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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  April 24, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we are under a yellow alert not only for today but for tomorrow too. this rain could make a major impact on your plans for later today your evening commute especially. good afternoon and thank you for joining us i'm mike hydak. let's get to melissa to talk about where the storms are now and how long it is before they move out. >> and the light rain we are dealing with is just the
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soaker of an afternoon. it will be soaking out there as we head into tonight throughout your tuesday. it's going to take us on another 36 hours before we start to dry things out and another batch of rain we'll pause out and zoom in starting to rain with steady moderate pockets of rain one of which moving into fredricksburg right now and get ready if you are outside in rockville it's going to be at your house by 12: 45:00 p.m. so about 45 minutes before the leading edge of this rain arrives. d.c. closing within the next 15 minutes it should be raining outside. you'll see all of the rain from raleigh into south carolina all moving into our area so it's going to turn really soggy in a hurry and we are not going to see breaks in the rain from here until we get to wednesday. here's the future cast for the rest of the afternoon if you have plans have a back up your evening commute will be wet. most of this will be light in nature but none the
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showers around 6:00 p.m. for your evening commute home with temperatures hanging around 53 here in d.c. we go to 11:00 p.m. more numerous showers around and they'll continue into your tuesday as well. so your day planner the rest of today grab the umbrella. grab the rain jacket you are going to need it. coming up i'm tracking 80s warmer weather and dryer weather in the forecast as we head towards the weekend. always get that forecast as well on our wusa 9 app. mike? >> see you in a bit. prince georges county fire and rescue crews have spent most of the morning battling a huge blaze at a building under construction in college park. this is around 10 this morning west of route 1. delia gonzales joins us with more on what happened and where the investigation is now. delia? >> firefighters still trying to get to the bottom of exactly what happened here. no one was hurt. but the flames pretty amazing
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and spectacular. but take a look at the most dramatic images we've seen all day. they are on the roof. this is the rear of that six story structure. look at that, the smoke thick smoke billowing from the roof top and firefighters walking back and forth on that roof as well trying to get ahold of the situation. we can tell you the flames started on the fifth floor crept up to the roof and we are seeing all of the smoke. take a look here at route 1 when we were approaching the scene a short time ago we were driving into thick fog. that is how much smoke we have in the area. we have 100 fire personnel, emergency personnel here a three alarm blaze. there is thick smoke covering this area. in fact i can tell you that there's a nearby senior center and the ventilation system at that senior center has been
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ut emss inside to make sure that the elderly residents inside are nolte hurt or don't suffer any smoke inhalation from this extreme situation that we have here. we can tell you that the building under construction off the ground in 2015 was scheduled to open this past november. we don't know the current status of the building of course still under construction. it was a mixed use development, six stories. fire started this morning around two hours ago on the fifth floor crept up to the roof and now firefighters 100 of them still here on the scene trying to knock out the blaze. that's the very latest and of course we are going to stay here and keep you updated throughout the day right here from college park wusa 9. >> thanks a lot and again no one was hurt. police arrested three people after their vehicle ran onto the train tracks. the driver was intoxicated wh
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this happened. after checking the identity police arrested them as well because they were wanted for other crimes and did trigger delays on dre earlier today. president trump laid out his vision for what he wants to accomplish during his first 100 days in office and unveiled his contracts with america. he has less than a week to go before reaching that dead lean and as craig boswell reports many of the items on that contract are still unfulfilled. >> no particular rush but we'll see what happens. >> president trump says the first 100 day mark is not very meaningful even though he laid out his plans for the first 100 days. in that period the confirmation for judge neal gorsuch with drawn from the trance pacific partnership trade agreement and green line for the keystone pipeline. >> he is fulfilling it at break neck speed. >> but he failed on tax reform and obamacare
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americans are disapproving of the president's performance to date according to polls. the 100 day mark isn't arbitrary and becomes much tougher for legislation through congress after that period and the president's top priorities facing a tough fight on capitol hill. >> the wall is immoral, expensive, unwise. >> democrats will not support funding for a wall along the mexican border but the white house is insisting it be a part of a spending package that has to be passed by the end of the week to avoid a shut down. if they cannot pass the government will shut down on saturday a 100 for the trump presidency. craig boswell cbs news the white house. >> president trump is planning to hold a rally on day 100 in the battle ground state of pennsylvania. here's a live look at barack obama making his first public remarks in his post
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chicago. let's listen in. >> all kinds of issues that i intend to work on. the single most important thing i can do is to help in any way i can prepare the next generational leadership to take up the baton and to take their own crack at changing the world. >> 44th president has been pretty busy. next on his agenda visit to germany. he'll be talking with the chons color there to mark the 500th an versey. president trump will return to the state for the first time since leaving office and there he is right there talking to youth. back to work for congress today first order of business to try to avert a possible government shut down that looms for this friday. democrats and republicans are expecting a fetch days of negotiations before na
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trump's chief of staff is paying for border security is an issue. he is optimistic they will get something done. allison fox host bill o'reilly coming back to the microphone today. tonight after his high profile firing last week into investigation of sexual harassment by several women calling those allegations completely unfounded. the foreign funded u.s. in north decree as confirmed the arrest of tony kim who was lecturing there the third american held in the country amid the growing tensions between there and washington. police took him into custody saturday after he was about to leave the country. the reason for his arrest is still unclear at this point. france is one step closer to a new president. the first round of votes were finished on sunday and voters rejected the
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candidates and shows centerrist and mccard a former investment banker calling for a united europe with open borders. the other looking to pull france utility of the european union. the presidential run offset for may 7. why are people questioning ivanka trump's business
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welcome back to the news at noon the current commander of the international space station is about to break a big record. today astronaut pegie witson is going to break the record for the most cumulative days in space at 535 and she will have a total of 666 days in space the next time she
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earth in september. this is the most of any american astronaut and you can see right there president trump his daughter ivanka and nasa astronaut kate reuben called her from the oval office to congratulate her. ivanka trump made headlines when it was revealed her business made trade mark approvals when she was meeting with the chinese president in florida. adrian diaz shows us it's raising questions. >> april 6 was a busy day for ivanka trump. she helps host a dinner for chinese president ping at mar largo and looked on as her daughter charmed him with a chinese folk song. but what happened that day in china is what's grabbing headlines. her life style brand won approval for three potentially lucrative trade marks. the timing raises expressions about whether ms. trump who remains the owner of
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company is propertying from her white house role but according to four independent trade mark experts interviewed by cbs news the approvals were standard. dan klein is in hong kong. >> there certainly isn't any indication these marks shouldn't have been approved and if you treat these as any other indications by any applicant i don't think there's a smoking gun here. >> ms. trump has been applying since 2008 including one of her name in mandarin while her father was running for president in 2016 she filed for 34. nearly twice the amount she applied for in the previous eight years. so far six of those trade marks were rejected, four have been approved. the three green lit on april 6 for ivanka trump's spa services jewelry and hand bags took 11 months to process falling within the typical timefr
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out on certain days including the sixth of every month. we found more than 300 chinese trade mark applications for ivanka trump's name that were not filed by her. other applicants may be trying to profit from her growing celebrities the businessman who trade marked michael jordan's chinese name and sports gear. the illegal practice is known as trade mark squatting. and the chinese law trade marks are reviewed on a first come first serve basis. she won't profit unless she sells trade mark items in china a country with nearly 1.4 billion potential customers. adriana diaz cbs news beijing. >> so meanwhile the president's older sons are looking to extend the family brand as well. eric and donald trump are considering creating two new hotel chains one a four star and the other less lurch yourous and would focus on texas and the south. they are in ch
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organization is looking to do more business at home, domestic ventures now that international deals are off limits to avoid conflicts of interest considering their father is the president. and going back to breaking news out of prince georges county where fire and rescue crews spent most of the morning battling this fire here under construction in college park. delia gonzalez is joining us live keeping an eye on what's happening there. >> that's right pretty impressive scene. i got off the phone with mark brady with prince georges county fire. he confirmed they are going to be here until this evening. the fire far from being under control at this point take a look at that impressive smoke that dark brown smoke billowing from the roof. that color smoke is an indication i'm told that the fire is still burning inside and growing in strength. the
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intense the fire inside the building. the flames that started on the fifth floor crept up to the roof. we see firefighters on the roof as well continuing to battle this blaze that has 100 personnel here as well. look at that impressive smoke coming out. we know in the area everyone is on alert because of the amount of smoke including a senior center facility nearby to make sure no one is hurt or suffers smoke inhalation but just wanted to give you clarification of the impressive amount of smoke an indication it is far from being extinguished and fire crews tell us they will be here fighting this fire well into the night. that's the latest from college park. back to you mike. >> live on the scene of the fire in college park. it's going to be interesting to see how the up coming rain is going to impact
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>> here's wusa 9's first alert weather. >> to melissa. the yellow alert day started this morning. waves of showers heading our way. >> it's starting to rain in the south side of the beltway and seeing that rain approaching college park within the next 30 minutes to hopefully provide a little relief but don't want any gusty winds or intense thunderstorms like we saw on friday evening. these are just going to be rain showers but none the less if you are outside right now enjoying that bit of dry weather here comes the rain. our front south of i-66 it's raining again at your house and we are seeing that rain creeping up into d.c. right now. it should be arriving around atomic at 12: 33, college park as well about the same time around 12: 30 so another ten to 15 minutes before that rain starts to reach the ground there. a few pockets where it's more steady one of which near fredricksburg but for the most part what we
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moving in and in general it's on the lighter side so i'm not expecting a big flooding issue but none the less poor drainage we know city roads can't handle much water. this area of low pressure is riding up the coastline keeping the rain socked into place for the next 36 hours. here's the future cast. we go through the afternoon. here comes that wave of rain sticking around for your evening commute 5:00 showing wide spread mainly light rain and periods of showers around through the overnight and again the same scenario on and off showers in the forecast. so your day planner today where we are temperature wise where we are staying thanks to the rain showers and the clouds over head. the steadiest of rain moving in is pushing in right now around 3:00 p.m. and the start to your evening commute as well and the rain keeps on going for tomorrow. want to show you the tuesday morning commute. just lth
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was light in nature you may get a brief break to light rain and drizzle but i do see another wave coming in what we are seeing right now where it is steadier starting to push in around 10:00 tomorrow morning thanked wave we'll see the winds picking up within this batch of rain tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. the winds picking up start to really gust out of the northeast as that wave of low pressure works up the coast. 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon still got the rain around but by wednesday morning 8:00 for the most part we are done with the shower activity. rainfall forecast we have got numerous showers around the rest of today. tomorrow as well but look at the drop off. just a stray shower on wednesday. thursday is actually the pick of the week because it's going to be completely dry before we start to bring back a couple of afternoon thunderstorms in the forecast for the weekend. within a few areas we could still see over an inch of rainfall for the most part we'll see generally just under an inch of additional rain
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see the most rain is actually east of i-95 and south of d.c. that will be closer to where that low pressure is working up the coastline and that's where we'll see the better really areas of moderate rain setting up. here's something to look forward to monday motivation last weekend in the 60s. this weekend coming up we are going to be in the 80s. so it's a big one that we are tracking and isolated showers and thunder showers each afternoon saturday and sunday of the up coming weekend but it looks a lot more summer like than the pattern we are seeing right now. this is just down right uncomfortable outside cold and rainy. we are going to see the rain showers around tonight and tomorrow. wednesday a stray shower in the morning back up to the 70s. 80s thursday nats back in town friday a pretty hot game out there 84 degrees. we'll be back
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welcome back. 12: 23. this is video that will take your breath away especially if . u are a ntpare look close at this bus right here. a toddler is hanging on for her life. see the door open in the back right there? she falls out of a moving door bus when the back door opens. a dashboard cam is what caught this on video in arkansas. he happened to be in traffic behind her. the girl was unconscious when he got there she started to wake up. she needs surgery for a broken jaw but amazingly that little girl survived. the draft cam may be down but we are talking about april the giraffe a
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cash giraffe from rural upstate new york because the owners of animal adventures are not saying how much they pulled in from the april related stuff but the marketing experts say it could be hundreds of thousands. the toys r us sponsorship, go fund me page, text messages related to this and merchandise. the park owners say the proceeds are going to be provided among park improvement, a contribution to the giraffe conservation foundation and funding local children with unexpected medical expenses. we are keeping an eye on this large building fire, a building under construction in college park. we know no one was hurt but you can tell there is still significant smoke. you can have all of the information on the wusa 9
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>> chloe: dear kevin, i miss you so much. i wish i could have said goodbye. it's one of the many things i would do differently if i could do it over again. i'm writing to tell you what i wanted to tell you before i left. kevin... bella might be your daughter.


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