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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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mr. trump's country club. >> nothing makes a man feel better about himself than hanging a fake magazine cover. >> he's covering his hands here because they're tiny. >> deputy white house press sec fair sarah huckabee sanders said the president is defending himself. >> the president is pushing back against people who attack him day after day after day. where's the outrage on that? >> lawmakers sought once again to distant themselves. >> i don't think that's an appropriate comment. what we're trying to do around here is improve the tone and civility of the debate and this obviously doesn't help do that. >> i think it's blatantly sexist, i don't know that there's any question about this. >> i'm tired of hearing disappointed and disturbed it's time somebody looked at him and said listen you crazy lunatic 70-year-old man baby stop
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united states, the commander in chief, and you need to stop acting like a mean girl. >> msnbc issued a statement that said it's a sad day for america when the president spends his time bullying, lying, and with petty personal attacks instead of doing his job. >> then there's this from republicans on capitol hill, senator lindsey graham tweeted mr. president your tweet went beneath the office and represents what's wrong with american politics not the greatness of america. another said we must treat one another with decency and respect. the controversial travel ban goes into effect tonight at 8:00 under the executive order people from six mostly muslim countries will be denied visas unless they can show close family
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business ties to the u.s. libya, somalia, sudan, and yemen. it's been tied up in the courts for months. the supreme court reinstated the bulk of it earlier this week and later this year the supreme court will consider whether the ban is constitutional. >> stay off the tracks, that is the message a virginia family is sending out like a train whistle tonight after a 13-year-old was killed by a virginia railway express train. she was walking on a bridge on wednesday over bull run near cliffton and we talked to her family. >> reporter: she was killed on a bridge just up from here. her cousin says the two of them had almost no warning that the train was coming. she could not out run it and she was too terrified to jump to the other track. [ indiscernible ]
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>> a fairfax county home filled with grief. she's convinced now that her adventure loving 13-year-old is in heaven. >> i just got the worst call in the world from my son screaming, screaming, mom, mom, she's dead. >> he wanted to talk about the worst day of his young life. >> so we were walking back all we hear is the train like the horn coming at us. >> the two 13-year-olds had walked across the railroad then turned around to come back. >> and aisle like run and we start to run and i'm like jump so i jumped to the other side of the track but she just kept running. [ singing ] >> she
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her 13 years. the world children's choir, cheerleading, lotses of other sports. >> even if a joke or if there's a way out, don't go on the tracks. >> some 4 hundred people are killed every year walking on railroad tracks. they're hoping that the message will go out from her death that perhaps will keep people off and save someone else's life. in cliffton, virginia wusa9. >> despite education enforcement and some reengineering the number of,,
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on monday the family noticed a big crack in the old boy, they called a tree service and experts said that oak could fall at any moment. the family spent the night with friends but not before notifying neighbors the tree would have to come down the next day. >> we haven't lived here for a very long time, they called their children who grew up here, and used to
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to come out and say good-bye too. >> the tree decided todd to go out on its own -- decided to go out on its own terms. it was early the next morning just hours before the tree service was supposed to arrive, a 20 ton section crashed on to the house, no one was hurt physically but neighbors are truly mourning the loss of a fine old friend. >> action heating up out at quicken loans national and so is the weather. >> topper shutt is live at the quicken loans national. >> i am staying hydrated that's really important this weekend. humidity is going to increase and temperatures will increase. you want to remember to bring this stuff to the tournament, and it's really a great event you can walk around and follow your favorite golfer it's a great venue to get this
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a professional athlete. professional golf is just kind of special to get close to the athletes. what should you bring? of course before you come out you should put sunscreen on and that kind of king? remain hydrated, no doubt about that. but please don't forget your ticket, wear comfortable shoe, you're walking three, four, five miles. pack sunscreen, a poncho, and an umbrella, especially if you're going to go on saturday. saturday is the yellow weather alert day. future cast, 10:00 tonight boom it's 80 downtown. upper sevenths elsewhere. but it's dry and by morning we're back into the 70s and will also be dry. we'll come back and talk more about saturday being a yellow weather alert day. we'll also come back and talk about around palmer the king has a plaque out here on the third tee. he did somngethi that's never been done before and probably never will be again we'll explain. >> still ahead chaos on the highway after a truck loaded
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with pigs flipped on its side. >> caught on camera a pregnant woman gets in a car, goes after the,,
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firefighters have made a lot of progress in containing that wildfire in arizona. they've lifted an evacuation for residents in prescott. but theer
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for thousands of other families. the wildfire broke out car anded it has eaten through about 40 square miles. >> a pregnant woman took the law into her own hands when she says a man took off with her purse. take a look. the man only suffered minor injuries. this happened yesterday in a walmart parking lot in south carolina. >> i came back out here and he was with my purse and took off. i took off after him. i chased a little ways and got in the car and throwed it in gear. i was not going let him get away with it it's not right it's not fair. >> the pregnant woman is now charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the purse snatching sctuspe is also facing multiple charges tonight. >> bet he won't do it again. >> coming up he helped plan birthday party and it is has gotten
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street. now this officer's police department is cracking down on his social media post. >> and
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the d.c. department of transportation taking a closer look at some of the city's most dangerous intersections. here's what'sng
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fight the problem. >> it broke my heart when i heard that. >> reporter: she used to see traffic accidents near her job. >> there was a car that swerved around the car that had stopped just blast through. >> while she wasn't surprised to hear this stop is one of the city's high crash intersections. >> you know it's a busy part of town especially on the weekends. it's just party city. >> the d.c. department of transportation or ddot is taking an up close and personal look at intersections with high crash rates. >> sometimes there's high rates of pedestrian crashes, sometimes bicycle, sometimes just vehicle on vehicle. >> good hope road and mlk in southeast, and southern and wheeler near the prince georges county line. >> it's a combination of engineering fixes that we can
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take on as ddot sort of bad driver behavior that sometimes individuals need toe take responsibility for. and also enforcement issues. >> the city will be posting crash information on its open data website every 24 hours. as a way to keep the public informed and hopefully cut down on the number of accidents. >> i hope that that database is helpful. i'm not sure that it would be. >> no matter the method they said it's important to do something to work towards getting d.c. traffic deaths down to 0. >> anything can happen at any moment. so it breaks my heart to hear about these fatalities. >> if you want the d.c. government to look into high crash intersections in your neighborhood, who doesn't, go
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♪ >> he is so happy. earlier this week we brought you the story of a houston boy who told his mom he wanted to have a birthday party but he didn't have any friends. so with the help of a police officer with a huge social media following he got his party and a whole bunch of new friends to boot. that's not the first time the officer used the power of social media to get someone help. earlier this month he came upon this. a pregnant woman asleep on the sidewalk with a toddler on his chest. he couldn't believe what he was saying. >> at first i saw a baby stroller i didn't see anyone next to it. so i turn around and i see jessica with the girl asleep on her chest. >> i was scared that i was in trouble or something. >> it turns out jessica had fled domesticse
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and homeless and due any day. soofficer set them up at a nearby hotel. and his social media post spurred donations from around the world. people sent clothes, food, diapers, and a brand new car seat. >> it's amazing how many people stepped up to make a difference and changed this family's life. hopefully now they realize people all over the world love them. >> there's the sweet baby right there. the officer is now helping that family find a home to call their own. there is a lot of praise for this officer online. an act like this is one of the reasons my faith in humanity remains unshaken one said. another said i follow him and he's such a great example of what cops should be like. someone wrote he's the true definition of protect and serve, an angel
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>> but here's a final footnote to the story because just yesterday he took to his social media pages to announce he's no longer allowed to post photos or video while on duty. he says he's not happy with that decision but he has to respect it. >> come on. >> i know. >> in wilmer texas a big rig crashes on a highway and fell on to its side. that accident unleashed a lot of bacon running in all lanes on the ray. people had to shutdown the road -- on the roadway. they had to shutdown the road for hours. >> i guess i should sit down in time for us to talk to topper. >> it's hot out there, how are you holding up? >> it's hot but the humidity really credence in tomorrow and lasts all the way through the weekend. first thing first i want to talk about the k
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passed away recently. there's a little plaque out here, and it's history that will never i don't think be repeated. we're on number three, par three and what's amazing there's a plaque here for mr. palmer the king back in september 1986 he had not won but he had two consecutive hole in ones during the international competitions. two hole in one's consecutively. arnold we miss you. >> i don't think you'll see two consecutive hole in ones any time soon. one is pretty unusual, that's awesome. let's talk about the next four days. we have showers and thunderstorms in on saturday and we're looking okay on sunday, monday, and the 4th. i really think the stormiest day will be saturday. the hottest day looks to be monday. a live look o
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live weather cam it's a little hazy but we got spoiled by yesterday's dew points until the 40s. temperatures in the upper 80s, a couple of showers in the west. dew points popping up it feels like it's 90 out which is not a crazy heat index but it feels a little bit hotter. let's talk about temperatures, 90s are here to stay. we'll look at 90s setting up camp, friday, saturday, sunday, and for the 4th at least through tuesday. i think we hit 90 today as well. what's heading our way? we're looking at kind of a muggy night tonight, almost muggy 7:30 still in the 80s. we get into 6:00 a.m. we're down to the upper 60s and low 70s then we get into lunchtime or mid-morning wooer 80s and then lunchtime back to the 90s. we're looking at temperatures again around 90 for the next few days. and best chance for showers and thunderstorms will be on saturday. a yellow wea a
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saturday for showers and thunderstorms. just a stray storm on sunday. monday mainly dry, the 4th just an isolated storm then we get into wednesday storms west and a better chance for storms scattered throughout thursday. >> we're having a good time topper. >> fun but a little toasty. >> it is a little toasty and we are going to talk about that coming up. we're looking at ricky fowler, we're talking about a very interesting story
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now wusa9 game on
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brought to you by xfinity. >> quicken loans national the winner now is david leimer, we'll keep our eye on him. the only other thing to say about what's going on is its really hot and i like to look at my friend topper when i talk about the heat. but it's a fantastic day to spend out here at quicken loans national. the tournament that tiger brought here to us. he's not hear because of his injury and some substance abuse. but it's still a fun event to watch and keep your eye on and be a part of. the only veteran on the tour hopes to go home a back to back champ. he had some trouble on the back end of play today. then there's fan favorite ricky fowler, always captures attention in his colorful golf wear. you heard topper talk about the heat, it is hot out h
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perspective from the media tent. >> it's a lot hotter in this tent right now that's than it ever was today. i think tomorrow afternoon it will be a bit warm, over the weekend it will be but living in south florida in the summer this isn't quite what i'm used to. >> all right one of the players hopes to make a splash, mark lishman who lives in a near virginia beach, he is in the tournament right now. two years ago he was wondering whether he was going to be a single dad. his wife awed reap near nearly died after a bacterial -- his wife died after a bacterial infection. she survived and now they're expecting their third child. >> pretty exciting tim
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finish the tournament and head home and be a dad for a couple of weeks. >> you heard topper talk about the memory of around palmer's back to back hole in ones back in 1986. they'll also put up a bronze statue of around palmer this year. >> that's great. what he did. >> he's amazing. >> that's it again it's going to get hotter, more humid. high draped and come out it's a great event. >> i agree. >> go get into some air-conditioning, friends. >> cbs is next. >> we'll be back at 7:00 and i'll be back at 11:00. see you then.
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