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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> who is this beautiful little girl and how did she end up hurt and left alone in the hospital? >> this local dad will stop at nothing to help his son battle heart disease? >> what is up with these posters popping up downtown? >> his day in court. he is accused of stabbing two men to death after a racist rant. >> and is getting rid
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reminder of the edconferacy really erasing history? >> we are getting our look at what a possible tornado left behind. we are going to go to john henry. he made the trek all the way out to where the possible tornado was reported a few hour ago. this was not far from winchester virginia. how are thing looking where you are? >> reporter: well, emergency crews just left the area here, but it took a few hour to clear the debris in this community. that said, trees fell on much more here than just roads. a powerful storm rolled through the blue ridge mobile home park late tuesday evening with james hairington's trailer right in the path. >> it went from being lay daylight to pitch black. the windings went 50 miles an hour. then hail started to fall. when the hail fell, that is when i knew to get everybody to the bathroom. >> all of a
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on our trailer right above my head. the building inspector told me i was lucky to be alive. >> reporter: luckily, the tree did not split his home in two. perhaps more remarkable, no one was hurt in the entire county. the storm caused quite the inconvenience as they rushed to assess the damage. >> structure collapse. >> reporter: for a while, some residents couldn't get back to their homes due to the storm. >> it was completely shut down. >> reporter: that said, things could have been worse. hairington is just happy they did not turn out that way. >> seems like everybody is coming together in this community. >> reporter: i talked to the national weather service earlier today. and they told us right now, they are not declaring this a tornado just yet. they are still assessing storm reports. from the winchester area, john henry, wusa9. >> that storm was packing hail as well. this video is from steven in berryville. not far from where
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tonight. unsettled conditions. we will have those persist. let's talk about this storm. you tracked it live as it happened at 6:00. >> and we were concerned because the velocity, doppler radar is a great tool. you can see the winds. what they are doing inside the storm. that is what we were looking at. when we saw the big wind, the change in velocity, that shows that there is a lot of shear and potentially a twist. let's look at the damage reports from winchester to charlestown. down to the south. a lot of tree damage reports here. this is where john is here. you saw the video of that hail. there was hail reported. other storms were down south from culpeper, fredericksburg. this was the parent storm that had a little bit of a hook on it. this
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these pixels next to each other, when you have the short distance and they are changing direction, and you have this tremendous shear with gate to gate at 126. that tells us possibly there is a storm on the ground and the national weather service will probably survey it tomorrow. tonight, dealing with lingers showers an storms. light anyone south of town. this stuff will wind up the next few hours, you may start your wednesday with some fog, but, a better day than today. i'll have details in a few minutes. >> thanks howard. now, to a big mystery, this beautiful little girl was hurt and left alone at the holy cross hospital in silver springs. we have been digging into her y. r delia goncalves has been working the phones all night. >> reporter: this mystery has reached so many of you. i feel that a call from san francisco, folks there mistakes our jane doe for a missing girl from last year. tonight, i can tell
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overtime to try to put all of these puzzle pieces together and find out who should have cared nor this sweet little girl instead of dumping her with stranger. police blasted out her picture to three agencies. the national center for missing and exploited children. the maryland card misand analysis center and state child and protective services. they most likely helped investigators identify the little girl meaning there is a very good chance she and her family have been in this system before. in fact, we know relatives have been located. will they face charges? the girl was dropped off sunday morning with at least bruises on her legs. if they uncover signs of abuse, the person who
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face child abuse charges and neglect. delia goncalves, wusa9. new tonight, a double dose of heroin overdoses by a couple hauling around two small kids. a woman oded while driving in annapolis friday with her kids and boyfriend in the car. he called 911. medics revived the woman, but hours later, the boyfriend oded right in the lobby of annapolis police headquarters as he and the kids were waiting for a ride. police and medics revived him and the kids are now with relatives. she promised him sex, she brought him death. a won gets 40 years in prison for a gang murder. she told him to meet her for a hook up. then the gang stabbed him 150 times. police arrested the four others as well. it has been 152 years since the civil war
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today, the debate rages over confederate monuments, street names and schools. one of the biggest battles is coming to the end. should jeb stewart high school be changerred? they could make a desis in -- decision in a few weeks. peggy fox takes us to the showdown. >> he was a confederate general. that is why the school was named after him. a young guy only 31 years old. 150 years later, people are still fighting over this war. what was it about? who was jeb stewart? is it right to honor him? with the school named after him? or, is that the wrong name to have? is it the wrong history to remember? and, it started last year when a student at the school said, you know, let's look into changing this name. the school board could have taken a vote, but they wanted community involvement so they appointed an add ho
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it is completely fractured. one side wants to change the nape, one side wants to keep it and they are not seeing eye to eye. they can't even agree on the facts. who was jeb stewart? was he a traitor or an american hero? so it is a community meeting at the high school last week, several students got up to speak. one girl is an african-american girl. she got up and said some students say. >> stop being an angry black girl. but i admit it. i am. >> she said i shouldn't have to go to this school with a name like jeb stewart. it should be more inclusive. >> the fact he fought to continue the confederacy, it is not something we should honor. >> that is one side. the other side says look, there have been surveys done. most of the community does not want a name change. most of the students don't want a name change. >> we will forget our history from this. it has to be remembered. >> the interesting thing about jeb stewart high school is that it is one of the
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schools in the country. there's a large percentage of hispanic kids, there's a large percentage of kids on free and reduced lunch. >> i think what is happening across the country has a huge impact. we are seeing statues come down in new orleans. we are seeing the robert e. lee statue. the city council voted to take it down. we have seen votes in alexandria to take down the confederate statue there. >> you have to honor what happened. it is our history. if you lived in germany, would you have a nazi soldier statue? it has to go. >> i think all of this is going to have a huge effect on jeb stewart. we brought in two intellectuals. we brought in james robinson. >> lee himself was opposed to secession. he abhorred slavery. >> he is one of the most distinguished civil war historians around. he has written 40 books on the subject. >> we can't chan
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you can't change it. that is the effort being made today to twist history. >> it was twisted. >> on the other hand, we brought in dr. jeremiah floyd. >> they thought hay had a right to continue slavery. >> he is with the naacp born and raised in columbia, south carolina where the confederate flag flew over the state capitol until two years right after the horrible shooting in charleston. >> it was taught in the mind and eyes who knowingly and unknowingly believed in white supremacy. >> this man was not allowed to go to the university of south carolina because of jim crow laws. he said it wasn't out of the goodness of anybody's heart that the confederate flag came down. it took a horrific incident for people to realize the confederate flag is a symbol of hate. dr. jeremiah
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with confederate statutes. >> they should be removed. >> both of them agree it is important to teach history and teach all of history. >> the war settled once and for all, the question of slavery. it settled once and for all who has sovereignty. who has sovereignty. the states or the nation. obviously, the nation. you can't bypass the civil war. it is like a big mountain. no matter where you go, that shadow of that war and what it did, it is the bloodiest struggle in all of our history. >> they both actually came together and decided they were not really very far apartment they wanted to make sure history is told and that we learned about the people who made america what it is today. but we need to learn about all of it. >> if you would like to hear nor from the historians peggy talked with, we have th
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wusa9 app and website. just search special assignment unit. plenty of comments on this over on the wusa9 facebook page. this one from justin jumped out at us. it says would you take down the roman empire's relic statues, buildings, all that remains because people of all colors were slaves to them? those that died in the circus? that conversation is still going strong tonight. we want you to weigh in. there for you on the wusa9 facebook page. he will stop at nothing. nothing to help his son battle heart disease. he even made sure the two had matching medical devices. stephanie ramirez sat down with this dynamic duo and you have to see their story. >> it is a social media post that has gone viral about a case of animal cruelty that happened in our area. is it true? or is it fake news? we will verify. you are watching the news at
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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>> in the district tonight, a new attack targeting city leaders. they are being accused of forcing people out of the district. the mayor had something to say about it but whoever is behind the accusations is staying quiet. here is pete muntean. >> reporter: high-rises are the normal on u street. but look down and find a mysterious critique about a half dozen of these posters are now throughout the neighborhood. >> it is strange. >> reporter: chris toby was raised here in the district. he lives out of the city where he is cheaper. he is who these posters are about. >> it is hard to keep a roof over your head. >> reporter: let's break this down. the word gentrify is front and center. at the top, a website. i check to see who owns, but the owner is not so easy to fine. it redirects you to a city
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government page. i looked up who owns the domain name. the address listed is a fake. the phone number had no answer. >> hey, how are you? >> reporter: the mayor is the largest picture on the poster. other city leaders are on here too. >> i don't usually respond to anonymous posters, especially when they are littering illegally. >> reporter: some are noticed right away, but the mystery person behind this won't bring change as fast. >> is it going to bring out a discussion? i'm not sure. it will take a bonding moment. >> reporter: in northwest, pete muntean, wusa9. a disgusting case of animal cruelty. enough to turn your stomach and make you ask what is wrong with people if it is true. a facebook post. in a community called lexington park. i want you to take a look at this post up loaded friday may 19 about a week-and-a-half ago. this post from a young man who lives in that area claims
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him, someone threw a kitten out of the passenger side window of a car. the kitten hit the windshield of a passing car, got run over by another car, and then he watched as the kitten tried to limp out of the road and no one stopped. now, he says he stopped and a woman in a nearby parking lot ran to help the kitten and that woman rushed the kitten to a vet. well, the post has been shared almost a thousand times and seen by people all over the country. this allegedly happened right here on route 237, happened right in front of a la quinta inn hotel. how do i verify if it actually happened? i went to the source. i found the young man and connected with him through snap chat a couple of hours ago. he told me he didn't want to be known so i'm not sharing his picture or name, but i can verify, he is a real person and he insists the story is real. here is what he told me. a kitten died. i stopped and stood there and
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me and picked up its poor ragged body and took it to the vet. the images will be forever ingrained into my brain. if you want to report something, report that. here is what i can verify about this story, first, the facebook poster is a legitimate person. i also talked with the sheriff's office. they do have an open investigation about a potential case of animal cruelty. and, i talked to the veterinarian hospital that confirmed it did tend to an injured cat on that date. the story does check out as authentic andly be talking to the sheriff's office again to get an update. if you see something pop up on facebook and you are wondering if it is true or not, send it to me, screen shot it or send me a link and i will verify it for you. you can find it on facebook and twitter. e-mail me. it is time to talk about a super dad and his instagram post that has gone viral. it shows him and his three-year- old son. look closely. both of them
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tubes. stephanie ramirez picks up the story from here. >> reporter: news stations all across the country have been sharing this instagram post and the story behind it after speaking to dad through e-mail or the phone, but no one has talked to them in person. when we found out they live near quantico, we had to meet them. say hello to three-year-old chase and his dad selby. let me show you. dad says he takes a selfie every year, but, this time around. >> he asked me, daddy, you know, how come i have a g tube and you don't. >> reporter: he taped a tube onto himself and snapped the selfie >> to show he is no different than any other child out there in the world. >> reporter: it is so important to chase's parents because chase was born with a serious condition called petrology, a rare heart defect making it difficult for him to breathe. he has undergone two open heart surgeries and needs
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meet. jimmy kimmel's son has the same thing. >> it is a terrifying thing. >> what he was saying, it is the same story with us. >> reporter: when chase was born, the nurse caught the defect just before they were about to leave the hospital. eternally grateful for this, he hopes families going through the same thing will see chase now. >> let them know everything will be okay. it might not look like it, but it will be okay. keep going. stay strong. >> reporter: in virginia, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> you have to think how much that means to that little boy that there is somebody out there who looks like him. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> we should all take parents lessons from that guy. >> we could. so, catch your breath? >> got my breath back. >> been a busy night. >> been a busy night. still not done, the severe weather is over, but we are dealing with a couple of showers and storms. most of it so
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we stayed cloudy. we stayed cold. we missed. i thought we could get some afternoon sun. there was some sun west. only 71 today, but when we are wrong, it is a silver lining. three degree charity. >> topper is on the phone. [ laughter ] >> missing and exploited children. so, we give them $100 and come june, we will get another charity and have a facebook vote for you coming up shortly. let's look at first alert doppler. still some rain, southern montgomery, parts of prince george and dc, light to moderate showers. if you do have to go out, the streets will be wet. we are seeing lightning not far from national harbor right now. that is just south of mount vernon here. all of this active is moving. i'm sorry, this is the beltway up here. that is well south of national harbor. they are just there. south of
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there. it has been a wet month, you know that, how wet has it been? we have a lot of rainy days. eight of the last ten. nine of the last ten have seen at least a trace. a trace of the lighter umbrellas but 19 of 30 days. we have had rain. 14 of those measurable. temperatures in the 60s now. they will not drop that much more tonight. the humidity is high. on the hour, nashville is reporting a thunderstorm. humidity 97%. we will have areas of fog developing tonight and tomorrow morning. showers around for a few hours. tomorrow morning, spotty showers, some drizzle. fog in the 60s . midday though, look at that. 80 by 1:00. isolated showers and storms coming through in the afternoon. and again, in the evening before it all clears out of here. mark your calendar. thursday looks great actually. it is sunshi
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temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80. low humidity. yeah. tanned then, it gets a little fuzzy again in the weekend. 50s and 60s tonight. showers, mostly cloudy areas of fog. tomorrow morning, clouds, comfortable. 60s into the low 70s . in the afternoon, the spotty to isolated showers and storms. thursday, pick of the week, might be pick of the month for june, june starts on thursday. storm chance friday, 83. storms developing saturday. and, storms likely sunday and monday. highs around 80. all right, new tonight, we get a good look and listen to the portland oregon guy. charged with murdering two men on a commuter train. here is jeremy joseph christian in court for his arraignment. >> free speech or die portland. this is america. get out if you don't like free speech. you call it terrorism, i call it patriotism. you hear me? >>
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launched into an anti-muslim rant last friday against two women. three men intervened. he slit their throat and two of them died. investigators are considering whether to tack on hate crime charges to the murder counts. we are back in just a moment. republican leaders are trying to do this to affordable health care. i'm tom perriello and in congress i voted for obamacare because it was wrong that a million virginians weren't covered while insurance companies held all the power. now i'm running for governor because it's wrong that
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together, we can stop donald trump, raise wages and build an economy that works for everyone. and we'll make sure this never happens in virginia.
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>> now, wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> back on the field in san francisco tonight, listen. bryce harper booed. big time on his way to the plate last night's melee in the bay area. been the talk of town and the talk of baseball. but katie ledeke offered him r and r time. when you appeal a suspension, you can still play. that the why you see harper at bat tonight. he and hunter strickland given suspensions. nats are up 3-2.
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>> just because, her is nigel our future service dog taking a swim and enjoying life. isn't life grand? we will see a little sunshine tomorrow afternoon. thursday will be fantastic. tomorrow, some isolated showers and storms. sorry guys. another unsettled weekend coming our way. at least you can plan ahead. that's it for us tonight. have a good night everybody. colber
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narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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