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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 3, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tonight -- >> how does it feel to be dating batman? >> ben affleck moves on. why it looks like his mom is staying on team jen. the surprising reason these ladies are staying close. >> remember kanye's melt down? >> please don't send them at my head. >> why he is spending
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>> a-list men in hot water with their ladies. what a-rod just said about j.lo's music. is blake lively upset about ryan's tweet about their daughters? >> parenting advice no one should take. >> then miley cyrus, her sexy photo shoots with her dad? >> it got weird. >> and how the perfect actor to play young sheldon. >>mind-blowing in some ways. >> oh, you're not so stupid now. >> now for august 2, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> is ben affleck's mother team jen while he goes public again with his new lady. >> entertaining paparazzi, jen garner is out beaming with his mom. so what's behind their bruneakable bond? we hthave e tale of who very different actors. >> ben, are you and lindsay officially a couple now? is ben your new boy? >> shutting the door on
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question, ben and new girlfriend, "snl" producer, had a date night. first an improv show. she was there to discuss talent and was the show's guest of honor. >> lucy, how does it feel to be dating batman? >> then driving two miles south to a pizza hot spot and despite the paparazzi stationed outside, ben took a midnightmo ske break outside on the sidewalk. a source tells "e.t." ben is enjoying summer with lindsay and are happy they are able to officially be a couple. where was ex, jen, when all this was going on? having an adorable picture perfect with ben's mom, chris. arm in arm laughing and even sharing sunglasses, this united front comes after more than ten years of being jen's mother-in-law. the two have several parallels when it comes to marriage. >> my father was a real alcoholic. he, you know, drank all day, drank everyday
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admitted past battles with alcohol abuse. ben's parents divorced when he was ten years old, around the same time as their daughter, violet, who is 11. a source tells "e.t." quote they have no reason to be on bad terms and ben and jen are quote doing a great job at making sure their family unit stayis healthy and strong. >> you can march through hard things one step at a time. >> while jen is also keeping busy with work, she will be in the animated movie "amusement park" along side mila kunis out next year. >> remember when kanye west stopped working? he cancelled a concert after an alleged mental break down. he believes he is due $10 million from the company who was promoting that tour. he is suing to get it. >> i have been here sent here to give y'all my truth even at the risk of my own life. >> kanye west says that was real and that entitles
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insurers play a multimillion dollar insurance claim from his 21-concert cancelled tour date. he is suing the insurance company to get it. kanye is accusing lloyds of london on stalling of paying out the claim. "e.t." obtained court documents. this them kanye claims there is no reason to deny him the money because a quote debilitating medical condition caused him to cancel the tour. kany he won't say exactly what the condition is but does reveal he is still treated by the doctor who oversaw his hospitalization in november. check out alex rodriguez on the cover of the new hollywood reporter. here eat thing. it is what he is revealing inside about girlfriend j.lo that really surprised us. >> favorite song? >> i'll say "jenny from the block." >> do you have it on your phone? >> no. >> okay. we're not sure if a-rod remembers this, but "jenny from the block" is the song that's infamously got j-lo's ex, ben
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remember the shots on the boat? and all those makeout scenes? ♪ we're just gonna call a-rod super confident in his super sexy five-month relationship with j-lo. i mean, who needs a music video when you've got social med ia? ♪ >> baseball's $500 million man talks more about j-lo in the "hollywood reporter." jennifer even facetimed him right in the middle of the interview. a-rod says the couple binge watch tv together and, quote, we both appreciate where we are in our lives. we appreciate being parents and we're so similar. we're both kind of workaholics. >> first thing i do when i wake up is brush my teeth and catch up on e-mails. >> how many e-mails do you usually have? >> at t leasa hundred a day. >> a-rod's also not ashamed to admit j-lo's the bigger star, talking about their first red carpet, he said, quote, "paparazzi were telling me to get the hell out of the way so they could get a good shot of jennifer." >> that's how it works. hello, nischelle turner, and
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check her out walking hand in hand with her boyfriend in vancouver. >> that's where mother monster kicked off her tour last night. she has been rehearsing all summer for this, and let me tell you, we are all in. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 22 songs, more than two hours of on-point performances, and eight outfit changes. i mean, gaga is all about the body suit. >> put your hands up! >> her strategically covered black mesh to this pearl encrusted one. those pointy shoulder pads had kind of a super bowl vibe to them. >> we're talking about, you know, opulence and creating visuals for the fans that go along with the music. >> her most mesmerizing look was this puffy red satin overcoat. the elaborate train doubled as a prop and later detached to reveal more of the 31--oyearld ersing's figure. ♪ >> before the sold-out show, gawega teted, i am so nervous. it's so packed. i just looked.
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calm down, joanne. mother monster prepped for the event up until the last minute. she posted this, saying, 12:19 a.m. still going strong in rehearsal. ♪ ♪ >> one standout moment of the night, gaga was given this handmade honor by a fan. >> thank you. it's an award for being lady gaga. >> the fan tweeted, gaga took my oscar award. life is complete. ♪ >> she loves her fans, and she will be on this tour for the rest of the year. it wraps up in l.a. on december 18th. right now, how oprah found a diet that works. >> the only thing i've not been consistent in is weight or hair dos. oprah opened up in a cover story called losing it in an anti-dieting age. she says, i've tried all of the nks ein shakes and green dri and cleanse. it doesn't work.
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she also discuss he the body positivity movement. so all of of the people who are saying, oh, i accept myself as i am. i can't accept myself if i'm over 200 pounds. it causes heart problems for me. i want to live the life i want. the media mogul who purchased a 10% stake in weight watchers in 2015 says the key is to consistency. >> i am not a number on a scale. >> oprah says she doesn't care if she's ever skinny again. she just wants control. you can't control hollywood's baby boom. check out mindy covering up her bump. she's reportedly five months pregnant. meantime, another is putting her little guy on full display. introducing lauren conrad's liam james.
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as their beautiful blue-eyed baby boy, born july 5th, making his public debut in the new eople" magazine, on stands friday. the former "hills" star embracing being a first-time mom and joking that her post-baby bod comes with perks. quote, ine've ver really had boobs before so i'm g gointo try these out for a little bit. meanwhile, no pauses for her "hills" nemesis heidi montag. due in october. the reality star got in a light morning exercise. opposite of serena williams. still in fitness mode, bump and all. the tennis champion champion snapped her fitness routine. >> on daddy duty -- >> how are you surviving life as a new father? >> it's life man, it's life. y.craz "snl's" bobby moynihan. >> have you been getting any fatherly tips from him? >> of course. me
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"dancing with the stars." >> again, girlbe numr two. >> another baby girl. >> the pro announcing the birth the morning via a sweet tweet which reads, elena and i are so pleased to welcome our new baby girl, zlata into the world. >> i'm the one who is, like, freaking out, stressing out, but she is perfect. s.> a big congratuonlati two girls. >> best gift in the world. still to come -- uh-oh, is wild miley back? >> wow! >> what she revealed on her trip back to her hometown ranch. plus, tom cruise's love of extreme stunts goes next level. we're going to take you behind the scenes of the new "mission: impossible" movie. and we're there as the "will & grace" cast returns to the set and lets a few secrets slip. >> it was, like, oh. >> the a-lister who is going to hook up with both will and grace. closed captioning provided by --
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he is filming mission impossible 6 in england. there is a stuntman standing by. tom is all in on his stunts, so they can just chill. >> that's an easy day's work. good check to get. meanwhile, look at miley cyrus. she looks gorgeous in these photos. the 24-year-old may be about to marry liam hemsworth, but in this new "cosmo" interview, it's clear she can't really be tamed. ♪ ♪ >>, heyit's miley. >> miley is at home, very at home, at her childhood home just outside of nashville, posing for "cosmo." dad billy ray was there cheering her on. >> wow, this is gonna be great. >> this is the same 500-acre spread we visited with billy ray when miley was only 4. >> this is miley. >> running around with younger brother, braison, she showed us her strong will even then. >> say hi, "e.t." >> miley, say hi. >> no. >> oh, okay. >> another miley trait revealed early on -- fearlessness. >> i'm not afraid of nothing. >>
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own handwriting, she feels most fearless when the show is over. the butterflies fly away. back then, milikey led hanging in trucks with her dad. that certainly hasn't changed. >> it got weird. >> his advice she lives by, quote, my dad always says a trying time is no time to quit trying. ♪ just keep pushing on >> that's my wife. >> hello, "e.t.." >> we also met miley's mom back then. miley tells "cosmo" their marriage taught her to celebrate your love journey. and about her current love liam, she says she wishes she wouldn't be asked anything about my personal relationship. ♪ but here i am still ahead -- is ryan reynolds in hot water with his wife? >> i will be sure to call you with the exclusive. >> blake lively's reaction to his tweets about their kids and what l iifes really like inside the reynolds' crib. then jim parso
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the story behind their bonding experience. >> wear tap shoes and they can hear you coming. he did.
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and i have to say, cam, he is in your home country of canada. >> yes. >> shooting the sequel. he was so funny in the first one. >> one of my favorites. but have you seen his tweets about his kids? one of my favorites as well. so funny. but does blake lively approve? our carly steel found out. >> your instagram and twitter. it's the funniest thing ever. do you run them past blake before you tweet them, or do you just go for it? you let it be free? >> no. some of the ones like about our daughter or parenting ones or, like, i ask in case she objects. but no. otherwise, it's mostly stuff done on, like, an airplane flying somewhere. >> ryan's most recent dad tweet, "my daughter loves being buried up to her neck in sand at the beach. her little face lights up when i come back to get her the next day." think blake disapproves? think again. she loves ryan's sense of humor. she told "glamour" magazine, quote, i'm so in love with him
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i mean, i'm in love with him most of the time, but especially with that. yeah. these two are total relationship goals. >> blake is going to be taking on an action film. are you helping her with the training? have you given her some fighting tips? >> why would i need to help my wife with training or fighting tips? my wife can train and kick ass all on her lonesome. she don't need me for any of that. ♪ >> ryan's kickin' some butt of his own in his new action film with samuel l. jackson, "the hitman's bodyguard." >> okay. on three. one -- >> my bad. >> your bad? >> sam's the hitman. ryan's supposed to be the bodyguard, but in real life? >> anytime i felt unsafe, human shield right here. >> really? >> what happened to the seat-belt rule? >> who do you think would be the best person to be a bodyguard for? >> well, the best person to be a bodyguard for would be, like, dwayne "the rock" johnson because you're not really gonna have to do a lot. >> did you know wrestling's not real? >> no, it's -- please. bite your tongue, jackson. >> get those two guys together, you will not stop laughing.
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believe it or not, this was supposed to be a pretty serious movie, but once ryan and samuel were cast, the producers changed the script to make it into a comedy. very wise i would say. speaking of comedy, tv's most watched sitcom, "the big bang theory," and coming to an end? >> short answer, not yet. chuck lorre never thought he would make it to year 11, let alone 12. >> how can you possibly think that? >> meanwhile, we can't wait for the spinoff, "young sheldon," which follows jim parson's character through his childhood. >> i am here for all of that. >> jim parsons is executive producing, and i got caught up him and his excited new mini-me. >> jim parsons is not so stupid now. >> these guys are so fun together. they really could be related. it was jim who came up with the idea for "the big bang" spinoff, "young sheldon," and he's found the perfect actor to play his character's younger self. >> he's so just like jim. >>
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young jim. where did you find ian? >> on tape. he taped himself. his mother taped him at his grandmother's house at christmas. we watched so many tapes. iain's was mind-blowing in some ways. >> aw. >> it's true. there was a naturalness with it and a spirit with it and an understanding of what you were saying. >> now you're just being kind. >> no. i am notd. kin i am a nice person, but i'm not kind when it comes to those things. i just wouldn't say anything if i didn't like it. >> you have a bit of a mustache. >> iain just turned 9. he became famous for posting viral reviews of broadway musicals on youtube. his dad recently won the role of king george in "hamilton." iain celebrated in song. >> that's my dad. he can sing and act. it makes me glad! >> what do you love about the theater? >> what i love about the theater? the theater.
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theater buff too, and they bonded over broadway. >> you had so many people recognize you in the theater than recognized me. they love you there. this is true. and it's not just because you wore tap shoes and they could hear you coming. he did! >> did he really? you did? did you? >> yep. >> oh, he is so cute. if you are wondering, where have i seen that face before? well, iain played shailene woodley's son, ziggy, on "big little lies," and they keep in touch. the stars of "will & grace" never lost touch when they went off the air ten years ago, and as of today, they are officially coworkers again. we were there as the cast and crew had their first day on set. with a snip from debra messing and megan mullally, this cast celebrated their return with a ceremony this afternoon. and sealed it with an eric
2:02 am
>> i was just saying to my wife, i wonder what it would be like to kiss a man again. just like riding a bike. >> showing he is handyman around the set. but deborah sees this cast as musicians. >> i always thought about the four of us as being, like, an orchestra, and each of us playing a different instrument and creating a musicality together. once we started playing the music again, it was, like, oh. >> the four cozies up for "entertainment weekly." >> series co-creator max mutchnick has been teasing fans with possible story lines. will will and grace both date james franco in episode two? and he screen-grabbed this script page implying grace is now single. >> none of us thought we would be doing this again, because it has never happened before, and we had no reason to think, "will & grace" will come back one day. >> i want to make other people laugh right now. that's why i wanted to come back. i really needed to laugh. >> i can't wait for it to come back.
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just the same cast all back shooting on studio live. they have the same crew, the same director and hair and makeup team. the same aul after all these years. well, next, "ncis" will do a
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travel consideration provided by --
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you don't have to use a lot of photoshop in hollywood. >> i don't know. inside, there's a little bit of magic. i'm not going to lie. >> look at that, man. >> it's all edited. photoshop, everything. >> the guys were keeping it real with cameron. talking about their covers on cbs watch magazine. >> there were three separate covers. the 15th season of their show hits tv september 26th. tomorrow, we're with former "criminal minds" star, shemar moore, talking about his return to tv. >> what's up, baby girl? >> good night, everybody. >> baby girls. that's evil. i ain't going nowhere. just switching to another gig. >> shemar is back. shut your mouth. say it again. >> he packed on the muscles. his rules for shooting those love scenes. >> a little hanky-panky. >> tomorrow on "e.t.."
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>> that sound like national park revisioni revisionism. >> the poem, was written for an auction to raise money for the construction of the pedestal on which lady liberty rests. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back.


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