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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  April 30, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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peter: we're back at the 10th hole. jonas blixt now for birdie. dottie: some 30 feet, uphill the entire way. through a little valley. peter: a little bit of a common trend that we're oswego players coming up short to. 14. bill: schaffele. second shot on this par 3. going right at it. pga tour rookie. back to 10. peter: all right, kevin kisner now set to putt. when you get on a run like these guys
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make absolutely everything. no, that got hopping after about three feet so he misses left and will mark. to 17. peter: danny lee. he's up -- tees up today. 150. nick: yeah, considering how difficult the breeze has been. especially yesterday. it's about the easiest i've ever seen the 1th hole play. bill: danny lee right on the number there. let's go to 11. here's jordan. he and ryan palmer out in 32. parred the 10th to stay at 18 under. five behind to. 10.
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peter: scott brown now for his birdie. there you go. boy, look at that. two 4's on the card. that's some kind of golf. they temporarily open up a three-shot lead as we go to 17. bill: they're setting the mark. here's dufner. nick: should be an easy 8 for dufner. and again thrown another dart in there. bill: in there close, chance for another birdie. as we go back over to the 11th. kevin tway with an eagle chance to get his team to 1 under.
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nick: not much fun when they're make birdies and you keep looking at leaderboard and you're losing ground. ok, i have a feeling now we really are playing for second or third place. bill: finished third behind kevin chapple and brooks koepka last week in san antonio. tag ridings back at 14, second shot. the flag is out. that was a nice effort. to 10. peter: we saw the wonderful shot from cameron smith. he takes advantage of it and that three-shot lead lasts only a moment. it's now two. now, jordan spieth over at 11 waiting.
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brian stuard. and that slides just past. nick: tough to believe, isn't it? right on the left edge. bill: the leaders have just gone racing past. nick: a lot of guys going, ok, nine under for 10. have they got that up there right? just double checking. bill: there's just one team staying with them right now. that's blixt and smith. jordan. they're four under. he's just laying up. they're at 18 under overall but that's six behind. complaining about m
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ball. now kevin tway. this for birdie. nick: for a nice, easy, solid 4. bill chan -- bill: that gets them to 18 under. and kelly kraft. six under, at 11 now. this was earlier. a couple of guys in there tight. danny lee makes that. now dufner. nick: dufner eight under today through 16. this to go nine. he slammed it. that was just definitely too hard. bill: that will be disappointing, for
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nick: suddenly gone quiet. four pars in a ohio row and you feel totally demoralized. just characterization. bill: powered through the lip. so a look at how things stand. hot hand for kisner and brown. a two-shot lead. we'll be back at the zurich classic of new orleans in just a moment.
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bill: the lineup next weekend here on cbs. the safeway chef's classic. kauai, the cbs sports spectacular next saturday at 2:00 eastern time and then it's the wells fargo championship saturday and sunday. 3:00 eastern time.
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continues here on cbs sports. and always a great field and this year, the wells fargo championship is at eagle point golf club in wilmington, north carolina. dustin johnson scheduled to return. phil mickelson will be there as well. a great field on tap, as always at the wells fargo. out to 11. rich: i'm not too sure he can get it there. 281. ian: that was just earlier and he wasn't happy with it. well out to the right. hole location today front left. so not exactly what he wanted. back to the tee. good, efficient swing this from scott brown. really gets into his extension well now. that's what he's been working on the last year. used to hang
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that's ideal. dottie: same wind they had yesterday, just a lot less of it. ian: up now to the green. jordan spieth playing his third. rich listen and this is a sexy little number here. 80 yards. ian: he knocked it close at the eighth from a similar number. rich: 89 over there. tee shot in the distance. i mean, there's nobody out here. there are spectators out here, just not a lot of them so any little movement or sound really can throw these players off. >> sit, sit! ian: another lovely shot. exactly what he did at eight. landed it at the cup. bounced it by, spun it back. back at the tee, kevin kisner.
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dottie: this has been their order all day, ian. scott first, kevin second. and that's cozy. ian: yeah. perfect positions too. they'll be able to get it up there close to the green. good chance for another birdie. kevin kisner, scott brown. two good buddies from south carolina lead the way here in new orleans. 24 under par. so ammara, you're a verizon engineer, tell me, what's one really good reason why the samsung galaxy s8 is better on verizon? well we have the largest 4g lte network in america. yeah that's a pretty good reason. and the most reliable. uh-huh. and, with unlimited, you get full hd video. oh wow, yeah, that's, uh, two, maybe even three reasons right there. it's exactly three. okay. sure, whatever you say. (vo) if you really, really want the best, switch to verizon unlimited and get the galaxy s8 for just $15 a month. i saw you take those phones, you know. no, you didn't.
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it tells me when to change the oil... you want to try? how to replace the battery or blades... and when the weather's just right... introducing the craftsman riding mowers with smart lawn -- connecting me more with the things that matter most. available at sears. ian: back at the 11th. rich: just stymied behind this tree. the only tree you have to feel like you're pinned behind. that's a heck of a shot. this might even get on the green. ian: a little right to left hook spin. he's putting for birdie. a long one across the ridge, but he's there. a little earlier on the
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cameron smith. oh. he could be over there in kelly kraft country. no, not quite enough to get into the water on the left but the bunkers after all the rain will be just fine. nice and firm and a clean life. now jonas blixt. that's a beauty. 115-feet apex ful -- -- apex. just up the right-hand side no, daniel. 15. bill: xander schauffele. he and tag ridings at 17 under. nick: a difficult hole location at 15.
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sandwiched between a couple of ridges. bill: hole high. will be able to have a go at birdie. let's go to the 12th now. here's kelly kraft. he and kevin tway 1 under. second shot on this par 4. nick: considerably easier than yesterday. this was straight into the wind. just fly it over all these mounds and if necessary come backwards from the back of the green. that's a good leave. bill: 11. ian: delightful so both players in that pairing a good chance for birdie at 11. spieth and palmer. as we go to 15. bill: here's tag ridings now. his
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nick: just got a little closer than his partner. bill: six under for this final round. played very well and in there chose. nick: perfect. bill: due to the length of today's play, we'll soon be concluding golf coverage for our east and central time zone cbs stations. those of you in those areas may tune to golf channel in just a bit for more live coverage and we'll return with more coverage of the zurich classic of new orleans in a moment.
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bill: the lineup tonight on cbs begins with 60's minutes and a surprising report on money and politics, followed by new episodes of "ncis: los angeles," "madam secretary" and
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"elementary." all tonight, only cbs. out to the play at the 11th. rich: and charley hoffman down the hill. not a very good third shot whatsoever. a little bit thin. ian: oh, that looked good all the way. he thought he had it. just the grain changed direction at the end. tap-in for the par. yeah, a disappointing third. nick watney will have a chance from long distance as we go ahead one to 12. bill: kevin tway. nick: a megalong drive. that's to the cart path. it crosses the fairway but he pulled it.
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he'll be kicking himself about that one. bill: to 11. rich: and ryan palmer just coming down the hill. almost a mirror image of jordan spieth coming back up the hill. inside the hole. yes, sir. ian: oh, yeah. very well done. good right field. 19 under, five back. yeah, watney missed his putt as well after that spectacular third. just a little low. you know, practice. he's trying to get the speed of the greens. he's left a lot short so both players making their birdies there. you're not allowed to practice putt here but are you allowed to finish your own ball. always remember that. same in ryder cup. now at 15. bill: tag ridings for birdie to. get the team to 18 under. nick: that left-hand
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rotated open. bill: so they have to settle for par. back over to the 12th. and we've been focused on the top of the leaderboard but obviously there's other things at stake here. fedexcup points and depending on where you are in the order of things, you could help the cause personally a lot if you are able to finish in the top five. kevin tway, good week last week in san antonio. solid play continuing here in new orleans. nick: a couple of mounds to do with. uh-oh. because he's tracked it perfectly.
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right there. of course, his dad, bob. his name is on the wanamaker. pga champion. they opened with 71 and shot 63 in this format on friday. 70 in alternate shot yesterday. let's go back on the tee. ryan palmer will be first. par 4. rich: certainly a hole where you'd like to have both players putting for birdie here. very generous fairway. he doesn't like it. nick: popped that one up a bit. yeah, he's los
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distance with that one. at least he can get his hands onto it. bill: 11. ian: third shot for cameron smith. defensive it's just 87 yards. everybody in this group laid up. cameron with a terrific angle. will it go past the hole? ian: so much spin on that one, dottie, it actually jumped over his ball mark as it came back. dottie: that may have slowed it down a fraction but certainly not enough. ian: 12. bill: jordan. nick: a lot of angle change in his spine. you know, he leans forward, backwards. we always talk about the tilt of your spine but it looks like he goes up and down, backwards and forwards to me. bill: they're currently five behind. here's kelly craft, giving it a run.
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that will be a par for the team. 11. dottie: absolutely no wind now, ian. here it comes. beautiful. ian: 18 birdies, two eagles for these two. no bogeys. and they're two back. [laughter] maybe only one back after he makes that putt. let's wait and see. dottie: scott brown next. got that ball just past the big tree. 70 yards. ian: he landed it over the upslope so he'll have a similar putt down the slope that we
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is. bill: charlie -- charley on the tee at the 12th. ian: definitely going with a fade. bill: this has got to fly to carry that bunker. ooh. bill: back to 11. ian: yeah, another beauty from kevin kisner. he is really on fire. really in great control. bill: due dot length of today's play, we'll soon be concluding golf coverage for our east and central time zone cbs stations. those of you in those areas may tune to golf channel for more live coverage. for those of you on the west coast, tournament coverage will continue right here on this
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station. scoring conditions really quite nice at the moment. no breeze, soft conditions. nick: you're right. perfect. just a little bit of breeze but nothing like -- bill: check in at the 18th. patton kizzire. nick: trying to chip in for a fancy finish. bill: so a kick-in birdie to conclude things, as we go back to 11. ian: kisner and brown. kisner with six birdies, brown with three, to be nin
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they're grinding it here on scott brown's putt. they'd like to see him knock this one in. dottie: it's ok to hole a long one when your partner is in there close, ian. ian: yeah, it's good to grind too. dottie: absolutely. ian: a lot of hard work to go. nick: ian, kisner and brown are more than likely going to go to 10 under after 11. one another good one from the ryder cup. stenson and rose shot 12 under to win 3 and 2 but they finished with 10 consecutive birdies so that's pretty darn good at the ryder cup. ian: wow. the play at the ryder cup last year was spectacular. exciting to watch. into the grain kreutz the top and then slip -- across
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the hill. almost. we got three fairly close opportunities from the other three players for birdies at 11. he'll just clean this up. get the par. bill: again, the lineup tonight on cbs begins with "60 minutes" and a surprising report on money and politics. followed by new episodes of "ncis: los angeles," "madam secretary," and left turn "elementary." all tonight, only cbs. another look at our leaderboard. kisner and brown, as good as they've been, they haven't created enough separation really to relax because blixt and smith are still close. palmer, if they get
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do the same. it is doable but it's a little demorledsing for blixt and cameron smith. as long as he makes it, that's great. they just have to take over just to stay back. bill: so due to the length of today's play, we must now conclude golf coverage for our east and central time zone areas. viewers in this area can go to the golf channel for continuing coverage of the zurich classic. for those of you on the west coast, we'll return with more golf action right after this upcoming message but before we leave you, there's kevin kisner and that's another birdie. they get it to
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they have been absolutely spectacular, going out in 28. all birdies except a par at the ninth and a great start to their second nine now with back-to-back birdies to get to it 25 under par. well, we had a weather delay, just over six hours but they're going to try to get this final round in of the zurich classic. team competition for the first time for an official event on the official tour since my name is jenny doan i'm a quilter and i'm a the official tour since mother and i'm a grandmother. 2008 was when all the markets crashed, we lost our retirement. hamilton was losing hope and my husband and i were losing hope. my sister and i we challenged ourselves to help figure out a way to help them. our kids bought us a quilt machine. it was very humble beginnings. we were just this cute little shop, just like everybody else. one day al came in and asked me if i wanted to do
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