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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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british police raise their terror threat level to critical. >> we ask every local concert venue about their safety plan. >> can the police force you to unlock your smart phone with your fingerprint? we'll verify. a bittersweet graduation amidquestions about race on campus. >> and one of d.c.'s biggest mysteries. wusa 9 at 11:00 starts now. that mystery centers around this beautiful little girl. relisha rudd. missing for three years now. is she alive? what about the suspect who killed himself and what are police doing to find her? you've been asking those questions, so have we. relisha's story is a complex one, full of twists and turns. it's not quick and easy. tonight, we're putting it front and center in this special assignment unit report.
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>> r.e.l.i.s.h.a. >> relisha rudd should be 11. but nobody knows where she is. she went missing in 2014. relisha lived here at the d.c. general shelter with her family. >> the shelter give us some place to stay. >> this is her mother, shamika young. her story is a little complicated. in the years since relisha disappeared, she moved from place to place. we finally caught up with her last week. we met at kenilworth park. it's that 700 acre park where police spent days searching for relisha. >> did you think at any point they would find her here? >> me personally, no. it was over here for far too long. >> what if these three years been like? >>
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you want to think it's a dream, but it's not a dream. >> this was relisha during happier times. she was just eight when she seemed to simply fall off the grid. when you look closely at this grainy photo, you'll see this man. khalil tatum. back in february of 2014, this video right here showed relisha walking into a hotel room in northeast d.c. with tatum by her side. so who tatum? well, he's a janitor at the shelter where relisha and her family were living and the man that police believe abducted relisha. so, why was she with him in the first place? >> so what we reported is that you allowed your daughter to go with khalil tatum. >> that's not true. >> that is not true? >> that's not true at all. >> the last person she gave her daughter to was melissa young, that's he
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like it at the shelter. and three years later, shamika is not convinced tatum harmed her daughter. if he did, it will be hard to know. police say tatum took his own life at the height of the investigation, taking those answers with him to the grave. >> i don't believe he did anything to my child. not until i see some proof. i have the right to feel like that. >> trying to sort out how relisha went missing is sorting through a blur of contradictions, her mother and grandmother blame each other. and, melissa young spoke out recently on a radio show and she was expressing some concerns about how much time she says relisha was spending with tatum. >> that's her child, don't tell her what to do. she can let her go with who she wants. >> now let's move forward to this date, march 1, 2014, this is the last date ce
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and here's what shamika recalls. >> the last time i physically layed eyes on my daughter in march. i took her shopping, left her with new shoes, jeans, some clothing, and bows. >> shamika insists she left her daughter with her mother and sister on march 1. and that she had no idea that relisha was gone until 18 days later on march 19. we told you her story was complicated. >> that day, the school social worker at relisha's school got an ought oh about the second grader who missed far too many schools. dr. tatum was the janitor at the shelter. that set the search for re lis relisha into motion. she is the one who has been treated unfairly. >>
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i have been treated like a suspect and because i am relisha's mother and relisha is my daughter, we both are a victim. it's not like she was taken from me. she was taken from a family member that is a part of me. it's a different. this could have been anybody's child. anybody's child out here. >> and then there's the police. there are new cops on this case. >> i'm new to this case. >> how new? >> six weeks. >> fresh eyes. and police say they are getting tips from around the country and they haven't stopped looking for relisha. >> this is a huge area. and even just coming in here today, i was looking and you look left and right and you keep going. is that the spot? is that the spot? >> this vast spot of land here is called the kennel worth park and aquatic gardens. it's minutes from a lot of the key places where police searched for relisha rudd. the school, the shelte
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was the last search for relisha. >> why don't we know where relisha rudd is? >> someone knows. they just haven't told us yet. hopefully they will give us more information. >> until then, there are lingering questions about this case. is relisha dead or alive? was she sold into sex trafficking? and who would want to hurt the beautiful little girl with the bright eyes and the pretty bows? then, there are theories about tatum, was he grooming relisha and other little girls? and some wonder if he took his own life. >> with this whole tatum situation and his death, there's a coverup some form, shape, or fashion. >> shamika says what keeps her going is hope. >> my belief is that my daughter is still alive out here somewhere. >> including relisha. police tell us they are investigating eight cases of missing children who have been
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d.c. if you know anything that may help bring relisha home, call police at 202-727-9099 or text tips to 50411. now the fbi is helping with relisha's case. they offering the $25,000 reward for any information that helps them find relisha and bring her home. there is more for you on this story tonight and extended version of my conversations with relisha's mother, and captain michelle jake karen from the d.c. police department. it's all online right now on and our mobile app. one moment stood out at graduation ceremonies. a moment that brought the crowd to its feet and many to tears. >> there was a standing ovation for the parents
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lieutenant, richard collins, iii, they accepted their son's degree on his behalf. his garage gown draped over an empty chair. collins was stabbed to death saturday at a university of maryland bus stop. charged with murder, sean urbansky. a university of maryland student. he belongs to an online hate group. students say there's an underground culture of racism at college park. pressure is mounting on twitter. students want the university to confront it. stephanie ramirez is digging into this tonight. >> take a look at erica fine tweeted for a look of anti-- he told me, it was a waste. >> he thought that racism wasn't something that could be fixed. it is shattering. >> she told me on campus the tweet came from a meeting she and the hispanic student had over the winter. also part of a meeting
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acme 80 demands for changes rosscathe . mpus the vice president for student affairs responded with an e- mail saying the university does not believe responding point by point to your growing set of demands is the most productive path toward a more diverse and inclusive campus. they noted some diversity training changes already in the works, but fast forward some three months later. >> it honestly makes me angry. to me and to a lot of other students of color on this campus. other organizers see this could have been prevented. >> a lot of students are sharing online. we did ask about fuentes. they didn't answer our questions directly. they said they will roll out an action plan to rule out hate and racism on campus. we'll post it as soon as we get it. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. there's new information coming in on that terror attack in britain. the terror alert is now critical tonigh
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imminent. investigators believe the suicide bomber did not act alone. meanwhile, we're getting new videos from inside the arena. >> oh my gosh. >> the death toll after the blast in manchester is now up to 22 and most of them are children. 59 others were hurt. homeland security says there is no specific threat gents music venues here, but that did not stop us from wondering what is being done to secure concerts in the d.c. area. our special assignment unit, eric black, is on that. >> reporter: we checked every single major concert and sporting venue around here and we asked them the same question a lot of you have to be asking. what, if anything, will you do differently to keep people safe? the kennedy center was the only one to say we heightened our vigilance to ensure increased safety for the star
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celebration. the verison center has a strong law enforcement presence inside and outside. the public must play a role, if you see something, say something. but of the ten places we contacted about your safety, those were the only two responses we got. so why all the secrecy? experts say the sheer size of these venues creates a challenge. trying to protect tens and thousands of people at once. every venue will make people walk through metal detectors and a lot of them are using under cover agents and security cameras outside. now arenas could step up to airport screening levels outside, but that could also drive customers and fans away and really just steal some of the joy of the event. eric flack, wusa 9. >> something terrible happens to a friend and you want to show you care. that's the simple sentiment here behind this wreath that was placed at the british embassy off massachusetts avenue today by a grou
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jews. a ribbon on the wreath says to manchester, with love. it's a big question that goes way back. who should i ask to the prom? tonight, you'll meet a virginia guy who asks his grandmother, and he'll tell you why. top. >> all right, future cast going to show a couple showers tomorrow morning at 6:00. temperatures mid 50s to around 60. we'll come back and track them through the day. thanks, top, if a police officer forces me to unlock my phone with my fingerprint inside of a pass code, is that a legal search? you asked, we'll verify. you're watching wusa 9 news at 11:00.
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to take on the "tom insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. we are talking tech all
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tomorrow, do they work? they hook up to your phone. these aren't the smart shoes, but we will test them to see if they can help you. plus, speaking of hitting the streets, ellen bryan will take you on an alternative route too see if it can beat i- 95 traffic. find out tomorrow on wakeup washington. we have new information on a story you first saw last night at 11:00. it was our special assignment unit on d.c.'s leash laws. it turns out tougher enforcement won't start until late june or july. officials are ironing out details like which agency will hand out tickets for dogs, not on a leash. a facebook page with almost 3 million followers. are they telling it like it is or are they spreading fake news? this popped up into my facebook inbox last night, a meme being shared around. it says, your fingerprint is not protected under the 5th amendment. police can force you to unlock a
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not with a password or pass code. here is wusa 9. >> i saw this on facebook the other day, figured, nobody would be dumb enough to believe this. do you think it's true? >> all right, so here's the post again. a ton of people have seen it. more than 16,000 shares, 20,000 likes. it was posted yesterday on a page called mind blowing facts. most people who see this are going to believe it's true. the comments section did have a lot of people questioning. i took this question straight to mark rash with security it experts. mark is former head of the justice department cyber crime unit. >> now in this case, the writer is absolutely right. so just as the police could force you to give a blood sample at a scene of a dui, but could not force you to testify about whether or not you have been drinking, they can probably for
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fingerprint, but probably can't force you without immunity to give up your password. >> so whammo, this post is true. but, mark told me a few other very useful things. it says that police can force you to unlock a phone, the supreme court says they have to get a warrant to do so. the police cannot force you to unlock your phone without one. however, this is still a relatively untested area of 5th amendment law. a future case could change the rules. great question, rick, thanks for bringing it to us. if you see something on tv, on facebook, twitter, you don't know if it's real or not, send it to us. hit me up on twitter or facebook. send me a big old juicy e-mail. send it to me at verify@wus what sets him apart? it all comes down to one of the biggest decisions you have to make in hi
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from here. >> in high schools all across the country, prom dominates conversation this time of year. just ask steven vigil. steven knew he wanted to have a special woman beside him for that special night. so he decided to invite -- >> my grandmother. >> how old is your grandma? >> 92. >> yes, his grandmother. >> hadn't been to prom in her life. >> they even danced. the lady that ran the whole thing, i asked if she could play grandma's favorite song. >> now at 75 years between them, you may be curious how something like this could happen. for steven, it made perfect sense. he simply wants to spend as much time with his grandmother as he can. >> in february, she was diagnosed with a pancreatic cancer and the doctors only gave her six nt
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to you? >> very special. she's been one of my best friends since i was born. >> steven's prom decision didn't surprise his mother. >> not when it comes to his grandmother. >> it proved to be the perfect decision, as this is the night either steven or his grandmother will ever forget. >> it was just fun. >> john henry, wusa 9. she is so cute. >> she is. yeah. good stuff. going to prom. >> i lowered tomorrow's 3- degree guarantee. i lowered last night's, oftentimes your first impression is right, but in this case, it was wrong. so, i'm okay. i lowered it back down to 70 and it was 67. 69 tomorrow. i don't see much of a change. the air mass stays cloudy. we have an easterly flow and when you have that, it's not going to change much. right now, it's 61. we're looking at dew points back in the 50s. winds out of the northeast at 6 and that easterly wind is
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here's a look at the radar. heaviest activity near frederic and winchester. most of this gets out of here by tomorrow morning. you might have a couple left over showers in frederic tomorrow morning. right now, moderate rain to meyersville , headed up towards 70. so, bus stop temperatures, 54 to 68. early shower is possible. a lot of clouds on wednesday, really okay. i'm planning on doing yardwork tomorrow. at least by the time i get up. yellow weather alert thursday for showers and thunderstorms. in fact, heaviest activity rolls in tomorrow night into thursday morning and not a bad finish to the week. mild, mainly afternoon thunderstorms on friday. so, 69 tomorrow. but then mid to upper 70s thursday and friday, and boom, we're in the low 80s on friday and upper 80s on sunday. rain chances, well not much tomorrow. a lot on thursday. kind of minimal to moderate on friday and saturday. and a pretty good chance of showers and storms on sunday. in fact, we think that ma
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the wettest day of the three days. saturday, mainly storms south, 82. scattered storms on sunday. memorial day just a few storms. temperatures in the low 80s. you'll be able to grill out and cut the grass and do all that good stuff. 6:00 in the morning, a few showers, upper 50s to around 60. and then by 9:00, we're looking at temperatures in the 60s with a few showers. by lunchtime, more clouds than anything and temperatures struggling to get to 70. so, day planner goes like this. around 60 to start and around 70 by lunchtime. a couple sprinkles early on. yellow weather alert thursday with showers and storms and afternoon storms on friday. we may have to make that a yellow weather alert as well. next seven days, isolated storm on saturday, better chance sunday, a few on memorial day, nice on tuesday with highs
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how do you know if a news website is legit? you're about to find out. we quiz more than 200 people about the news and here are their key clues for spotting real news versus the fake stf. >> a lot of choices and there's a lot of information out there.
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a series of steps is what i do. the first thing that sticks out is one, that headline. fake news headlines tend to be exaggerated, they are outlandish, outrageous. most mainstream news sites will have a very easy and clear way to find their contributors. broken links, broken archives. people just see blue texts underlined. this is a link, i can trust this, and don't follow where the link goes.
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everyone is kind of participating in the click bait rhetoric of headlines, at this point. the more you want to believe it, the more likely you are to believe it, and share it. >> you want to use your memory and your skepticism and multiple news sources to draw your own conclusions. you want to put these tips to the test? take our quiz online, head to the wusa 9 app
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now, wusa9 game on sports brought to you by exfinty. >> big weekend for the university of maryland lacrosse program. the terps, the only school with both the men and women's teams in their respected final fours. the maryland men and the championship weekend for a fourth straight year, and going after their first national championship since 1975. the maryland women are looking for their fifth straight championship appearance. nats with the three-game home stand against the mariners who feel like they are back at home in seattle. rainy will have no fear. the nats will make you feel nice and gloomy. these are the only two teams in baseball who have never made it to the world series. three different nats players homered. anthony here in the second, a two-run blast to left. yeah, that's not coming ba.
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good measure. a three-run blast in the fourth. that one, look how wet the infield is. that will put the team up 10-0 in the fourth inning. they end up with a big blowout at seattle. they win 10-1. >> a couple showers tomorrow and then yellow alert thursday. >> yikes. keep the umbrellas handy. late show with colbert up next. >> thanks for watching, everybody, see you tomorrow.
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to take on the "tom insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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