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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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had a rifle hidden under his lab coat. they talked about their nine month wait for answers in their only interview since the shooting. >> we've been trying to be patient. and asking god to give us patience. people are rallying around us and helping us get through this. but your patience has a point to. it comes to an end. and you want to know what's going on? >> here's the story, terrence sterling was riding his motorcycle last september when dc police say that 31-year-old fort washington maryland resident rammed into their cruiser. officer brian trainer opened
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sterling did not have a weapon and officer trainer did not turn on his body camera until three minutes after the shooting. in a video, you see a second officer attempting to give sterling cpr. the shooting sparked protests and questions about what led to the use of deadly force. tonight we hear from terrence's former boss about terrence's life and what he hopes will come from his death. >> i'll leave his tools in there. i still say it's his truck. >> nine months later, terrence's work truck remains virtually untouched. still parked in the back lot where he left it. i sat down with anthony dickson at amd mechanical contractors. he was not only terrence sterling's boss he was more like a big brother. >> this story is about, you know, really finding out who terrence is outside of that horrific video. outside of the headlines. outside of, you
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washington. >> right. you know. do you hate that he has become that label? >> i think with all that's going on the if i course is really stood away interest him as a person with everything that's going on across the country. but i wish there was more attention to him. you hear about all the others. but you really don't hear about terrence. so i'm just hoping that his death won't go in vain. that a change will happen. if not across the country, at least in the city. >> you said we're not saying his name enough. we're not talking about him enough. what do we need to know about terrence sterling? >> how great he was. as a person. terrence was selfless. he would do
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up. you would never know what idid for somebody else. -- what he did for somebody else. he was not the type that went and ran and told. he came from great people. and he knew how to be a man. they taught him how to be a man. >> you would expect someone who was taught those lessons also know as a black man how to conduct yourself with police officers. >> definitely. definitely. yeah. he would definitely know that and we've discussed different things that happened across the country. and had those discussions. and you know he was always positive about what not to do. if we take the time to understand people. and stop prejudging people. we won't have these issues. but when will that ever happen? but it has to happen one person at a time. if we all do it. >> this is
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>> yes. >> you talking about the man that terrence was. >> yes. >> the soul. the kindness. the smile. you know beyond how it ended. >> yes. >> but how he lived. >> he will never be replaced. i've been trying. and i'm judging everybody that comes in my company as if they were terrence. and they never match up. and that's hard. that's me. trying to replace him. and i can't. >> wusa9. both officers involved in that case remain on paid leave. dc's attorney general carl is not commenting on the criminal investigation. the family meanwhile is suing the city and the police department for $50 million. and bruce, there's been a lot of strong reaction to the story on our social media, angela wrote quote, no drugs, no guns, no criminal background, just a hard working
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christopher's comments sparked a lot of backlash, he said if he rammed the police cruiser trying to hit the officer, then the officer had every right to shoot to defend himself. >> not every police officer is built to be a police officer, panic, fear, stress, anger rule their reasoning. and you can find delia's entire conversation with terrence sterling on our website after a hospital check up, an abandoned newborn baby is in the care of social services tonight. police are looking for the mother. the child was left on a doorstep this morning at the home of a pastor in annapolis. it was the pastor's son who first spotted the child. >> i opened the front door, and i saw a little black jacket. and i could say the baby's head sticking out of the jacket. it still had dry blood on
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the baby wasn't crying at all. it was moving his little hands and fingers. >> that poor baby. doctors say the baby is in good health. but investigators are worried about the health of the mother. they're asking anyone who might have information to please come forward. despite the criticism from all sides, president trump was back on twitter today resuming his verbal feud with the host of the morning joe. they refuted on air and in the washington post the disparaging comments trump made about them in yesterday's tweet. on their broadcast this morning she said she worried about what the president's tweets seem to reveal about him. >> yesterday was just another example of just how deeply personal he is. he attacks women. >> he's so easily played. by a cable news host. what is that saying to our allies. what is that saying to our enemies? >> the president was hi
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morning joe for the first time in a long time, fake news. president trump drew bipartisan criticism for the tweet in which he said she was bleeding badly from a facelift. she said she's never had a facelift. mr. trump tweeted that scarborough called him scarborough says that's not true. it could be a stormy start to what's a very long holiday weekend for some. meteorologist has more on the yellow weather alert. we'll have storms tomorrow. storms stretch from harrisburg to elkins now. a little lightning, down po
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we've been tracking a bunch of them though. that have slipped into northwestern frederick county through hagerstown to williams port here. the problem is they go over the same areas. some of them produce locally heavy rain. that cell just south of cumberland. a little lightning north of charlottesville is trying to lift northwest of orange. temps are still in the 80s to even around 90. we'll see temps in the 70s over night. tomorrow afternoon, yellow weather alert for showers and storms. i'll detail the timing on that and the rest of your lihoday weekend forecast in a few. all right, thanks so much, howard, coming up next, a small plane crashes and burns on one of the busiest freeways ,,
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a small plane crashes on to one of the busiest highways. the 405 freeway in orange county california. the pilot and passengers survived but suffered serious injuries. the plane just left nearby john wayne airport when the pilot lot of an engine, declared an emergency ask tried to return to the airport. shock and disbelief over the murder of a recent high school grad killed in a fit of road rage on a pennsylvania highway. tonight a man hunt is under way for her killer. 18-year-old
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the head. a camera shows her car and the pickup truck on a highway ramp before the shooting. she was found inside her vehicle that was lying in a ditch. the family obviously devastated. >> she was a good girl. honor role student looking forward to going to college. >> she's so young. and to go through something like that by herself. she had to have been pretty scared. >> she's doing this in a moving vehicle for -- just to be first in line at a merge. i just can't fathom what would bring someone to that. >> roberson was supposed to be heading to jacksonville university in florida in the fall. police are urging the shooter tonight to turn themselves in. coming up, a mother files a report after she says her son's fidget spinner burst into flames. up next the family of a popular dc
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new at 6:00 tonight, a well known dc business owner is dead. his family doing everything they can to make sure his legacy lives on. michael explains jeffrey's love for the nation's capitol and dc's love for him it's never easy losing someone you love. >> i was the first family member to arrive at the hospital and found out that he passed and that was tough. >> 74-year-old jeffrey guildenhorn died after a choking incident wednesday. his family says it's so much more. >> our brother suffered from parkinsons. >> loved ones say he's been battling the disease for three to four years and it's been hard to manage. >> he has really had choking incidents that
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in this case, he wasn't. >> his story goes back much further. he dropped out of college when his dad died to run the family liquor store business. >> he had a great sense of business and marketing and advertising. that's what he loved to do. from that business he ended up developing ten other businesses on the block. >> the native washingtoniaf is described as a man with a big heart. who was a little brash and said what he wanted. >> he loved washington so much, he wanted to change the city and make the city better. >> he ran for mayor in the 90s and though he didn't win, he always stayed politically involved. family members say his final days living with parkinsons was becoming tough, they say he went out the only way they knew he could, with food, drink, and a good time. >> you finally got that the city
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telling you, you are smiling. more than i could have ever expected. we love you. i think everybody didn't know how much they will miss you until now. >> reporting in northwest washington, michael, wusa9. >> he was a good man. his funeral will be this sunday in rockville. tonight we have a warning for parents of kids with high- tech fidget spinners, the consumer product safety commission is investigating a mother's claim her son's fidget spinner caught on fire. this is one of the blue tooth fidget spinners that lights up. and you can play music through built in speakers. she says it caught fire while it was charging. >> he noticed it burst into flames. and he started screaming. i was downstairs. all i heard was fire, fire. and the fidget spinner. it wasn't smoking, it was in
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flames. >> kimberly's son put the flaming fidget spinner out in the sink but not before it scorched a section of carpet. the alabama mom says she hasn't had luck tracking down the maker of the particular fidget spenter. so she contacted the cpsd. a phoenix couple's love story is lighting up the internet this evening. matt and laura were inseparable in preschool. he was so head over heels she declared his love -- he declared his love and told the class he was going to marry her. and they just tied the knot. they lost touch for some years. but they reconnected and fell in love again. he took her back to the same precool where they first met and dropped down on one knee and proposed. one facebook fan said this happened to him and his wife. he said he and his wife
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preschool together and now they have three little ones of their own. it may work out better at the beach tomorrow than here. if you're here tomorrow, our concern is the afternoon. the mid to late afternoon. right now we have a couple concerns well north and west. and well south and west of us. but it looks like an okay evening here, some strong thunderstorms, no warnings out of this but we've had heavy down pours. these are dynamics. sometimes they're stronger and weaker in the life span of these storms. that's what we're seeing. right now weakening some. hagerstown had some heavier stuff earlier. stitt still a wet evening from hagerstown down to west virginia. then we're seeing a little
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east/northeast at 30 miles per hour. and then also, this has had a little lightning. now it's a little weaker. with some heavier showers. we'll watch that also over the next couple hours. things should settle down after sunset. as far as the weekend. tomorrow, yellow weather alert day. looks like the most active day we're going to have with a scattered afternoon and early evening thunderstorm. some of these could be strong to severe. not bad sunday, monday, and tuesday with low 90s sunday and monday and 90 on tuesday. right now we're not 90. it feels like 94. the dew point is way up in the 60s now. thanks to the southerly winds gusting over 30 at national. some isolated activity tonight. we start out quiet on saturday in the afternoon. showers and storms form by lunch time west of i-81. this is what we'll be tracking late afternoon and evening. some of those could be on the strong side. forecast for tonight, 70 to 75 with the isolated evening shower or storm. otherwise warm and muggy. tomorrow morning, it's going to be very
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an isolated shower, but a much better chance in the afternoon for showers and storms. please stay up on the weather. we have the golf tournament. whatever plans you may have, great time to download the wusa9 app. first alert doppler there. sunday and monday, low 90s with an isolated storm here and there. on the 4th, rain chances on the low side. we'll have the nats on 9, that's an 11:00 start on tuesday. and then showers and storms much more likely by the mi ddle of the week. and that will keep temps in the 80s. all right, it's the second round of the quicken loans national. and our frank hammerhan has been there all day. >> any surprises out there today? >> well there's a little bit of a surprise as billy hurley iii, the defending champion leesburg native is trying to make the cut. he didn't have the best day out here. but was it enough to make it to the weekend? we have that next for you
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now, wusa9 game on sports with frank hammerhan. brought to you by xfinity. we are live out here at the quicken loans national at they're wrapping up day two of golf, professional golf. some of the bigger names, not the biggest, but they're out here, a good chance for fans, a pretty decent crowd out here on a friday to see some of the best players in the world go at it. on the pga tour, if you don't make it until saturday or sunday, you're not making any money. we'll get to some of the highlights. one of the bigger names here is billy hurley iii who got his career jump started last year winning
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he was okay today. he leaves short. he's dangerously short to the cut line. he wasn't happy on that one was he? one guy he's your leader. he says the course is not as easy as it looks. >> it is definitely as tough as advertised. i don't know. i'm sure you watched a lot of golf. it happens quite a bit. two round score. it ends up being pretty close to the final winning score. that's necessarily not always the case. i'm hoping to keep plugging away and making more birdies over the weekend. >> one of the really cool things in this tournament is right to my left. in fact, it's the wall for heroes where fans can come up to the wall and write messages for troops that are serving around the world. and this is cool on sunday in fact, the winner of this tournament caps it off with his very own message on the wall. >> it's
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it's wonderful when you see families and children and parents and aunts and uncles, and then you see the military guys come up. and they're just so overwhelmed with the notes of love from here. >> there's also a chance for fans to win $10,000 from quicken loans with a 90-yard shot. of course i had to take part. and sadly a bad shake. i had to yell four. i almost hit people in a tent. that shot will haunt me. i'm going the try again on sunday. it's championship sunday for me. and championship sunday for somebody at quicken loans. last the latest, back to you guys. he tried to sugar coat it. he was just awful. he rushed it. take your time, frank. that's the news at 6:00,.
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>> mason: under attack. a doctor opens fire inside a hospital where he used to work. >> i saw blood on the floor. i saw a doctor with blood on his s.hand >> mason: also tonight, a small plane crasheses in flames on a busy southern california freeway. the president's twitter feud escalates. the hosts of "morning joe"ow n accuse the white house of blackmail. americans on the move-- travel's at an all-time high with gas prices at a 12-year low. >> i love the lower price. it helps me out tremendously. glm and steve hartman's "on the road"" and in the yard where an unlikely friendship


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