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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 30, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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take a look, that's first alert doppler. looks like we could be in for some downpours. showers and storms are moving in. good afternoon and thank you for joining us this tuesday afternoon. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist melissa nord is tracking the storms. could we have some problems for the driver home? >> there could be a few thunderstorms around then. you look outside and think how will that
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>> it's just so dreary outside. >> it is dreary outside. it's been one of those gloomy not mondays but kind of mondays. we do have a yellow weather alert. because the storm prediction center has put out the slight risk of severe weather, as we go into the afternoon and evening time frames, i'll tell you the reason why that this could end up not coming to fruition in the metro area is because of the cloud cover that's around right now. i definitely think there is the risk of thunderstorms, especially frederick, hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, you're going to break out into sunshine a little earlier today. that's where we're going to see a slightly elevated chance of stronger storms this afternoon. we're looking downtown right now. man, we had a lot of fog. now we're seeing just some low stratus clouds. it's still overcast, still gloomy. the humidity's at 93% with these east winds, but later this afternoon, hopefully if this plays
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east winds shifting a bit, and we'll break out into a few thunderstorms. so here's the yellow weather alert. thunderstorms will be around. there is a small chance of some damaging wind gusts or hail being the main severe weather threat. i want to talk about the timing of this. you see how we have the clouds thick in places in the metro area, but it's northwest of town. look at this, we're already starting to see the clearing skies. you're not seeing this gray, white colors showing up. those will be the areas we're watching to slide a little further east and start to spark off thunderstorms in the metro area. i'll go through futurecast hour- by-hour. we'll talk about severe weather potential in the metro. look ahead to your weekend. you can always get that forecast on our wusa9 app. thank you melissa. we are following breaking news from prince george's county where police captured a suspect wanted for a break-in and arson. it started in clinton. evan koslof was there when police handcuffed the suspect. he joins us
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all went down. evan. >> reporter: hey there, chaotic morning to say the least. it all got started just before 8 this morning. it happened right here on siratz road. the 7700 block. we're going to jump to a picture of the suspect. this was sent to us from the police george's police department. they say his name is wayne gardner, 33 years old from here in clinton. when they arrived to the home, they found it on fire. they saw gardner fleeing the house with a shotgun he stole from the house. he ran into nearby woods causing police to create a perimeter. as for the fire it was big enough to go through the roof. fortunately it was put out relatively quickly. the positive news is that there were no injuries, partially because that homeowner was not home. obviously this was all a pretty big inconvenience for the neighbors that live in the area. they were asked to shelter in place for about an hour before he was caught. also traffic has been jammed up here
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now. about 45 minutes police gave us an update on the incident. take a listen to that. >> one officer identified him with a weapon as he goes into the wood line, that's why all the perimeter, all the esp callout, that's why the dogs it was done professionally. it was done in measured fashion to ensure the safety of everyone. i want to thank the community for taking seriously our shelter in place request because at any given moment we didn't know where he was going or what else he might have with him. >> right, and so that's definitely why it was a little bit of a chaotic situation. gardner is arrested. we're told by police this is not his first arrest. in their words they said he had an extensive arrest record including similar charges: at the very latest here in clinton, evan koslof wusa9. a stiff sentence this morning for a teenage mom who lured a young man into the woods promising sex and then egged on the ms-13 gang bangers
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a montgomery county judge slapped vanessa alvarado with a life sentence with all but 40 years suspended. she convinced christian to meet her in a gaithersburg park where he was attacked by four fellow gang members. the previous day he had mistakenly flashed the sign of a rival gang and the ms-13 members decided to kill him for it. she agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a promise prosecutors would ask for no more than 40 years. will tiger woods runin with the law keep him from appearing at the tournament later next month which benefits his education foundation. here are some just released details from the palm beach county florida police report of woods' dui arrests. one of golfers all time greats was spotted pulled over on the road asleep at the wheel monday morning. it wasn't
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jupiter florida. as don champion reports, woods isn't blaming alcohol for his runin with police. >> police say tiger woods was asleep at the wheel when officers spotted his car stopped along a florida road early monday morning. the engine was still running. an affidavit released tuesday says officers woke woods who had extremely slow and slurred speech. the 41-year-old golfer issued a statement blaming his dui arrest on prescription medicine. woods said, quote, i want the public to know that alcohol was not involved. i didn't realize the mix of makes had affected me so strongly. police say he failed a roadside sobriety test and took him to jail, but they confirmed there was no alcohol in his system. >> his life has been, you know, chaotic and difficult, i think for several years. >> woods was once the world's greatest golfer winning 14 majors and
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won a major title since 2008. his personal struggles became tabloid fodder in 2009 when he crashed his suv into a tree and revelations of extramarital affairs led to his divorce. he has also undergone four back surgeries. >> he deserves to finish his career on a better note than appears to be happening right now. in his statement woods also apologized and said, quote, i expect more from myself, too. he ended by saying he will do everything in his power to ensure this never happens again. don champion, cbs news. a court appearance has been scheduled for july 5th. as you heard don say woods was in jail for four hours before he was released. tiger woods has had his share of troubles dating back to november 20, 2009. that's when he was hurt in a car accident. as you saw he hit a fire hydrant and tree
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the national inquirer alleges that woods had an affair with the new york nightclub hostess. woods' wife smashed the window of the car to pull him out. the following months a cocktail waitress said she had an affair with woods. woods apologized. his wife left him, and he checked into a sex addiction clinic. in february 2010 he's dropped by several sponsors including gatorade and at&t. again, he has a court hearing july 5th. apparently it's not even safe enough in baghdad to take the children out for a scoop of ice cream. the bombing killed as many as 15 people outside a popular ice cream shop. 27 others were hurt. ariana grande just announced she's going to play at a manchester charity concert on sunday for the bomb victims. 15 people have been arrested since the suicide bomber targeted people at
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in manchester england. manchester police are looking for more information about what salman abedi did before the attack. police are scouring nearly 13 hours of closed circuit tv recordings looking for information. president trump is on the verge of making significant changes to his communications team as senior adviser and son- in-law jared kushner allegedly was trying to establish back channel communications with the russians. >> president trump has the resignation of his communications director michael dupke. the president is expected to -- as the white house faces an onslaught of stories about the russian investigation. he tweeted russian officials must be laughing at the u.s. and how a lame excuse for why the dems lost the election has taken over the fake news. monday mr. trump's first campaign manager corey lewandowski were at the white house for meetings. ey
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rapid response team. the president's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner is now the focus of an investigation of possible collusion between mr. trump's associates and moscow. cbs news has confirmed that when kushner met with russian ambassador sergey kislyak in december, the two discussed setting up a back channel for communications between the trump transition team and russian officials. administration aids describe that as standard procedure. republican senator john mccain said it isn't. >> i don't think it's procedure prior to the inauguration of a president of the united states by someone not in an appointed position. >> president trump is standing by curb they are. kelley kushners. >> dubke said in a statement it is my great honor to serve president trump and this administration. hi> a brutal chapter in the
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manuel noriega died overnight. the one-time u.s. ally and spy for the cia was removed from power by an american invasion in 1989 after being accused of killing his political opponents and hiding millions of dollars gained illegally. noriega later served a 17 year drug sentence in the united states and also did time for conspiracy. manuel noriega was 83 years old. >> the fight over sanctuary cities became physical in texas, and it was lawmakers doing the shoving. what happened and what's next for the officials involved. >> first our verify team is looking into those fl vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans...
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so what's with those flashing red ts
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beaming from the white house. we verified what was going on, and thankfully it wasn't anything serious according to a spokesperson with the secret service. this is what we're talking about, if you didn't hear about this. red lights were seen flashing on windows. you see that? flashing on windows to one side of the white house. it turns out the red lights were actually from emergency vehicles responding to a medical situation across the street from the white house in lafayette park. now we have no word on what that medical situation was, but there was no emergency situation inside the executive mansion that we know for sure. but of course conspiracy theories began swirling on twitter immediately. brian william jones tweeted kind of hoping the predator is the one responsible for the strange red lights in the white house right now. >> patrick moynahan. there's only one person i trust o'investigate the unexplained red strobe lights in the white house. it's worth noting that president trump was inside of the white house at the time of the flashing lights. if you
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us to verify send us an e-mail at verify @ or drop us a message on facebook. he's in custody for stabbing several people on a train in portland, oregon. 35-year-old jeremy joseph christian makes his first court appearance today. two people died in the attack. the victim stood up to the suspect for reportedly yelling racial slurs at two women, one of them was wearing a hijab. there have been dozens of peace rallies throughout portland since saturday's attack. politics have taken an ugly turn inside the texas state capital. legislators got into a shopping match on memorial day. now the flareup concerns a new state law that effectively bans sanctuary cities in texas. >> decorum was lost in the texas house monday as elected officials started pushing one another during the final day of the legislative session. >> i did shove him around a tt
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get out of there. >> democrat poncho nevarez and republican matt rinaldi's dustup came after rinaldi told fellow lawmakers that he had called immigration officials. >> he said yeah, i called i.c.e., and then he said eff them. >> did you do anything to incite people, and that's exactly what i did. >> an estimated 1 ,000 people were inside the capital monday protesting the state law which forces texas sheriffs to help enforce federal immigration law. the house business stopped and protestors were ordered to leave the gallery. some were physically removed by texas state troopers. democrat ramon romero junior. >> these folks understand that what is going to happen in the future is exactly what matt rinaldi demonstrated. he saw the crowd and he saw illegals. >> house democrats are not only laying the blame squarely on representative rinaldi. members say he escalated
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>> he threatened to put a bullet in one of my -- head on facebook he said representative -- physically assaulted me. poncho told me he would get me on the way to my car. >> what's not true is that i threatened his life. >> seven times over the last 24 hours we reached out to representative rinaldi to request an interview. we never heard back. rinaldi said fearing for his safety he is under the protection of texas state troopers. during his campaign, president trump said sanctuary cities harbored criminals. however, a study published by the progressive think tank the center for american progress suggests that's not entirely accurate. it found the typical sanctuary county in a large metropolitan area experienced 15 fewer crimes than the typical nonsanctuary county. in smaller counties and rural areas
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lower for sanctuary areas. the exception being medium metropolitan and counties on the fringes of large metropolitan areas, which had slightly higher crime rates if they were sanctuary areas. >> this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9's first alert weather. it's not a yellow weather alert for the gloomy skies that we've had out all morning, but it's actually going to be for some thunderstorms, and tracking the potential for as we head through the afternoon hours. we're looking downtown. still looking kind of gloomy out there, mist, drizzle, 64 degrees. right now winds are still out of the east here in d. c. keeping that humidity level up and the clouds in place, but the reason i've issued a yellow weather alert is because i think we're going to have some thunderstorms, especially later this afternoon northwest of town. some of these could become strong or severe. the storm prediction center putting out a slight risk for severe weather for a lot of our area monitoring a possible watch north and west of wn
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would be one of the major impacts. there could be a few storms around for the evening commute today, but we're not really seeing as high of a threat of street flooding. i think this is moving through fairly quickly in terms of the timing, so it won't be raining that long at your house. here is that area of slight risk of severe weather. i want to just point out from frederick down to say purcellville, back to martinsburg, and northwest of that, those are the areas that have a better chance of getting stronger storms. still a little questionable. we are trapped into the cloud cover, trapped into this wedge of cool air. if we don't break out of it, our severe weather threat is much lower in those spots. you can see here i put on the clouds in black and why is so you can see where we're breaking out in the sunshine now, moving into clark county and barely getting it to the border. up to the north and west through hampshire, hardy counties, we've got a couple of
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we'll watch for more storms moving in this afternoon. let's go through futurecast hour-by-hour. talk about the timing of all of this. it's not going to be an all day thing, it's not going to be widespread. here's the futurecast at 5:00. here are the best areas of getting those showers and storms that could pose the threat of brief heavy rainfall, damaging wind gusts or some hail as well. these storms are almost going to be in clusters of lines and they'll keep pushing through late afternoon through the early evening hours. you see how we don't see that much happening south of i-95 versus north, so i think the best chance of getting some of these stronger storms again is going to be north of d. c. we'll keep that risk in and keep monitoring it. here's 10:00, showers and storms fading away. we'll go into tomorrow. we'll repeat the pattern with a few more showers and storms in the afternoon. then guess what happens after that, we get a nice little break from the rain. day planner today, showers and storms in d. c. around 7:00. rain chances going down. r
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be nonexistence. then they'll start to creep up again for the weekend, and we're going to have a stalled out front. your weekend forecast not looking perfect by any means but not a washout either. 82 tomorrow with more isolated showers and thunderstorms. beautiful day on thursday, low humidity, lots of sunshine. that's a day to eat your lunch outside. 85 for friday, more scattered showers and storms saturday and sunday afternoon. we'll be right back if you're taking prescription medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can cause cavities and bad breath. over 400 medications can cause a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. biotene can provide soothing dry mouth relief. and it keeps your mouth refreshed too.
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a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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you might have had a guest crash your memorial day cookout but i bet it was nothing like this. it's a 7-foot alligator that decided to take a dip in a family's backyard pool. police in sarasota lassoed th
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big guy. he was not giving up without a fight. they eventually wrangled him into a truck. he'll be released back into the wild far, far away from people. good thing. we'll have one final look at the forecast when we return. ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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weather wise watch out for a few thunderstorms late this afternoon into the evening hours, especially northwest of d. c. itself. tomorrow a few more isolated storms in the afternoon. then get ready for thursday. it is the pick of the week, sunshine, low humidity, eat your lunch outside on thursday. the weekend not a washout, but it's also not looking ideal. we're going to have thunderstorms around each afternoon, kind of just continuing that unsettledno
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nice pattern. >> but the new month starts off on a picture perfect day. we like that. >> that's it for wusa9 news at noon, we'll be back at 5:00. until then have a great afternoon.
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♪ >> dr. harris: yeah, i covered, but i think they're suspicious. what am i supposed to do now? >> victor: well, i was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but now we have no choice. you know what you have to do. >> dr. harris: [ sighs ] the nuclear option. mr. newman -- >> victor: it's the only way. >> dr. harris: all right. i'll take care of her. chloe. i'm, uh, glad you're here. we need to talk. >> nikki: what have you done now? >> chelsea: nick, please.


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