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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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about to make life harder for a whole lot of you. >> a huge online retailer is going old school. health alert, a common bug could be carrying a dangerous new virus. >> bring them home. there's a double standard when it comes to how some missing person cases get handled. >> is a smash si tcomcoming back to tv? we'll verify. >> you are in for a big surprise when you head out in the morning. it's going to be some kind of cold. not so much downtown, but if you're north and west, you may be scraping the windshield tomorrow. >> you talk about that and we're going to go outside. okay, all right, here we go. here are the frost and freeze advisories. frost advisories, loudoun county northward and upper montgomery county. leesburg, martinsburg, up into hardy county
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county. we want to bring your plants in if you already purchased some. hopefully you have not put them in the ground. look at the lows. 44 downtown. 46 in rockville. 34 in sterling. even temperatures like 35 in fairfax will give you some frost on your windshield. so, if you're going to leave early in the morning before 6:00, 7:00, and you are out in rockville north and sterling north, you're probably going to have a little bit of frost on your windshield. temperatures as we get in the 4:00 hour, low 40s. remember, the low temperature occurred just before sunrise at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we will come back and talk about how fast temperatures recover tomorrow and look ahead to the weekend, including mother's day. it's getting better. >> all right, top. first metro said they single tracked. then they decided to shut down five stations for a month. >> so, this all starts next tuesday, may 15. those five stations are on the orange
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here they are. minnesota avenue up to new carolton. that's a popular park and ride stop. this is a tough break for riders from maryland and northeast d.c. minnesota avenue metro where 2,000 riders rely on this stop every day. they work delayed shifts. they go further into the city. they tell me they are just realizing the impact of this shut down and to them, it shows that metro is being just ignorant. the anc commissioner here contacted me. he says this is the majority, minority population. the orange line means opportunity here. five miles of track will be shut down, but here the impact feels much bigger. >> to use a tried and true line, if they had done this in the red line, they haven't done it with less than 30 days notice. >> public schools will be in session during this shutdown. this ward has a lot of them. the second most district wide. >> if we could just wait, how many more people
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this easier for? >> metro did not do a dediscrimination study for this shutdown. this is temporary. this is for safety. so it is not required to do, though many here tell me they would like to see one. in northeast, pete, wusa9. >> one more metro note tonight. it's about quick action by the transit police force. it took them just seven minutes to track down a robbery suspect and take them into custody. check it out. police say he robbed a woman on the platform at congress heights and then jumped on to a train. the folks at metro security operation center got to work with their close circuit cameras, they found a man leaving the suitland station and getting on a bus. >> remember when we first told you about d.c.'s health labs retesting the blood of some people who may have had zika? the results are in. they checked 423 samples and three were positive for the virus. a man, a woman, and
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the city talked with those three and retested the other people. so what happened? well, it turns out there was a problem with the test instructions. the city worked with the cdc to fix that. now we verified the stories you're seeing about this being a bad summer for ticks are true. tonight, there's word that some of those little critters are carrying a virus that could be deadly for humans. >> the great outdoors. if you're like me, you have been spending more time outside as the weather has warmed up. but we're not alone out either. you also have to worry about ticks this time of year. experts have been warning people about another tick born illness. also known as pow virus. it is held by the same tick that can carry lyme disease. inflammation of the brain or meningitis anywhere from a week to a month after they are bitten. every one out of ten cases can be fatal. you can avoid getting this illness by staying out of high s
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repellent and checking your pets for ticks. places in your pet where you should check. >> one place is kind of around the ear. there's a little pouch here. it's hard to find, but i tell owners to look all around the ear. that's one spot. other areas right under the armpit. you know, here,. >> i do tell owners, flea and tick prevention is important all year round. is. >> more ticks in general this year, that said, the cdc says there's been approximately 75 cases of this disease over the last ten years in the entirety of the united states. from northwest, john henry, wusa9. outs of arlington county, sexual predator, cops are looking for this guy. they believe he posed as a maintenance worker at an apartment building. knocked on random doors and attacked the first woman
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you can help call arlington county police. moving into the district now, and the caps are coming home winners after a huge game six win in the stanley cup playoffs over the pittsburgh penguins. had they lost? their season would be over. now, they face a do or die game seven here in d.c. on wednesday. we'll get you caught up later in sports. >> georgetown, it's back to the future. online retail giant, amazon, is going old school. they are opening up a brick and mortr bookstore, not far from where barnes and noble used to be. amazon started charging sales tax on orders headed for d.c. >> have you seen these red top parking meters? heads up. starting tonight, if you park at them, and you don't have a handicap or license plate, that will cost you $250.
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new tonight, changes to how montgomery county will deal with immigration officers after the county did not help federal agents capture a 19-year-old at first. ice says he is here illegally. police arrestedded and charged mario with driving a stolen car and bringing a stole stolen police assault rifle on to the property of the high school. stephanie ramirez is on this story for us. >> you see all this here, these are the charges that alverado is facing. a lot of the frustration is why a judge would let someone with all these charges out on $2,000 bond. i asked an executive this and this was his response. >> i'm not going to second guess the judge. it's not a public safety issue. it's a question, i think you have, whether or not -- >> yes, is the short answer, but he is not planning to have the county honor every single detainer issued. why? attorney tells me that's because sometime
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people past r theirelease dates and in maryland, that's considered a fourth amendment issue. >> don't meet that standard of establishing probable cause. they are not signed by a judge. they don't have to demonstrate that you committed any crime. >> both men claim if you honor every detainer you hurt public safety. >> if someone bereaves that by interacting with a criminal justice system, they are going to put into a pipeline to deportation, they aren't going to report crimes. >> it was a mistake, and we should have honored the detainer is what the corrections detector said. he feels this case may have fallen through the cracks. >> that basically means, we're going to go back and look at this and make sure if we have charges similar to this, our policy reflect we will cooperate. >> at the high school, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> a d.c. cab driver is behind bars. he's charged with abducting his passengers. so, police tell
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three women back to d.c. and they fought over the fare. that's when he locked the doors, drove off, and kept the ladies in the car. now the three women got a family member and eventually they got a door unlocked and jumped out of the moving cab. jumped out of a cab. they weren't seriously hurt. he is in jail with no bond. he takes naked pictures of us, eats chickens, and then he looks at them. >> that's my sister. >> well that's no way to treat your friends, but it does make for great television. when posts started flying around about a new season of friends, we had to find out if it was legit. you know them, you love them, the whole gang, are they coming back for a new season of friends? that's what we're going to verify for you tonight. all because of a post floating
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around facebook. it appears to belong to david who played ross and it says, it has just been made official, back for one more season. the one where they come back, hashtag, friends. now, it has gotten more than 20,000 shares and 16,000 comments, but, take a close look, it's pretty obvious that it is a fake. first, the name on the post, it was made by david and his search name is ross geller. the names are spelled wrong. the real david spells his name with two m's and ross' last name is geller. the profile was made the same day that the post about the reunion was made. it has no other posts. you guys know what that means, fake. now a little history lesson for you. cast members and creators have repeatedly said that there will not be a reunion show. and one other little nugget that our researchers found. if you go to
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any of the actors on friends, a new season is not listed on their upcoming work. sorry about that, everybody. we have to verify this post, as false, there will not be one more season of friends in 2018. no reunion. sorry, lesli. and speaking of reunions, we can verify this led to one worth telling you about. we'll do that just ahead. and some of our neighbors are still waiting for their reunions. we're going to explore a double standard in how the cases of some missing children get handled. that's next, you're watching wusa9 at 11:00.
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you're not going to get the same media coverage as say a caucasian lady or a child, or an elderly person. >> it's been a long held belief in many communities of color. there's a double standard when black and brown children go missing. two fathers say their search for their missing loved ones went
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until they met a foundation that is focused on bringing their children home. >> i found myself, waking up from dreams with my soul crying. no physical tears, but all the feeling of sorrow, like god himself is no longer with me. >> mike has not been able to shake this agonizing feeling of abandonment for nearly five years. his dreams filledded with images of his son, christian, often take him on an emotional roller coaster. dad describes him as a brilliant, athletic, rough and tumble young man who worked through his growing pains. christian focused, learned to trade, and graduated with a certificate from a community college. >> oh, i was so proud of him. see him smile as he walked across the stage, like see, dad? i told you i could do it. >> those recurring dreams of the missing 19-year-old now haunt the local go-go legend. mike had
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would be the last day he would lay eyes on his son. >> he did not come back. and after no word from christian for two days, mike called county police to report him missing. >> with his age, they immediately deemed it not critical for whatever reason. there was no media coverage at all until 16 months after he was gone. >> my kids were on the run for three years. >> fatherhood, a life passage john howard was looking forward to. for most of his young adult life. >> have a good day. have a good day. i loved him from day one. i was there for the first words. >> the single father found himself
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when their mom and the boys dimarch of 2013. john hit a roadblock when he tried to file a missing persons report with the police. >> they were like no, that's not missing. you know who has your kids. i was blown away. as a parent of a child of color. i felt like my child wasn't very important. >> we started our organization. >> it's called the black and missing foundation. a nonprofit organization with a mission to bring awareness to missing persons of color across the country. >> because they have been swept under the rug. when we started the organization back in 2008, 30% of missing persons in the united states were persons of color and that number has since increased to 40%. going into our community, our people didn't think there was an issue with missing persons of color because when they turned their televisions on, they didn't see anyone that looked like them. >> instead,
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anthony, elizabeth smart. missing cases that were extensively covered by nightly network news for months, even years. the disappearance of rudd in the district never reached that saturation of national attention. the black and missing foundation works to bridge that gap. to help what they see as an under served population. >> it's important to get those stories out, because they are missing loved ones. lives are valued as well. the worse thing is the unknown. not knowing if your loved one is hungry, if they are cold, if you are going to see them again. >> do you have a detective that is following up with you regularly? >> black and missing coaches families so they can get awareness. in addition, the organization provides investigators, medical, and other services to prepare them once they are it
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home, after years of searching on his own, wilson, a former law enforcement officer armed him with the language to push police into action. >> if it wasn't for erica putting everything together, it's a parental abduction. it was almost scary. it felt like 20 minutes. i got nine phone calls from different detectives. a lady recognized the vehicle and she called in the tip line. that day, it was so many emotions. i kind of hugged them, hugged them, we all cried. you know, me being in the entertainment field, i have to mask my emotions a lot of times. i can't carry that sorrow out wardly. i am hoping and praying and i'm believing that in 2017, i'll see my son. i empathize and sympathize for anyone else going through this, but that's
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and -- and we just want him back. >> the black and missing foundation says that they have reunited over 200 families with their loved ones or recovered their remains since it started in 2008. and you're going to meet one of those families reunited by the foundation wednesday night. it is part of wusa9's bring our kids home special. i'll be cohosting that with john walsh. that's wednesday from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. and right now, we have a look ahead for tomorrow morning. can you imagine getting in trouble in school just for clicking like on a picture on social media? >> it happened to one teen and he got ten days suspension for liking a post. what the heck did he like and why did that put school officials over the edge? we'll find out what that post was, plus the teen's explanation tomorrow on wakeup washington. >> get up early and check that
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tonight. it is cool out there. and temperatures will go down even more. >> we needed a heater out there. >> yeah, we did. we said this earlier, this weekend felt like fall. it felt more like we were going to go into football season, but we're not. a little bump in the road. frost advisory north and west of town. first things first, our 3- degree guarantee, so close. so close. we went 64, it was 65. >> not too bad. >> we'll go 68 tomorrow. a little bit milder tomorrow. okay, tomorrow, at national airport, hurricane hunter planes are going to be there and we'll go over and check them out. this one flies into the hurricane, gives us pressure and rain fall and also wind speed. it has a prop because when it flies into the rain, heavy rain will clog the jet engine. so this flies directly into the eye. we'll have that. we'll talk to the director tomorrow and bring you all that tomorrow evening. in the meantime, a li
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we're looking at temperatures downtown, not so bad, but falling quickly north and west. still 57 at the airport. dew point is 29. humidity only 34%. so, bus stop temperatures 32 do 56. 6:00, 7:00, that's the coldest time in the morning, just after sunrise, and looking at terrific tuesday. a little cool, yes, gorgeous day. dry wednesday. a little bit milder and cooler thursday with some showers and temperatures fall again on thursday. in fact, here are the temperatures. 72 on wednesday. it's nice. back to 65 on thursday. and then right around 70 friday and saturday. high temperatures now 73 degrees. okay, tomorrow morning, 30s and 40s, but clear. by 9:00, we're 53. and back up to about 47 in bowie. by lunchtime, 52 downtown. not that warm. with full sun and light winds, that's a nice afternoon. a walk after lunch or take
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clouds overspread the area. not to worry. still in the mid 60s. and then by 10:00, some clouds and some of the clouds will keep temperatures up tomorrow. in fact, we'll be in the 50s across the board for lows inside the beltway. 40s in the suburbs. 40s to start. remember, these are downtown temperatures. 30s in the suburbs. 53 at 9:00. and we're up to 62 by 1:00 with full sun. now, next three days, well, 72 wednesday with clouds late. and a few showers possible on thursday. temperatures will fall back into the mid 60s on thursday. now, seven-day. shower possible friday, not a big deal. some showers possible saturday. it may take them out tomorrow. most of which are south of town. showers and a thunderstorm on monday may be short lived. early brunch or late brunch may work best, cooler next monday with highs in the 60s. >> right now, three things that have happened since you left work. phoenix police have arrested this guy in a
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shootings that terrorized the city. aaron juan is now linked to at least nine random murders. >> if an alligator bites you, poke it in the nose. that's what a girl did. she smacked its snout and pried herself loose. >> good for her. what the duck is going on here? d.c. fire and ems pulled eight baby ducks from a storm drain in southwest. here's the payoff, look at those darlings waddling back to mama. glf and we have a game seven on the way to d.c. on wednesday. the caps smoking the penguins go down tonight. we'll be talking about that coming
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mocha frap at starbucks. i like that one. for the caps fans, this is it. lose and we're done. win, there's going to be one hell of a party wednesday night. let's focus on this night first. caps dominated the ice. watch the puck movement here. it's going to end up in the hands of t.j. oshi. penguins, a lot of penalties in this one. caps here on the power play. john carlson with the puck. fires and beats marc-andre fleury. so that's 4-0. a minute later, andre takes it on his own. oh. that's 5-0. pens are going to get two goals in rapid succession, but it was too little, too late. wednesday, verison center, winners take all. four game series underway between the nats and the birds. tocty and crew for two against baltimore. they'll have two at home on
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wednesday and thursday. nats gonzalez getting the call tonight. gives up three home runs in the first inning. orioles are up 6-0. nats trying to crawl back. bryce harper, two for three tonight, including this blast. they couldn't get closer, nats had one more. they dropped the first game of
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rock the red. that's it for us tonight. colbert, the late show is next. >> have a
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