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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  April 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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over at the t.p.c. louisiana. final round at the zurich classic after a six-plus hour weather delay. nick: jordan will not be happy with that. bill: right around 6:00 in the east and play continuing here at the zurich classic of new orleans. they're playing better ball. first team event of the pga tour since 19 1. 36 years for an official team event. we had a weather delay of roughly six hours. a little more, earlier today. and play resumed about a half-hour ago. continuing the final round, as we go to the play at the eighth.
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[captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ian: up a hill. right to left at the end. dottie: stop the presses, kevin kisner didn't hole a birdie further. ian: he had six in a row on his own ball. dottie: amazing but remember, his partner is in there, what, 1 inches away? ian: yeah. nine. rich: charley hoffman and two good looks from this pairing. did he hit it? yes, he did. bill: they have to get something going. they were at even par for the round at that point. that gets them into red figures for the day and out in 35. nick: yeah, the leaders are going well but you have to believe, these groups, if they can get 20 under they could at least get third spot, which is worth the effort. bill: here's ryan palmer. jordan is in
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oh, there you go. his partner takes the pressure off and he comes through. he left a few on the course yesterday with some short putts they couldn't convert. nick: they found the range. the freedom of the stroke makes a big difference. bill: they're four under for this final round. gets them to minus 18. currently four back and let's go to eight. ian: maybe cameron smith learned from that first one of kevin's. dottie: he was certainly close enough to kisner to have a good look at what was going on. and his partner will certainly tell him about it. ian: don't get too concerned about it. a lot of holes to play.
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bill: pat kizzire, third shot. dufner is in there fairly tight. he'll have a good work at birdie. kizzire cozies that up. roughly a tap-in for par. starting to run out of holes, though. let's go back to eight. ian: well, was he a good student? looks good. oh, and his did get the break with the grain. just so close. he thought he had it as well going up the hill. so they've got fours. now scott brown now to extend that lead. birdied 18 yesterday for 31 on that inward half and eight in a row today. that's
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23 under par. 31 yesterday and that was in alternate shot. that was really, really good. 13 under in the last 17 holes played. we'll be back to the zurich classic of new orleans in just a moment.
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the dinosaurs' extinction... you outnumbered. don't listen to them. not appropriate. now i'm mashing these potatoes with my stick of butter... why don't you sit over here. find your awesome with the xfinity stream app. included with xfinity tv. more to stream to every screen. peter: we're back at the 10th hole. in the figureway, kelly kraft, his second shot. trying to take it in high. get some spin. all right. nicely done there. let's go to 15.
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nick: settles in and then powers at that right shoulder. didn't break. bill: well, right all the way. so that will slow that roll a little bit. back-to-back pars. they stay at 18 under. back over to the difficult par 3 ninth. it's 194 today. dottie: scott brown has chosen 6-iron. the breeze that we do have helping and toward the flagstick toward the left. right side of the green with a little bit of help from the wind is great. nick: i have to get you on the spot, dottie. is it nine in a row? or is the ninth going to stop them? on paper, the ninth should stop them. only two birdies there so not easy. bill: to 10. peter: moments ago,in
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nice, thin, crisp divot there. not the steep kind that you want that -- to avoid in these wet conditions. they have a couple of runs at birdies. back to nine. dottie: same club for kevin kisner. you talk about the difficulty of this ninth home. it's actually playing over par for the week. bill: they've birdied every hole so far as a team here in this final round. dottie: it's out to the right. nick: it's a draw and they've blocked it. it's tough and the optimum shot probably is a little draw or late swinger somehow. bill: ahead to 10. peter: very aggressive play. in format i'm a big fan of two
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greens and take your chance with the putter. back to nine. bill: cameron smith. dottie: yet another 6-iron chosen. bill: they started the day with a four-shot lead. now they trail by two and that is going to find the hazard. nick: i thought that started a bit straight. started right at the flag. bill: 10. peter: a little bump and run up the slope. great speed control. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] nick: yeah, that gets your attention now, dottie, doesn't it? dottie: the grieve degree of difficulty just went up a lot. nick: instead of looking at the first tent to the right of the flag, you start looking at the second tent. dottie: or maybe the gap in between. you are correct. nick: and a little bit of fade
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dottie: that's pretty aggressive. what a great shot. bill: excellent. to 10. peter: all right. brian steward to get to 17 under par. it's got to be a little weird for brian coming back and kind of being the defending champion and kind of not since they changed the format. doesn't change his comfort on this golf course, however. still plays it exceptionally wll. i imagine right there he's giving himself a little bit of a verbal beating but that's what golfers do.
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next to play will be kevin tway. he and his partner have similar lines so they ought to be able to help each other a little bit. so kelly kraft able to see that that thing turns left. good speed. i think kevin is going to end up being a really good player when he can control himself just a little bit with his effort level. now back here at the 16th on the tee. patton kizzire.
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uh-uh. that is the definition of casual water. now back at 10. kelly kraft. oh, expected that to turn left as his partner's did but it did not. so they start the second nine out with a par. four at the 10th. now, jason dufner. very aggressive, going with the driver. needs to cut that over the bunker. otherwise it brings the water into play and that is not casual water. that's going to be find your nearest point of entry, take a couple of clubs and pay a shot. bill: kisner at nine. second shot on the par
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hop. part of the adjustments the players are making is just how much has it softened and how much has it not? bill: the rough kept it in from going into the wearl. just outside the hard. -- hazard. thought it was dead. >> i'll just redo it. bill: dottie, you're walking around out there. how much are the damp conditions impacting things? dottie: i think it's causing a bit of inconsistency with spinning the golf ball, especially with short shots. but i have to say, they did a heck of a job cleaning this golf course up and getting it back in the condition it is with a chance to finish but there are definitely some spots on the golf course that are very damp. it's almost like the turf looks shiny because the water is
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bill: let's go over to 11. ian: par 5. 565 today. kelly kraft. into the breeze. sort of split those two tufts of grass in the bunker. that will either be down there in the cypress trees and all that casual water. it's not a hazard over there. that's just casual water laying there underneath them left of the bunker. 10. peter: all right. charley hoffman. rich: 119 yards here. nice full swing. trying move a little bit left to right. have to be wary of the spin on this one. peter: he elected to lay back a little farther than other
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rich. rich: i can see that. the pin is right there in a little bit of a bowl. peter: back to nine. dottie: scott brown following the read of kevin kisner. something they've done all week. kevin has done the reading when scott's had to putt. bill: that was for birdie so the run will come to an end. nick: deflating, eh? just the eight in a row. bill: of course they had the nice conclusion to their alternate-shot round. birdied the 18th yesterday. nick: that all counts, doesn't it? bill: 10th. peter: jordan spieth. rich: and 10 5. watching charley hoffman's ball back there, using that slope in the back. you have to believe he might be frying the same. peter: a sawed-off follow-through, meaning he's trying to take a little bit of the spin off but doesn't. you see that golf ball that was
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that's this shot. rich listen and that was from two yard further than jordan spieth's was. peter: a little bit higher follow-through by watney there. sends it past the hole, brings it back. superb. absolutely superb. back to nine. bill: blixt for birdie. nick: just had to hit it. bill: they will remain two under for their final round. out in 34. 21 under overall to. 10. peter: ryan palmer now set to play. rich: just 9
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sawed-off follow-through. got away with it. peter: ooh, it's going to come back, spin off that slope. a little unfortunate there. scott brown did tap in back at nine. now these players are going to have to start thinking, ian, as we go to 11, of a number. i'm thinking you have to get to 25 or 26 at least. ian: yeah, shea -- they just need to be giving themselves chances. as you watch kevin tway with that 1 3-mile-an-hour into the breeze and a lot less run on the ball after the rain. swinging the club well two good weeks in a row. over to 16. peter: patton kizzire has taken relief from the casual water.
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they got their yardage, their club. they figured out the wind. he's taking on the left side of the cbs tower in the background. of course, the most important thing here is to make clean contact. remember, his partner already in the water hazard. that sounded pretty good. it wasn't pretty good. it was extremely good. from that situation, just a tremendous effort by patton kizzire. ball washer right next to his gone. we go back to 10. rich: and charley hoffman is going to be first to play, i do believe. basically this is just a free run. nick watney in there really close. almost a gimme distance.
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finish out if he wasn't standing in jordan spieth's line. get out there, work on your stroke a little bit. he made one the last hole, might as well make another one. first in wins, right? peter: this is the definition of a free go at it. rich: he left it short. he did not get his money's worth there, peter. peter: no, he's going to be disappointed with that. all right, they're at 16 under. they're going to go to 17 when nick watney taps in but that's still six shots behind the leaders. with eight holes to play. rich: and a couple of disappointing second shots here from palmer and spieth. peter: nothing that a good putt can't erase, though. rich: that is the
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this one is coming over and down a little bit of a knob there right to left. not a ton of movement in there but still, not the easiest putt looking at to it judge speed-wise but again chasing the pack down so he's got to be aggressive. got to one this one buy. give her a look if nothing else. peter: i've always felt ryan was a lot more comfortable around this distance. no. didn't get it quite high enough. now, scott brown on the 10th tee. dottie: just laying it up, putting it in position. peter: he's looking at that very closely. i'm not sure why. it's pretty much center cut. dottie: yeah, lets his
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choice. peter: now over at 16, danny lee. his second shot. ooh. that sounded like it nicked the flagstick. going by. he got it right behind the hole about eight or 10 feet for his birdie. back to norden spieth at 10. rich: trying to find anything in this putt -- it's like in a little hollow. i like to think it might drift to the left but this one is a tough one to read. peter: oh, jordan, you heard it. >> why? why do you keep doing that? rich: fell in love with the line, didn't me? peter: can't think of everything. i've always maintained that when you slow up the greens, it gives these players more fits than when you slow them up. rich: without a dowell. now you're actually having
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equation. whereas you're basically trying to take a nice smooth stroke back and forth. peter: that's the kind of birdie putt you'd like to have. back-to-back birdies for the hoffman-watney team. they get to 17 under. now back on the tee, kevin kisner. dottie: a guy with the same strategy that his partner had, going with a little fairway wood. get the ball in play. set up two opportunities for birdies. peter: that's in the short grass. i don't know. maybe it rolled into that very first cut. and we're back here at 16. david lingmerth, partner to danny lee. two birdies so far today
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david. hmm. just runs out of speed for that line. ling meth and lee currently at -- lingmerth and lee currently at 16 under par. he gets to be the arbitrator as to who's away for the next putt. and i believe he said it was patton kizzire. by just a little bit. >> i'm going to mark it. peter: kelly kraft trying to find a golf ball. in the casual water. no we found it right here.
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point of relief no closer to the hole and drop it. while that's going on, we're going to come back here to danny lee at 16 to see if he can convert. ooh. ooh. his partner misses on the low side. he misses on the high side. now had he not found, that it would have been a lost ball. the only way that he couldn't have had to pay the penalty for a lost ball is if there was conclusive evidence that it did go into the casual water that. means somebody in the gallery would have had to see it. he's ready to play. he doesn't think he needs a rules official. right now we're back at 16 with patton kizzire. this to g
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that's never a good sign when the line on the ball and the line on the putter don't match up. he cuts across that and hangs it out to the right. patton's father max good friends with our own verne lundquist. all the times that verne has been in tuscaloosa for football games. auburn football games. all the way around to. 14. ian: at the par 3 139. 208 today.
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bill: sander schaurffele, 23 -year-old rookie from california. and here's his partner, tag ridings. they shot 64 in this format on friday. four-ball. there are guys out there going low, especially with these soft conditions after all the rain that came through here earlier today. let's go to 10. peter: great view from behind the green, what the players will be facing with their second shot. who's first to play? dottie: cameron smith will be first to play from the right bunker. i'm sorry, jonas blixt it been the first to play. 9-iron and the lip is definitely part of equation here. peter: about the only good news from all that rain is it's going to compact the sand in these fairway b
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good lie, it's it's a really good lie. dottie: the lie is a really good lie. 1241. peter: most likely you'd expect this to be coming in high and right. dottie: contact sounded pretty darn good. it's at the left half of the green. peter: he started there. didn't quite cut it as much as he might have wanted, dottie, but that's ok. dottie: kevin kisner is playing from a very deep divot hole. that's a pitching wedge. peter: yeah, he missed the fairway but not -- by not very much. dottie: maybe that was a good deal. peter: well, he's going to have a run at another birdie. he's already set a personal record, six birdies in a row. ooh, look at that life. at least it was at the front end of the divot. it makes it a little bit easier. made four
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year earlier at the bay hill invitational. that was his personal best until today. now his partner scott brown. dottie: just 121 yards. really good contact sounding there. peter: i think it's safe to say that the rain delay did not hurt the momentum of this team. dottie: not in any way. peter: they are feeding off of each other. they are playing some very, very solid golf. now cameron smith clearly has some mud on the back of that ball. dottie: mud on the back of the ball and also a slightly downhill lie. well, you could hear the difference in the sound. it hit the mud first. peter: well -- [l
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dottie: what's the big deal? peter: yeah, i mean -- that's just tremendous. a little bit of luck involved with how the clubface and the golf ball and the mud interact but that was tremendously done. let's go guard to 11. bill: kevin tway. going over that tree. would've. [laughter] nick: i wonder what his apecks was on that one? -- apex was on that one? about 150 feet. bill: he's put together nice back-to-back weeks after a good showing in san antonio. >> i'm right on the roof. bill: kelly kraft shorting trying get a ruling. that was an adventure. kisner and brown out in 28. our leaders by two. chzuri
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