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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 9, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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. tonight, abby lee miller headed to prison. >> i know, but i didn't do that. >> we're there as she finds out how long she'll be longed up. >> plus -- >> looking for an -- >> adam putting the moves on gwenn. >> that's it. >> plus. >> michael weatherly's travel troubles. flying across the country for "bull kwoilts, how he endedup on a plain that took him a long, long way in the wrong direction. >> and jess jesz -- >> we hit the road with jessica. her rare can exclusive wild interview, skretsz to a sexy marriage. >> i wish. [ laughter ] >> now, for may 9th, 2017, this
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>> dance mom star abby lee miller breaks down in tears as the judge said "lock her up." she was sentenced for bankruptcy fraud and cried as she contemplated going to prison. >> i'm so glad it's over. i think it's just begun. >> abby lee miller was confro confronted by reporter moments after she was sentenced to one year and one day inspect prison followed by two years of probation. >> how do you feel? >> i feel relief. i feel -- i didn't make it. >> here are the details. cameras were not allowed but our producer watched an emotional abby lee miller sob in court asking did judge for
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the judge told abby "somehow you got caught up in the fame and lost your moral compass". abby may have kept up a brave face today but fought back tears in march. >> what do you fear most about being sentenced on fraud charges? >> i just don't want to fight anymore. >> are you prepared -- >> no. >> -- to spend time in prison? >> no. >> the 50-year-old is scheduled to report for duty. today, five long-time friends served as character witnesses. >> we all lob abby. >> bespite that, she often feels alone. >> i'm scared. i'm nervous. i don't really have anyone counting on me. >> how do you mean? >> i'm not
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any kids, so there's nobody freaking out if somebody happens to me. >> now legal experts say abby will probably end up serving less than a year in prison. jimmy kimmel was back at work last night after taking a week off dealing with his newborn's health issues. last night he was back to his wise cracking best. >> our son billy is doing very well, he's getting -- [ cheers and applause ] he's getting bigger, he's sleeping well. he can read now, which they say is great. my wife took a video of him today. he's smiling because so many people donated to children's hospital los angeles. either that or he has gas. we don't know. >> it will be about three months before billy kimmel will need another heart surgery. untilhe
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care. >> we've had a dozen doctors appointments. cardiology, pediatrician, surgeons. >> kristin bell who filled in last week gave us an update saying everybody's home, everybody's nursing, everybody's gaining weight. and sarah silverman sent her best. >> i loved his monologue and i thought he was beautiful and eloquent and my heart is with him and molly. >> what a wonderful heart pouring. my wife and i are very grateful. our plan is so send a card to can everybody who made a donation. but there are a lot. you might get them at christmas time. >> michael buble is taking care of his son. laying at the beach, back i
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spotlight next month when he's honored by canada with an artist's award. >> great to see the family doing so well. blake shelton, they have matching tattoos. the boys have fake ones, of course. >> we're going to match. >> i know. >> did you notice that? >> it's like prom right now. >> you prom folks kid. >> ah. >> blake, what's you have now? i got your girl. >> i don't think he has anything to worry about. ♪ every time i hear that song >> you know what? i've been opened up to the world of music that i never would have known about. i never would have been open to that. i've learned so muc
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heart in music just by looking at country music. he's an amazing performer-singer. >> two contestants will go home tonight. >> you guys. when blake comes on i'm like -- >> i don't know. >> when blake comes on -- >> blake and the way he is such a nonchalant performer. in the greatest way. >> he is nonchalant. >> he is so ease no matter where. >> she doesn't care about -- >> that's not true. that's not true. >> throwing some shade there. >> that's nothing compared to simone biles, what she did last night to the judges with "dancing with the stars." >> it was well deserved shade she threw back at them. it felt like they were getting mean to me. by simone came back with a one liner.
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>> when you gold medals. >> oh! >> you go girl comments lit up twitter. >> many saw the grinning ear to ear and get criticized. >> i want to see if you can play a little bit. >> you don't know which wild part or sexy or whatever they want. >> it was like picking. i didn't like it. >> i had tears in my eyes. >> i wanted to strangle len be what don't we want to? >> i know, i know. >> he went from a perfect score to taking heat for this move. >> it's just a little time wasted. >> did best seat in the house. >> and while he was a little stiff don't forget the bull rider overcame
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saying he overstayed his welcome? uh-uh. >> you've gone a week too far. >> len, i would think len understands, it's not always you j dancing. that person and their story, their inspiration. >> thank goodness i didn't come -- >> these why i like you. >> i have to tell you. just an observation. speaking of fine, i give you king art you'arthur, charlie hu. >> i live close to here and i'm always so mad when they close down this piece of the street for premiers and now here i am at my own so i guess i can't be mad anymore. >> knights on horseback paraded down the street as he mingled
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turn uss out his girl friend is camera shy. >> she hates being on the red carpet, so we don't do any of that together. >> king arthur of the sword, he's quite the shining nooitd. >> what's the most romantic thing you've every done? >> cooking. going out and biding favorite groceries and cooking a meal for my lady. >> his specialty is pasta and thai food. >> oh, boy. there he is. what's up, my man. come give me a hug. >> their unexpected bromance testard when the singer stars on charlie's show, "sons of anarchy." >> they were different. >> if you haven't had enough of me gushing about chaerm, get ready. there's more. he's already sig
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more "king arthur's." >> it's very big. people may 23450e9d medication. >> then,si jesca simpson's back seat confessions. what she's only spilling to "e.t." about her love life. >> and b"baywatch" with so many sexy
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ey watch, will love any. >> the grammys are coming to new york city next year. the recording and academy ng
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r bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. >> ok. so can you tell in this photo which one is jennifer lawrence and which is her body double? >> come on, that is jnksz law on the left.
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>> they do. but you are right. >> is there a different between mayim bialik and the can brilliant scientists she plays. >> one of these things should die alone. >> how many of amy is inside you? >> i think i'm a lot like amy. she's socially awkward like me. >> i don't see that. >> i usually leave events before i start crying. i cry on the way. >> the only similarity we see between this single mom of two and her "big bang" altar eko, they both have a ph.d.. >> do yoosh boys watch? >> no. they do not. >> do you not let them? >> i do not. you make it sound so rough. >> no! >> for me i don't find that our cent is
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>> she's putting her science background to work in her new book "girling up". >> the idea was to empower young girls and young women about their bodies, etc. >> are you going to tooech me a lesson? >> up am! >> what can you tell us? >> wow. it's very big. >> why do stars always say that. it's big, it's going to surprise you, it's going to shock you. why do you say that? >> because the writers took a very big risk. even for me and jim, oh, this is happening. >> so we'll be left for the summer scratching your head. >> oh, people may need medication. >> oh, really? >> just kidding. i support medication did you need it. >> no medication needed yet. >> guess what? jessica simpson's
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is following in her show biz mom's footsteps. coming up we're with jessica as her daughter walks her first runway. then shirt less zac efron, bikinis, hot bods and slow motion. >> everything is better in slow mo. >> i am with michael weatherly. is there a new bull romance brewing? >> well, let me tell you. closed captioning provided by --
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. >> my daughter's going to get this. >>
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jessica still saying things that make you go huh? that's exactly why we love her. she's a devoted mom who makes it all work. we join her on the road as her mini-me daughter made herb runway debut. >> etd earth it's jessica simpson. we are in my home town of waco, texas. i am so happy that you get to experience this life with me. ♪ ♪ >> at 36, she's got two adorable kids, 3 yoeshld ace and her look alike 5-year-old daughter. her husband maxwell. we remember when they posted their almost not safe for work 50 shades photos. on top of that, she's got this body and these legs. when she slighted us to ride along, we s aidyes, please. >> right now, the o
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worried about is seeing my na.anee >> how did jessica evolve from the girl who said this? >> is this chicken or tune yeta? i know it says chicken but -- >> head of the $1 billion jessica simpson fashion empire we played a little what's your secret game. first up, what's her secret to big hair? >> texas. >> what's the secret to always feeling great about your body? >> sex. >> what's the secret of wearing a low cut dress properly? >> pushups. >> and what's the secret of a good marriage? >> can't tell you that. sorry. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesssica' back in the recording studio making new music six years after her last album. she's in studio every week juggling that and watching new
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so what are the words of wisdom? >> you can do anything that you libe evein. anything that you want to do and that's what makes success. >> she is absolutely right. i remember leading up to the dukes of hazard. all we talked about are those daisy dukes right there. now everybody's talking about the iconic red bathing suits. the new gang of life guards is about to slow mo into your life. >> we're on the set of "baywatch." >> teverything is better in slo mo. >> i've been practicing for months. >> did you? >> everybody had it down except for zach. >> it was my idea. >> he's trying to make people
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troubled past. >> he's there actually because he's technically on parole. it was painful either this or working on the side of the road or jail. so he picked "baywatch." >> good mover. and he got in incredible shape for the role as did the ladies of "baywatch." >> she's the happy go lucky life guard. >> they hook up in the movie. >> everyone eliminates has these like insane bodies. how are you all doing this? >> i think the number one thing people will e injoys -- is me. yeah. [ laughter ] >> so we go from beautiful body to my favorite beautiful mine. michael weatherly's mind does move faster than most human beings. that's why sitting
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interview with the "bull" star is always great. >> well, kevin, let me tell you about it. >> i never know what michael is going to say. his new show is about picking a jury. so guess what? >> i have jury duty tomorrow. >> put him on the jury! >> tonight on cbs, dr. bull seems to have a strong attraction to a new lawyer played by eliza dush cue. >> he cleans up for this new lady. >> i shave in the final episode. >> you shave? >> just for eliza. >> bull is short in new york all season long. he dplu to l.a. to spend weekends with his wife and kids. >> we're preparing to move to
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and taking vacation chevy chase across country. >> wally world! >> yeehaw! we're going to take the open road. >> you're going to drive? >> no we're not. we're going to get on a plane like everybody else. >> he actually took 22 coast-to-coast flights. >> one time i boarded the wrong flight and went to atlanta. >> instead of l.a.? >> when you fly a lot, these things are going to happen. look at harrison ford with the runway. >> and that is why i love most about michael weatherly. there is no filter. dr. phil's an exclusive producer and the two of them are going to get together and look ahead to season two. >> good news for all of us. >> imagine that. >> i know. right? we'll be right back.
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. the new dirty dancing movie is coming up in a couple of weeks. >> a big exclusive for
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tomorrow. >> bye, everybody. >> only we are behind the sscene of the new dirty dancing remake. >> nobody puts me in a corner. >> and that iconic lichtd. >> i was terrified. >> plus dishing on car pool karaoke with katie perry. tomorrow on "e.t."
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said lightly season those home fries, edmonds. last batch tasted like you used the entire spice rack. good morning, sir. good morning. how we doing? just finishing up these last tickets now. order up. eggs for opps and suppo. where's the c.o.'s omelet order? should be sent up to his stateroom by now. i'll have that ready for him in five minutes, sir. where's petty officer jones? something i can help you with, sir? haring, where is he? i haven't seen him yet, sir. kid probably overslept. i'll take care of it. no, i'll take care of him. you handle the c.o.'s breakfast. haring: yes, sir. jones! you think morning shift is optional? guess again. i'm not your mommy and i don't do wake-up calls. get your ass out of bed and report to the galley. (sighs) what the hell is wrong with you, jones? you itching to get written up? oh.


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