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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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more tonight about the real n cics agent who is inspire the hit cbs show. >> big bucks. some are going to land in our area. >> dangerouser in the sky. was the drone getting in the way of fighting a fire -- >> stand down. if you see hundreds of agents in your neighborhood today, the government says don't sweat
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wusa 9 11 starts now. . on the future cast it bears this out. it's got clouds across the board at 6:00 a.m., a couple of sprinkles. by 8:00, still cloudy. by 10:00,
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couple sprinkles. finally some breaks to the west. we'll come back, we'll talk about the 80s rolling back in here and if any record highs are possible over the weekend. >> thanks. new information tonight on a story we brought you last night at 11. we're talking at that massive apartment fire in college park in maryland. now, that building was still under construction when fire started, and that's where the new details are. you see, the upper floors of this building were built using a wood frame. not concrete, not steel. now, that is legal to use wood, as long as the building has a modern sprinkler system. and this one was going to have one, but it just wasn't working yet. >> remember this guy? he's treyvon mill. police arrested him, because he flew his drone into the path of a police helicopter that was helping firefighters at that apartment building. it is possible that his drone had to be hacked to
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here's pete montain. >> reporter: this circle represents it no fly zone. no drones are allowed in here. police say treyvon miller was about here. that led to a bunch of from the feds, from police, and now they want questions. i took my questions to hobby works. -- big drones, like this thousands-dollar typhoon have the rules built in. it's called geofencing. it keeps drone out of the no fly zone around washington >> how hard would it be to attar it software in here, keeping someone from flying in an area where they're not supposed to? . >> pretty much there's no such thing in this day and age where everything is secure. but there are ways to do it. >> reporter: dunn identified the drone in police photos as a dgi phantom
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company has been touting its geo fencing since 2015, and specifically calls out our area. but hacks are easy to find on youtube. prince george's county police say martin's drone almost hit their helicopter monday. police now say their investigation is focusing on how and why the drone was able to be there in the first place. when i came here and i bought it, they pretty much -- >> reporter: . >> reporter: steve thompson owns the drone. he says he flies away from home. >> it's frustrating? what's the feeling? >> very frustrating, because i'm a drone operator. it makes you never want to fly. you get people, they do illegal things, like put zoom cameras on it. taking it to d.c., trying to fly it over the white house. looks bad for everybody. >> reporter: pete munteen, wusa 9. a heads up for tomorrow. first responders will have some practice drills to respond to a terror attack. this is happening at six different sites in d.c., maryland, and in northern virginia. so
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tomorrow, keep in mind it is just practice. hello. law enforcement agencies plan to give neighbors a warning before they start. we now know who at the justice department will investigate russia's meddling in the race for president. rod rosenstein. he's just confirmed by the senate as the deputy attorney general. his new boss, jeff sessions, recused himself from that russia case over his tries to the trump campaign. rosenstein has spent the last 12 years as attorney for maryland. wusa 9 spoke with him one-on- one in the run up to the confirmation. >> the justice department has -- employees, a lot of responsibilities. it's critical for the department to operate apart from politics. >> rosen stein was first appointed as federal prosecutor by president george w. bush. he kept that job under president obama. also new tonight, a possible health care deal on capitol hill. our news partners at the
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reporting that a new bill might get support from the republicans who tanked the last one. the new bill would allow states to opt out of some requirements under obama care. it would still require coverage of preexisting conditions, but would let insurance companies charge those patients more money. no confirmation from speaker paul ryan's office tonight. they say their focus is getting a spending bill passed by friday. now, speaking of that spending bill, if it does not pass, the federal government will shut down on saturday. that's the 100th day of donald trump's presidency. now, a top aide told cnn just a short time ago that the border wall will not be a part of that spending bill. but the man himself said today that's not a sign that he's changing plans. >> we're going to have the wall built. i don't know what people are talking -- i watch these shows, the pundits in the morning. i don't know what they're talking. the wall gets built, a hundred percent. >> a reporter followed up and asked
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and the president answered: soon. now to update you on the story that broke yesterday. louden county students abusing the prescription drug xanax last friday at river bed middle school and potomac falls high school. first investigators believe all the drugs willingly. the focus is where did they get it? depending on the answer, we can see criminal charges. company ax is used to treat anxiety. it's got side effects similar to feeling drunk, and it is very addictive. helping heros. tonight it's easier for veterans wounded in battle to get around. john henry is going to tell us all about it republic i'm here in tyson's where an effort is underway to help some of the men and women in our country who me serve it the most. credit rick king and dustin teller know firsthand the meaning of sacrifice. >> i served in operation iraqi freedom and operation enduring freedom. we were attacked, stepped on an
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>> i got shot multiple times. i lost both of my legs >> you got two legs, two arms, ears, eyes, you can take for granted what you have. >> reporter: recently both men got something that will make their lives a bit easier. >> very easy easy to maneuver. >> reporter: they're called ally chairs. the st. louis nonprofit awards it chairs to men and women who sustained disabilities while fighting in iraq and afghanistan. the chairs help users get around the office. >> people use their trunk and core muscles to operate it. >> i'm just sitting on it like you would sit on a chair at home. when you want to go forward, just lean forward a little bit. >> reporter: -- a $30,000 check to so the group could provide even more allied chairs to people who need them. >> providing our veterans the mobility and independence which they don't currently have by not having one of these chairs. proud to be le
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who went off and fought in one of our nation's wars. >> reporter: both teller and king know these chairs will make a big impact. >> the chair allows me to go ahead and be on the road and what not as the kids ride their bicycles. >> i should the freedom i fought for. that is what this gives me. >> reporter: not just anyone can get an allied chair. they are only available to the men and women who have served. john henry, wusa 9. >> as you might imagine, insurance does not cover these chairs. penn set says each one costs $15,000. so were you sucked into that 48 hours ncis special that was just on before us? it was pretty intense, right? well that's just the beginning of a new six-part series that gives us some applicants is to some of the biggest cases hand ed by the real-life naval criminal investigative service, which is headquartered in our area, by the way, on the marine base at quantity key. you saw agents reveal step by step h
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the killers and hunt down terrorists. the federal government employs more than 1,200 special agents to do that work, protecting the u.s. navy and marine corps. though the ncis is part of the department of the navy, the special agents are civilian employees, stationed in every state and country through the world. ncis star rocky carol describes the team as a very close family. >> in the make-believe world, we solve the case in an hour. at the end of the hour, usually the bad guy gets brought to justice. . some of these cases go on for months and for years. so the sense of commitment and immediate closure doesn't always happen. >> if you'd like to help the ncis track down some of those bad guys, check out their most wanted fugitives gallery. agents are on the hunt for some dangerous people, wanted for everything from indecency with a child to desertion and rape. and the ncis w
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police departments and the national center for missing and exploited children to help find active-duty service members or their children when foul play is suspected. a little more on the missing now. tonight prince william county police want your help to find a seven-year-old boy. take a look. this is kamari wells. he was last seen getting off a school bus monday afternoon in wood bridge. he never made it home, and there's been no sign of him since. he was wearing black pants a black and white striped shirt, a black and white hoodie with gray sleeves, and was carrying a black ninja turtle backpack. d.c. police and fbi agents arrested a 25-year-old man, and charged him with trafficking children for sex. investigators say josh what gibbs, who lives in northeast d.c., talked two that child online, arranged to meet them, and then intended to exchange sex for money. well next time you're online, head to our web site. we've launched an entire page there dedicated to missing children and the work to bring them home. just
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search "bring them home." . changes are coming to air- conditioners, but is it just an attempt to got you to spend cash on a new one? a viewer asked. >> beyonce, the queen is back in the headlines tonight, but a she's given away money.
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we've got to sever and confirm that somebody isn't trying to pull a fast one on us. this question came into our wusa 9 sever e-mail account from san day bergis in clinton, maryland. she had a technician from rescue rooter over at her house recently, who preponderance of the evidence
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this on her, an important customer information and applicant knowledge. form. she says, "i was informed by 20/20, the epa is phasing out our 22 refridge rant. that's used in air-conditioning systems. is this an attempt to make people buy new air-conditioning systems even if they don't need them? will a fine or penalty be assessed if not complied with by 2020." okay, sandra. so i dug deep for you into the epa's web site. yes, r22 refridge rant is being phased out. it's known as an hcfc, which is a hydro chlorofluorocarbon. that's a bad guy that choose up ozone. one in a series of environmental steps approved by all un nations in 1989 called the montreal protocol. so sandra's like, "great, what does that mean for me and my air-conditioner." best case scenario, it means nothing. if your ac system is running like a boss, am
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you're good, for now. the montreal protocol sets up that by january of 2020, your r22 refridge rant, which is known as hcfc 22, there you go, you're not going to be able to get that stuff anymore. let me put it to you this way. say your ac unit springs a leak next year and you got to get it backed up with r22, but that r22 is beginning get phased out. now look at it this way. if you spring that same leak in 2020 or beyond, you're screwed, because you can't get r22 anymore. you're going to need a new ac unit. back to the document santa got from ars rescue rooter, it's all true. i can sever. no there's not going to be a fine or penalty. as to whether or not it's an attempt to get people to buy new ac units, well it's an attempt to be more environmentally friendly with consequences that will affect your budget. how about that? if you see something on tv, on your social media
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feed, some repairman rolls up and slams a form on you, you want to know if it's true or not, hey, hook us up. let us know. send us the link. send us the paperwork. we're going to try to sever it for you. ornd me on twitter or facebook, drop me an e-mail, sever at we've got some breaking news now, and it's some welcome news. the missing boy we've just told you about minutes ago, kamari wells, well, prince william county po tliceell us he's just been found. great news. . [ music ] >> all i can say is that howard is ready to get in formation. we're excited. >> howard is ready. you see, queen b is making some big moves tonight. she's funding a scholarship for one student at four university across the country who's studying the arts or music or literature or african american studies, and on that list, howard university. here's stephanie ramirez. >> reporter: just look a
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face i got when i asked jade ogidosie if she knows anything about beyonce. >> do i? i'm an official member of the beehive. >> reporter: i didn't know that was a thing until today. everybody knows queen b and the howard university queen b leader said everyone is excited about the new formation scholars award. >> [ music ] for her to have this in mind, i'm totally appreciative. i feel honored. >> reporter: to encourage and support young women who are unafraid to think outside the box is part of what the announcement reads. four scholarships will be awarded to female winners from four different schools. >> [ music ]. >> reporter: two of the schools on the list are boston's berkeley college of music and new york's parson school of design. the other two, atlantis spellman college and d.c.'s howard university are not really known for the arts. these two are usually regn
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there are signs reminding students the important role howard university played in history. this one on the fight for civil rights >> wow. >> reporter: students are still learning about the news tuesday evening. this grad student didn't want to show her face on camera, but was still more than willing to talk about what the scholarship means to her. >> when i was growing um, if you were going to college, you didn't go to a college to get a degree that's definitely to make money. a lot of people might not go into music or art. it's great she's giving people money so they can have a chance to explore their passion. >> that's stephanie ramirez. in case you are wondering, there are big names that went to howard university, you know, like p. diddy and taraji hen son. there's a lot more to learn, like how much money will go to the winners. more details are coming in the next 30 days. and speaking of tweets, michelle obama posted this one tonight: "always inspired by
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you're a role model for all of always. thank you for investing in our girls." . >> can't skip over that. >> modest of you. >> i went to howard. i love howard. >> know you do. maniacs like the rest of us. >> own it. >> there's only so much space, so -- >> true. if we could only make some space for the sun tomorrow, that'd be terrific >> a slow process. really is. may take until 4 or 5:00. i promise, on thursday, everybody gets -- and 8 0s on thursday. our guarantee worked out well, kind of hoping for a bull's eye. we went 62. we were close. it was 61. we're going to keep our forecast for 73 for tomorrow. it's only going to take a couple hours to get temps back in the low 70s with a little bit -- just a little bit of sun. a live look outside. there's a little bit of fog. should not be a driving problem. that will also be bright, early in the morning. a little
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just delightful. winds out of the north at 13. here's the radar over the last hour. we talked about this evening. some of the bands of showers moving across the bay to the west. a little bit of rain. it's not heavy. up the morrow to clinton, down to route 5. this activity is west of fairfax, and it's moving essentially to the west. fairfax 11:28, menassas, 11:55. more than anything, we're looking at drizzle and fog tonight. bus stop temps, 50 to 64, maybe a sprinkle. warmer wednesday, some afternoon sun. in some cases, late afternoon sun. once again, i don't have ear west of town, one chester you'll see sun before fairfax. buoy sees sun before annapolis. in the 7 0s, but then, boom, like june thursday, friday, saturday. we're talking 85 to 90. we could hit 90 on saturday. the record high on saturday in nashville is 91. record high dulles at
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saturday and sunday. but certainly not wash-out dates. okay. 6:00 in the morning. it's just cloudy everywhere with a little shower activity mainly north of town. by 9:00, still cloudy, temps in the 50s. by 1:00, now we're seeing some drier air beginning to work its way -- about to cross over i-81. it's only 64 and still cloudy at 1:00. but then, by 6:00 -- and again, it may take all day to get some surge. fortunately the sun doesn't set until after 7:00. 71 by 6:00. you folks in annapolis to the bay, may not see sun until 5 or 6:00 tomorrow. tomorrow night is going to be early warm. almost like a june night. holding in the 60s tomorrow night. 50s across the board to start. upper 50s at that. 671 -- thursday, fantastic. warmer 85. i talked a little thunderstorm in, mainly along the shenandoah. not a huge de
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mid-8 0s on friday. matt's back in town. saturday, we're going to call it hot. why not. 90. better chance for storms -- a better chance for storms on monday with a cool front, 82. clearing out on tuesday. sun next tuesday, and 74. be back w
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dramatic body cam video shows a katie police officer saving a man just as he was about to jump off a roof. that man ended up getting some help at the hospital. the officer is being called a hero. in a prison guard could face charges because of an inmate died of dehydration after seven days without water. . and the u.s. marine corps showed off new hardware. they are testing the new generation of drones, ones that work on the air, in sand, and underwat
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brought to you by xfinity >> home-field advantage, it's huge. wizards played like a boss at home this year. if they can keep that going, round 2 of the -- play offs awaits. wins back in town, prepping for game 5 of the series. the series tide 2-2. so having home court tomorrow night. it's huge. the only potential problem, game starts at 6. who the hell is ready to get out of work and got over to a game that starts at 6? wizards counting on fans auto supp ort. coach brooks with solid advice: skip work. wall, it will be a short turn around for the verizon center. ice men take overthursday as they try to avenge last year's devastating post-season loss to the pittsburgh penguins. 2nd round action of the nhl stanley cup play offs. the cap gearing up today. old snoop by himself, jay beagle, pumped about the opportunity for
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nows boy, you are everywhere. >> what do you mean? i never leave your side. >> sure you do. >> i'm always here. >> 73 tomorrow, some clouds will hang tough much of the day. you get excited about tomorrow. get excited for thursday and friday. we're back in the 80s, 90 on sat. >> pitter patter of little feet. >> bit of everything. >> "late
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