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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 22, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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are moments gained with excedrin. sfx [heartbeat] captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is june, 22nd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." tropical storm cindy slams into the gulf coast. powerful flooding, storm surge and possible tornadoes. senate republicans are just hours away from revealing their secret health care bill. new details about what it means for your coverage. plus the largest peacetime project in military history. we'll take you to the air base in south korea where forces say they're ready to fight tonight. and diehard surfers thrive diving into the darkness. why they like to dive at night and the rif,
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encounters. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i've never seen this kind of water from a tcaropil depression. >> mother nature is not kind to us when she's here. >> tropical storm cindy hammers the gulf coast. >> it's a big, big water maker. a lot of rain. >> watch the system slowlyn tur northward. also moving into the mid south and into ohio. >> it was everywhere. it was crazy. >> federal prosecutors have charged a canadian man in the stabbing of a police officer in flinl flint, michigan. >> we're looking into this as an act of terrorism. >> republi pcanslan to unveil a health care bill to replace the affordable care act this morning. >> the process has been a shameful combination of secrecy and speed. >> if we came to you and said you're going to h
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you're going to pay nothing, they'd vote against it, folks. ail p wotas forced to eject from an f-16 fighter jet after it caught fire. >> the capitol hill police. they want to force it. if you're going to blow your fingers off with fireworks do it on the third. >> on "cbs this morning." you know what? also we do is win, win, win. we won last night. >> democrats are now 0 for 4 on special elections this year. >> when is there not an
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there is also an election here. you love elections. the only thing youlove more than elections is moaning about the outcome of elections. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." a deadly tropical storm made land fall this morning along the gulf coast. tropical storm cindy slammed into texas and louisiana. at least one death is blamed on the storm. tens of millions of americans are in cindy's path today as it moved inland. the massive storm stretching from texas to florida is pushing noerkt and east. maximum sustained winds are up to 40 miles an hour. >> heavy downpours could trigger flash floods. several inches of rain have already pounded the south. david begnaud is many the
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in biloxi, mississippi, where rain has been falling. >> reporter: get this. we're 300 miles east where this tropical storm made landfall overnight. the weather service told us don't focus on the landfall. the tropical storm will bo to the east and they're right. where we're standing they got up to and over 11 inches of rain. but guess what? 100 miles east they're also feeling the effects of this storm. the rain from tropical storm cindy continues to be relentless across parts of the gulf coast, bringing with it rising floodwater in low lying areas. this deadly storm has already dumped several inches causing flash flooding and storm surge from texas to florida. in fort morgan, alabama, a 10-year-old boy on vacation with his family was killed when he was struck by this giant log that was lifted up by a large wave.
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caps crashed ashore as people waited for the biggest bands to roll through. several waterspouts were spotted off the florida coast panhandle and in southern michigan, storm fueled twisters are blamed for the destruction in this neighborhood. in ft. walton beach, florida, another tornado tore up a ball feet and brought down this tree that destroyed a truck. >> i am exclusively not one at a loss for words, but i am now. i can't get over this. >> reorter: miles north a storm ripped through alabama tearing a roof from a home and smashing an suv. >> i'm glad nobody got hurt. the damage to the house, stuff can be replaced. >> reporter: get a look at the video of the waves crashing along the biloxi pier not far from where we
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again, this is where that 10-year-old boy died in blame. people have been warned to stay out of water. there are dangers you aren't even able to see. charlie, the good news is the storms have down graded, the winds have weakened. it could become a tropical depression as it makes a turn into arkansas. >> david, thanks. we'll continue to monitor the storm as it pushes further inland. reservoirs are being drained in tennessee and alabama to get ready for the runoff from cindy's drenching rain. investigators say a man who is accused of stabbing an officer in flint, michigan, has a hatred of the united states. the "flinl journal" reports ftouhi is a dual citizen of canada and tunisia. he has lived in montreal for ten years and has three kids. the fbi
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stabbing as an act of terrorism. demarco morgan is in flint where the stabbing took place. demarco, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. investigators believe amor ftouhi was a lone wolf, meaning he acted alone. >> somebody approached me with a large hunting knife. >> reporter: according to investigators ftouhi ambushed lieutenant jeff anevelle at the airport in flint michigan. >> reporter: officials say he fought ftouhi off while others and airport safety chris miller ganed control of the suspect. >> lieutenant
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stopped fight until i handcuffed this person. >> reporter: the fbi said 52-year-old ftouhi traveled legally crossing over the border in lake champlain in upstate new york. according to the complaint filed wednesday, the investigation shows cement 47 minutes at the airport before the attack. he arrived at the airport with two bags. at 9:10 he went to a stranlts on the second floor where he stayed there for about two weeks. he then entered a restroom, dropped off his bags and came out and stand neville five seconds laters. investigators say ftouhi is cooperating with the investigation and they plan to search higgs electronic devices. he is scheduled to appear before a judge sometime next week. president trump went
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last night where he celebrated his first republican victory and used his campaign style rally in april and talked about his treatment by the press. margaret brennan is at the white house with a message to his supporters. margaret, good morning. >> good morning. well, with an approval rating below 40% and his agenda challenged in washington, prime minister returned to campaign-style rhetoric in iowa, a state he won by ten points, and spent much more than the hour-long speech to upend the establishment. >> it's always trifing to leave that washington swamp. >> cheered on by more than 5,000 iowa supporters, president trump unveiled two proposals, barring new immigrants from receiving welfare and turning his breaux posed border wall in mexico into a solar panel. >> the higher it goes, the more
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it's like pretty good imagination, right? good? my idea hopefully our nation emerges from this ordeal. it was an ordeal. terrible. more unified and more determined than ever before. >> minutes later dismissed democrats. >> they're obstructionists. >> slammed journalists and downplayed the ongoing fbi probe into trump campaign associates. >> they have phony witch hunts going against me. >> he relished republican resilience in congressional election victories including south carolina and georgia. >> all we do is win, win, win. we won last night. >> there were some obvious signs of frus straugs from the president. he briefly mentioned the death of otto warmbier.
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beautiful otto. he went over there as a wonderful young boy. you see how he came back. >> president trump suggested that policy is failing. >> i wish we had a little more help with respect to north korea from china. that doesn't seem to be working out. >> charlie, the iowa rally co-incited with news that the trump campaign will host their first 2020 election fund-raiser next week at the family owned washington hotel. >> margaret, thanks. the president also promised people in iowa that senate republicans will fix their problems. iowa will have just one insurer participating in next year's obamacare marketplace. >> i hope we surprise you with a really good plan. i was talking about a plan with heart. id
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but obamacare is dead. later republican leaders will release their full health care bill to repeal and replace the obamacare act. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. nancy, good morning. >> this bill's about 200 pages. it's called a discussion draft because they can still make changes based on feedback from their members and like the house bill, it's going to do away with large swaths of obamacare including the a diggsal mandate and expense. it would not cut medicaid as quickly as the house gop version would. it would also keep obamacare protections in place for people with pre-existing conditions and the tax credits in the senate f
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individual market would be based on income, not on age like the house bill so people who have less income would get more assistance. a key piece of data that we probably won't get today is an independent analysis from the congressional budget office. you'll recall that 23 million americans would lose coverage under the house bill, so republican senators are going to want to see what the cbo has to say before they decide how to vote on this bill. so republican leader, gayle, are hoping that the ceo weighs in on monday at the latest because they want to hold a vote next week. >> thank you very much, nancy. jared kushner is back in wisconsin after his first middle east trip. the president's son-in-law met with prime minister benjamin netanyahu about peace talks. he then met with mahmoud abbas in the west
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opportunities and investments in the economy. kushner returned as to house democrats questioned why he's still holding a security clearance even though he's being investigated as part of the russian probe. isis blew up a many offing that stood for more than 840 years. mosul's great mosque is where al baghdadi declared an islamic cal fit in 2014. the terror group has a reputation for destroying historic sites. in a statement isis blamed an american air strike. a military spokesman said no coalition planes were attacking aet the time. a funeral will take place this morning for the american college student who was imprisoned in a prison in north korea for 17 months and died. otto warmbier was in a coma when he returned to
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michelle miller is in wyoming where his funeral will be held today. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. joe eun, the state department who secured otto warmbier, is attending his funeral this morning. we should note hundreds mr. file into the auditorium of the high school warmbier graduated from four years ago. >> it's like saying good-bye to a close friend. >> reporter: the last time any of otto warmbier's classmates saw him, he was addressing them as their salutatorian. >> there's also a different kind of good-bye, a farewell larger than just a good friend. >> reporter: now they're returning to pay their final respects. jay was his teammate on the soccer team. >> he cared about everybody at the school.
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has yet to rule on the cause or manner of his dechlkt warmbier was in a coma when he was flown home last week after 17 months in prison. doctors said he had severe brain damage. warmbier's family declined an autop autopsy. >> north korea is a pariah regime. they're brutal and terroristic. >> reporter: but they made it clear they hold the north korean regime responsible for his death. all around, blue flags are fluttering. a candlelight vigil was held tuesday night. his girlfriend rsh he made life all the more beautiful and i truly believe he helped me become a better human being. >> reporter: warmbier's funeral is open to the public but not to the news media. this town is h
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people. folks here say it's the kind of place where everyone knows everyone else. norah? >> very hard there. michelle, thank you so much. a nationwide manhunt is under way for a man wanted in connection with the deaths of three women in idaho. police say jared mike bollinger is a person of interest the murders. he should be considered armed and dangerous. sheriff's deputies found the bodies hidden in a shed at a home in idaho. they suffered gunshot wounds and had died some time ago. a pilot ejected from his fighter jet. the jet briefly caught fire. amateur video shows the moments after the crash. ammunition on board forced the evacuation of the airport and a o one-mile area around the crash site as a precaution. house majority whip steve
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fair condition in the hospital. he was seriously wounded last week when a gunman opened fire at a gop baseball practice. u2's bono showed support. he made a visit yesterday. one of the capitol police officers who was hurt during the attacks was back at a baseball park last night. crystal griner. there she is, all smiles. she threw the first pitch attagirl's women's banl game. >> wasn't it nice to see officer greiner? yeah. >> the best news is congressman scalise has gone from critical to fair. >> glad to hear that. prince philip was released from a london hospital after being treated overnight. the 92-year-old was treat for an infection. meanwhile prince
7:19 am
grandson prince harry is opening up about the monarchy. he told "newsweek" none of the royals wants to ascend to the throne. he said, quote s there anyone of the royal family who wants to be king or queen? i don't think so. but we'll carry out our duties at the right time. >> it's interesting to hear him say that. >> i wonder how prince charles felt when he said that. i don't think so. did you check with me? in other news, a video shows a man who runs into gun fire to save a little girl. ahead, why he p
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tens of thousands of american troops are on stand by to counter a potential attack in north korea. >> inside we'll take you inside the garrison air base to see the first line of defense for millions of people. >> you're watchicb
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ahead, the new research raising concerns about the safety of driving in
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where marijuana use is legal. you're watching "cbs this morning." we thank you for
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travis kalanick has stepped down as ceo of uber after shareholders asked that he resign. i don't know what he will do now. when most people lose their job, their backup job is going to work for uber. if you're concerned about the future -- >> wow. >> yeah. >> he >> he's going through such a tough time. some house democrats are talking about change after losing their very expensive special election in georgi
7:31 am
they're angry with minority leader nancy pelosi and the democratic leadership. >> the former speaker of the house says the party still has a chance to take control of the republicans in november 2018. her critics say pelosi is too much of a target and they need a better message for voters. here's a look at the headlines. "the new york times" has new details about the harsh techniques of terrorist suspects. one of the doctors said they had reservations about carrying out the techniques which included waterboarding. the doctors say they tried to leash the program several times but were pressured by cia officials to continue. the practices were eventually banned. castille as you know was killed last year. video released yesterday
7:32 am
very emotional exchange between reynolds and her lit 48-year-old daughter who were in the back seat of a police car. >> mom, please stop cussing and screaming because i don't want you to get shooted. >> okay. yes. >> i can keep you safe. >> it's okay. i got it, okay? i can't believe they just did that. >> the officer who shot castile was acquitted last week. i'm trying to imagine that, a little girl comforting her mother saying i can keep you safe. >> and 4 years old. missouri is suing three major companies. the three companies are accused of hiding the danger os
7:33 am
doctors overprescribed them. missouri is seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and is one o the largest laws in history. and statistics show flu shots last winter were of little help last winter. they were largely ineffect active for adults 65 and older. overall it was 42% effective. shots are prescribed for all over months. we have a look at some of the newspapers from seoul where norah o'donnell made front page news. this is the korean times with a shot of norah and the president. this is my favorite. i think it says cbs's norah o'donnell wows south korea. charlie and gayle is wondering when is she coming back
7:34 am
table. >> yeah. that's exactly what it says. i only know one word in korean. "good morning." is the reaction in south korea different than in the united states? >> it's quite similar. it was his only first big one-on-one interview. there was so much news about otto warmbier and his trip to the white house. it was interesting. everybody seemed to know my name on wednesday. >> the timing you were there. really, bravo to you. we were all in the studio applauding. >> thank you, thank you. >> we had your back. >> thank you. i should mention while we were in south korea, the u.s. military took us up by helicopter to see what's at stake in seoul. it's one of the most densely populated cities. the u.s. army gave us a
7:35 am
countering threating from the north. >> right now where the aircraft is, we're right in the center of seoul. we hitched a ride in yongsan garris garrison in a pair of black hawk helicopters. >> there are about 25 million people. it goes to the horizon. >> it's unbelievable. i mean it's more packed than new york city. >> reporter: army chief of staff says it's all within reach of kim jong-un's artillery. >> what kind of long-range damage can it do? >> a lot. it's very detuckive. >> reporter: over 108,000 could die ininitial fire and 64,000 lives could be lost if itted for one day. that's one of the reasons the military is moving its headquarters 40 mimes south
7:36 am
camp humphries. >> it removes that medial threat. >> reporter: at a sprawling 3,400 acres, humphries is the largest peace team construction project in u.s. military history with south korea picking up 90% of the bill. we landed at the air base, home of the 35th air defense artillery. >> we're doing a p.a.c. 3 missile. >> we saw them. >> reporter: how accurate is it? >> it's very accurate. very, very accurate. >> reporter: it had just a 9% success rate but he says it's now a key piece of protection. >> we're truly the first line of defense. we make decision on how to
7:37 am
escalate the conflict. >> reporter: in the face of international condemnation north korea has conducted ten missile tests this year. two of them involved solid fuel missiles which the north can launch without warning. >> why is it harder? ? it doesn't require much preparation for them to take a missile and prepare it and get it ready for launch. >> colonel rick wright took us inside where the pressure would be on to shoot down any incoming threat. >> this is the button where they would push the button to launch it. >> exactly. they can execute the air battle. >> we routinely exercise that from the phone call to actually moving them on the road to putting them up the air. >> how quickly can you do that? >> i can do that pretty fast. >> you
7:38 am
>> we practice it very routinely. >> it's interesting to hear it. they ear the front line of defense. if they have to respond in nother way, they can do that. >> it's just interesting to see the real people behind all the military stories we report and to get to meet them. >> gayle, i almost got choked up talking to them. these are the most honorable people. they seven their country away from their families sometimes and just really right there in harm's way. >> one of the most critical tests of the united states right now. >> absolutely. yep. >> you did a really nice job. >> thank you. an american aid work e rushed into a gun battle with isis to save a little girl. jamie yuccas spoke with the hero who's got three children. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he said it required very little thought. eubank actually ran
7:39 am
fire to save the child deit into the deadly assault by isis snipers. eubank told me there was no option except to save her. >> if that was my kid, i'd want somebody to try to help that kid or die trying. >> his own children are there with him. that's next on "cbs this morning." with unitedhealthcare, you can get rewarded for all kinds of things... like walking. hey, honey. dad, where's the car? thought we'd walk. he's counting steps. walk, move and earn money... goal! dad... hey, we wanna welcome everyone to the father daughter dance. look at this dad, he's got some moves! money you can use on out-of-pocket medical expenses. he's ok, yeah! unitedhealthcare
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released video shows an american aid work runs in to save a little girl. he runs a group free burma rangers. he has spent the last nine months. jamie yuccas spoke with him when he returned th the united states. she's in los angeles now. jamie? >> good morning, gayle. he won't
7:44 am
what he did was heroic. what was captured on video was lying nothing ever experienced before. as an aid worker in mosul, iraq, david you bank is use odd be being confronted by death but recently he came upon a scene that was especially horrific. >> i came upon a scene, dead women, children, guys shot in wheelchairs and then he saw something heart breaking. i saw movement. a little girl hiding under her dead mother. >> reporter: despite continues attack by isis snipers, u baeub said he had to rescue her. i thought if, i'm killed my wife and kids will understand. is
7:45 am
adventure. this is trying to save somebody. it took just 12 seconds. the little girl is safe. it's believed her entire family was killed. >> why did you do it? >> i remember scripture greatest love, he laid down his own life. when you're out of your own strength, for me, i asked god to help me. >> reporter: his wife and children choosing to be with him. his 16-year-old daughter helped comfort the girl after the rescue. >> your dad told us you said if he didn't come back, you'd understand. >> it's because we all prayed about it and imagine if it's one of your kids that was out there being shot. wouldn't you want someone else to go out there and save them. we're doing this for love. >> reporter: eubank's family of five is on break. >> what
7:46 am
here? >> i like it here because most of the time you're not worrying about isis or am i going to go outside and am i going to get shot. >> reporter: the little girl hasn't spoken since the attack. the iraqi soldiers are searching for any living relatives. if they can't find them, a local iraqi general and his wife will adopt her. >> we're not super men but we e can help. >> reporter: eubank know as what he is doing is dangerous work but as a man of faith he believes it's necessary for he and his family to continue doing it. as for the little girl, he plans to check on her when he returns to mosul. he wants to remain in her l
7:47 am
>> how incredible. >> they will be. what a guy and what an example. >> the idea that one person can make a difference. all right. uber looks for a new leader after the resignation of controversial ceo travis kalanick. ahead, melodie hobson on what the ride hailing group needs and how road rage led to a multicar crash o
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it is thursday, june 22nd, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, the deadly impact of tropical storm cindy pounding the deep south. and bad weather over the winter ruined georgia's signature crop. we're will to see how peach farmers are managing after losing more than half of their peaches. but first here is today's "eye opener" at 8:00. a deadly tropical storm made landfallng alo the gulf coast. tens of millions of americans are in cindy's path. they're knee deep. >> they're also feeling the effects of this storm. invgaestitors believe
8:01 am
was a lone wolf and he acted alone. it's been kept virtually under lock and key but it will be released the morning. with an approval rating f lower than 40%. president trump returned to campaign-style prep many iowa. >> look at the size of this ple. they'll never show the crowd. >> this is crazy. girl scouts. girl scouts can now earn a badge for cyber security. girl scouts can earn a badge for cyber security. isn't that cool? that explains why there's a mysterious $7,000 charge on your credit card for thin mints. they have no idea. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 presented by og
8:02 am
king and norah o'donnell. cindy is slamming the gulf coast. the storm is blamed for at least one death. a 10-year-old boy was hit by a giant log in the surf. some in mississippi are seeing dangerous flooding. parts of the region can see up to 15 inches of rain. >> several waterspouts were spotted off the coast of florida and mississippi. cindy is expected to move inland and drens the southeast and parts of the midwest too. david begnaud is in biloxi, mississippi, where floodwaters are expected to rise. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the threat they have been warning about. it's been really the last 48 hours. another risk is the receiver. there was a 10-year-old boy in alabama who was on vacation. he died as he was playing near the water's edge. surf pushed a
8:03 am
top of him and crushed that young boy. get this. over the last 24 hours there have been 60 tornado warnings. you might not think of tornados associated with tropical storms but they are common and they have happened from houston to florida. today we could see flash flooding in several different states from houston to memphis to pensacola. that's about 200,000 square miles that could see flash flooding. the flash floodinging is quick. it's in, it's out, you get an alert on your phone and it's gone. the good news is we could get a tropical depression. it will head east and continue its way up. >> david begnaud, thank you so much. the husband care bill would scrap the mandate.
8:04 am
affordble care act. the senate bill will not cut medicate as quickly as the house version and it also keeps projections for people with pre-exists conditions. senate majority whip john cornyn and other republicans work it ott the bill. there will be time before the possible vote next week. >> we've been talking about it for so long, everybody know as what the ideas are. we need to fly the airplane. it's been flying for seven years. we need to come in for a nice soft landing. ride hailing service uber is searching for a new leader. we reported yesterday that ceo travis kalanick has stepped aside. his departure announced last week he's taking a leave of absence. in theas
8:05 am
failed sexual harassment allegations. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> lots of sources on this one and they all confirm the same thing. the investors took control. they were not going to see the value of their investment erode. i am told it was a tough conversation. at the end of the day they were told they were not going to stop and it was in the best interest that he resign. >> he's got a huge stake in the company. >> huge stake. $7 billion. 10%, that's just to him. he has a very special class of voting shares where one of his votes is t
8:06 am
than most of the people inside of the boardroom and he'll stay on the board. >> mellody, sheryl sandberg's name as you snow from facebook keeps coming up. what are the chances realistically that you see that happening and what do they need in a new leader. >> i talked with sheryl sandberg. zero chances that she's leaving facebook. zero. i'm not expecting to see an east coast ceo drop into san francisco. they made it clear a lot of people want this job, but they also made it clear that they see this job as not one person but a team because they have so much work to do and so many positions. >> you mention nowadays the investors took control and benchmarked and flew to chicago to say,
8:07 am
who are they? >> they're a firm in silicon valley, well regardeding great repetition it. they said, you know, together, these are the steps we're going to take. what i understand is they had plant a, b, c, but they only had to go with plan a. >> is the this the lat we hear of travis or will he have a chance to come back? >> in some ways i see him as not leaves since he'll stay in the boardroom. h eels be an ongoing presence inside the company and it will be a good thing. it may be important long term for the company because he understands it inside and out. >> i would think whoever they pick going to have to get along with travis as you pointed out. >> they have to understand that's going to be hard. that makes it harder to recruit because you have t
8:08 am
may be second guessed. you have to hold yourself in that room. >> all right. mellody. that's a very interesting story. >> and apple's steve jobs and twitter's jack dorsey have come back. >> it can happen. is booming recreationial marijuana use bringing something
8:09 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by progressive, making it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. the unpredictable nature of the ocean draws many people to the waves no matter what time it is. ep>> rr:orte i'm carter evans where esteemed surfers are now hanging ten. i'm carter evans where extreme
8:10 am
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new research out this morning claims to show a l
8:14 am
crashes and legal marijuana use. the highway loss data institute looked at claims in washington, oregon, and colorado. those are states where marijuana is league. barry petersen shows us safety considers and the discrepancy of the study. he's at a pot dispensary in denver. good morning. >> good morning. three years ago colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use. they now show a link between marijuana use and increase in supporting accidents. the study is not going to be very good news. colorado led the sales with the first legalized sale of recreational marijuana in 2014 but it's not been wel
8:15 am
documented. today nhtsa reported an increase in insurance claims filed in colorado, washington, and oregon, three states where recreational marijuana is legal. >> relative to the states around it. we're seeing an increase of almost 14%. >> but those numbers do not match what the state patrol has tracked. the agency says they have seen a decrease since pot sales became legal. >> two years of data is not enough to allows us to come up with solutions. >> he played a role. >> typically you can drink one beer and drive but three, you're over the limit.
8:16 am
>> reporter: there have been related accidents. impaired driving is not even though it's that much harder to detect. >> what we're looking for is the impairment we see while speaking to drivers. >> the state of colorado and the marijuana industry are working together. it's called buzz kill. a dui will ruin your high. the state patrol hays about 17% with from marijuana yaus but they say it's a very much ongoing and very much unresolved debate. norah? >> all right, barry. thank you.
8:17 am
the peach state to show it whus the peach crop is in trouble. >> take a look at these tree. not a single good peach of any of them. aisle plain why this year's krom is increased, treer after tree, acre after acre coming up on "cbs this morning." ♪ rapunzel?! ♪ look for my c-hr. ♪ that was fun. wait till you see where we're going. introducing an all-new crossover. toyota c-hr. toyota. let's go places. that goes beyond assuming beingredients are safe...ood to knowing they are. going beyond expectations...
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beyond. natural pet food.
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fruits may notice peaches are selling for higher prices. a double whammy of unexpected weather destroyed most of the peach crops in the southeast. last month whole sale prices for a case of georgia peaches reportedly rose from $20 to $30. that's an increase of 50%. mark strassmann is at a peach farm in georgia with how they're handling things. good morning. >> good morning. take a look at how puny this thing is. it's worthless. tree after tree, orchard after orchard tells the same story. no peach is worth picking. a multi-million-dollar disaster. >> anything better than a georgia peach? >> absolutely not. that's the best there is. >> lee dickey, a fifth generation family farmer knows what a difference a year makes. this was dickey farms last year, a
8:22 am
the family's thousands acres of orchards produced millions of pounds of sweet georgia peaches. this year's crop, 2 million pounds. take this tree for instance. dickey says his peaches should be the size of a golf ball. >> you would hope to have peaches of that size on the tree. >> what do you have? >> reporter: here's why. whacky winter weather confused and then killed the crop. first unseasonably warm temperatures deprieshed the crop of chill. >> when you have a freeze, you know within a couple of days what's alive and what's dead. >> the dickey family's loss could top $5 million. gary black told us the state could lose 80% of
8:23 am
crop. >> it's relative of hundreds of millions of dollars in georgia's economy. >> i really think you're going to see a drop-off after the fourth of july and that will mean we're preparing for 2018. >> 2018. justin dixon customers want to order his peach salad this summer. the shed in atlanta has become a hoarder. we're a peach state. we have to have them. >> you grabbed a many as you can? >> yeah. yeah. you stockpile them before they're gone. >> the prime season runs june to mid-august but by early this year dickey expects to have nothing left to ship. for consumers, that could mean. georgia farmers have it bad, but in south carolina, which actually
8:24 am
that i have it worse, there is some good news. california, the country's leading peach producer has a grid job. but foodies who love a great southern peach may have to settle for a water mel p. p>> nothing like a southern peach. >> i love watermelon too. >> i do too. imagine going halfway around the world? guess what? norah o'donnell did not have to mansion that. what did you say? >> back to school. enmentry school. this is where i want to grade school. we'll have more k078ing up on "c
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 am
this is not fake video. the bbc had a dramatic glitch last night. there was a technical problem so the anchor hugh edwards sat there in silence while they fixed the problem. it took four very long minutes. one viewer tweeted esteemed edwards sitting there, quote, how i imagined the world would end. he was just sitting there. >> in my business that's painful to watch. >>
8:31 am
said it would never happen here. >> can we see the control room? it would never happen to us. yay. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the "washington post" says stephen hawking thinks time is runs out for humans on eric. he said we're running out of space. i am convinced humans need to leec leave earth. >> i'm sheer some could deliver a list of the people. >> we could ship o the colonies. britain e's papers
8:32 am
loerjs must meet a check list of standards. it cease designed to pay higher paying travelers who hesitate because they prefer fancy hotels. >> thechange chains are being sued. they're accused of selling lumber that says 4x4 but it's 3 1/ x3 1/2. who would take the time to measure -- >> size is important, right? get it right. >> size is very important in all thing, isn't it, charlie rose? >> yes, it is, as you well known. the sales price could read $1 billion.
8:33 am
2013 with two partners. diageo will buy it. way to go, george. >> that's awesome. >> who knew tell keel la was worth that much. new york tiemgs shows hoye meditation can help athletes in training. they found that players who regularly took 12 minutes showed graduator. more teenagers are choosinging to study over the summer instead of getting a job. only 3% worked lat summer.
8:34 am
"usa today" says many plan for vacation without figuring out how to pay for them. many have gone into debt. they borrow on average $1,100. the biggest mistake is putting your entire trip on credit cards. during our time, reporting our time in south korea this week. we had an opportunity to walk. i lived on one of the largest military bases in asia. yongsan. it's right in the middle of seoul. this week i visited my childhood home. >> reporter: more than 21,000 are stationed. about a third of them are residents including american servicemen and their families. >> this is in scepter of
8:35 am
>> almost right in the middle. >> reporter: more than 30 years ago. my family levered here. high mare saw the fifth proinvestigation medicine unit. >> i can't believe we found it. it has not changed at all. >> reporter: garrison commander scott peterson helped me find my house. >> it land changed by 32 years. >> >> not much. in terms of layouting location, yeah, not a lot changed. >> my best friend lived there. h duplex i live wtdmy three. it's different. there used to be a helicopter landing pap pad that i.
8:36 am
i em i'm standing by the front door with my mom and brother. who. i am. >> that was my room right there. >> reporter: even though the base is about 25 miles away from the dmz, safety was never a concern for us that it was a great place to grow up. you were safe. even though you were in the middle of a foreign country in seoul, south korea, i could ride my bike. they would say, go play. >> it's a close kmint. we're proud of it r i visits it. this is my fourth great classroom. >> 30 eyes aelg. >> this was in your
8:37 am
>> this would sbrp my classroom. >> it's virtually achallenge. 6. >> can you believe i was ten year agos in hitz classroom. >> reporter: today they uphold their delivery of being a topnotch education. >> you have a graduate who's a journalistist on vn ben. it's a great place? a great plate to live. who knows e. high, everyone. this is norah. >> this happens to be where i started my career in broadcasting, giving on camera english lessons.
8:38 am
>> voice, voice. >> for the korean educational development institute. >> see you next week. bye-bye, everybody. >> good-bye. >> good-bye. >> that's so great. >> i was hoping those tapes would never make the lute of day. >> why would you hope that? that's adorable. it shows how much you look like your darts or they look like you. >> it was neat to go back. it's important to remember. it's just just soldiers but families. that's part of the reason they're moving it on. i think it's interesting at ten years you wanted to to do this, you knew at 10 years old you ed
8:39 am
>> no. >> you wanted the be a doctor, didn't you? ee sfwl what a got frin trichlt die hard surfers hitting the waves a note. he find out why they brave the
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
michael phelps is fast, but can he outswim a shark? discovery channel says the olympic legend will kick off their shark week. >> can he outrun a shark? >> no. there is no race. th's a stupid stunt. if you want to get into. 2000 gate winded ant other wnl will ee emergency. >> he will set 11 oh pimm tick records. >> it may be a t.
8:44 am
he's having moim. >> he's own a roll. more than 500 surfers in california talking about water paddle their way to a guinness world record. they held hands in the world's largest receiver paddle-out. surfing will be an official olympic sport for the first time in the 2020 olympic games in tokyo. the big numbers can lead to congestion at some surf spots so many suggest riding the waves can am hat while ville while some are getting moon struck. >> reporter: while some are winding down their day, this crowd is just getting started.
8:45 am
>> it's awesome. you can cruise all night long. it's like dancing on the waters. >> you're not going by sight. you're going by feel. >> reporter: it's not for the faint of heart or short sighted. it may seem crazy to dive into darkness, but as i found out on my night's first civil sex. >> if it were light out here, there's bes like 100 guys. >> right now there's only a few out. >> he's one of the 35
8:46 am
around the. >> you're watching the light. >> while they're avoiding the surf lining gridlock, they're risking things. >> >> there have been a number of shark sightings. do you think about that at all? >> at night. i like to keep my feet up on a lonborg. >> you're not going to see it coming. >> that's the thing. >> reporter: night suvg isn't knew. wet suit warriors have been doing it for decades but in 2011 they got a social media board such as this.
8:47 am
he caught one of the v most vn. e fight telling gist frmgts stay on your feet. >> reporter: his right on this 30-foot monster took four yo. >> reporter: so the lights are not for you but so the sailty part-time can see where they i going question. that look is nowing care ow. he spends is his free tame building lats. they'll watch me
8:48 am
>> rate a 0i78. they may an they're making an impression. >> what do most say? >> it's like a ufo. you get to paint out there yrm. >> but at the end of the day or night, surfing is more sport than art a. ing. >> it's like halloween. >> i'll stick with my goal stick. >> and the moon is something else can 'maifr. >> for "cbs this morning" kaertd
8:49 am
even carter evans that beautiful editing. >> norah, when you weren't here, charlie shared with. is. >> charlie said he water-skis at neemt rah ahead. >> its looks like it looks there. >> i'd loev to see that. >> a >> awesome. that's a teechltz you can catch
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
norah, well done in southee ya. >> thank you so much. >> good to have you back at the table. always good when the three of us can be toechlgt that does it for
8:53 am
evening news" tonight. we
8:54 am
8:55 am
all right. good morning. we do have a few showers off to the west. and as expected, they're just falling apart a little bit. but i'm not going to rule out a few more showers west of leesburg or frederick. highs in the low 90s. the hottest day of the next seven. it's going to feel into the upper 90s. tomorrow and saturday morning, we'll have some showers and heavy rain at times. lower humidity is back by sunday. and it sticks with us all next week. we're single tracking on the green line because of a medical issue causing delays there this morning. watch out for that. that's between georgia avenue and u street. as far as traffic goes, it's doing a little bit better. that earlier issue we had on 29 in silver spring is now resolved. owe so you'll be able to move th
8:56 am
beltway. it looks like the normal ride and grind as we like to say around here. try to make your way off to work and school this morning. let's check in with marquette shepherd. in the kitchen this morning. >> i hope you're hungry. we have the food network's marcella. she's out with a new book called casa marcella. and we're making enchiladas in he great day kitchen. we'll tell you more at 9:00. plus the universal circus is in the house. and we have two amazing performers all the way from ethiopia. you can't miss it. it's going to be great. great day washington starts at 9:
8:57 am
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today we learn where to spend your summer sipping on local wine. marcella is in the great day kitchen. she's going to teach us recipes from her new cook book. >> it's thursday june 22nd and this my friends is great day washington. good morning. my name is chri
8:59 am
we're your host of great day washington. second day of summer. can you taste the rainbow? >> yes, it tastes like coffee a little bit. probably a coincidence. >> i'm so glad it's summer. i don't know what to do. it's my favorite season. >> it's one of my four favorite seasons. i like them all. but this is good. i love it. >> how diplomatic of you. starting today and every thursday, we're going to highlight great day washington's picks for the best date night destinations in maryland and virginia. so whether you're looking for an adventure with someone new in your life or looking to spice things up with your significant other, we have something for you. all right. first up, this friday, that means tomorrow for all you foodie couples. and those who love trucks. how about lunch? national eat at a food truck day. how about that? sqmple cuisines from mcpherson
9:00 am
capitol hill. you can even score a free meal if you say food truck friend at a participating dc food truck. head to our facebook page for the full list. >> food truck that sounds romantic. on saturday you can grab your popcorn, weather pending, and head to an outdoor movie screening of the classic film, moon struck in arlington virginia. the movie begins around 8:30, or sunset at pin rose square. and if it rains, wonder woman is still playing at indoor theaters. >> moon struck that's with cher right? that's a good movie. if you can't get a human date. where is this going? take man's best friend. it's pups in the park at nats park. buy your four legged friend a special discounted ticket which by the way will help the humane animal alliance. the first puppy pitch goes out at 1:35 p.m. this is good. >> sounds like a pick up spot. bring your dog if you're single and find your


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