said, i love you, mommy, before
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away. now, this story, it has people everywhere reaching out with support. jennifer in southern maryland said, our hearts cheered with every smile and our hearts broke with the final defeat when he passed away. cynthia thanked ruth for sharing her heart and said the world needs to know the pain of cancer, how awful it is and how it steals our loved ones from us. coming up, the story behind this slow speed splice chase of a horse on the run. but up next, police make a quick arrest in the deadly hit- and-run of a 75-year-old woman.
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now wusa9's first alert weather, rated d.c.'s most accurate forecast. >> nothing like hot weather and hard boiled eggs. they seem to just go well together. throw in some melted chocolate and -- >> why don't you have soup while you're at it. >> temperatures in the 80s on sunday. it is later in the season. easter changes depending on the year and stuff and this one is a late one. easter sunday we are talking about decent weather in the morning, think temps in the low to mid-60s with should be good for sunrise services,
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at 6:29 in washington. we are up to the low 80s already by lunchtime, afternoon highs low to mid-80s and in the evening we have a threat for a shower or storm, temperatures falling back into the 70s. so not a bad easter sunday. beautiful night here on this friday night in washington, 69 degrees, humidity only 40%, so very comfortable out there. a little light jacket, maybe that's all you need. cooler down at the pax river naval air station. the water temps right now low to mid-50s so i did see a buoy at the mouth of the patomic the other day that did top 60 degrees out there so the water temps are coming up. out west low to mid-70s at this hour and they have the better chance on saturday of seeing showers. a lot of moisture out here, see all the moisture approaching chicago. in the east and the northeast we've got high pressure. this front as it moves toward us it going to be the impetus for a little bit of lift, that's all we are going to need, maybe to touch offer an isolated -- off an isolated
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norfolk on saturday morning. notice the showers breaking out well to the west saturday afternoon. if they can hold together we may see one or two of them here in the evening hours on saturday and then here we are sunday morning, relatively quiet, then turn our attention to this cold front which will be firing off a few showers maybe a rumble of thunder on sunday night and that will bring in drier air as we head toward monday. so no yellow weather alerts because the timing is such that it looks like the better chance of showers will be late and they will be light and far between. 48 to 54 tonight, partly to mostly cloudy as we head towards your saturday, 50s and 60s in the morning, mostly cloudy, cool, dry for most of us, again that stray shower well south, 68 to 74 with the isolated showers mainly west on saturday afternoon. sunday we are shooting into the 80s, 84 with some late day, more likely evening showers and storms, looking good monday and tuesday for more showers return here by the middle of the week. >> thanks, howard. tonight an arrest in the de
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the life of an elderly woman in fairfax county. >> and investigators say it appears the suspect did it on purpose. wusa9's janice park has more with how police caught up to him. >> reporter: we have learned that six hours after this deadly hit-and-run police have arrested a suspect, they have him in custody. his name is kennon oz kan, the victim a 75-year-old whom who lives in fairfax. police and investigators still out here taking pictures but once again a suspect is in custody. a huge white sheet billows in the wind covering the body of 75-year-old maria aseeno of fairfax. hit not once but twice by a driver who did not stop. >> so many people they are still -- they still talk on the phone and even text, you know, so it's really, really dangerous. this is awful. >> reporter: at this busy intersection neighbors were astonished the driver, kennon ozkan was able to make a turn and allegedly hit her again ultimately killing her.
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the deadly hit-and-run at a nearby shopping center police say he assaulted a woman who tried to take a picture of him. police then noticed he had damage to the front of his car. and that's when they arrested him. he is charged with a hit-and- run and also attempted robbery. >> just sad. i don't know how a family can -- you know it's going to be difficult to go through all that. >> reporter: tonight investigators are piecing together what happened. that left 75-year-old aseeno lifeless on route 50 and rugby road and the suspect has been charged with felony hit-and-run and attempted robbery. once again the suspect has been booked. he is in custody and police say they are thankful for all the tips they have gotten. in fairfax, janice park, wusa9 news. >> route 50 is now reopened but rugby road remains closed. now we go inside a boston courtroom where a jury has found former new england patriots star aaron hernandez not guilty of a double murder back in 2012. hernan
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relief but behind him tears of anguish from the families of the two men who were murdered. one of the lawyers who defended him, jose bay baez, the one that defended casey anthony. hernandez is also serving life for another murder of odin lloyd back in 2013. no more free parking on the national mall. get ready to see some metered parking courtesy of the national park service. pun intended. the agency says 90 million -- 90 multispace pay stations will be installed next month, enforcement will start in june and parking going to cost $2 an hour from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day including weekends and holidays. the park service says this should help creating more -- create more sparking -- parking space turnover. no, you're eyes are not deceiving you here. despite the fact the phillies are in town this week, the
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philly. the horse escaped from a stable about 7:00 this morning. a traffic cop spotted her and called for backup. >> we got a horse running loose. he's kind of inbound on kelly drive the wrong way from 2-5 and jones. >> i seen the horse running down richmond ave and the truck trying to block him off. it was funny. >> this gallop be girl tore up a good 5 miles through town before police could slow her up and get her into a trailer. once that was accomplished a police captain told his officers to quit horsing around. of course he did. >> of course, right. >> nice. so the new phillies are here this weekend. >> the nats, they are playing right now. the redskins have had a bad off season. key member of the defense is going to miss some time. we will explain why next in sports.
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now game on sports with frank hanrahan, brought to you by xfinity. >> it's been a strange off season for the redskins. a lot of changes of course, a lot of questions still surround the quarterback but now a key defensive player suspended for the first four games of the season. linebacker trent williams is going to miss the first four games for p.e. d. daniel murphy bauble head day today at nats park and when it's your bobble head day you've got to represent. see if the real danny rp
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would stand up. came into the game with a hit in every single game and would extend his hitting streak to 10 games. watch out joe demaggio coming after you with 46 to go. philly aren't very good this season, three wins in nine games with two against the nats and right now lead the nationals again 2-1 in the seventh. this weekend nats are right here on 9. nats, phillies 1:00 tomorrow, then sunday 1:35 as well right here on wusa9. nba playoffs wizards get the hawks game one on sunday afternoon and atlanta taking to its twitter account to make fun of charles barkley prediction for their squad at the start of this nba season. >> i think the problem is, ernie, every time we are talking basketball, you always ask me where your next flight to atlanta, you feel obligated to miss atlanta. atlanta hawks are not going to make the playoffs. >> he was wrong and then nba on
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got into fun with chuck's -- many hoop game at arcades. you make some, miss some. >> what do you make of the match-up? >> i like the wizards but closer than we think. wizards in six. couple of showers at the right time this week, and the pollen count, by the way, tree pollen the culprit today once again. pretty but boy they can hurt a lot of people, right? nats on 9 over the weekend, isolated showers, mainly west saturday, we should be fine and sunday, that's a 1:00 game saturday, 1:35 sunday, showers may hold off until after dark. look at the temps on easter sunday. 80s. >> i love it, i love late easter. cbs evening news with scott pelley i
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