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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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immediate metro area without any real problems. then if you change and have plans to go out tonight, you may have heavy downpours between 7:00 and 9:00. in fact, the risks, strong storms high, hail low, heavy downpours, high, and damaging winds low, not so concerned about that. our main thing we're concerned about now is street flooding at a moderate to high risk. we'll come back and talk about saturday. we had issued another yellow alert for saturday. you can cut your grass, play golf and softball. we have some breaking news, a few people have been injured after a u.s. navy ship crashed with another vessel near japan. now, the video you see right now is some old footage of the uss fitzgerald, the american ship involved. the destroyer has taken on water and can't move, but officials say it will not sink. more than 300 people are on board. the japanese coast guard is on its way to help.
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steve scalise's condition is improving tonight. he remains in critical condition. scalise was shot, as you know, on wednesday morning when a gunman opened fire on that republican team's baseball practice. the doctor says he was in imminent risk of death when he was rushed to the hospital. after multiple surgeries he has a very got possibility of an excellent recovery. >> he has been sedated but we have been able to turn down that sedation enough for him to respond to his family members and he clearly knows that they're there, and appreciates their presence. >> doctors say the bullet enter scalise's left hip, and tore through his pelvis, breaking bones, injuring organs and causing severe bleeding. doctors say scalise faces additional surgeries, a long hospital stay and then extensive rehabilitation. alexandria baseball field where the shooting took place remains blocked off to the public. it's a crime scene right now. the fbi says it hopes to release the scene to
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meanwhile, we're learning more today about the gunman's final hours in that very same neighborhood before his shooting annual page and what might have sent him off -- rampage and what might have set him off. >> reporter: what might have provoked james hodgkinson to pick up a loaded rifle, come out to this baseball field and begin firing. there's a man who works nearby who wishes he had a clue about what was going to happen. >> it was way over the top. it made me step back. >> reporter: chris doberman had a disturbing conversation with james hodgkinson the morning before the illinois man opened fire on congressmen practicing at the baseball field a few blocks away. >> i wish there was some more clue that i would have had that stopped this. i kind of feel just strange. >> reporter: doberman is the manager and a mechanic at del rey service center. around 10:00 a.m. tuesday, hodgkinson asked doberman to check the air pressure
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>> he brought up that he owned a home pest control service. and i said, oh, that's nice. i would like to work for myself. i work six days a week. and he just came out with trump. that trump, that expletive, he used a bad word describing trump, and he said this guy has ruined our democracy. he's worst. he's the biggest [ expletive ] that we have had in this country. >> reporter: hodgkinson exhibited none of that hate. >> always when he come, he say hi, how are you, and pay for food and left. >> reporter: hodgkinson had been coming into lunch every day for the past three weeks, but for the first time on tuesday, he stayed and ate at this booth. >> did he ever strike up a conversation? >> no this day they have told me that the food is good e
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told me the food is good and he liked the food. >> reporter: hodgkinson offered no clue what about he was thinking. >> he didn't say i'll kill trump. there's a lot of people that have personal feelings but not going out shooting people. i feel a little guilty. >> reporter: do you think you could have lit a spark, is that what you're saying. >> by me saying i work 6 days a week. i thought about it. did that guy plan on doing this the next day or just by you know, me bringing up six days a week, it's just really sad. very sad. >> reporter: investigators have been combing over this baseball field for the last couple of days looking for bullets, which i'm told flew everywhere. kind of like finding needles in hay sacks, reporting live. investigators say hodgkinson bought that rifle and handgun from licensed
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legal. to montgomery county now where police there say they are looking for two or more killers after two high school honor roll student, shadi najjar and artem ziberov were gunned down the night before they were to graduate last week. debra alfarone talked to police and broke the news to the parents of shadi najjar. >> reporter: police also say they found 30 shell casings from different weapons spread around the crime scene. at their request i showed the video of the news conference to the parents of shadi najjar and at one point, they just couldn't bear to listen anymore. >> my son was set up. my son was set up by somebody he knows. there is no information, small information, any information, little, big, whatever the size of this information, believe me, that could help. you know what makes me more
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are on the loose. and they're going to strike again. they're going to strike your friend, they're going to strike your family. they're going to strike your kid. and then you know how our family feels. because we are the one who lost our loved one, and we are in a lot of pain. and we are never going to heal for years to come. >> reporter: police say someone knows something, the najjar says they believe that too. hundreds are coming out tonight at 7:30 remember artem ziberov and shadi najjar. in germantown, debra alfarone, wusa 9. and many najjar says the reward leading to an arrest and conviction has just been increased to $20,000. a minnesota police officer has been acquitted in the shooting death of a black driver. officer jeronimo yanez faced
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death of philando castile. castile's girlfriend took a video right after it happened. and her video went viral last july. the officer's attorney said his client feels justified about the ruling because castile was carrying a gun. he had a permit to do so. the police officer yanez says he will be dismissed. still no verdict in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. jurors have deliberated more than 45 hours. that's about as long as the prosecution and defense took to present their cases combined. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a woman named andrea constand back in 2004. jurors told the judge yesterday they were deadlocked but he ordered them to keep going. president donald trump appears to confirm on twitter today that he's under investigation by the special council for possible obstruction of justice. robert mueller heading the
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possible collusion between the trump campaign and moscow. this morning the president tweeted i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt. the tweet appears to refer not to mueller but rather to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. it was rosenstein who delivered a letter critical of james comey's actions as fbi director before president trump fired comey. it was rosenstein who named mueller as special council to take over the russian probe. >> it certainly sounds like the president is adding rod rosen seen to the enemy list, as well as mueller and comey. >> some democrats in congress are concerned the president with his tweets may be trying to make a case for his firing rosenstein and special council mueller. the justice department says deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is prepared to recuse himself from the investigation if it becomes necessar
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still with me on this, mueller would then report to associate attorney general rachel brand: she's the number three person at doj. attorney general jeff sessions has recused himself from his investigation due to his ties to the trump campaign. today's announcement that amazon is buying whole foods is sending shock waves through the retail world. the $13.4 billion sale marks amazon's most ambitious push yet into the grocery industry and after this news, shares of whole foods shot up 27%. amazon rose more than 3%. stock in other major retailers including target, wal-mart, and costco all fell sharply. now, the deal still has to be approved by both whole foods shareholders and regulators. there are more than 460 whole food stores in the united states, canada, and great britain, and with total sales a whopping $16 billion
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amazon has been looking to expand beyond online retail, it is slowly building a national chain of physical books and electronics stores. it launched a grocery store delivery service called amazon fresh and it's opened a convenience store with no cashiers in seattle called amazon go. coming up next, much needed help is on the way for surviving victims of the mass,
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in london today, protests broke out over the massive apartments fire earlier this week. at least 30 people died and officials say there are still dozens of people still missing. prime minister theresa may outlined a $6 million fund to help victims find new homes and get back on their feet. the protests started because many people think the help should have come sooner. former german leader
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helped bring an end to the cold war has died. he served as chancellor for 16 years from 1982 to 1998 for west germany and a unified germany after the fall of the berlin wall in 199. the country had been divided into east and west after the second world war. george hw bush called cole a true friend of freedom, cole was 87 years old. coming up, a woman turns to social media to help find a stolen wedding dress. up next, why some day soon, the only thing you may need to pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites.
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take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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pro tip: gianraspberries for prices on produce. john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. ment next time you fly out of reagan national airport, your face may be the only thing you need to board the flight. some airlines are testing facial recognition. >> some people are concerned it could violate a person's privacy. >> so you can board without presenting your boarding pass, or other travel documents. >> this is a trial of facial recognition technology by u.s. customs and jet blue. the airline wants to see
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faster. >> you're just going to walk up and take a picture and that's it. it amazing me the technology. >> reporter: the technology is supposed to be quick, snaps a photo, compares it to a government data base of passport pictures, if you're approved you can go. >> and delta is right at the front of this. >> reporter: we were there as delta senior vice president gareth tested a bag drop. passengers would be able to check luggage without an employee testing their identity. >> you can literally go from your curb to plane without having to interact with a human being if you so desire. >> reporter: even as the technology speeds passengers through the airport. >> pretty fast. >> reporter: some fear it's moving too fast. >> implementation of the use of biomet tricks needs to be scrutinized closely. >> reporter: jeremy sc
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the electronic privacy information center worries about use of personal identifiers that cannot be changed. >> as we consolidate biomet trick data -- biometric, those data bases will be targets and the risk of breaches increases greatly. >> reporter: u.s. border protection says it is not using the devices to store pictures of u.s. citizens and privacy is a priority. kris van cleave, cbs news, boston. after those long lines at security check points, they're not going to get longer because they're not going to do the testing there. the tsa is not testing facial recognition at those lines but they are trying finger prints. a woman's plea for the safe return of an irreplaceable wedding dress has gone viral on social media. she planned to wear the dress in september, her grandmother wore it and her mom also wore it. so marissa picked up her
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when she went to get it out of her car outside her des moines, iowa, apartment complex, it was gone. >> it was going to be the spotlight of our wedding, my something old and i was really excited to wear it. i'll probably be able to find another dress that i'll love and look beautiful on but it's not going to have that same meaning. if it doesn't come back, it doesn't come back, and we'll make new traditions to pass on, but i'm hopeful it comes back. >> well, marissa's emotional plea on facebook for her dress to be returned has exploded. it has more than 7000 shares. people are really trying to help her get that priceless thing back. police are also searching for whoever swiped from her car. my long time friends, the clouds look ominous, should we be concerned for the weekend. so poetic, isn't he, he's
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poet and doesn't know it. we'll be able to do stuff. we have a yellow weather alert. it's not going to rain continuously. you'll be able to get some stuff down. >> a live look outside. it's 83 right now. dew points in the low 70s. so it is generating a heat index of about 87. a little bit on the muggy side. here's the radar, inside the beltway, still pretty much dry. heading out route 7, 50, interstate 66, you're going to get into a moderate rainfall. nothing super heavy just yet. i think as this begins to lift norseward overnight or later tonight with the front, we're going to see heavy downpours before it's said and done. a pretty good range from hagerstown, to hancock, berkeley springs, no warnings on those storms. heavy downpours and we're tracking this. this is moving painfully slowly to the north and east. i think it will cross over 95 by 8:00 and 9:00. last time we were with you, it was not to 50. it's no
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toward sterling and eventually cross the river into potomac and darnsdown by 7:23 tonight. yellow alert tonight and through tomorrow. not a continuous event. heavier severe storms tonight, should be done by 9:00 or 10:00. main threat, heavy downpours, flooding. father's day is going to be hot, and primarily late storms. 75% of the day you'll be fine on sunday. just kind of hot for dad. 70s to start. maybe a thunderstorm by 1:00, 82. probably a little later than that as we get into saturday afternoon. sunday, late storms, 92. storms monday, maybe by lunchtime. 88. prepare for a slow ride home monday night. on the commute. early shower on tuesday, and summer arrives wednesday. it's going to feel like summer thursday and friday. first full day of summer. low 90s and matt's in
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now, wusa 9 game on sports, with frank hanrahan, brought to you by xfinity. pretty cool to see a local kid play ball, and it was yesterday, and now 19-year-old markelle fultz is ready to start living the day as a top selection likely in next week's nba draft. now, i got a chance to check out one of markelle's work outs at his old school. down to earth, very humble, but he told me he's also very focused on the job that is about to pay him a lot of money. >> i thought i could be a
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a long time ago, but i thought they would be trying to make a joke out of me. my mind is always to be the number one pick. if someone told me that a long time ago, i probably wouldn't have believed them. in my head, that was my goal, and i put in a lot of work, and got a chance to be a number one pick. it's truly a blessing. >> if you blinked, you may have missed it last night. bryce harper's home run off the mets in the first inning was a first for bryce. fastest home run for him ever to leave the ball mark at 116 miles per hour, according to to stat cast, that is new analytics, that ball got out in a hurry, as the broadcasters say. tonight for the nationals. the man recycley fowler, the -- the ricky fowler, the second round of the u.s. open. how would he top that uncut day. how about sinking a lengthy putt from just off the green. ricky getting to 9
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sports producer, put the hex on fowler saying he was playing perfect u.s. open golf. after 28 holes has his first bogey of the tourney, and has bogeyed 3 straight at 6 under par. >> bryce harper, he launched that home run. >> 116 miles per hour. >> did he put a special speedometer on it. >> i don't know how they do that. you've got a gift for the fathers here. >> i do. >> i mean, it's going to be hot, don't get me wrong. it's not going to rain all day on father's day. >> it's not going to rain tomorrow either, scattered showers and storms. low 90s on sunday. showers and storms on monday. a cold front goes through it and clears us out by tuesday, and we're into the low 90s latefection week. >> we'll take it. that's wusa 9 at six. cbs is next. >> first
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>> pelley: collision at sea. between the u.s. destroyer "fitzgerald" and a merchant ship. the naasvy h made an urgent call for assistance. also tonight, from inside syria, american doctors volunteer to save the victims of the war. the president says the special prosecutor is investigating him for firing the f.b.i. director. she was charged with manslaughter for a series of texts urging her boyfriend to take his life. >> this court now finds you guilty. >> pelley: and steve hartman with some thoughts about hard-ball politics. >> reporter: i would argue that everything congress needs to know to fix our political acrimony, they already learned in little league.


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