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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  July 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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of a shot that will chase back there. i don't think he can fly it to the hole. ian: a long way back now for daniel berger. he has to use the slope of the green and bring it in right-left. dottie: good lie with a 6-iron. starts at the center of the green. not turning over, but a good shot. ian: 60 feet away though. dottie: left himself so far back. ian: 167 to the hole. dottie: a little breeze has come up helping and from the left. ian: a par leaves him at second. a birdie ties first.
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thinking about second. ian: no, he's got to go for it. ok, they're talking about cutting ate little bit. can he get club on ball? dottie: yes. ian: ok. oil cut 7-iron. dottie: in low. the attack was great. good line to start. ian: oh, what a shot. dottie: wonderful. bill: well, that's going to be unlucky. couldn't stop it. and goes all the way back down the slope behind the green. dottie: still not a bad miss at all. there's a chance.
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spieth hole a bunker shot here on the 7 nd hole to force a playoff. bill: that is true and he'll be going right after it. and jordan had the water to contend with because he had a bunker shot straight across the green with a pond on the other side of the flag. ian: he'll be ruing those two bogeys you mentioned. 14 and 17, the two easy holes on the back nine. bill: bryson. just staying loose. just in case. berger was once again in contention coming into the final round. and now for patrick. ian: whatever happens, patrick, it's always great experience. you learn every time
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get that first victory on tour. bill: at -- patrick grew up here in the midwest at avon, indianapolis. west of indianapolis about 250 miles. he was a two-time indiana state champion in high school. graduated third in his class. so a couple of bright guys in bryson dechambeau and patrick. of course, we talked about the special place in patrick's heart that the john deere classic holds. he first takened the tournament when he was here for a junior event as a 15-year-old. spend -- spent time with a friend walking inside the ropes. got his first sponsor's exemption here in his sophomore year at stanford. again on a sponsor's exemption. he finished tied for 15th. ian: and he has this shot to tie and force a playoff. n:
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this year at the 72nd. kevin kisner at zurich. ian: jon rahm holed one at the farmers earlier in the season. dottie: from just off the green there. ian: travelers, the first hole of sudden death, jordan, spectacular bunker shot. one of the shots of the year on the pga tour. ian: and he and mike greller have worked on their chest bumps since 2013 here. this is not an easy chip. it's sort of fluffy grass that grows into him a little bit down there and he has to pick it cleanly and land it on. dottie: i don't think he can take the chance of putting this ball into the bank. you have to go with a more predictable reaction of the golf ball once it hits the surface. ian: daniel berger just hurrying out of the way
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out of his eye line. bill: needs to go in to force a playoff. dottie: chipped in on friday at the 12th. ian: oh, good shot. bill: it has a chance. oh! ian: what a wonderful effort. bill: wow. ernie: really, really good -- ian: really, really good shot under extreme pressure. bill: and the celebration from bryson dechambeau, his breakthrough victory on the pga tour. sharing it with tim tucker, his caddie. what a moment. ian: way to go, kid. >> oh, my gosh, are you kidding me? ian: 10th first time winner on tour this
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bill: and for patrick rodgers, you know it's going to come, just not this week and he'll be left with what if. and let's go down to amanda. amanda: bryson in just your 4079 start you're officially a winner on the pga tour. what does this life changing moment mean for you? >> i don't even know right now. i've just been working so hard my whole life to try and do this and to finally have it happen at the john deere when i started pretty much a couple of years ago is incredible. i can't thank claire for what he's done, giving me an exemption for a couple of years ago. it's a great honor. amanda: you do things so differently from everybody else. do you think this win has vindicated you? >> yes, i like doing it my way and i feel comfortable doing it my way and whatever way you want to d
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it. amanda: are you ready to jump on the charlotter and held over to the open championship tonight? >> i can't believe it! amanda: he is ready. back to you. bill: let's look at the updated standings, and bryson is the 21st player to make the john deere classic their first win on the pga tour and he seized the moment, shooting 65 here in the final round. ian: and certainly a memorable experience for him and one that we'll remember here. a another great finish here. a little sad for patrick rodgers but a great effort by bryson dechambeau with the birdie at the last. bill: and here it was, the putt that woun won it for bryson dechambeau. 65 in the final round, 18 under par and he is headed across the pond.
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finally paid off. bill: so royal birkdale and the open championship, a breakthrough win for bryson dechambeau. and that was the moment he realized he was a winner on the pga tour. another exciting finish at the john dee classic. for all of us at cbs sports, thanks so much for being with us and so long from t.p.c. deere run.
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with the lowest six month approval rating of any president in decades. also tonight irans say it has locked up anotherri amecan. the state department calls for his immediate release. as wildfires rage in the west, the company that owns the world's largest firefighting plane claims federal officials are keeping it grounded. horrifying video shows two young women and a little boy being mowed down by aar c. they survived and now they're telling their story. and get ready for another o.j. simpson media circus as the fallen footbatall sr gets another shot at parole this is the "cbs weekend news."
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approve of mr. trump's job performance so far. the president's disapproval rating has jumped to 58%. the president shrugged off the poor grades with a tweet quote will abc "washington post" poll even though almost 40%, is not bad at this time. whereas just about the most inaccurate poll around election time. errol barnett has more from the weekend white house, mr. trump's golf club in new swrersee. >> reporter: protestors opposed to the u.s. women's open being held at president trump's golf course took their message to the roads of bedminister, new jersey, this weekend. >> but this morning, mr. trump thanked his supporters and accused so called fake news media of scorning his son. >> very troubling. and obviously moves our whole investigation to another level. >> reporter: donald trump, jr.'s meeting at trump tower last year which included top campaign staff and russians linked to the kremlin is being
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vice chair of the senate intelligence committee mark warner. >> i want to hear from everyone in that meeting, and get their version of the story. what we've seen is a constant effort to hide contacts with russians. we've seen this pattern repeat itself. >> reporter: the president was also dealt a setback this weekend on his wish to repeal obamacare. leader mitch mcconnell delayed an upcoming vote on the senate bill while john mccain recovers from emergency surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye. the better care act needs almost unanimous gop support which it does not yet have. >> for all republicans' complaints about the death spiral of obamacare, they don't fix it, they simply subsidize with taxpayer money which i don't agree with at all. >> this bill would make sweeping and deep cuts in the medicaid program which has been a safety net program on the books for more than 50
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>> reporter: now president trump did get some good news today in the form of a "washington post" abc news poll which found that slightly more americans agree with his handling of the economy than disagree. however, 48% strongly disapprove of his performance overall. a level never reached by mr. trump's two democratic predecessors. elaine? >> quijano: errol barn net thanks, and cbs news chief washington correspondent john dickerson joins us from washington, we see a drip drip of information on this russia collusion story. how much of a turning point were these emails released by donald trump, jr.? >> i think it was a turning point for two important reasons. first, the facts. the president's son was engaged in doing something that top officials including the vice president said no one in the campaign had done. and he even asked the question of when anyone did was offensive. so that is the first problem with the facts of the kaition. it's further complicated by the fact that this is the
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president's flesh and blood, who operates outside of the white house. so how does the white house defend somebody who they're not really, it's not their job to defend him. but where everything that happens with respect to the president's son, does have a real impact on the president and his agenda. >> quijano: well, i want to ask you about health care as well, john. senate majority leader mitch mb con el announced saturday that the senate will delay a vote on the health-care bill while senator mccain recovers from surgery. how do you think the delay will affect the bill's chances in the senate? >> well, the problem is that there is a very narrow margin that mitch mcconnell has to get. he can only lose two republicans to get this bill passed and he's got a lot more than two who have problems with it. that is not really going to be solved by more time. they may find a way to twist some arms and suffer some more goodies but we heard from rand paul today that he's not going to sign on so they can only afford to lose one more. >> quijano: john dickerson in washington for us, thanks very much. iran said today it has l
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another american on spying charges. the state department is calling for his immediate release. deborah patta has the story from our london bureau. >> reporter: although information is not exactly being forth coming from iran, this is what we do know about the foreign national found guilty of spying. iranian state media has named him as 37 year old chinese-american xi xiyow wang, a principleson university academic who was conducting historical research in iran. but officials accuse him of gathering information under the direct guidance of the u.s. and for this he has been sentenced to ten years in an iranian jail. releasing scant information about prisoners is nothing new in iran. "washington post" journalist jason rezaian was one of the most high profile u.s. citizens found guilty of espionage. after his release he described how he was
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for his jailers. >> for much of the 18 months i was in prison my iranian intergators told me that "the washington post" did not exist. that no one knew of my plight, and that the united states government would not lift a finger for my release. >> reporter: in fact, there was a global effort to free rezain culminating in his release in january 2016. rezaian was released as part of a prisoner swap during the obama presidency. the terms of the deal were criticized by then candidate trump, now it will be the trump administration that has to wrestle with exactly how to deal with this latest imprisonment, elaine? >> quijano: debra patta, thanks. flooding is still a major problem in the upper midwest. in northern illinois the fox river is expected to keep rising until tuesday. people in the area say it is the worst flooding they've seen in decades. near
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eight people were killed this weekend when a flash flood swept through a swimming hole. several others are missing. officials say they had no warning. they heard a roar and then flood waters slammed through the canyon. powerful storms damaged buildings and knocked out power across the phoenix area. dozens of wildfires continue to rage in at least ten western states. i a fire near santa barbara, california, destroyed at least 50 buildings. and now the company that owns the world's largest firefighting plane claims federal officials are keeping it grounded putting homes at risk. here is mireya villarreal. >> reporter: firefighters are using every tool, waging war on the whittier fire just north of santa barbara, california. >> a lot of uncertainty, but you're going to northbound another firefight today. >> reporter: after more than a week, this wildfire is still going strong, consuming more than 18,000 acres of land. newly releasedhc
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group of trapped campers blocked by a wall of fire. friday night the flames exploded again forcing more people to leave their homes. >> so now it's rush, rush, unpack the house because i don't know if it will be here when i get back. >> reporter: the body of the blaze has stayed hidden in the hills of -9d santa ynez mountains making it difficult for firefighters on the ground to get up close. they have re-- relied on a fleet of 16 helicopters and four fixed wing planes to make air drop as long the rugged terrain. the largest is a dc-10 that can douse flames with up to 12,000 gallons of fire spres ant. -- suppress ant but city city is the supertank err capable of dumping more than 19,000 gallons of liquid at a time. the bowing 747 was converted from a passenger plane into a fire-fighting tool. that's been used in israel and chile. in a proposed contract, the u.s. forest service
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firefighting aircraft to 5,000 gallons of suppress ant leaving global supertankers powerhouse plane grounded for now. the global supertanker did have permission to work in the u.s. on an interim permit but that recently e pired right before the start of wildfire season. elaine, the company is now filing a protest with the u.s. forest service. >> quijano: mireya villarreal, thanks. a five year old boy who survived a terrifying car accident caught on surveillance cameras may never walk again. the boy was crossing the street with his older sister and a cousin earlier this month when they were hit by a speeding car. tonight those young women are telling their story. we warn you, this video is graphic and may be difficult for some to watch. here's paul beban. >> it is a horrifying moment, two young women and a boy sent flying. >> when i saw the lights like right before my eyes, and i remember the car hitting me on my right side on my pell advice.
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old carla mendoza, you can see her in front of the car, show getting up. her 20 year old cousin jackie velasquez flung into the other lane lies crump eled unconsciousment but what you cannot see is carla's little brother jonathan pindz under the front bumper. >> i don't think i can see my cousin in the eyes, you know, because i caused her this pain. >> reporter: the three were walking home after getting ice cream and playing in the park. the women say they looked both ways and that they thought the car would stop, at the last second you can see them grab jonathan and brace for impact. >> it was so close. just missed. >> reporter: amazingly all three survived. carla and jackie are home recovering from internal injuries and broken bones but days after the accident, jonathan can't move his legs and remains in the hospital with major spinal injury. >> i feel like i caused my little brother this pain. all i want was to go out and enjoy and have fun at the park. th. >> reporter: he was set to
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his family says he will need months of therapy but they're hopeful. is he wriggling his toes and smiling, eager to go home. donations are pouring in to a go ddz fundme site to help pay for jonathan's treatment and hopefully get this beloved little boy back on his feet. people in this oakland neighborhood say this intersection is not oriously dangerous. they want the city to put up signs and flashing lights, one official says that should be a no brainer. elaine, this was not a hit and run. the driver did stop and get out and jackie and carla are wishing him well. >> quijano: terrifying video, thanks so much. this thursday o.j. simpson is due before a nevada parole board nearly nine years into a maximum 33 year sentence for armed robberiment once again, it's a legal drama drawing a lot of media attention. here's ton tony dokoupil. >> i have not had any instances despite all the stories in the tabloids. >> reporter: o.j. simpson pitched himself as a model inmate, evading trouble like tack o
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would try to be-- or would be the best prisoner they have ever had here. >> reporter: in 2013 he won parole on a portion of his charges stemming from a bungled robbery. thursday he will be eligible to win parole outright. >> you know, i'm just sorry that all of this had to happen. >> reporter: the crime that put simpson behind bars has origins in the slow speed chase that kicked off simpson's first major trial for allegedly killing nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: simpson was found not guilty. >> o.j. simpson not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: but he lost a $33.5 million wrongful death lawsuit and had to sell some of his own sport mem-- memorabilia, some of which he says was stolen. >> my crime was trying to retrieve from my from my family my own property. >> reporter: so simpson broke into a room at the palace station hotel in las vegas and tried to make off with simpson memorabilia. instead he got 33 years in prison with the possibility of
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parole after nine. >> he will have to convince the nevada board of parole commissioners that he deserves to rejoin a free world where after emmy andar osc-winning tv shows about his life, he's as famous as ever. >> you want to make this a black thing, i'm not black, i'm o swrrks. >> i thank you for your statement. >> we are going to take a look at your risk assessment. >> the board says its decision will come down to simpson's score on an 11 factor risk assessment. if he wins, simpson could go free as soon as october 1s. tony dokoupil, cbs news, new york. >> roger federer made history at wimbledon today, a few weeks short of his 36th birthday, federer became the first man to win eight wimbledon championships. and the oldest to win one in the modern era. federer's twin sons and twin daughters were on hand to help him celebrate. that's the cbs weekend news for this sunday, i'm elaine key hando in new york. for all of us at cbs news, thank you for jng
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>> sinsz is opened last septembers, but one exhibit in particular is striking a cord with visitors without described it as delicious. here again is errol barnett. >> we go through over 600 pounds of chicken a day a i hundred pounds of catfish a day, oxtail, 300 pounds. >> jerome is the executive chef at the bustling sweet home cafe, inside washington's newest museum. >> what are you still out of? >> grant, the son of a filipino mother and african american father calls sweet home cafe an edible exhibit. >> a lot of people associate african-american food with-- we are more than southern food,
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african-americans are some of the-- behind american food whether we were saves or-- we were in the kitchen, we were in the kitchens in the stable houses, we were-- help develop what american food is. >> while southern favorites like fried chicken are on the 50 item menu you will also find oysters made famous by new yorker thomas downing. >>. >> the 35 member staff serve up to 3,000 meals per day. it is an immense operation. still it is also something special. >> what did you get. >> red beans and rice, and some fish, and cornbread. >> i can't tell the difference,. >> chef grant telling the american story one plate at a
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we're so happy, but it's very bittersweet. >> she died young more than a decade ago, butler impact lives on to that -- but her impact lives on to this day. hello. i'm debra alfarone. an emotional ceremony in poolesville to honor sarah hour who was killed on her way to a swim practice in a crash. she was only 21. she touched lives and she still does. >> for sarah this pool was a training ground. it was her home away from home, a battleground on these days, a nurturing school for the youngest --


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