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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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prince george's county today. sky nine over the scene this morning, and we are told the pedestrian was struck by an amtrak passenger train. metro is honoring mark pickett. police say this man used instagram to lure a 16-year-old into having sex with him. he even arranged for her to meet him in baltimore and they say they think you have done this before. this is what i found out this afternoon. >> reporter: his bio says he is a martial artist and also a gamer. police say he also games girls into thinking he is in his late teens and early 20s. >> he portrays himself as just having graduated high school, and what he does is he gets a hold of people by way of instagram and he befriends them based on the background of comic book knowledge. >> comic book knowledge
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say jones goes by a couple different aliases. they say they arrested him for trying to reach out to a teen to lure her to have sex two times. a family member of the team became worried and reached out to police. >> was able to meet her and actually went to her parents house with his wife at the time and unbeknownst to the parents he was married and as old as he was. >> why do you think there are other victims out there? >> just based on his travel pattern, based on the fact he had aliases and where he had been in various places in the united states. it seems to me like he may have been engaged in similar activity. >> since march he has traveled the following cities. orlando, florida, albuquerque, new mexico, flagstaff and phoenix, arizona, los angeles, sacramento, and utah. police are asking parents in the cities
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contact with jones. a racist banana display at an american university aimed at a black sorority has the feds getting involved. the fbi is assisting in the investigation pouring its resources into the school to catch whoever did this. we have been on top of the story since it first broke. our -- are police getting any closer to catching this person? what do we know? >> reporter: the school wouldn't say either way if they have credible leads in the case. the fbi telling us that if it comes down to it, they could file federal hate crime charges depending on what they find. >> people are scared. >> people are scared. black females are scared. black males, there is a division amongst campus because there is an overall -- they are attacking us. >> students on high alert tonight at american university after these displays were found on campus two days ago. bananas with the words
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>> it's very rude, not professional. >> students formed a coalition to seek out and find solutions to racism on campus. many of them upset after claiming their meeting with the top administrator was called off at the last minute. >> we are demanding explanations. they have not given us an exact date of when it would be rescheduled. we have about a week left. that tells you how much they care. >> this footage released of a person they believe may be responsible for all of this. a petition with more than a thousand signatures is calling for whoever did this to be expelled. the schools first black woman to serve as a student government president and who all of this appears to be about was too busy studying for finals to go on camera. she says she is not surpse
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and bigoted actions using a line from michelle obama. when they go low, we go high. she tells her fellow students, this will not be tolerated. >> i just want my brown sisters and brothers and anybody who is nonconforming to feel comfortable going to an institution. i want them to have their money's worth. i want them to thrive. i want them to be happy. >> again, students who formed that coalition say that they are actually fighting for a black house or a fake space for students of color, yet they say it is now that serious. as they ended the day, you should be able to pay your money to go to a college campus and not feel like racist bigotry is going to meet you around the corner. w usa nine. >> you are so right. again, there is a
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for information in all of this. if you know anything, call police right away. and anne arundel county police accused of having sex with a prostitute while on duty. the 44-year-old was taken into custody last night. he's been stripped of his police duties and assigned to administrative duties during the investigation. the 13-year veteran of the force faces a bunch of charges, including second-degree assault and prostitution. the montgomery county principal who created a so- called smash facebook is moving on. she headed kensington park would elementary school for 10 years. she set up an area on the schools loading dock where teachers could take out their anger, but that upset some parents. the uproar had become such a distraction so she is seeking another position in the montgomery county school system. she will remain in of
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the end of the year to help with the transition. sentencing for the woman who was drunk when he crashed into the. ordered to spend and there were restrictions on her license. she was behind the wheel of an suv that hit the chief last year in centerville. edgar had a blood alcohol content level of .26 at the time of the crash. >> i am one of millions of victims of this type of tragedy and i am blessed to be standing here to tell you my story. there are others that have met death and this is a chronic issue not only in fairfax county , the region, but throughout our nation. >> this happened as fairfax county police had just put a dwi task force on the road to catch drunken drivers. the chief says the latest data shows 60 impaired drivers were removed from the road in march. in prince george's county, police trying to figure out who killed a man at a gas station. wayne pope was
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silver hill road. someone was trying to rob a customer at the gas station and they chose pope as their victim. no arrests just yet, but if you know anything that could lead to the killer, give police a call. dramatic comments today from fbi director james comey. he was asked about the probe into russian meddling and the presidential election and the decision to notify congress about a new investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail just days before the boat. >> why was it necessary to announce 11 days before a presidential election that you were opening an investigation me mildly nauseous to think we might have had an effect on the election honestly, it wouldn't change the decision. >> in between president trumps that the fbi director was the best thing that ever happened to hillary clinton and the russian investigation was just an excuse used by the democrats as justification for losing but electi
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to repeal and replace obamacare. the move came after a meeting with two holdouts at the white house. representative billy long and fred upton say they changed their minds after receiving assurances that people with pre- existing conditions would be covered in the new healthcare bill. the white house expects a vote on the measure this week but congressional leaders are making no promises. did hoarders contribute to this fire you see here? that's what investigators are trying to figure out. they were all there trying to fight the fire around 11:30 last night. two adults are out of the home and there's more than $225,000 worth of damage. the cause of the fire has been ruled accidental. coming county pays tribute to the 19 police officers and sheriff's deputies who have lost their lives in the line of duty. one of the most recently added to th
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boy killed by his -- killed by a drunken driver. >> i was looking at one of them on the wall that says, you know, these are not heroes because of how they died , they are heroes because of how they live. that's what you should remember, how they lived. >> and we are grateful. montgomery county fallen heroes service will coincide with national police week. the votes are in and the names are picked. the national arboretum's newest will be going by the name on her and glory. the two hatched in march and you may remember in april they went viral when one of them had to be rescued when it got stuck in the nest. the eagles nest is live streamed online. find a link on the wusa 9 app. >>
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enjoy his life in a more fulfilling way than he has been able to do in many years. >> it's regarded as a party drug by some, but coming up, how it's being used to treat depression. free rides in driverless cars in fairfax today, but are they making it safe for the road? >> a yellow weather alert. here is a look at one model and the rainfall output. everybody pretty much over an inch. we need this rain. we will come back and talk about it. plus, families calling for justice in the shooting death involving two police officers. this woman told police her name is hillary clinton. clearly, she is not. we will tell you why. (announcer) there's more to life than the climb.
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>> officer roy oliver was fired tuesday just days after he shot 15-year-old jordan edwards in suburban dallas. it happened as the teen and his brothers were leaving a party saturday. the police captain says oliver is off the horse because body camera images.
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>> has this change your life? >> it has completely changed my life. i have cut my antidepressants in half. >> this powerful and is in pain reliever known as now is in popularity to treat symptoms of severe depression. at the pediment, patients receive small doses through infusions. they say well antidepressants take several weeks, this kicks in within hours and effects can last up to three months. >> many of them have tried every drug you have heard of. these people come to me because they haven't been relieved by any of these things. >> a study published from san diego researchers shows patients who received this have reported less depression but many experts have questions
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about the long-term effect on the mind and body. the american psychiatric association has not endorsed it and says more research is needed. >> how is that those for you? >> he works with patient positions before starting treatment. richard paul has been doing infusions the last seven months. >> i think it's america. >> his wife says it has. >> i'm seeing him enjoy his life in a more fulfilling way than he has been able to do in many years. >> cbs news, los angeles. >> the infusions cost several thousand dollars for a series of treatments. now, wusa 91st alert whether rated dc's most accurate forecast. so here we are in the 60s today. >> a little below average. >> grab a sweater for tomorrow. it's cool tomorrow and then get the rain boots on friday.
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it will be a miserable commute, but we need the rain. 3-degree guarantee. a little worried about today's number. 69 for the high. we were 80 yesterday. we will tell you everything up and let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. beautiful outside. temps right now generally in the 60s. look at the dew points. still in the 30s. humidity only 37 percent. the winds are still a factor. today north northwest as opposed to west southwest yesterday. gusting to 25. much like yesterday, they will settle down tonight, and that will make for a chilly night. crack the windows a little. don't open them all the way. bus stop temps, 42 to 58. you'll start out with some son. you need the shades on the way to work tomorrow. it's going to stay dry. rain comes in tomorrow night and heavy rain tomorrow night and into friday morning.
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looking at an inch or more across the board. the risk, heavy rain is high, hail is low. strong storms and a moderate risk of that and damaging winds, low risk. in terms of impacts, slow morning commute. canceled activities after school. moderate risk. moderate impact, rather. the reason being, most of the heavy activity tapers off by noon or 1:00. while we might see showers late in the day, a little more pleasant drive home on friday. 10:00 tonight, low 50s. by morning, we are talking 40s. i think these numbers are a little high. 46 frederick, 46 damascus, 48, 49. just a few clouds by 9:00. still holding in the 50s and then by lunch time we are essentially mostly cloudy about lunchtime. not a bad day. 67 downtown. even 65 in cumberland. that's pretty uniform. we take you into thursday evening. everybody
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night without the rain rolling in. that's why we did not issue a yellow weather alert for thursday and we will turn that on midnight on friday. by 10:00 we have rain showers back along i-81. watch what happens. by 6:00 a.m., it's raining everywhere. maybe a little less rain in the southern part of our areas down toward st. mary's county, but in the metro, we've got some heavy rain. upper 50s, low 60s. heavy rain through the rush. by 9:30, see the flecks of red? looking at rain everywhere. even if you don't get heavy rain early friday morning, you will by midmorning. no one is going to escape this. 42 to 52 tonight. partly cloudy and chilly winds. they will settle down. so on the date planner, low to mid 50s to start. 53 by 11:00, 67 by 1:00 with clouds on the increase. yellow weather alert on friday.
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taper off by noon or 1:00. saturday a little sun to start. not a washout this weekend. emphasize that. a couple showers possible sunday. not a washout. mid-60s on monday and back to the 70s next tuesday and wednesday. another day, another look at our adorable puppy cam. one of these pups is nigel, our new service dog in training. this organization is based out of california that provides service dogs to veterans. i'm sorry, the dogs always take precedence here. it provides service dogs to veterans, even children with autism. don't worry, you can watch the puppies on our live camera. go to wusa dogs. they are some kind of cute. a home improvement store expands its military discount
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little less legroom on flights. basically, sitting on top of each other. details in tonight's consumer alert. incredible video of a plane crash in washington state. check this out. miraculously, that did not kill one person.
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back up and running after an amtrak train hit and killed someone this afternoon in prince george's county, but you should expect between an hour an hour and a half for the next several hours metro is going to honor marked tickets. watching this video, check this out. it is incredible that nobody was seriously hurt. absolutely nobody seriously hurt. video captured a small plane crash that burst into flames. this happened in washington state yesterday. you see the plane coming over the streets. they had some power lines before igniting drivers waiting their car at a red light. >> that woman i could not believe it. i couldn't believe something like that was coming at me. >> we thought it would ow
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it was a fireball. >> we saw the ball of fire. we thought it was some kind of hollywood movie. >> pilot and passenger of the plane are okay. plane did hit a couple of cars but no one was injured. >> that's a miracle. internet consumer alert, a lot of you are sharing this next story on facebook. lowe's is expanding its military discount program. on the discharge, you are eligible for 10 percent off your purchases. we can show you how to enroll. go to our wusa 9. oprah has magic touch. shares of weight watchers are soaring after the company said it turned a profit in the last quarter with subscribers up by 16 percent compared to the year before. oprah bought a big stake in the company in october 2015. get ready
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know the person you are sitting next to on the plane. american airlines says it will take even more space bar way between the seats in the next generation of 730 sevens. the seats will be between one to 2 inches of fewer space between the seats. >> very close. >> straigheat ahd, a dc teacher making her students feel a little more special this year. >> and what facebook is doing to cut down on violent videos
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(announcer) there's more to life than the climb. there's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a little. come, shed life's layers in asheville. let the child inside you out to play. remember who you are. life is for the taking, not for taking it easy.
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asheville. discovery, inside and out. free rides in a driverless car. it happened today at the fairfax government center. it's all an effort to partner with the technology companies and researchers leading the industry. we have wondered, will these driverless cars make us more or less safe on the roads? report that dozens of people lined up to get rides on this new driverless tesla. we know driverless cars are coming but could the technology caused this to be worst drivers like iphones have caused them to forget things like numbers and other information. that's exactly what the virginia tech transportation institute is
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setting. they are looking for volunteers to drive in northern virginia and have adaptive cruise control. they want to research driver behavior. what is the driver doing with their hands? are they eating? what are they doing with their feet? you want to load up your car. they want to find out if the driver is paying attention. >> adaptive cruise control and connected cars are already out there. >> last year alone there was about 302000. 89 percent say it's because of technology like this. >> that's what they say, but are they right? >> it's important that we use technology and that it doesn't spoil us and, you know, take away our cognitive powers because that could happen. >> the fairfax county supervisor says we have to be realistic
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and plan for it because it is coming. >> when they got into a car that had just been developed at henry ford or precursor, they probably would've had some of the same fears. you know, it's not like a horse. >> i think automated vehicles are saving us. you see too many people on the roads reading and looking at their cell phones. the behavior can be hard to change. >> the virginia tech research is supposed to be concluded next year and it will be shared at the department of transportation. wusa 9. >> virginia tech researchers are looking for about 20 more people who have adaptive cruise control cars. a great day in prince george's county. those were the words. the county executive cited the opening as a large
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>> for those individuals that i talk to, it was about a new opportunity. it was about another job. it was about giving them the ability to make a decision about weather to buy a house, to buy a home, or to send your kids to college. it was a new shot at quality of life. >> the executive says the average income jumped to $4000 last year. facebook pledging to hire another 3000 people. the social network has come under fire lately for not doing enough to prevent videos of crime and suicide from spreading on its site. a murder in cleveland and the killing of a baby in thailand made it onto facebook recently. facebook says it already employs 4500 people
5:33 pm
those violent videos that get on its site. netflix responding to recent backlash about its latest series 13 reasons why. the streaming service has added a warning that runs before the first episode. it reminds viewers what they are about to watch has graphic depictions of sexual assault and suicide. now, the series has gotten some concerns from psychologists who say the show glamorize his suicide. producers say they hope the show serves an important conversation. kids love hugs, and at one school in the district, those hugs happen by design. we notice the charming videos from the elementary school in northeast dc. find out what that love is all about. >> reporter: you are about to see some really cute kids. this subject got my attention today because the hypersensitivity we live in when it comes to physical contact with kids. it's a serious issue and
5:34 pm
just reported, it is the plan. >> sometimes whole classes will group hug a teacher here or have an encouraging with the principal. in this morning on twitter, teacher appreciation week, the schools posted the streaming video of 1st graders teachers. and every day routine for this mom. >> i feel like it helps them to enjoy themselves and enjoy school. i really love when she hugged us. >> it's really about sort of lifting their energy. >> principal cox as part of the plan. >> we talk about changing the reactive brain to a responsive and rain. eye contact, positive interaction thoughtful and caring words. these are all part of the design of the school. >> it's recent
5:35 pm
strict policy and reporting are showing the atmosphere. >> on her facebook page, a flood of comments. a simple hug can make a person hold a better. it shouldn't be a long drawn out thing or constant thing requested from an adult. it seems like they've struck the right balance according to this grandmother. >> and if measure it, teacher appreciation and hugs. pretty well. if you want to join the conversation, had to wusa 9 facebook page and let us. wusa 9. >> thank you so much.
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friendly hugs are appropriate with elementary aged kids in a bustling school environment with other people around, but other adult should never partake. an innovative training program inspired by a mother's love for her son. a haircut and a shampoo and a hair salon can be relaxing. >> it can be, but that is the fight for barber cutters like this. even the sound can be scary and uncomfortable for a child on the autism spectrum. this woman's son has autism and now she is empowering the barbers and stylists all about what will help her son and others. tonight special assignment unit sharing the journey of how she inspires them to go a cut above when it comes to putting their client is in the forefront of their minds. tomorrow
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devoting the entire show to the opioid crisis. we hear from people struggling with addiction are enpaymt options for people trying to kick their have it. the ball tomorrow at 7:00 right here on wusa 9. why the duke and duchess of cambridge are in a french tabloid. paris jackson gets ready to test out her acting job. and a biggest attack on the cable industry. if you are headed to the game tonight, it's a beautiful night for baseball but you need a sweater or sweater or something. temps in the 60s and then in th
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let's go trending tonight. we are streaming this. live streaming tv for $40 per month you can stream content from cvs and other networks as well as dozens of other providers
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broadcasts from the name major networks are available in l.a., new york, philadelphia, and chicago. in other cities subscribers could have access to some but not all of the networks. the plan to roll out the full service in other markets. cutting the cord. a lot of people are doing it. the duke and duchess of cambridge suing a french tabloid over topless photos. pictures were taken at a private villa back in 2012. buckingham palace calls the pictures a grotesque invasion of privacy likening them to the princess diana phase. yesterday in court a lawyer defended the picture saying it was in the public interest to prove that the duchess was not anorexic. they seek $1.6 million in damages. paris jackson getting ready to make her film debut. the 19-year-old daughter of michael jackson will start in the next movie for nash edgerton. jackson will play an edgy 20- year-old in a film that doesn't eave a name quite yet. rlier this week jackson made her debut on the red carpet in this black dress.
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it's a hit everyone keeps talking about. more fall out coming up in sports. after
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we asked you to make a donation from the heart. so many of you gave dresses, gave hugs, and told stories about why you are sharing this precious part of your life with families you didn't know to bring them some comfort. we spoke with one mother who waited nearly 50 years to do just that. >> not in very good shape. i got married in 1969. i had twin boys. it was early. >> within a year i had my son and my daughter three years later. i sent him a text telling them what i was doing. >> jeannie lunch still has their birth certificates but no photos of her two baby boys who arrived two months early. >> we didn't talk about it with friends. you simply
5:46 pm
loss of a child. it jeannie still feels the cringe in her heart and the catch in her throat over how she had to say goodbye. >> they became part of the medical waste product at the hospital. i think that is something you don't get over. to know that a child is going to be buried in an outfit that was made with love. >> each one of these beautiful dresses that have been donated will be cut down into small gowns for little boys and little girls. we want you to know that while 78 of you brought in these gorgeous dresses today, all told online through e-mail and everything else, forever angels of virginia received
5:47 pm
they have gotten messages from people who want to be seamstresses. they've gotten financial donations, and it's not too late for you to do that. if you would like to give, go to their website forever angels of virginia. we will also have a link on our wusa 9 act. >> and i should tell you, that dress we held up went to a family today who just lost a baby. we are sharing that so people understand the full spectrum of what this gift is all about. that family is clearly so grateful for a gift from the heart. from one person to another, beautiful. let's check out some flooding right now. a major problem in the st. louis area. the merrimack river has forced road closures as water has poured onto major highways in the area. some communities have been forced to evacuate and as much as 4 inches of rain is expected there today. rain around here? >> yeah, but not for a while.
5:48 pm
it's going to take a lot for the floodwaters to receive. probably the next 36 hours even though they get a break in the rain tonight. we are getting a break now. it's beautiful outside. it's 65. 2 points in the 30s, humidity 36 percent. winds gusting from the north northwest up to 25. kind of an invigorating day and night. chili tonight, winds will subside. crack the windows. it's going to be chilly. by bus stop time, 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., 42 to 58. clouds roll in tomorrow. starts out with son and mostly cloudy. stays dry and then the yellow weather alert day, primarily in the morning and overnight thursday into friday morning will be a critical time for rainfall. temperatures headed for another cool and unsettled weekend. 68 tomorrow. we bounce up to 79 friday. back in the low to mid 60s over the weekend and into next week. tonight re
5:49 pm
53 in gaithersburg. by morning, a fair amount of sunshine. we have some 40s. 46 in frederick. 45, 44 damascus, 53 downtown, and 47, 48 toward manassas. by midmorning, clouds beginning to move in. temps in the 50s and by afternoon we are pretty much mostly cloudy. notice there is no green on the maps. 67 by noon. even 67 in leesburg and manassas. we get into tomorrow night. you'll make it home. mid to upper 60s. overnight, here comes the rain an showers. by 10:00, it just engulfed the entire metro area friday. just a tough commute on friday. as melissa said earlier, pack a lot of patience and add some more time. 62 at 6:00 and 57 in gaithersburg. notice the red
5:50 pm
through 95 between dc and fredericksburg. heavy rain and street flooding possible friday morning. 50s to start, upper 67 by 1:00. yellow weather alert friday. saturday we see showers late and clouds increasing. not a washout for the weekend. showers possible sunday. sunshine returns monday and getting nicer next week. now, wusa 9 game on sports with diane roberts brought to you by extremity. >> you know what it's like to have a nemesis in sports. you want to get under their skin. that's what it's like. the two teams meet for game for in the second round of the stanley cup's playoffs. pittsburgh without their best player. sidney crosby knocked out of the game. the physical style of play, us
5:51 pm
they are not too big for the game. but what happens to a guy who is not playing because of injury, i say double kudos. here is tonight inside pitch. >> reporter: even after devastating news he would be out for the season, he still had time for the kids. a young fan gets to shake hands right outside the park even with the crutches and all. he can lend a hand toan
5:52 pm
they wish him a speedy recovery. he is a solid guy. thanks, frank. game for tonight. i will be watching tonight. lots of red. >> a lot of nervous fans right now. new at 6:00, small business owner claims a family of thieves stole thousands of dollars of eyeglass frames, and she showed us the video to prove it. up next, the story of three 37-year-old who don't just share looks and last names, they also share a career. then at 6:30, hunting images of the battlefield of an army photographers final works. and we want your story ideas. send us an e-mail.
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they look the same, they sound the same, they even pick the same career. a set of st. louis siblings who turned a childhood dream into a family business. >> reporter: passing through campus at washington university, one man is hard to miss. sergeant jamaal davis stands 6 feet 6 inches tall, a height only outsized by his personal -- by his personality. >> a police officer now for 16 years, he considers his career a calling. >> in the city of st. louis being educated in public school system, that connection
5:57 pm
community. it's personal. >> so personal, in fact, you might do a double take. sometimes he is mistaken for his identical brother jason davis. the assistant chief for the metro transit department of public safety. >> he's always had a spirit of wanting to help people. >> and when these brothers need a bite to eat, jason and jamaal keep a standing lunch date with their third brother, a sergeant was st. louis city police. you can imagine the fear that strikes the cook who sees these three walk into his kitchen. >> you may have several people that tell us, i'm happy i don't have to
5:58 pm
triplets nearly half identical taste in pizza. they have been sharing their whole life. >> family is important to us. >> february 20, 1980 two babies arrived as expected. >> i was hidden at birth, so i was stuck in between these two big guys. >> the third was a surprise for mom. >> you got one more in there. low and behold, here comes me. >> it wouldn't be their last trick. being a triplet comes with some benefit. >> i did not want to be forthright with the truth, so the other brothers had to suffer. >> three little boys who grew up with one shared dream. >> it's all we have ever talked about since we were children, playing cops and robbers. >> together they enter police academy, and together they graduated as members of the st. louis metropolitan police department. >> we walk side-by-side. you can't beat it. >> and they don't
5:59 pm
they even play together. performing in the st. louis police choir, these days the trio all where different patches, but they still share a mission. >> we all believe in treating people. you can be the enforcement piece but also respectful at the same time. what makes us relatable to the community is we are products of the community. >> after 16 years of public service, they hope you enjoy the trip will take. >> >> the brothers are 16 years into their police careers and they say they have no plans to leave anytime soon. we start with breaking news out of maryland. police think they have an escaped inmate corner. they ramped up the search. he escaped last
6:00 pm
hospital. police believe he's just on the other side of that hospital in thick woods. they got a tip this morning about a man running in that area wearing a safety vest and a hard hat. police say those very items were just reported stolen from a nearby storage building. also right now, it would've been catastrophic to be in the dark. the fbi director tells lawmakers why he made the decision that could have helped decide the outcome of the presidential contest. the normally composed fbi director faced tough questions on capitol hill today. the senate panel pushed him about why he revealed the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server during the campaign. waiting until after the race to confirm there was


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