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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 27, 2017 8:00am-9:59am EDT

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we gotta get out of here. good morning. it's may 27, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning," saturday. new concerns about ties between the white house and russian officials. did jared kushner want a secret line of communication to russia? plus, the president's final days of his foreign tour. why he's using this day to address the refugee crisis. should attacks on police be prosecuted as hate crimes? the apple of apple's eye. in the world of the
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giant where a single door weighs a half million pounds. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> this one incident requires jaredhn kuser and all osf hi staff to have their clearances pulled right now. >> new questions emerge about jared kushner's ties to russia. >> a lot of reporting in here and a lot of unanswered questions. >> there is no news here. no allioegatn of anything improper. what is the story here? why is it on the front page? president trump and leaders from other g-7 nations kick off talks about climate change pushing president trump to stay hein tis par accord. he is learning he is e vol ving. british police, security in the uk remains at the highest level.
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>> parallels to richard nixon. >> we were furious about a man whose presidency would end in radisgorce f impeachment of a man. memorial day weekend weather wise looking active. the portions of the mid-atlantic. >> all that. >> uh-oh. >> critter on the field. what is it about a squirrel on the field that gets everybody excited. >> down for a fifth. >> what in the world is he doing? >> and all that matters. >> how are you? >> barack obama's first visit to scottland. >> barack obama isng doi retirement better than anyone in history. >> on "cbs this morning" saturday. >> president trump is winding down his nine day overseas trip. >> in brussels, he told nato leaders the time has come for them to pay more for defense. >> look at the nato
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faces. no wonder trump was left largely on his own as leaders mingle and laugh with each other. oh! they wouldn't let poor donald join in any nato games. welcome to the memorial day
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kislyak at trump tower. a follow-up meeting suggested by the ambassador his bank is sanctioned by the united states and kushner did not initially disclose those private meetings. democrats want the president's trusted adviser punished. >> he is in a compromisable position. he needs security suspended. >> reporter: mr. kushner previously volunteered to share what he knows. he will do the same if he is contacted with connect with any other inquiry. paul
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security adviser, into michael , carter page and roger stone. former fbi director james comey, who has agreed to testify in front of the senate intelligence committee, is still coordinating exactly when to do so. he is working with newly appointed special prosecutor robert mueller to determine what he can and cannot say publically. alex? >> thanks. president trump wraps up his nine-day visit wito the middle east. this morning he is tweeting them fors address at nato in which he chastised member nations for not meeting financial requirements. many nato countries have agreed to step up payments as they hey should. ning tos beginning to pour in. nato will be much stronger. at a dinner after his remarks membermember nations pledged to move toward the bench mark of
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military spending. >> the isthe president is saying this morning that the number one item on the agenda at today's g7 ng ting is terrorism. andgaret brennan is traveling with the president. good morning. > reporter: good morning. s triresident spent the final daze of the trip lecturing leaders from some of the world's richest nations about trade issues. earli a departure from his ledge this week not to lecture middle eastern leaders about human rights. on the final day of his fourn tour, the president dove into the issue of migration. n, aof the most contentious topics for the trumped aminute strashgs but at the very top of the european agenda. refugees have flooded the shores f europe and leaders want to find a way to stem that tide of migrants seeking opportunities nce fleeing violence in africa east.he middle east. president trump wants to stay focused on stased on terrorism. s
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attack on a bus in egypt yesterday, which killed 28 chri terrorisns, proof that, quote, terrorists are engaged in a war against civilization. the blood letting of christians ast end and all who aid their killers who be punished n. response, egypegypt's president ordered air strikes in libya and he anticipated more help from the u.s. they g7 leaders pledged to combat errorist recruitment online and restrict movement of foreign online. fighters. amid the pomp and circumstance of the g7 summit, including an italian air force fly overand an flyover,a performance, president trump has at odds with world with leaders trying to convince him climateerits of free trade and the threat of climate change. mr. trump tried to explain what he wants safety standards eased. the president has spent time listening to leaders explain why the u.s., one
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partuters, should remain part of the paris agreement on climate change. gary cone told reporters that the president's views on climate change are evolving. next stop is a visit with u.s. mr.oped at and asir base. mr. trump does not plan to hold a press conference which is a pretty unusual omission for a aesident's first trip abroad. argaret. you, margaret. for more on the developments respondeing president trump we turn to the national correspondent for "the washington post." heod morning. the post reporting that jared sshner wanted a secret communications channel with the abouting it was to open up a ria.ogue about syria. iis make sense? >> i mean, lots of things make sense today that wouldn't have made sense two years ago. this is an extremely unusual
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kush kushner in the conversation with ambassador kislyak suggested among other possibilities that they might use facilities at the russian embassy which prompts the idea of kushner walking into the russian embassy without attracting authority. the question is why they would make the request. why the incoming administration was so distrustful of the dministration in place, of the intelligence agencies. that's that's the question the fbi is trying to figure out. y told of the reporters on this story told cbs yesterday that this sort of fits a pattern on,hin the trump administration, which is denial, downplay -- there's always subsequent reve revelations. reuters is reporting there are other contacts kushner made with kislyak that have been undisclosed. what more can we expect? how do you think this informed the ongoing investigation? >> it's very hard to say what else we can expect. there are lots of things that are beingnv
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revealed all the time. we're seeing this pattern over the past several weeks. the tral question is, how the trump administration can move forward with this cloud hanging ller it of the russia indistigation, which all t tications are that trump wants to move past this as rapidly as s ssible. they keep doing things. they keep coming out about things that weren't reported. that ministration is not doing arms h job. >> do you think this -- re v think there are valid questions about how much pressure congress is going to start putting on the pu administration to get jared kushner further away from the administration. jared kushner is in a unique adviser. he is a relative of the president. that that's one of the reasons he is th trusted. yt makes this a tricky issue for the president. g> the president was hoping the foreign trip would distract from the other news. this suche had any success? >> he has had some success. there are headlines about what he has been doi
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the past all growing. we have seen all these revelations, starting with the repo report on monday of last week about the fact that he revealed classified information in a conversation with russians. outs hard to get past that ion and there being a full investigation and america understanding what happened. trump,unately for trump, the tionstigations like that are slow and are still at the front of end. isthe foreign trip would seem the whitpoint at which the white house hoped to pivot to the offense. thethey come back to russia revelations. they're coming back to a congressional budget office epublion the republican plan the hot would pass in the house to repeal the affordable care act and replace it with the lerican health care act which would leave 23 million americans without health insurance. how much is that an issue for this white house this week? hugem not sure it's a huge issue for the white house this te house ise the white house has icy been hands on with any policy stuff. in thot involved at the tail end of the ahca when it was witg fought in the house trying to put pressure on republicans their them to switch their vote. it looks like all of the action is ihe
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i'm not sure that donald trump wants to weigh in. ing toricky. they're trying to get this witugh the senate with only very with a 50-vote margin which requires specific rules to do that. itht combined with public pressure based on the 23 million uninsured, it's going to be hard. i'm not sure donald trump wants antset involved in that. reportst of report of staff shakeups in the white house. >> one thing is potentially two campaign staffers, lewandowski comingssy coming into the white house. they are trying to set up an internal communication team led by bannon and kushner, which is unusual given they are part of the problem. > thanks for being with us. tomorrow morning on cbs, james mattis sits down with john di dickerson for his first nterview since joining the trump administration. breaking overnight, theresa may lowered the terror threat level from critical to severe. this after british
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two more arrests. 22 people were killed and dozens left injured after attending a concert there monday night. isis has claimed responsibility ter withattack. gnathan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here in st. ann's square. thousands of flowers and balloons in honor of all the victims. there's also hundreds of armed police on the street. as you mentioned, that critical level has been reduced to seve ing to, which means that this investigation is starting to take further shape. police overnight raided another home in manchester and arrested britin as british authorities oritiehey have rounded up the majority of the arena bomber's known associates. >> very significant, these arrests. we're very happy. with weour hands around some of the key players that we're aboerned about. there's still a little bit more to do.
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locations around the city. them a people arrested, all of them are men between the ages of 18 and 38. sevehis investigation continues, several key questions linger. did attacker salman abedi receive help making the bomb? oduced?re explosives produced? re there plans for another attack? this ongoing investigation is holidae backdrop for a busy holiday weekend with heightened aroundy nationwide. towntes from around the world are in town competing in the run, city games and great manchester run, a half marathon of theed for tomorrow. >> double the police to protect the public this weekend. that's particularly important. whatever event you are going to, arly impyou are going shopping or to a sporting event or music event this weekend, carry on. >> reporter: it's a sentiment that has been echoed by aa
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grande who announced she will aturn to manchester to perform. alle is no date but will benefit all of the victims in this attack. in that in the statement announcing this concert, she said that this city has been incredibly brave. >> jonathan, thank you. th> in portland, oregon, two men whenstabbed to death and manher injured when they tried racialp a man who was yelling racial slurs at two women who apear ed to be muslim. esses saned friday on a commuter train. the suspect was ranting about hating muslims. >> people were running around and crying and yelling. something serious happened. .> i was scared. i was so scared. we kept calling for help for the 911. ostwe called 911. hemost everybody called 911. >> the suspect ran off the train trai but was captured by police a short time later. >> hillary clinton h
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delivered her sharpest public rebuke of the trump administration to date. ale former democratic presidential nominee gave the commencement address at welsley college. clinton compared trump to nixon. ad ng some are denying things we see with our own eyes. like the size of crowds. [ applause ] and then defending themselves by quote, talking about quote unquote alternative facts. . >> clinton called the budget proposal a con. coming the advicg up, we will hear some classe sage advice that's being sssed on to the class of 2017 ning series of honored speakers. rain is threatening to turn
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washout for millions of americ s geicans. let's get the unfortunate details from our meteorologist. good morning. >> wel >> good morning to you. gunderstorms from the northern stans to the great lakes and mid-atlantic states and into texas. by far, the biggest threat will trongapped into this strong storm center. humid unstable air will ride from the gulf of mexico, really mixing in with that instability. it looks like the highest threat hi for severe weather will be for in of louis. alf of missouri for damaging e we hlarge hail and tornadoes where we have a risk of severe weather. it looks like today will be the most active. highs from 71 in minneapolis, 91 h houston. we will see 72 in d.c. a high of 82 in sacramento. tomo omorrow, the service ear intook drifts to the east for ohio, into kentucky and and in tennessee and into texas for a slight chance of severe weather and then for memorial day, leftover showers.
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a storm threat for the gulf s.ast states. >> the bad news. thanks. shotime to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the washington post" reports a liferal judge in virginia vacated the life sense tenses of lee boyd malvo. 7hey said he was 17 at the time a the attacks in 2002 and life sentences without the possibility paf role would not apply to a juvenile. his attorneys are expected to make similar appeals in maryland make s next month. entencesrving six life sentences there after pleading guilty to murdering six people. murd the san an tatexas governor signed a bill lowering fees to carry a handgun in the state. it was overshadowed by a comment he made about encountering aseorters. >> in case i see any reporters.
8:20 am
sglt remark cams days after a republican was charged with ssault by body slamming a reporter in man m er ier in mone he was elected to congress. safety advocates said it was dangerous and out of line. the son of tim kaine is facing a misdemeanor charge for participating in a counter protest in st. paul, minnesota, against a rally supporting president trump this past march. smoke bombs and fireworks were thrown into the crowd. e ismily spokesperson said he is not accused of engaging in any disruptive behavior. "the new york times" reporting the man who serves as stional security adviser to resident carter has died in virginia. he was 89. 89.poke out on foreign policy for decades after guiding mr. carter through the iran hostage crisis and the soviet invasion of
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la70s. his daughter tweeted a picture of he had are father and mother friday write, quote, we are areembering my father tonight ofh the love of his life who inspired him and shared in his wonderful life over six decades. the san jose mercury news reporting a gas leak forced an evaluation of apple's new corporate park in silicon siley. a spokesperson says an outside gastruction crew hit a plastic gas line with a backhoe on backho. the leak was contained within half an hour. no injuries were reported. coming up later in the show, we will take a tour of that very spaceship like facility. has the inside goin ine on who is going to win the nba combeenship. fter running a computer simulation 10,000 times, the golden state warriors came out on top of the cleveland cavaliers 68% of the time. 68% ois the third straight year the warriors and
8:22 am
in the finals. that's never happened before in lastnba. oldenland won last year's ook ts. golden state took the title in 2015. game one of the finals is thursday night. ot sure i want to bet against lebron. >> can a computer really hatermine what curry and james are going to do? ldon't know. >> there we go. very exci ahead, we will look at efforts to extent special protection to the nation's police officers. >> new research reveals the promise of pot. how an oil derived from ma
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treating a rare medical condition. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday."
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♪ superheroes will be smashing their way across the big screen this summer. one film is breaking new ground. wonder woman is the first feature film about the comicbook character and the first blockbuster directed by a woman. the story is ahead. from a stand-up special to an animated series, brought by the busy world of comedian bill burr. we'll be right back, this is "cbs this morning" saturday.
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do
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now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here.
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this hour, inside what may be the world's most amazing office building. the newly opened california headquarters of apple. why no detail was too small in its construction. the latest supermohero film speaks to the power of women, but not just on the screen. we'll talk to the director. we begin with the debate over violence of police officers and hate crimes. texas is poised to join louisiana and kentucky to pass the blue lives matter law. more than a
8:31 am
similar laws pending. >> harsher punishment for those hurting a police officer. critics wonder if it's effective at all. tony, good morning. >> the latest numbers show violence against police officer is, indeed, on the rise. that's why many back the proposals. hate crime laws are not meant to cover men in blue. when a sniper opened fire in dallas last july, michael was one of five officers killed. >> just because he wore the uniform, he came home to us every night. >> reporter: smith is afraid more will be targeted. >> i was downtown and i was scared to be in a patrol car. >> what were you worried about? >> someone walking up and shooting us. >> reporter: a hate crime? >>
8:32 am
>> reporter: 135 officers were killed on duty in 2016, the highest total in five years. of those, 21 officers were ambushed. the highest total in more than two decades. this is the building. this is the college. texas state representative introduced a bill to give the blue uniform, itself, protection. >> we are seeing attacks on police officers based solely on one thing, their status as police officers. i think that's what's important about this legislation. >> there are people who say it cheapens the category. hate crimes are supposed to stop bigotry. >> the attacks we have seen are clearly within the category of bigotry. we must respond in the way we would protect those of different color. >> reporter: jeffrey robinson is with the american civil liberties union. he argues crimes
8:33 am
are already well prosecuted. >> we should protect law enforcement. to suggest they should somehow be protected by a hate crime is to misunderstood what a hate crime is. >> even if every state in america protected police officers as a group with hate crime laws, you don't think there would be a drop in killings against police? >> no drop in killings of police whatsoever. what that response does is ignore the reality. you want to talk about training, culture and accountability and thank youing that, that is going to be hard. it's going to take effort. people don't like to talk about that. that's where we are. >> reporter: heidi smith believes the legislation will give police the protection they need to do their job. >> is it a valuation to have this bill, following his death? >> absolutely. yes. and other poor officers as well. >> repor
8:34 am
abbott is expected to sign a new bill into law. while many states move closer to doing the same, critics say the only way to make police safer is improe relations with the community. >> it calls into question the definition of hate crime and bigotry. >> it can be a hateful act and not a hate up next, medical news and the morning rounds. fruit juice, how muchs i too much for our kids. working out with friends. millions and millions of them. we'll show you
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time for a morning rounds. our look at the medical news of the week with chief medical correspondent and cbs news contributor. another medical use for an active ingreed yedient in marij. a study published showed the use of it was successful in decreasing seizures in children who suffer from complex epilepsy disorder. take a look. >> when desmond phillips had his first seizure, he was 8 months old. these are his parents. >> he's not able to breathe. it stopped for a moment and started again. >> reporter: after that, the seizures never really stopped, sometimes 20 in a
8:39 am
2700. >> it really affects quality of life. you don't have much. >> there's no quality of life, you know, under those circumstances. >> reporter: what's that like for you as parents. >> you don't have much hope. >> reporter: antiseizure medicines failed. in 2014, doctors put him on cbd, one of the compounds in the marijuana plant. cbd does not induce a high. this week's study of 120 children with a rare form of epilepsy found those given cbd along with the standard medications had a nearly 40% reduction in the frequency of seizures. dr. orin directs the epilepsy center and led the trial. >> after so much time, 4,000 years of aot
8:40 am
have scientific rigor. we have evidence. >> reporter: desmond is now nine and can go days without a seizure, sometimes weeks. >> i had the best mother's day, ever. outside, on a gorgeous day, without having to worry about him having a seizure. >> he's the best hugger. he gives you these big hugs. >> amazing results. >> amazing. the best mother's day ever. >> yeah. >> what a gift. it's been transformative for the family. i spoke to the company that makes the medication. they said the application for the fda is in progress. it should be in shortly. this is evidence based medicine, what everybody has been calling for for medical marijuana. go on a trial. now you have it. >> fascinating. the next topic deals with a beverage commonly found in fridges, fruit juice. hoch
8:41 am
drinking? new recommendations including juice consumption guidelines. one recommendation is infant recommendations. what are they? >> they took a tougher stance. the bottom line is, there is no nutritional benefit for juice in infancy. parents should be avoiding giving juice to the child through their first year. why? it can lead to dental problems. obesity. it can take away from milk or formula, which provides added proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. the recommendation is pureed or mashed food for children starting solids. four ounces of juice, 60 calories, no fiber, compared to a half cup of apple slices, which is 30 calories, almost six
8:42 am
and a half of fiber. >> what about older kids? >> the idea is fruit juice can be part of a balanced diet. you don't want to suck the juice all day long in a sippy cup or bottle. they specifically call out parents who give a sippy cup or bottle to calm down their kid who is upset or guilty. >> i have done a sippy cup myself. >> to calm you down. if you are going to give juice, limit it to four to six ounces. from 7-18, limit it to eight ounces. in general, rather than having the juice, have the fruit that the juice came from, more fiber, more filling. >> there were guidelines for pediatricians. what is the recommendation? >> we, as a medical community need to do a better job educating about nutrition. one issue is to teach about fruit juice and fruitri
8:43 am
fruit drinks with added sweeteners, flavorings and other components in there. another thing the pediatrician can do is educate about the risk of dental problems. tell if they are getting too much juice. also, one of the interesting points brought up is when or if your child has a gastrointestinal problem, give them juice to rehydrate them. that can make the situation worse. you can create a symptom of carbohydrate absorption. oral rehydration is the way to go if your kids get sick. >> all right. finally, making clothing breathable with bacteria. a study published in science advances showcase work done at m.i.t. a breathable workout suit lined with bacteria, which react to body heat as
8:44 am
increase or decrease ventilation. they hope to partner with sportswear companies and include it in curtains and bed sheets. >> this is amazing. they are talking about other things besides moisture sensitivity. it would flouresce if you are runni running at night. they don't know if you can wash it. >> i have to give a shoutout to max who puts this together. he goes through the articles and figures out, oh, this would be interesting. this is very interesting, but he figured it out based on the title. harnessing the behaviors of genetically attractive microbials to wearables. he thought that would be one for this week. go max. >> right there. all right, max. >> i would have put that in the
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outbox. thank you both very much. up next, clean lines reflective glass and brimming with innovation. that describes apple products and the company's brand-new california headquarters. we'll take a peek inside. you are watching "cbs this morning" saturday. give your home a head start on summer with huge memorial day savings now at lowe's. like up to 40% off selet appliance special values. plus, get up to 24 months special financing with your lowe's consumer credit card. get started with the season's best savings. start with lowe's. in the desert. at the mall. on the mountain. at school. here. at the beach. in the big easy. yeah yeah today i want to show you guys the next-gen chevy equinox. what do you think? that's pretty. pretty sexy. it looks aggressive. but not overbearing. it's not too big. not too small. seems like the perfect car for anybody. i would take it anywhere. she's a bad mama jama. it's the chevy memorial day sales event.
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that was late apple that was steve job in 2011 making his last public appearance at a city counsel meeting for apple's proposed corporate campus. the doors of the corporate headquarters opened for some of the employees. >> some say the compl
8:49 am
like a giant spaceship. steven, good morning. >> good morning. >> steve jobs called it the best office bidding in the world. is it? >> it's spectacular building. but i think time is going to tell whether it's the best office building in the world. certainly, every inch of it is designed to the max. people know they are in some special. i think it's going to take quite a while to see how people work in it before you figure out whether -- >> a lot of people. 12,000, that's an incredible amount of people. >> apple was spread out all over, their headquarter city. they are excited to bring the people together. they think that they're going to run into other walking around of this massive ring. >> tell bus your experience when you walked through the doors. >> whe
8:50 am
building, it's massive. we went in a jeep into the construction site. they were just still completing the construction in march when i visited a few times. you go through this tunnel, looks like what the lincoln tunnel must have looked like when it was new. it's gleaming and beautiful. then you circle the building. there's a road around it. it's almost like orbiting a planet. when urine siyou are 6 inside, e serene. probably because of the glass walls. it's never too wide. it's a ring. you feel what's going on outside. you get the light and the building is -- you get a sense of what it's like outside. you are partly in nature. >> how involved was jobs in
8:51 am
design? >> he was really deeply involved in it. it's amazing that this is the last two years of his life. he spent a considerable amount of time planning this thing. the architects told me they would go for all day meetings with him. they were afraid to go to the bathroom because he would just come up with more details and more things exactly the way he wanted it. >> the innovations don't enter with the walls. there are innovations inside. i read that apple designed a new pizza box for some of the employees. what's that all about? >> that's right. everything, door handles, elevators. in this case, the fellow that steve jobs hired to run the cafe there, patented a pizza box. which is actually quite clever. it's round. it's got little holes for steam. a little raised thing in the bottom so the crust doesn't get soggy. >> i hope it's a good pizza. >> it's pretty good. >> what are some of the perks that the 12,000 employees can expect? >> there's probably the most spectacular fitness and wln
8:52 am
they have got a two story yoga room with stone imported from this quarry in kansas. >> that brings up a point to other people on the outside has made. isn't this a bit excessive? >> apple's view is that if they are surrounded by this excellence, they will build products that -- >> that are excellent? >> that achieve the same excellence. >> i'm going to our cafeteria and check out our cardboard pizza boxes. >> maybe they will license apple's. >> you think that's high tech. we will show you a real live robocop. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." working on my feet all day gave me pain here.
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stuff of science fiction came to life this week in dubai. the first operational robotic police officer reported for duty. it's actually called robo cop, just like the action movie, but this has more peace. >> artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology to identify suspects. it is equipped with a touch screen, which allows you to report crimes or pay a ticket. >> if you flirt with it, will it let you off? >> depends on your face and the facial recognition. >> it's one of the most buzz worthy films of the summer. the action on screen is part of the wonder woman story. it's the first summer blockbuster with $100 million budget to be directed by a woman. for some of you, your local news. the rest, stick around. you are watching "cbs thi
8:57 am
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♪ welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday," i'm anthony. >> i'm alex wagner. coming up this hour, the college graduation season is here with commencement addresses offering graduates timely and sometimes humorous advice. the new wonder woman movie is one of the most anticipated releases. we'll talk with the movie's director, who is a wonder woman herself. comedian bill burr talks about stand-up comedy and his netflix series. >> we begin with reports about president trump's son-in-law's ties with russian officials. "the washington post" reports w
9:01 am
jared kushner discussed setting up a secret communications channel between the trump transition team and russia. >> the paper says kushner made the proposal during a december meeting sergey kislyak at trump tower. ift was attended by michael flynn, the national security adviser who resigned in february. president trump is wrapping up the nine day foreign trip and talks after the second day of the meeting. president trump will head for home. margaret is traveling with the president in sicily. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the first foreign trip ends with apparent fractures in the u.s. alliance with the great democratic powers after having begun with trip with a message of unity in the middle east. the president will leave here as the only leader refusing to promise to abide by the paris climate change agreement
9:02 am
reduce greenhouse gas emissions. his views on the issue are evolving after appeals from allies like the uk, japan and france. mr. trump is expected to make a decision in the coming weeks. one point of agreement is counterterrorism. all nations here promise to improve coordination. that security first message has been the president's central focus since going to saudi arabia last saturday. the white house touts the outreach to muslim leaders as a atoward the goal. today, the president will speak to u.s. troops at a nearby air base before heading back to washington. anthony? >> margaret brennan traveling with the president in sicily. thanks. family and friends paid tribute to chris cornell at the cemetery in california. hundreds of people gathered t
9:03 am
frontman. they included musicians, actors, brat pitt and christian bale. cornell was found unresponsive in a detroit hotel room may 18th. they said the singer hanged himself. john kelly is assuring -- for passengers traveling this holiday weekend. aaa predicts a 5% jump in travel from last season. tsa hired more screeners and worked out a lot of bugs following a spring highlighted by long lines. during a visit to reagan national airport, kelly urged passengers to be individual lent and patient. if you are traveling by car this weekend, expect plenty of company on the road. aaa says 39 million americans will drive more than 50 miles from home, about a
9:04 am
from this time last year. the average price of gasoline is $2.30 a gallon, about the same since january. new jersey governor, chris christie got the summer season under way at the jersey shore. the ride replaces the jet star roller coaster that was washed into the atlantic ocean by superstorm sandy back in 2012. a memorial day tradition dating back more than a century continues tomorrow, the 101st running of the indianapolis 500. three-time winner nevez had the fastest lap. dixon will have the pole position. the green flag waves on sunday. always a great moment. >> memorial day traditions along with hot dogs and for some people, lots of beer. not saying who. >> just some people.
9:05 am
it is a big budget film that is also a passion project. up next, we'll hear from wonder woman director, patty jenkins about her film. later -- >> millions of fans know bill burr on stage. what is he like off stage? >> this is what i'm like. i hang out in theaters. when the show starts, there's three more people here. >> our conversation is coming up on "cbs this morning: saturday."
9:06 am
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why don't i meet you back at the office? >> oh, no, i don't think so. >> you have to put the sword down. >> it doesn't go with the outfit. not at all. >> that is from wonder woman. the superhero tale is the work of another strong woman who battled the forces of hollywood for the chance to run the big budget feature. i had a chance to speak with patty jenkins about her new film. what makes a female different than a male superhero? >> a lot of folks before us said the problem is when you try to make a female superhero like a male superhero. >> i agree. the thing about won
9:10 am
which is very feminine and different is her objective is to bring love and truth to mankind. it's not to stop any specific villain and it's not to fight and it's not to stomp on. she'll do all of those things in such a bad ass way to defend you. it's an interesting other thing that brings that moral perspective into it. >> you look good. yeah. >> morality and femininity are issues patty jenkins explored before. monther, the 2003 film she wrote and directed about a serial killer earned charlize theron best actress. >> i grew up inspired by superman one and the promise of the genre of what a superhero story can do. when hollywood started asking me what i wan t
9:11 am
believe nobody had made wonder woman. >> nearly a decade passed before the film was hers to make. what went through your mind when the door opened? >> two things. once you have thought about something for so long, it feels normal on one hand. on the other hand, i can't believe we are getting to make wonder woman and also, we have to make the greatest wonder woman of all time. >> the future superhero, known as diana is born into a tribe of female warriors. as daughter of the queen, she is groomed under the battle of her aunt. >> robin wright says there was a lot offe estrogen on the set. >> there was. 50 women were fighting on the beach. i thought, my god. we hand picked the most
9:12 am
interesting women from around the world. it was wild. >> i'm going, mother. >> the future to leave, never return. >> how will i be if i stay? >> diana leaves the island in search of airies, the god of war. >> you were lying? >> i'm a spy, that's what i do. >> guided by a spy in the middle of the first world war. >> what was it like for the men on set? chris pine is in a lot of scenes surrounded by women showing him what to do? >> yeah. he's playing the reverse role of not the one leading the story, necessarily. >> step back. >> then, also, cool because he is playing such a heroic role to watch it become so subtle and beautiful. >> stay here, i'll go ahead. >> in a way, it's more heroic and not unlike an indiana jones. this is all i have. i have human skills. if you can do that, i'm going to get over my sexism
9:13 am
>> inspired by the feminist movement, the writer created wonder woman in 1941. the character has been featured in comic books and live action tv show starring linda carter. she has not been without controversy. >> wonder woman is a feminist icon. at the same time, wearing a skimpy, sexy outfit. some people say you can't have both. what is your response to that? >> it's sexist to say you can't have both. i have to ask myself what i would apply to any other superhero. this is for fantasy. i, as a little girl, took a huge amount of delight in the idea that for my power and my ability to stop that bully on that playground, i could also look like linda carter while doing it. >> like her heroin, she's only the third woman to direct a film with a budget of at least
9:14 am
million and the first woman to direct a superhero film. she hasn't let the pressure distract her. >> i'm too busy looking at the more important duty that got handed to me, make the best wonder woman film. are you the right director? go. i feel pressure. you can't think about all the variable, trickle down effect that it's representing. >> still, jenkins knows that hollywood will be putting wonder woman's box office performance under extra scrutiny. women directors get judged by the performance of previous women directors. that doesn't happen for men? >> no. >> why is that ? >> i want to make a great superhero film, not a great women superhero film. i want to be a great director, not a great women director. at the moment, the world is preoccupied with the fact i'm a woman
9:15 am
that's the struggle. >> is it changing at all? >> i don't know. i honestly don't know. i feel, interestingly that the director in me wants this film i made to succeed. the person who is not me at all, who lives inside me, who is outside me heard people say for many years, nobody would go see a female superhero film. women don't like action. that part of me is watching, saying, let's prove them wrong. >> plenty of interest from both sexes. a couple movie theaters are doing women only screenings. >> i heard about that. very controversial. i hope it does well. it's a big moment for her. and wonder woman. comedian bill burr is busier than ever with a season of his animated series to premier and a podcast. we'll talk to the edgy stand-up star about his many forms of fashion. this is "cbs this morning: saturday."
9:16 am
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hi. can we make this quick? it's our anniversary and we have a date planned. what is it? lice? mumps? you kiss a boy? tell me it's a boy. >> we held a state mathematics test and maureen got a perfect score. >> that's wonderful. >> yeah. >> you could have just told us on the phone. >> that is a
9:20 am
family." it's one of the ways he's expressing himself. >> good morning. anthony. bill burr is a busy man along with stand-up specials, tv appearances and the animated series and the host of a popular podcast. all that while embracing the new role of fatherhood. >> you ever try to get fat? no! you don't have to. it's effortless. >> he says exactly what is on his mind. >> i'm a strong 5. >> with his boston accent, he's known as a working class comedian. >> i'm a bald headed male. really? >> i think i say what i'm thinking. if people relate to it, they relate to it. if you really listen to me, i don't have my finger on any pulse. >> you are trying to get your
9:21 am
>> no, trying not to be such a lunatic. i have been working on my anger. i realized, say zero is the most chill and ten the worst, i walk around at a six. >> now frank, nothing. i am going to speak. >> that same intensity is played in the character he plays in netflix series, "f is for family." >> yeah, frank calm down. loosely based on his childhood. how bigraphical is "f isor f family"? >> the tone is there. there's certain things, the bathroom scene, a stadium going in. they had the pee trough and how psychologically damaging that was z. that happened. >> reporter: the cartoon is set in the early 1970s and centers on frank murphy. >> i hate my life, but i keep on doing it. >> reporter: he a
9:22 am
sue -- >> thanks to you, your father went to the tv store and made a fool of himself. >> thank you. >> reporter: raising their three children. look at animated series that have done good, they are the story of a dad with the family. what makes "f is for family" different? >> tough have your own tone. with us, reality is what makes it different. that's kind of my job in the writer's room. i'm the guy saying people wouldn't say that. i hate when i watch sitcoms and something crazy happens and people go, huh? and they go on, that reminds me of the time when i had sex with the pig. there's a laugh track. no, that wouldn't happen? you had sex with a pig? they would address it. that would be the rest of the episode. there's no way you would blow past that. i'm like, oh, i'm watching a tv show that stinks. when i get
9:23 am
what i'm going to order. it's going to taste great, 20 minutes later, i'm going to wanlt to kill myself. >> reporter: in between performing stand-up and creating "f is for family," he hosts his monday morning podcast. it averages 1.4 million downloads an episode. >> i'm literally at home, you know, in my pajamas saying whatever the hell is coming to my mind and saying songs and acting like an idiot and people listen to it. i'm actually making money. i say that to my wife. do you understand i'm making enough money off this to pay a mortgage? this is crazy. >> they welcomes a baby. everyone asks if becoming a father will change their comedy. is that a legit question or overthinking it? >> no.
9:24 am
ways. my comedy hasn't changed. you become a dad and you are trying to become a role model. on stage, it's like a plumber doesn't change the way he plums when he has a kid. you are a comedian. this is your style. that is top shelf white woman right there. >> reporter: certain style is something burr admired about the late comedian and friend patrice o'neal. >> you know how you can tell how pretty a white woman is? how long they look for her after she is missing. >> he died six years ago following stroke. >> to hang out with him, i remember, it was a friend and a fan. he was like, the same graduating cla class. he seemed so much further ahead. >> football players in miami went missing, they went sailing. they looked for him eight
9:25 am
minutes. maybe, they just sent somebody to the edge of the beach. >> when he died, burr took it hard. >> devastating. the finality didn't hit until last year. thank you. thank you, thank you. >> reporter: now, the past 5 years, he hosts an annual benefit. this is a tradition for you with the benefit? >> the after party every year. >> reporter: to honor his friend and help take care of his family. burr can you notes to build on his own talent. the 48-year-old comedian is grateful for the success he achieved. are you surprised you are at the level you are at? >> it's taken so long to get here, it's like i slowly walked up the hill. i'm turning around to see how much of a hill i walked up. to come to new york city, walk into a comedy club and they let you on stage. the rush of that will never go away. i remember how difficult it was to get in. 20 years later, for them to still put you o
9:26 am
>> reporter: season two of "f is for family" is on netflix may 30th. >> that was very funny. >> a funny guy. patrice o'neal as well. they are two of the beth. >> so sad what happened there. so nice to see how close they were. >> like most comics, they have a lot of heart behind them. >> fascinating, hilarious. thank you. >> thank you. you might call it the last lecture for college graduates. the words of wisdom on speakers on campuses across the country. we'll sample the advice coming up next. you are watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
9:27 am
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class of 2017, no graduating class gets to choose the world in which they graduate into. that history has been written by those who came before you. but now, it's your job to put your hands on the wheel to bring that history closer to wherever you want to be as a nation. >> former vice president, joe biden delivering the commencement address at kolby college in maine. it goes hand in hand with pomp and circumstance at graduation season. >> the variety of speakers is as great as the number of degrees awarded. this is what the class of 2017 is hearing. >> none of us can make it alone, none of us. not even the guy that is talking to you right now. he was the greatest b
9:31 am
of all times. not even me that has been the terminator and went back in time to save the human race. ♪ >> i'm here as a cautionary tale. i am the world's greatest adviser, not because i'm smart, but because i am screwed up in every way possible. >> when something seems designed to set you back, make it the thing that makes you strong. and the quality of your life will be basted on the quality o your relationships. >> as you leave here, go out there, get in the way. get in trouble, good trouble, necessary trouble and make some noise. >>t
9:32 am
powerful are all of the different viewpoints, the different perspectives. and what creates change is when we stand for values we hold true to ourselves. >> it's really good to be idealistic. but, be prepared to be misunderstood. anyone working on a big vision is going to get called crazy, even if you end upright. >> you can't let them get you down. you can't let the critics and the nay sayers get in the way of your dreams. >> i will say this, you are nothing if you are not the truth. so, i have made -- i have made a living -- i have made a living, made a life, made a fortune, actually. it's fantastic. [ laughter ]
9:33 am
>> everyone advises a congressmenment speaker to say the one thing the students will remember 40 years from now, whether you are in french quarter or the oval office, no good can ever come from tweeting at 3:00 a.m. ♪ ♪ i will always love you ♪ will always love you, class of 2017 ♪ >> that is a moment a graduate will never forget. >> exactly. i don't remember my college ceremony. >> bill clinton was in mine. >> i love
9:34 am
this morning in the dish, a chef who has come very far in his career. sheldon won a claim in his home state and the mainland for innovative take on island favorites. feasts coming up next. you are watching "cbs this morning: saturday." depression is a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ that's why there's trintellix, a prescription medication for depression. trintellix may help you take a step forward in improving your depression. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide.
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my heart is worth brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca... ...may be able to help. ♪ born on the big island of hawaii, chef sheldon began cooking for his family at an early age. after high school, he went to culinary training. he is a fan favorite on "top chef." he was named one of hawaii's best chefs. >> he opened up his first solo restaurant, maui's tin roof. welcome. >> it was a long canoe ride. el
9:38 am
>> we have a spread of hawaii stuff. this is coming from my filipino roots. here is our chicken sandwich from tin roof. we serve 100 of those a day. the seafood of hawaii is amazing. we have ahi -- >> tuna if you don't know what that is. >> swordfish with chile, stir fried. a fresh tofu salad. >> looks incredible. one of the things i love about hawaiian cuisine is it's immigrant cuisine. it comes from all over the place. >> yes. starting from the beginning. the hawaiians that came and traveled this way and made hawaii their home. all the different layers of immigrants, the filipinos and japanese and portuguese, all come in to work on the plantations, all bringing their culture and coming
9:39 am
make -- >> the tastiest of the tastiest. >> a new wave of chefs in hawaii. is that with you took your inspiration from all those places? >> yeah. well, just being born and raised in hawaii, my neighbor is japanese. my other neighbor is portuguese. i always had kim chi in my refrigerator. my food speaks through my community from the farmers, the fishermen is right down the road from my friend's uncle. it's just like kind of up. >> you started cookinging at an early age. your grandmother was unflew enshl. temperature us about that. >> all my greatest memories are surrounded by food, whether it was cooking in the garage of my house or going over to have a barbecue at the beach. it's always food in the background of it. >> you opened tin roof, your restaurant, a few days after you did "top chef."
9:40 am
>> it had to be challenging. >> "top chef" called. i accepted it, then told the wife i was leaving. >> you told the wife. >> i kind of going to go on >> kind of? going to kind of go on this tv show. >> i'm abandoning you. >> i had an amazing staff with myself. my wife is a rock star, so, went on the show and they opened up tin roof. >> when you talk about hawaiian cuisine and produce in specific, it's an island in the middle of the ocean. a lot has been flown in for, you know, the recent last couple decades. sounds like there's a real movement to get hawaiian cuisine to sustainable roots. >> the islands are almost 100% sustainable. the most isolated land mass
9:41 am
the world. we have an amaze zing climate and volcanic soil. the chef is like it's about the community. we support the farmers, fisherman and it comes together. >> chef, as i ask you to sign this dish as is custom on this program, if you can share this hawaiian bounty with anyone, past or present, who would you share it with? >> my mom. she passed before i started on this wave of television and all of that. i think she's watching right now. >> i'm sure she is. i'm sure she is happy about how delicious that looks. chef sheldon, thank you. congratulations. mahalo. is that right? >> yes, it is. >> head to our website, rolling stone called them boundless fun. through the years, they opened for some of the biggest action music. up next, the folk rock s
9:42 am
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♪ starring in our saturday session this morning, the secret sisters, real life sisters lydia and laura rogers learned to sing at their childhood church in alabama. they landed a record deal in 2009 in nashville. >> the following year, they released their debut album and opened for bob dylan, willie nelson and paul simon. june 9, they release their third, "you don't own me anymore." here are the secret sisters. ♪ ♪
9:46 am
tonight ♪ ♪ he's sleeping with her in a tennesseetown ♪ ♪ i think i lost my mind and wasted time ♪ ♪ i'm dreaming alone in a hotel bed and he's mine ♪ ♪ i bought a gown to match his name ♪ ♪ he kept my virtue just the same ♪ ♪ so, i could offer to my love ♪ i was sure i held his heart ♪ until a louisiana girl tore us apart ♪ ♪ i watched him as he turned away, into her arms where he stayed ♪ ♪ dav
9:47 am
tonight ♪ ♪ he's sleeping with her in a tennessee town and he's fine ♪ ♪ i think i lost my mind ♪ and wasted time, i'm dreaming alone in a hotel bed and he's mine ♪ ♪ what's that tear -- i learned how to live without ♪ ♪ he says what's behind ♪ i took to the heart role ♪ strangers know the songs not right ♪ ♪ come and sing at night ♪ they don't know i played the course ♪ ♪ they don't know
9:48 am
♪ davy white, where is he tonight, he's sleeping with her in a tennessee town and he's fine ♪ ♪ i think i lost my mind and my wasted time ♪ ♪ i'm dreaming alone in a hotel bed and he's mine ♪ ♪ all the miles -- all the hurting gonna get. searching for the next escape never, ever could replace ♪ ♪ davie white, where is he tonight ♪ ♪ he's sleeping with her in a tennessee town and
9:49 am
♪ i think i lost my mind and my wasted time ♪ ♪ i'm dreaming alone in a hotel bed and he's mine ♪ ♪ i'm dreaming alone in a hotel bed and he's mine ♪ ♪ but he's sleeping with her in a tennessee town and he's fine ♪ [ applause ] don't go away, we'll be right back with more music from the secret sisters. you are watching "cbs this morning: saturday." when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment?
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it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth's surfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health. brtry new flonase sensimists. allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist experience to help block six key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only block one. new flonase sensimist changes everything. sugar, we're letting you go. what? who's replacing me? splenda naturals? look, she's sweet, she's got natural stevia, no bitter aftertaste and she's calorie-free. so that's it? we made you a cake. with sugar? oh, no. (laughing) so that's it? we made you a cake. in the desert. at the mall. on the mountain. at school. here. at the beach. in the big easy. yeah yeah today i want to show you guys the next-gen chevy equinox. what do you think? that's pretty. pretty sexy. it looks aggressive. but not overbearing. it's not too big. not too small. seems like the perfect car for anybody. i would take it anywhere. she's a bad mama jama.
9:52 am
d gm lessees can get this all-new 2018 equinox for around 239 a month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. ♪ a great
9:53 am
weekend, everyone. summer has arrived. >> we leave you now with more music from the secret sisters. this is "you don't own me anymore." ♪ ♪ you don't own me anymore ♪ what am i still fighting for ♪ you don't own me anymore ♪ why am i still crying ♪ you got a lot of nerve staking the claim on me, taking my heart away,
9:54 am
♪ that in a blur all of the perfect words ♪ ♪ she would belong to you, you would belong to her ♪ ♪ now i learned my lesson ♪ love is not possession ♪ you don't own me anymore ♪ what am i fightistill fightin♪ ♪ you don't own me anymore ♪ why
9:55 am
♪ my head and my heart seem to never agree cause my head knows it's best that you set me free ♪ ♪ my heart says that nothing will satisfy me after so many years, so many tears ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ your love is serial ♪ all of my sympathy to the poor victim that follows me ♪ ♪ one more
9:56 am
♪ your new requisition ♪ so, if she fills my place, and when her love grows deep ♪ ♪ remember this, my dear, she's isn't yours to keep ♪ ♪ and you don't own me anymore ♪ nothing left worth fighting for ♪ ♪ no, you don't own me anymore ♪ why am i still crying ♪ ooh, ooh,
9:57 am
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narrator: today on "lucky dog", this black lab is calm under pressure. brandon: yeah, this dog seems to be exactly what i've been looking for. perfect. narrator: but training him to save the life of a military veteran is a challenge unlike any that brandon has faced before. dave: the big concern for me is that my kids are still safe, but the thought of me not waking up for them is terrifying. narrator: and the clock is ticking. brandon: boom. dave: oh, good boy! brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope.


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