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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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students. >> i just wasn't, you wouldn't expect them to be involved with any type of shooting or anything like that. >> reporter: this morning, ziberov's stepfather who didn't want to talk on camera showed us his school yearbook. he said it was the eve of graduation, so he wasn't planning to be out late. he was planning to study international business. najjar's friends say they will miss his happy disposition. >> i just say them two together, being best friends, so sad. our hearts are heavy. it's one of those things where nothing can prepare you for it, because it was such a shock. >> reporter: police held a press conference this morning, but they're so far not releasing very much information. there haven't been any arrests, and they're asking the public to come forward with any information that could help reeir case.
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d.c., sarah consmo. >> so many expressing sympathies online. tim saying, when is this hatred and killing going to stop? may god bless their parents and give them the strength to move on. we now know an oxon hill man arrested for masturbating on a metro train monday is accused of doing this at least two our times in our area. wusa9 stephanie garehart joins us now. >> reporter: police say the suspect is responsible for three incidents in all. two happened on trains. one in d.c., one in maryland. the third on a bus in maryland, all while people were seated just feet away. when we
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he said he was innocent. a witness tweeted a video of the indecent exposure. it's been shared more than 16,000 times. the latest incident happened monday aboard a train in prince george's county. the day before that on sunday, it happened on a blue line train. six days before that, on memorial day, it happened on a metro bus at the new carollton station. as you can imagine, people who saw this were horrified. if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, here's some advice from a self-defense expert. >> i would take action. that always makes you more able to deal with the situation. the action you would take would be more about getting him reported, getting him so he isn't going to be doing this again. he needs professional help. if somebody doesn't report him, it will keep on happening. then afterwards for yourself, talk to a friend, ta
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therapist. read a self-defense book. take a seven defense class. do something that makes you feel better about it, and not disempowered by this traumatic situation. >> metro transit police say you you must report the incident as soon as possible. get a good description of the suspect, including any distinctive features, clothing, or tatoos. know the exact time, your car number, and your location, and if you can get a photo or video safely, that's always a plus. if not, that's okay. if not, every public station has cameras. so that's certainly good advise. >> that video and those pictures were so graphic last night, that had really captivated people, and pushed people to take some action. stephanie, thank you. all right, we're moving on, adam, to you. >> three michigan state football player accused of sexually assaulting a woman now face criminal charges. at least one of them had a bond hearing
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at an on campus apartment in february. the athletic directer addressed the charges. >> sexual assault has no place on our campus. on any college campus. in fact, there is no culture where it's acceptable for one person to abuse another. voices must be heard. bistanders must react. care and compassion provided to survivers, and we all, everyone, men and women, the entire community must do their part to stop the behaviors of abuse. >> all three players have been dismissed from the michigan state football team. now to a developing story out of paris, where a man cried out, it's for syria, before attacking police with a hammer outside the notre dame cathedral. another officer shot and wounded that man. there were hundreds of people blocked inside the cathedral during the chaos.
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[000:04:58;00] panic. that attacker also had kitchen knives, and what officials are calling unsophisticated weapons. this is the latest of several attacks in france targeting security officers. all three suspects killed in saturday's terror attack in london have now been identified. authorities had at least one, and possibly two of them on their radar. they knew about khuram butt. he appeared in the documentary the jihadis next door. neighbors say they reported him for trying to radicalize their kids, but nothing happened. >> when someone give us some kind of information, they just take it and chuck away. >> police also knew about youssif yagba, he was 22. the third person didn't raise any suspicions at all. prime minister teresa may says british intelligence services
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are trying to figure out what prevented the attack. this young woman is due in court on thursday. charged under the espionage act, for leaking classified information. the justice department says her name is realty lee winter. holding onto it, and emailing it to a news website. the top secret news reports, russian hackers stole user credentials from a u.s. software company in florida, and then tried to break into u.s. electronic voting systems. today, lawmakers condemned the leak, while at the same time, asking the homeland security director to help states protect their systems from hackers. >> whether or not they accessed tabulation, it's clear they were trying to get into that voting file. >> the kremlin is again denying any interference in the u.s. election.
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president trump has take for a crackdown on leaks. this is the first time an alleged leaker has been charged since he has been in the white house. it's going to be a cool and wet start to the day tomorrow. chief meteorologist, tapper shut has more on other yellow weather alert. >> i was kind of on the fence, but i went ahead and said, yes, it's going to be a weather alert day. nothing heavy tomorrow. no thunderstorms. but this is future cast. 63 downtown. only 57 in gaithersburg. it's going to be a wet commute coming down 270. by 8:00, rain showers move in to fairfax county, and also into loudoun county. nothing heavy, but just kind of the nuisance kind. temps are still in the upper 50s, to lower 60s. more on the chilly side tomorrow. by 10:00, more showers back down into fredericksburg. temperatures still kind of hugging the upper 50s, to the low 60s, even by noon. most of the showers culpepper
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west on morning, i think that's going to be the bulk of the shower activity. tonight, sunshine 6:00. 73 at 8:00. a few clouds start rolling in near 10:00, even then temperatures near 70. when we come back, we'll tell you about the heat wave, it's coming. we're just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. bill cosby's accuser takes the stand. what andrea constand says about the man she once responded. >> dozens of police officers
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respond to a thirsty call to visit a girl's lemonade stand. narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day.
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and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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caught on camera, a burglars, caught in the act. d.c. police release this home surveillance video, because they need your help to catch these guys we take you back to monday, may 27, 9:00 a.m. these guys here in the video. if you know anything about them, it could get you money. $1,000. we've got some reassuring news for breast cancer survivers who want to have children. a new study finds survivers who later became pregnant were no more likely to have their cancer come back than those who did not have a baby. this fear was elevated hormones might spur a recurrence. more women are being diagnosed in their childbearing years. about 11% of new breast cancer cases in the united states are in women under 45. after a fairfax county fire truck went up in flames at a
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springfield fire station, some firefighters complained about health issues. so is the air quality okay for them to breathe in that building? peggy fox has been investigating, and she's got the story from station 26. >> we'll get to those complaints in a moment. first, take a look at the fire station. you can't even tell there was a fire here three weeks ago. it started in a truck that was parked in a bay. you see this empty area, they've taken down the walls, and they have cleaned every inch of it, and put on a fresh coat of paint. i also got a tour inside the living quarters. the carpet has been replaced, the ceiling replaced. even the cushions on the couches replaced. the inside area was cleaned and refurbished. after the department did it's own air quality test, which
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looked people back. then sometime last week, two people on the same shift complained of headaches and weakness. that's when they took everybody out. here's what fire chief bauer said about that. >> i want to make sure that the community knows, and our men and women know, that their safety and health come approximate first. so that we can continue to serve the community, which we're doing. >> at the union's request, the county and fire department brought in an independent environmental hygienist, to test the air quality. we're awaiting those results which should come back tomorrow. in springfield, peggy fox, wusa9. as it stands now, firefighters are using the living quarters area on a limited basis. the test did find low, but safe
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levels of the chemical benzene, that's according to peggy going to be a yellow weather alert? because right about now, this is looking good. >> it is. >> i could get used to this. >> i debated, but i think when you wake up tomorrow and it's 58 and drizzling, you're going to go, he was probably right. because if i didn't initiate it, and you were at the bus stop and getting rained on. mainly in the morning though. i'm a little worried about this actually. 80 today for a high. we shall see how we do by 11:00 tonight. we're getting there, it's going to be close. a live look outside. it is spectacular right now. temperature right now, 75. winds still north-northwest at about 14. gusts over 30 today. that actually kind of brought in some drier, and actually quite frankly, made it a nicer day. look at the dew point, down to 50. the dew points yesterday, in
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the mid- to upper 60s. that's a a late shower possible. really by dob tomorrow. so unless you're out super late tonight, it will be dry. bus stop telephones, 54 to 66. this is not going to be thunderstorms. the northeastly flow. it's going to be more like seattle washington, than washington, d.c. yellow weather alert wednesday for showers and drizzle. then a nice recovery, so we don't have to put up with it for long. a nice recovery on thursday sunshine returns. heat wave begins on sunday. 71 tomorrow. 74 on thursday, but nice. then we're back to average. 82 on friday. then we kind of spring up to 88 on saturday. we'll be in the low 90s on sunday. it looks like we could hold in the low 90s all week. looks like we're going to see 90s at least through wednesday of next week, and possibly
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through thursday and friday of next week. future cast tonight, 69 downtown at 10:00. low 60s in gaithersburg. mid-60s in it manassas and leesburg. storms work their way from northwest to southwest. culpepper used to have a little sunshine at 6:00 a.m., but inside the beltway, it's going to be drizzly, and showery. temps upper 50s, to low 60s. it kind of works its way across i-95. up into martinsberg. nothing heavy, but is just kind of miserable. then by 1:00, most of the showers now west of culpepper. so i think in terms of afternoon vs. morning, we'll have a pretty decent afternoon except for the fact we'll be cloudy, with temperatures in the 60s. i think we may be able to cancel the yellow weather alert for the ride home. ride home, just wet for a
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couple. by 6:00 tomorrow, we're downtown. just a few showers out towards leesburg, and way out west. day planner goes like this. 63 with showers early. 63 at 9:00, then just clouds at 11:00, and clouds at 1:00. notice the temps are just creeping up around 70. pleasant on thursday. 74. low 80s on friday. fantastic. make plans the next couple of days. saturday is okay. low 90s sunday, low 90s monday, low 90s tuesday. if the seven day kept going, it would be low 90s probably for the remainder of the week. so check the ac, it's going to be running hard next week. when any successful career comes to an end, it can be emotional. it couldn't be more true for u.s. coast guard maritime enforcement specialist first class nick bean and his now retired partner, chief toska. the pair is based in
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chesapeake, virginia. they've served their for the last seven years. chief toska is a k-9. bean trained toska, and he's been her only handler since. the two jumped out of the helicopters, protected the pope and presidents. >> i think she's had a rock star career. she's a great dog. i can't put into words what it is to be a handler in the bond that we have. >> chief toska is preparing to transfer to another unit. bean plans to adopt toska, and she will start her role as a full time family dog in july. we thought these pictures were especially poignant. the monument there at the mall taken on one of the trips to d.c. a facebook photo of tim kaine is getting attention tonight.
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he matthew. matthew wrote about his wish to run for senator one day, and to pass a law that lets dogs go to school, have celebrations for veterans and soldiers, and give teacher as break during their work days. i'll bet there are many of us that could get behind that. in his post, senator kaine wrote you're never too young. this is 3-year-old hanna paisley. she knew she wanted to be a cop when she was just 18 months old, so the kansas city girl wants to make enough money for a uniform. hanna quickly made enough money for a costume. when the crowd thinned out, her mom's friend posted on facebook that hanna wanted to be a real officer. >> she game back with her
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uniform at noon, by 3:00, we had police lined up everyw. like me too. >> that post was all about hanna wanting to see a real officer, and from horseback, to helicopter, police from all over the area, stopped by for lemonade. hanna's mom had a full heart. now hanna is saving her money for a motorized police cruiser. coming up, the possible record breaking ride an uber driver thought seemed too strange to be true. >> but up next, want to get away? the internet goes crazy over southwest airlines and its latest fare sale. we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. latest fare sale.
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but if yo we're going to have more details on our website,, and our wusa9 app. if you get the sale, let me know if you did. i can never make it work. >> do they charge you extra if you wear pants? there's little fees for everything. apple's newest operating system will come with a do not disturb while driving mode. so the phone will detect while you're driving, and turn off all the notifications, that way you won't be thinking you've just got to text somebody. users can set an automatic text, so they can let friends and family know they're behind the wheel. the retailer will charge $5.99 a month, instead of $99 a year. prime members get free shipping and unlimited streaming of movies and tv shows with prime video. it could be the farthest and longest uber ride ever.
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uber driver brent he drove three people from hong kong, well they were from hong kong, he drove them from dallas/fort worth airport, to nashville. they said they had to be in nashville yesterday for a meeting they couldn't miss. >> i called my wife as soon as i got out. she was asleep, of course. and i said, i'm not coming home tonight. they spoke enough broken english that we could converse back and forth. they weren't in a good mood. they were upset they didn't have their bags and couldn't get the flight. o that, it was a fun ride. >> the trip took 11.5 hours. brent is still waiting on a final fare price from uber. an xl estimate shows the trip would coast at least $1,100. so that would put brent's portion at $800. >> that's probably worth it. >> an uber spokesperson says
5:26 pm
they don't keep data on their longest, or farthest rides, they did have a fare from dfw into nashville. an uber ride from brooklyn was believed to be the longest ride ever. none of them topped the 650 miles. still ahead in our next half hour, d.c. officers come together to talk about race and policing in community. and we take you inside a dynamic conversation, and how it could change what happens on our streets. >> plus, a girl's soccer team banned, because one of the players looks like a boy. see the famous faces coming the teen's defense. >> and should kids be allowed in the delivery room?
5:27 pm
beyonce, and jay z think so. me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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z2e2dz z1a2z
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y2e2dy y1a2y developing at 5:30, church leaders taking a stand against racism in washington. >> this comes after three nooses were found in the city within a week. the most recent in southeast d.c. another at the national museum of african american history and culture on the mall. and the third at the hershire mall. >> the united church of christ
5:30 pm
is fighting back with a town white supremacy. wusa9 will be will to bring you the latest. at a time when we're all witnesses hate, racism in our community. some members of the metro police department came together to discuss racism and policing. >> michael qawnlders shows us how officers are aiming to earn their trust. >> merry christmas, rascal. >> reporter: roach, as he likes to be called is a familiar face up and down the street. >> police are super aggressive. they're terrorizing the community. when i see the police, i get scared. >> reporter: he feels it's way many people do across the country. >> there are people who live in our community, and who grew up where police were involved in this type of behavior, where police were enforcing jim crow laws. >> reporter: d.c. police took its command staff to the national museum of african american history and culture. the goal was to get a better understanding of the deep
5:31 pm
rooted issues which still between the police and black community. >> when they have an automatic distrust of the police, it's completely understandable. that's something we have to overcome. >> why now, out of all times, why is it important to have that conversation? >> i think it's important, one in light of the national narrative that's kind of going on in policing, although that may not be the story here in washington, d.c., with our police department specifically, it's a part of the national narrative that's going on in law enforcement. >> reporter: officers ended up right here at ben's chili bowl today, where they listened to a private conversation. ben's ben's was one of the only places during the riot where police officers took a break. >> coming in with a bottle
5:32 pm
saying can i ge cheeseburger? >> i think i can only control what's going on here in washington, d.c. we have been able to build a very good relationship with our community. >> treat somebody how you want to be treated man. >> reporter: michael quander, wusa9. >> a couple of recruit classes have also toured the museum. our discussion on race is going to continue tonight. wusa9 will be live at that town hall, we told you about just a moment ago. we're going to take you inside tonight on off script at 7:00, and we're going to have community reaction to the recent racially motivated incidents in our area. there were two empty seats at a milestone celebration today, and that's because two teens were shot and killed the night before their high school graduation.
5:33 pm
artem zibe najjar were found shot to death in a car. the school recognized those young men. the principal said they were excellent students and had a positive impact on those around them. right now, d.c. metropolitan police need your help identifying this person involved in an assault on riggs road northwest. but the video,s as you can see, it's pretty poor quality. this happened on may 7, just before 9:00, if you have information, contact crimestoppers of washington, d.c. now to the sexual assault trial of comedian bill cosby. today, the accuser took the stand. andrea constand told jurors that on the night in question in 2004, cosby tried to unbutton her blouse, and touch her thigh. but constand said she looked at
5:34 pm
him as a mentor and she said she constand then cried on the stand, as she explained how she swallowed the pills that cosby allegedly gave her. cosby claims the sex between the two of them was consensual. two people have died, and dozens of people are in the hospital in central georgia from opioid overdoses in the last two days. state health officials say there is a lethal substance and some street drugs in the area of macon, 80 miles southeast of atlanta. patients reported punishing yellow pills believed to be percocet. >> this is a poison, and it acts very fast. our timetable, timeline is very tight to be able to get to these individuals, and render them aid. >> the substance in the pills has not yet been identified, but it requires massive amounts of narcan to counteract the effects.
5:35 pm
the rules are changing when the cdc is describing, anyone getting morphine equivalent, that those people also need to get naloxone. >> naloxone is there simply in case, for unforeseen reasons, the patient has a result to the medication that becomes drowsy, and they can get them in for evaluation. >> while it only applies to large prescriptions of opioids, there are exceptions. still ahead, the clooney twins are here. see what george and amal named their kids, and if their traditional names have a hidden meaning. >> plus, talk about a big pr
5:36 pm
fail. what a minor league team said after it promoted hour glass appreciation day. >> what? >> that's coming up next. >> a beautiful evening, it's going to lead to a very nice comfortable night. lows 62 downtown. but most of the burbs in the 50s. 56 in hagerstown. 51 in cumberland. we'll come back down. a yellow alert for tomorrow. we'll explain why. tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies
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and the wall street banks i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia
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that works for everyone. well, they're lives have changed forever right? george and amal are parents. why do we write george and amal? amall is the one that did all the work. >> amal and george -- >> thank you. >> is what the statement wrote. welcomed alexander into their lives. george is sedated and should recover in a few days. >> they used the first children for both of them. they have not said if there is a special meaning behind the
5:40 pm
names of their son and daughter, but surely, they right? >> another set of famous twins are due soon. beyonce and jay z's twins. >> there are reports they made the decision to prevent the 5- year-old from being jealous of the twins. the couple is spending $1,000 on a nurse outfit for blue ivy to wear in the delivery room, so she can watch the magical family moment. >> so all of you judgeys. the film's director, patty jenkins already has her eye on the next movie in the franchise. no confirmation of a follow-up on warner brother's end, but the critical acclaims from the original probably make it a safe bet. when you see some of the movies
5:41 pm
they've done sequels to, they're probably going to the current wonder woman is set in world war i era europe. >> and she was 5 months pregnant. total like beast mode, yeah. let's start off by saying this is a bad idea. just bad. minor league baseball team came up with a new promotion. you should always run these by people. it's called hour glass appreciation night. >> they come up with a lot of stuff in the minor leagues. the ogden raptors. you've never heard of them. they're a class a affiliate of the dodgers, they've since deleted the release. since august is the 8th month of the year, and an 8 looks similar to an hour glass, be there a better way to remind people that baseball needs no clock and to feature 8 hour glass shaped color commentators. what were you thinking? >> the team president released a statement today saying, well
5:42 pm
it was release was made public. okay, they regret the release was made public, and that it was not approved by management and they apologize to anyone who was offended. >> they should have instead, come out with a one line statement, that was dumb. the end. so a real life yogi bear exists. a bear in alaska wanders on a golf course, plays with a flag, interrupts the game, then jacks some dude's lunch, right out of the golf bag. they were throwing stuff at him too. he was like peace y'all. >> where were his manners? look at . that here's another story that's got people talking, banned because she looks like a boy. you're going to see the big names defending a girl's soccer team after it was kicked out of a tournament because someone thought a player was a boy.
5:43 pm
>> and james cordon on the streets of london as poppins. we're going to show you what
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the host for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice. creating jobs foreaner, reliour veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. an d now, dominion energy i s investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping
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power the companies that power our economy.
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♪[ music ] and who's that happy fellow right there? that's james cordon, dressed as mary poppins. the host of the late, late show is doing his program in london for the next three nights. >> so this is all part of a sketch that's going to air on the show called crosswalk, the musical. >> no other show has ever traveled internationally like this late night tv shows has ever brought their tv show to london in this manner. so you know, i'm very humbled by it. i'm occasionally overwhelmed by it. ♪ [ music ] >> that was one of my favorite carpool karaokes. london, by the way is cordon's hometown. expect to see a carpool karaoke, and perhaps a visit from his parents.
5:47 pm
>> you can see across the pond at 12:30, after colbert and after news at 11:00. joe biden will speak at a retreat, hosted by former presidential candidate mitt romney. high profile presidential candidates normally attend. biden launched a political action committee last week, but a spokesperson for biden says this weekend's engagement has nothing to do with that. and that the former vp is committed to bipartisanship. president trump says he plans to keep tweeting away. there have been reports that white house aides were discussing plans to have the president's messages vetted while president trump was hammering away once again on twitter this morning, tweeting the fake mainstream media is working hard to try to get me not to use social media. they hate that i can get the honest, and unfiltered message out. he followed that up, sorry
5:48 pm
folks, if i would have relied washington times, i would have had zero chance of winning the white house. a handful of bars are opening when james comey testified before a senate committee. shaw's tavern is calling the event, comey hearing convfefe. and wb's irish pub is offering something called a covfefe tour. >> too bad it's not tomorrow. a yellow weather alert. nothing heavy or severe. just nuance showers, and quite frankly, a little dreary. 75, winds are still north-
5:49 pm
northwest at that really improved our day. we started off with some clouds, a lig fall by the river, and really a nice day. humidity at 41%. that's pretty comfortable. for tonight, clouds return late. could see a shower by dawn. but no worries if you're trying to take a walk after dinner, no worries about that. bus stop cam, kind of cool, 54, to 56. showers possible, a little drizzle possible, and yes, the commute will be wet for some. thus, yellow weather alert wednesday for showers and criesle. i think we'll have just a couple of showers in the afternoon. a nice recovery on thursday. what adam was talking about, a beautiful day. high temperatures back near 75. still cool, but we're going in the right direction. 71 tomorrow. 74 on thursday. then 82 on friday, which is average. 82 will come with sunshine. then 88 on saturday. almost hot. then boom. here comes the heat wave. 92 on sunday. it looks like we're going to remain in the 90s at least through next wednesday of next
5:50 pm
week. possibly, week. all right, 10:00 tonight. clouds aren't here yet. they're kind of sneaking down 95 here. they're into baltimore. 69 downtown. 64 in manassas. and 66 in fairfax. by morning, they overspread most of the area and you see the green there. light showers and drizzle. 58 in leesburg, and 60 in la plata. if you're headed up towards baltimore, you will have a wet commute no doubt. if you're coming in from 66, and you're an early commuter, about 3/4 of your commute will be dry. by 9:00, the showers move further west. now to hagerstown, already to martinsberg, winchester, into culpepper. temps are barely moving. we get this northeast flow. 58 in gaithersburg. 63 downtown. by 1:00, most of the showers west of us. by 6:00, even a few breaks in prince george's county. maybe a left over shower leesburg west, but nothing heavy.
5:51 pm
then linger. temperatures still comfortable in the 50s and 60s. for tonight, becoming mostly cloudy. comfortable, a late shower or drizzle possible. 54 to 64. northwest winds are our friend. the drier wind northwest, turning northeasterly at 10:00, never a good sign for us. that will keep us in the clouds tomorrow. low 60s, mid-60s, 11:00. 67 at 1:00, also dry. most of the showers between about 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. then look. pleasant on thursday. 74, and really nice on friday. warmer and 82. the next seven days, saturday, we're going to call it close to hot. upper 80s, low 90s monday and tuesday of next week. and that's in town for much of next week too. feel like kicking something? this is for you. soccer's biggest stars are speaking publicly after an entire girl's team got benched
5:52 pm
because somebody thought one of the er >> this is just a crazy story. the 8-year-old and her friends were disqualified from a weekend tournament in nebraska. >> confused parents of a nebraska girls youth soccer team gathered monday evening, trying to figure out how tournament officials allegedly mistook one of their players for a boy. >> my brother, he says it's only because the looks. like when they look at me, they think i am a boy, but i am really not. >> reporter: her team was disqualified from a weekend tournament, after organizers told the coach, she was listed as a boy on the roster. >> we had our insurance card, and we had a paper from when she was 5, and it said that female on both of them. >> reporter: a report in the omaha world herald, said someone first alerted officials
5:53 pm
they believed milley was a bo girl's roster is a violation of tournament rules. they did this to a little girl, her coach said. there's no way to justify the mistake. in a statement, the nebraska state soccer association says while they did not oversee the tournament, we recognize our core values were simply not present, and we apologize. this needs to be a learning moment for everyone involved. somer soccer's biggest female stars showed support for hernandez, including world cup winner, mia hamm, and abby words wombach. we reached out to the organizers of the soccer club, but did not receive a reply. we are told other members on the team want to cut their hair in support of their teammate, but they are awaiting permission from their parents. >> all right milley, keep going. despite the disappointment, she
5:54 pm
says she's going play soccer and the mom of a daughter who plays soccer, i say go for it. >> she needs to go out there and beat them all. coming up at 6:00, more fallout from a heated tin in maryland. >> we'll show you just how much police can learn about you by tracking your phone. >> and we want to hear your story ideas. you got something simmering,
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5:57 pm
send us an email. the supreme court has agreed to hear a major case on privacy rights in the digital age. the justices are going to hear an appeal from a serial robber who maintains that police unlawfully used his cell phone records to get a conviction. >> reporter: if the cops wants to know where you've been, they can just ask your cell phone company. once they have that information, they know where you've been, where you're going, and even who your friends could be. >> cops use it to track down suspects. i was caught -- he was caught on surveillance video leaving the store. sometimes information can be used to find missing people. the data cops get from cell
5:58 pm
phone companies could have lot more to it. in many cases, they don't even need a warrant. >> we know a lot of information about people is swept up in bulk collections. >> reporter: bulk collections means they get everybody, and use it where it's relative later. >> when you're sleeping. when you're going to church, or not going to church. what grocery store reyou' going to. it allows people to really find out a lot of information about you. >> reporter: cops could find out a lot more about your life than would be relevant to an investigation. >> that is really interesting. >> reporter: the supreme court is set to decide if getting all of this information is so invasive that it qualifies as an invasion of privacy, if it is, the cops will need a warrant to get it. police departments we spoke to wouldn't talk about what they
5:59 pm
get, or how they but in arizona, they don't need a warrant. depending on how the supreme court rule it's, that could change. >> the cell phone case will be heard during the supreme court's next term, which begins the first monday in october. right now at 6:00, emotions run hot at a meeting designed to address concerns about hate and racism. every day heros. a man who suffered a heart attack meets the medics who saved his life. plus, soccer phenom. we'll introduce you to a teenager who's getting her kicks in the pros straight out of high school. an anti-hate resolution has packed some raw emotion. we're about to show you everything from tears to a councilman shouting. scott broom is joining us from annapolis to tell us more. >> reporter: it wasn't just not
6:00 pm
normal, it was i'm going to start you off by sort of walking you through a couple of key moments. let's start with councilmember pete smith. he was the author of this anti- hate legislation. he is a marine in real life. he's a tough guy, but he had the guts last night to cry in public as he talked about a racial attack in his family 25 years ago. >> my stepfather, he was a janitor at a high school and there were three individuals and they literally beat him with a shovel on the third floor. i remember him calling my mother telling her to open the door. i tell you that because racism is ugly. >> it's incumbent on us as elected officials to take the


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