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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 18, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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♪ >> tonight major dancing drama. frontrunner goes down days before the finale. >> did you hit anything? >> plus, you think these boots are big now? you should have seen them a long time ago. >> jessica simpson's candid new interview on her weight struggle. >> i have been there. trust me. >> and james cordon, did he convince katy perry to judge "american idol?" >> we talked it all out in the car. >> what he is telling e.t. >> the strangest group of suitors in bachlorette history. >> jonathan, tickle monster. immediately you could think pycree, restraining order. it's ladies night. >> three, two, one. >> no, no, totally wrong. >> can cam make it as a chip' ndale dancer. >> can he put my shirt on now? >> no. now, for may 1,
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>> oh, man. it is a painful landing that may have just changed the fate of who will win "dancing with the stars." >> a lot of people thought normani would take home the trophy next week, but now what? we have the latest on the busted dance move that has rocked the ballroom. >> i literally, like, i had an emotional thing this morning, but i'm good. it's crazy. i feel like i'm in so many different places at once, but i have to remind myself to be present. >> reporter: today she and val were back rehearsing. normanipo srting a bandage around her right ankle, deskriek the scary scene at rehearsals yesterday. >> we were just doing a jump, and i came down wrong. >> oh, gosh. >> it just went left, and i landed on my ankle actually sideways. >> ow. >> did you hear anything snap? >> val held her up, but with normani later laying on the floor in pain, things weren't looking good. >> should i get you ice? >> yeah. just let me ice it for, like, ten minutes.
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this duo is the frontrunner to win, so can she recover in time? >> i can push three anything. i'm healthy. >> reporter: while the fifth harmony singer is a fast healer, last month she overcame an injury restraining her back. >> i can get up by myself now. my mom has to help me. >> reporter: days after visiting the doctor, she fought her way through to get a perfect score. whether or not she and val scrap this move, normani says she is still in it to win it. >> i am in the finals, so that's exciting. >> oh, oh. >> i guarantee you when it's game time, she'll be ready to play. >> she'll persevere. nobody can question jessica simpson's drive. she has turned herself into a powerhouse fashion mogul, and in a candid new conversation jessica gets real about weight. ♪ these boots are made for walking ♪ >> it's very important for me to let every woman feel included because i have been
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trust me. >> she's been a size 4, a size 12, and everything in between. from being called fat in these mom jeans to being pregnant twice and then super thin, jessica tells cbs "sunday morning" how she turned her weight struggles into a record $1 billion fashion empire. >> you think these boots are big now, you should have seen them a long time ago. i have been every size, and i understand how to fit a woman's body. for me i'm not going to look good in this. it would not be -- it would be like porn. >> and that right there may be jessica's real secret weapon. she's funny, and she has no filter. >> i was a cheesy pop star back in tdahe y. >> reporter: the 36-year-old told us 5-year-old maxwell and 3-year-old ace are the reason for her success. >> i think being a mom is enough of a diet. you have to run around chasing your kids. i do eat a lot of their corn
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i have to get on the treadmill a lot to watch my tv shows. >> there are two foods worth a treadmill. that would be corn dogs and pizza. >> i could find ten others. meanwhile, a lot going on in james cordon's world. he will be back to host the grammys and his second carpool karaoke special will be monday night on cbs with a super pop superstar who had a big decision to make as she road shotgun. leann aguilera got the details. >> we are so excited for katy perry. she was just named a new judge of "american idol." >> i told her about it. on the day we shot the carpool, she had to make up her mind that day. she said what do you think i should do? we talked it all out in the car, and she also talked about a lot of other things that she's never really talked about publically before. >> reporter: a fan instagramed katy performing dark horse with cordon. sure looks like their carpool karaoke went smoother than katy's awkward moment on ellen this week. >> do i have to
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answer. again. >> you're not married. >> i was when i was 25. it's been a long time, honey. >> to who? >> no wrinkles, no lies. russell -- >> you gave me some wedding gifts on this show. >> i do. i do. >> cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. >> kay is out performing her upcoming tour and album, and guess who else has new music? kelly clarkson. she joined "idol's" rival, the voice in the super inc. where, she shares about her album. the mother of two says her kids are a major influence, and she told the audience, "i think being a mom has brought another level of confidence because basically the things a mom does daily without adding a job is pretty insane." another star mom is jennifer lopez. there she is multi-tasking on the set of her show
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a-rod, and she still has time to take over our e.t. instagram. tomorrow be sure to check it out. >> i am not going to miss the premier of the bachlorette on monday night. is there a mr. right among the 31 guys vying for rachel lindsey's heart? we know this. there is a whole lot of beard weird. >> jonathan, tickle monster. you could think creepy, restraining order, and instead rachel finds him endearing. >> the 31-year-old is actually a doctor in real life and he has been married once before, but he support the only interesting bachelor this season. there is creepy doll guy, penguin guy, and shark girl, and then there's ice breaker guy. >> this could be the best story or the weirdest story ever. here's the thing, fred has a crush. he has a childhood crush on his camp counsellor. rachel was his camp counsellor. the wrestle
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interesting, he is the most emotional. he has this beautiful little girl, and if you get him talking about his girl and all of that, he just -- >> these five -y26olear-ds are the youngest suitors. 36-year-old ryan, a chiropractor, is the oldest. not everyone is going to get along. >> there are these two guys that are going after each other. they end up getting sent home on the same night. in the exit interview one walks over to the other and starts verbally just going after him and abusing him. >> reporter: 30-year-old lucas calls himself a waboom, could he be this season's villain? >> the waboom guy, there's this gray area of guy you want to choke in his sleep or funny, we have a good time with this guy. we want him around the house as a mascot. lucas, we'll see if he walks that line or if people just want to choke him in his sleep. >> get this, rachel has confirmed she is in love and engaged. should be a lot of fun trying to figure out who she picked. meanwhile, leonardo
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on the market again. he has split with his model girlfriend. can we get back to the happy romance news? prince harry just might be bringing megan to one of the most lavish weddings of the year. yep, pippa middleton will say "i do" this weekend, and we have the latest in england. >> reporter: the 33-year-old bride to be is getting fit for her ceremony. this morning she and her fiance, james matthews, were seen hiking on the middleton compound. this is new video inside st. marks church where the "i do's" will be held. it's a simple structure with plain wooden pews. catering equipment and equipment arrived at the church. they did a walk-through yesterday at the quaint country perish located near the town of buckleberry. pipa will head to her parents' home on friday to spend the night before her wedding. the middleton estate is getting ready for a massive reception. this giant transparent tent has been set up on the property along with several other temporary tented structures. a source reports that this
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treatment in london. there's speculation her wedding could be inside. the london press is reporting british designer giles deacon could bere cating her gown. e.t. has learned that megan markel has arrived in london, but has yet to be seen if she will be prince harry's plus one at the ceremony. >> just make her your plus one in life, harry. >> you like her, don't you? >> i love megan markel. >> we'll have all the details on monday's show. up next, behind the scenes of the new "pirates of the caribbean." how johnny depp is planning to top the original. and -- ♪ black hole sun >> the tragic passing of chris cornell. "e.t.'s" time with the rock legend
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>> nicki minaj will host the billboard music awards.
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. that is seth roguan out for a nice walk with his wife, lauren, but the picture didn't leave us with any warm, fuzzy feelings because he writes "me and my wife have come to the unsettling realization that justin timberlake and jessica beal are the better looking version of us." he is so funny. >> he is crazy. seth, you and lauren are good-looking. you know there's going to be a lot of good-looking people tonight at the los angeles premier of the new pirates adventure, but, nancy, only we are unlocking secrets from the set. >> action. >> i think what we've done here is come up with surprises. things with a more bizarre, dark even. >> where is she? >> i think it will have that element of surprise that the first had. >> no pressure, johnny. how do you top that
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original? it spawned 14 years of sequels and nearly $4 billion in box office movies. how about 700 extras. >> your mother -- >> more than four months on the set and a budget that reportedly hit $230 million. >> do you think this is easy? >> and now when jack sparrow robs a bank, he actually steals the entire bank. fans lucky enough to see it early say this is the sequel show stopper. >> there was something huge happening every day. it had an energy and force behind it. i never really experienced it before. >> it was all overwhelming for 27-year-old -- who reportedly has already signed up for five more pirates sequels. so he turned to 25-year-old kia who takes over for kiera knightly as the series new leading lady. >> we were naive on set. we were in awe of these incredible actors and sets and things. that's definitely how we felt, and we would kind ofn
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each other and go it's crazy. yeah, i know. he was my buddy helping me through. >> just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there. >> the mark of a great movie franchise all these years later. captain jack still gives me the feel. love it. >> still ahead -- >> can cam cut it as a chip' n dale dancer? >> what? >> if we all do this together. >> then kristen bell's mom is hacked. she's giving us her unusual parenting advice. >> my toddlers go around and touch everything with one finger. >> closed captioning provided by --
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>> it's tyson calli y
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for the boot camp. i'm waiting on you. let's go. >> oh, man. >> that is world famous fashion model tyson beckford calling out cameron. tyson, you know what you didn't know? this man was locked and loaded and ready for the gun show. >> there was a little prep going into this one, i'm not going to lie. there may have even been a spray tan. >> you went spray tan? >> i can't say for sure. >> all weeklong we have pushed cam ran to show us -- to show the world that he can complete super human feats. could he go mano-y-mano to become a chippendale? >> what's the craziest fan experience that you have had here at chippendales. >> we have underwear and trinkets where. >> they take their underwear off in it the -- >> i've had two. one wanted her underwear back at the end of the show. >> have you ever dated? have you ever gone out or dated? >> not on i date-date, but we've -- we have this thing called t f
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go back and have drinks with emthis. last night i got my butt grabbed a few times. >> a while back you brought mariah care why i. >> yes. >> did mariah get a kick? did she give you a tip? >> she gave me a tip. $300. you're notpo supsed to tip us, but she's i'm taking the boys out for drinks. >> chippendales isn't just about being close to mariah or being shirtless man candy. you have to rehearse up to four hours a day, but most important is the six rule. all chippendales must be at least 6 feet tall and have a six-pack. when they pack, it's always good too. tyson hooked me up and put me through his beckford boot camp. lesson number one, how to do the shirt rip. >> grab right here. >> no, no, no, totally wrong. >> you have to go down. go. >> thafls a bit of a fail. >> yeah. >> can i get another shirt? >> yeah, yeah, for sure. there
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>> i know you are. >> we're going to make you a chippendale yet. >> yeah! you know what would help me a little bit? if we all kind of did it together. i think -- >> want to do that? >> safety in numbers. count in. count in. three, two, one. >> yeah. >> lesson two, the workout before we turn it out on stage. >> we all like to work out right before the show. >> let's go. >> the chippendales do this one hour before show time. the purpose? they want those muscles popping. i put my clothes back on. the show begins. tyson puts me to the test. >> i'm going to bring up a special friend. where is my buddy rocamen? hey, cameron, come on. >> my moment of peck flexing, shirt-ripping truth.
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>> finally, the encore and then my big reward. >> man, the adrenaline was pumping, right? i did all right? >> yes, you did. it's time now. you've graduated, my brother. >> really? the bow tie and cuffs? >> yeah. >> come on. >> you're official. >> my wife is going to like this. >> yes, she will. cam can. >> yes. boom. >> can i put my shirt on now? >> no. >> yes. >> now, is it weird that i still have the bow tie and cuffs as a prize back in my office? >> is it weird that i want to see them? >> i was going to wear them, but i thought it might be too much maybe. just maybe. you can still see the man hims
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the chippendale show in las vegas through july 9th. you don't want to miss this. >> you know, by now you're probably thinking cameron masterson is a fearless man who can conquer anything the world has to offer. oh, just wait until you see him morrow. >> oh. >> oh, god. >> cindy and taer irwin helped cameron face his biggest fears. >> oh, boy. >> spiders and snakes. >> how sweet is this python? >> e.t. is pushing cameron to the limit. that's tomorrow. >> that's real sweat you see on his hairline right there. here's the scary situation for any mom. imagine you're on an airplane when your child's diaper breaks. she went into mcgooifr mode using a hair tie to secure her pull-up. kristen is giving up more mommy life hacks to e.t. on-line where. >> what is a piece of advice you like to give new moms? >> for new moms that are going into toddlers, the one finger
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enjoyed where they said let your toddler experience things, like i want to touch that vase rather than always saying no. you say let's do it. let's do one finger. my toddlers go around and touch everything with one finger. >> another one of kristen's mom rules? top saying it's okay to quell your kid's emotions where, when they get sad or embarrassed, i say yeah that's a stinky feeling, huh? i feel it too. i let them experience it. >> there are so many rules now. don't punish your kid. >> don't say no to your kid. >> the 36-year-old mother of two has learned to less let loose, but not all the way like her character in "bad moms." >> wendy. so she's been filming the sequel in atlanta. this one has a plot twist. >> our mothers come in town, so it's this added layer of not only are we overworked moms, but we're also bratty children at the same time. >> cheryl hines plays a mom in the movie. for now kristen is having a blast shooting her tv show, and
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afterlife. co-star reveals more of his character's bad side. >> i'm actually a demon. >> to see ted danson have a true fit is a wonderful thing. >> he had a hard time keeping that demon twist under wraps. >> that show was a lot of fun. >> when we come back, the shocking suicide death of sound garden front man chris cornell, and we have a tender daddy moment with his young daughter you'll only see here. ♪ promise to survive
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>> that is soundgarden's dynamic front man chris cornell singing the band's classic "black hole sun." we lost one of music's greats when he unexpectedly took his own life last night in detroit. >> the two-time grammy winner helped create and define a whole genre of music, the seattle sound, and we were lucky enough to spend time with chris over the years. >> a little kid from seattle being able to do this is wonderful. >> chris leaves behind a wife, vickie, and two kids, one of whom daughter tony was often by his side. >> are you excited? >> yes. because i want to see my
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that? >> good friend brad pitt made a rare public appearance after splitting with angelina to inuctrode a performance in february. >> i'm a huge fan of mr. chris cornell. ♪ nothing compares to you >> chris cornell was just 52 years old. >> bye, everybody.
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previously on the big bang theory... (baby crying) bernadette: please stop crying. i'm begging you. i don't know what else to do. my boobs are empty. do you want lasagna? (baby fussing) it's okay, it's okay. shh... (crying stops) what have we done? (door opens) (soft music playing) what... what's all this? well, it sounded like you were having a rough day, so i wanted you to come home to something nice. oh, that is so thoughtful. hey, do you remember when we went wine tasting in santa barbara and you said that was the best rosé you'd ever had? yeah, i remember us driving up there, going to the winery and... that's it.


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