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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  April 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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of your earnings. in return most itemized deductions will be eliminated. two popular deductions would remain, we are talking mortgage interest and charitable giving. the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax would be repealed. for corporations the cut would be tremendous. from a 35% tax rate down to 15%. >> this will pay for itself with growth and with reduced -- reduction of different deductions and closing loopholes. >> end another egregious abuse of federal power. >> as for president trump's own tax returns, secretary mnuchin made it clear the president has no intention of releasing his returns. president trump has signed an executive order mandating a review of national monuments created by presidential proclamation over the past 20 years, they include sites in arizona's grand canyon and california's giant sequoia national monument. mr.
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administrations of engaging in what he called a massive federal land grab at the expense of individual estates. with just a few days to go until president trump's 100th day in office, new cbs news poll out tonight shows 41% of americans approve of the job he's doing, but 53% disapprove. the lowest 100 day presidential approval rating cbs news has measured in all of 40 years but 62% of those polled say it's still far too early to judge president trump's overall performance. all 100 senators were invited to the white house today for an extraordinary briefing on north korea with tensions on the korean peninsula sky high, lawmakers want to know what's next. senators boarded buses for a rare trip to the white house, eager to hear exactly how the trump administration will tackle the north korean threat. >> it was a sobering briefing in which it was clear w
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into preparing military options if called for. >> reporter: president trump joined the briefing where his top military and diplomatic officials provided an update on rapidly rising tensions. overnight the u.s. military moved two parts of the controversial missile defense system into position in south korea, meeting some protesters. north korea released photos appearing to show its largest ever live fire artillery drill. >> north korea is the most dangerous spot on the planet right now and kim jong-un, he is a dangerous and wild lie unpredictable dictator. >> reporter: the trump administration has declared an end to strategic patience with north korea and is demanding the regime end its nuclear weapons program and stop testing ballistic missiles. north korean dictator kim jong- un has promised more tests and to strike first if provoked. the uss carl vincent is in the region and the top commander in the asian pac
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themselves. >> if it flies, it will die. if it's flying against the strikers. >> reporter: a new cbs news poll shows most americans think the north korean threat can be contained without military action for now. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> the same poll shows a majority of americans are uneasy about president trump's ability to handle the north korea situation. house lawmakers are getting their own briefing on north korea at the capitol later this evening. well, it appears that congress might give itself a bit more time to hammer out a budget deal and avoid a government shutdown. the right he understands news agency -- reuters news agency reports lawmakers might go for a one week extension. they have until midnight friday to make a deal to keep the government funded through september. if there is a federal shutdown, though, the d.c. government would stay up and running because of a spending provision in the current federal budget. there is more fighting among republicans on a new proposal to
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obamacare. members of the conservative house freedom caucus are back in the new plan but -- backing the new plan but moderates say they still don't like it and they say conservatives are unfairly acushions them of standing in the way. the new proposal would give individual states more flexibility on healthcare coverage requirements such as maternity and newborn care and preventative and wellness visits. new at 6:00, tonight we've got to step you are our game. those words straight from the director of d.c.'s air system who says the rate of placement, descriptions is alarmingly high. >> in 2016 more than half of the children placed in foster homes were getting bounced around from one house to the next but major changes underway to revamp the system. now there could be growing pains along the way and delia goncalves is along for the sech for answers in southeast d.c. >> reporter: some stories come to us via nomination tips and that's how i got this story. a foster mom too afraid to go on camera males me this -- mails me this
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anonymously. inside this newsletter from the family services agency. it essentially says there are eight agencies including cfsa who currently work and license with foster parents. come january they will be using two agencies, this foster mom fears that means there will be less foster parents stepping up to the plate and more children left in limbo. remember takisha weaver. >> report you missing and leave you out there. >> reporter: for a whole month, right? >> right. >> reporter: from one place to the next for a whole month and they didn't have space in the group home for you? >> right. >> reporter: that's one of the system's biggest problems so we went straight to the family services agency looking for solutions. the director believes she has the answer. >> it's not a direct correlation to the number of providers, so it wouldn't be fair to say that, but, again, when you have different practices and where
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the agency, the contracting agency, several steps removed from the foster homes and from the practices, we feel as if we have one provider partner, we are sitting at the table together. we are jointly making decisions about the best placements for a child. >> reporter: get this, that second agency has to be large enough to handle 400 foster kids. right now the most one agency handles is about 100. how do you, you know, reason those two numbers, the decrease in foster care kids, but the increase in concerned residents saying that kids possibly could be in trouble. >> great question. and any foster system has to have really great tools. >> reporter: essentially donald says that's part of their reform agenda, wrap the family with services, rather than rip the child out of the home and into the system, unless that home is a dangerous place. >> i'm about to be 19 and it's like this system is
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from me banning. me banned from the system is like i'm losing so much. >> reporter: to date, 49% of kids who left the foster care system have returned home but on the flip side, about three quarters or 75% of the kids currently in care used to call ward seven and eight their home. in southeast, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> director donald tells delia that the agency will hold a series of town halls with foster parents this summer to talk more about this process that takes effect in january. she says they are always looking for more people to foster children in washington, d.c. where the kids live. next time you're online, head for our website. we have launched an entire page there dedicated to missing children and the work to bring them home. just head over to and search "bring
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metro saying nearly 500 workers requested to be off on friday and says it's granted none of those requests and is planning for full service. this is building up to be a showdown between metro and the workers union. this is either a confusing situation, perhaps even a silly situation. the new policy says workers must ask for days off including sick days three days in advance. union president says the workers who ask for friday off were just following a policy the chief calls asinine. late today jackie jeter sent an e-mail to general manager paul wiedefeld which is asking, will mata accept the responsibility of refusing a person that is legitimately sick from getting a doctor's note friday. transport hundreds and possibly thousands of riders while ill? we are waiting to hear if metro will respond. it's going to feel like summer around here as we head into the weekend. >> chief meteorologist trng
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terrace. >> we have moved futurecast, this is 11:00, not tonight but thursday night at 11:00 and it's calling for pretty good showers and thunderstorms from frederick through leesburg and manassas. we will come back, talk about some other models' interruption of that time frame and also the chance of record highs over the weekend.
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the school cancelled the event over concerns it could spark violent protests. then republican student groups tried to negotiate an appearance at a public plaza but talks with the school went nowhere. dave coulter posted an online statement saying i'm so sorry berkeley cancelled my speak. the video is too graphic to show you on television but it is sparking outrage online tonight. a north carolina couple is accused of filming
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shooting and killing their service dog. marina rawlins and jared hank face charges of an mule cruelty -- animal cruelty. she is an army veteran, her boyfriend is also a soldier. prosecutors say the two of them lied or tied their dog to a tree before shooting it half a dozen times. this is terrible. they are apparently heard laughing in the background. friends say she adopted the dog named cam to help her with ptsd. >> that is awful. >> it is. terrifying moments in toronto this morning, firefighters rescued a young woman stranded 20 stories up on a construction crane. officials say she somehow managed to climb the building in the middle of the night onto that red pulley device. it's believed she was clinging to the pulley for four hours before firefighters safely got her down. no word on why she went up there in the first place. she now faces charges. coming up we will peek in on the national zoo's panda cub
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coming up next, how a determined mom helped police arrest a potential sex trafficker who wanted to pay her 13-year-old daughter for sex.
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debra alfarone reports police say it is thanks to the tenacity of one mom. >> reporter: it was last friday night, 8:00, a 13-year-old girl gets a message on instagram, 25- year-old joshua gibbs wants to pay her for sex. the teen's mom finds out, so she gets on insta pretending to be the teen and tells them, i am 13. he writes back, i don't care, as long as you don't snitch. mom calls the cops. they get on insta and accept his offer so then gibbs gets on uber to send an uber to pick up the 13-year-old girl and bring her to his house. instead what happens, the cops show up and they arrest gibbs. does it surprise you at all? >> no. >> reporter: why not? >> because it happens all the time. >> reporter: 18-year-old rachel says when her foster parents kicked her out, she trusted a friend who ended up being a pimp. she got out and came to fair girls, an organization in d.c. that helps
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survivors, founder says insta is how young girls connect. >> if i want to connect to a girl in our program we haven't seen in a couple of days i message her on instagram. >> it's usually the girls who don't really have parents to lean on so they go to older mean for money and end up pimping them out. >> reporter: if you could say anything to this young girl, what would you say to her? >> she did a good job. >> reporter: gibbs was charged with attempted sex trafficking of children. he will be back in court on may 8th. in northeast d.c., debra alfarone, wusa9. >> if you or someone you know is a victim of sex trafficking, we have information about fair girls and their hotline on our wusa9 app. a mom who says she was prevented from breastfeeding her baby at a local church during sunday services may seek legal action. annie says that staff members of the summit church in springfield stopped her twice while she was breastfeeding her little girl, once outside the nursery and once in a back pugh. they told her she had to cover up or mo
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she refused and left. >> it floors me that they would be more concerned over somebody being uncomfortable being a woman's breast and sex liesing it in that -- sexualizing it in that way, you know, making it be about sex or about something that breastfeeding is totally not. >> the church apparently has a policy to ask breastfeeding mothers to cover up or move to a moms room but that goes against a virginia law which protects women's rights to breastfeed anywhere. it went into effect in 2015. we asked the church but no one would talk to us. nasa's spacecraft has gone where no probe has ever gone before between saturn and its famous rings. has it survived? nobody knows. it won't regain contact with the craft until tomorrow. the fuel tank practically empt
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this final risky mission. if only we could have as much fun as beibei. the national zoo caught the panda playing outside this weekend. playing with his toy and doing somersaults as only a panda can in the grass. he turns 2 years old in august. >> slap happy. >> lovable goof ball. >> happy. >> good to be that happy, for sure. >> i know. are we going to be rolling around happy going into the weekend? >> i think so. i mean, with the heat and i'm going to say heat because it's going to be near 90 on saturday, will come the threat of thunderstorms. will not be a washout by any means. let us start with the 3-degree guarantee. feeling pretty good about this, i was sweating about two hours ago. a high of 73. some models went as high as 76, some as low as 71. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. live look outside, really getting nice outside. up to 71. winds east-northeast at about seven and with a dew point of 60 we are not going to fall
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almost like a summer night. so milder tonight with some fog developing. i do not think it will be a huge problem in terms of driving tomorrow morning. we will keep an eye on it. bus stop temps 58 to 76. that's just nice. 80s tomorrow. 80s friday, saturday, sunday. maybe even 90 on saturday. the record high on saturday is 91. we will threaten that. record high at dulles only 87. mainly afternoon showers and thunderstorms over the weekend and increasingly a better chance for showers and storms tomorrow night. so 85 thursday, friday, 89 saturday, we dip a little bit sunday and monday, a cold front will try to bisect the metro area. i think we are still going to end up in the warm sector. by 10:00 tonight, take a walk outside, why not, low to mid- 60s. wow. by morning upper 50s, low 60s with sunshine. by 9:00 we are near 70. culpeper is 70. and then by 1:00 we are 80 and we turn our attention to the west. by evening we are fine and you will be able to get home with a dry commute but showers and tomorrow's developing to the west and this really keeps becoming a little more enhanced as it moves eastward, 9:30, big
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moves across the metro area overnight on thursday. so we will monitor that for a possible yellow weather alert late thursday night. in the meantime, 60s to start, 80 degrees by 1:00, 80 by 1:00. our average high is only 70. warm on friday, 85, 89, almost 90 on saturday, a better chance for some storms on saturday, even a better chance sunday evening, 82. more storms on monday and then cooler as a front clears out, we are back in the 70s on tuesday and wednesday and the nats are in town through next wednesday. frank hanrahan down there at verizon center. big game tonight. >> yeah, early game too. >> yeah. frank. >> reporter: and, yeah, credit these fans getting down here, you can still see they are still getting in a little bit late, just tipping off, the wizards and hawks. a live update next in sports.
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now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan, brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: we are live right outside the entrance here to verizon center, a 6:00 start tonight, really put some people on their heels. got out here just starting to get in finally to verizon center. sarah and molly join me. how are you? >> doing well. thank you. >> reporter: let me ask you about this 6:00 start. did it kind of mess up your day? how did you handle it? >> i get off at 5:00 so i loved it. >> reporter: it was perfect. what about you, molly? >> sometimes i head to happy hour and make it to the game. >> reporter: what about tonight's game 70 see you are decked out
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i see you are decked out in your old school wizards. 2-2 series. still optimistic about the chances? >> got to win game five. >> how are your seats? >> not great. if anyone wants to upgrade us that would be lovely. going to a playoff game is great no matter where you're sitting so we are thrilled. >> molly is from rockville, maryland. you grew up here. >> it's been long enough, it's nice to have a winning team to route for. >> reporter: who is your favorite player? >> probably john wall but, you know, i'm really -- anyone can win my heart tonight, fellas. >> reporter: there you go. and what about you? >> well, i'm a kansas fan so rock chock, all the kansas players out there. >> oubre. >> yes,. >> final predictions, what do you got? >> 74-69 wizards. >> low scoring. >> low scoring. definitely wizards win but i'll leave the score to sarah. >> enjoy the game. thank you for
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wizards and atlanta underway here, again the 6:00 start, very strange for a lot of fans. finally getting into verizon center. we will check back with you at 11:00. of course on social media at wusa9 sports so check us out there on twitter. that is the latest out here at verizon center. frank hanrahan, wusa9 sports. >> and thanks for not giving us the score because a lot of us are taping the game, frank. >> a little something, you know, from bruce. sun came out today and really spectacular tomorrow but we are getting more concerned about thunderstorms tomorrow night. we will talk about that coming up and then the weekend hot to warm but afternoon storms are possible but you can get stuff done and nats in town friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday -- no, tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. >> got it. >> cbs is next. >> first you will be back
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>> pelley: the trump tax plan. >> we will have a massive tax cut for businesses. >> pelley: wabhat out the middle class? >> we will let you know the specific details at the appropriate moment. >> pelley: and one more time: mr. trump's tax returns? >> the president has no intention. >> pelley: also tonight, the intersenate heads to the white house for a fill-in on the korean nuclear threat. >> we want to bring kim jong un to his senses, not to his knees. >> pelley: more legal trouble for fox. accusations of racial discrimination. >> i've seen this before, and i was silent. i cannot be silent anymore. >> pelley: and remembering filmmaker


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