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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 17, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight, "american idol" in crisis? >> i'm sweating right now. >> with auditions underway, why is katy perry still the only judge? >> and we're back. plus why katy just postponed her new tour. then heidi klum's claws come out, pulling double duty. on "agt" and project runway. what she has told us about the onset drama. >> i'm, like, wait a minute. plus -- >> i can't wait for next episode. >> "game of thrones" secrets from the show's sexiest star. how jen aniston's man was almost a cast member on "friends" and why ryan reynolds and samuel l. jackson sing each other's praises. >> he's got a beautiful bartone. ♪ now for august 17, 2017, this is "etanterinment tonight."
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is the "american idol" revival in trouble? it sure seems that way because while auditions began today in orlando and portland, a puzzle piece is missing. >> like two or three pieces. why is there such a struggle to fill the judges' seats next to katy perry? one thing is for sure "idol" could be in crisis mode. hundreds of hopefuls line up, but they don't have a full talent panel signed. it's leaving some wondering if production is having a talent crisis. katy perry's the show's only confirmed judge, tweeting a photo on the first day of audition. >> three, two, one! >> on orlando abc brought out former idol winners to pump up the crowd. it appears to be a break in tradition because
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past, when they would perform in front of judges, it would trigger the biggest moments. >> you look odd. your dancing in terrible. your singing was horrendous. >> talent was never scheduled to be present for this first round of bus tour auditions. a network executive said they are taking their time to find the right chemistry to complement their $25 million katy investment. producers are planning to have the judges locked and present for a later round of auditions in six weeks. ♪ while katy is feel a few names she would like to join her -- >> my dream people would be rihanna and, like, tim mcgraw. >> luke bryan and lionel richie are rumored front runners. a source tells "e.t." lionel would be in all night long, quote, if they can get the timing and money right. it's reported lionel wants $10 million and "idol" is offering around $5 million. >> he is smiley and he loves the talk. why not get paid for it? >> his daughter is all for it, but his current tour mate and former i'd judge
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>> i would say don't do it. >> can i just point out i don't think ryan seacrest is feeling any of the "idol" pressure. he posted his own version of "carpool karaoke." ♪ slow hands >> i also want to point out ryan's rocking a bentley right there. that's what he is driving. >> he probably has one or two. >> that "american idol" check has cashed. >> idol judge katy perry is witnessing somero pblems of her own with her world tour. ♪ >> unavoidable production delay. that's the reason katy is postponing the start of her world tour by nearly two weeks. the 32-year-old apologized for "the bad news" saying, "major elements of my tour stage design could not be available for me to rehearse on until this week." but the show would be worth the wait. >> hi, guys. it's katy perry. we just finished a workout. i'm getting strong for me. and then you. ♪ can i get a witness
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space to inner space, katy is known for her elaborate productions and sets. she flies from wires. jumping into mosh pits. rode a two-ton giant lion at the super bowl, and remember when her backup dancer who was dressed as a house fell off the stage? but in ten days, katy will be hosting the mtv's vmas and headlines say she and taylor swift will be performing on stage together ending the bad blood that started four years ago. ♪ now we got bad blood while fans would love to see that, "e.t." has learned the rumor is not true, but remember katy did say this -- >> she started it, and it's time for her to finish it. i'm ready for that bs to be done. women together will fuel the world. >> now from katy to taylor swift, and she is not done thanking fans for their support during the trial in denver, including the company who put post-it messages from her songs
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on the window across the street from the courthouse. very creative. >> it was very cool. >> swift sent ten bouquets of flowers to the employees who then thanked taylor on instagram, but the giving does not stop there. look at those ladies. they're so happy. taylor also generously donated to mariska hargitay's charity. it helps survivors of sexual assault. >> how awesome is that. moving onto "america's got talent," and my girl, angelica hale was one of the lucky seven to make it through. congratulations. >> big things on the way for her. >> yeah, and meanwhile judge heidi klum is now burning the candle at both ends thanks to tonight's "project runway" return. >> hi, guys. welcome to season 16 of "project runway." what is exciting about this year, we have models of all sizes, which i believe we should have done already years and years and years ago. >> what was the designer's reaction? >> it kind of went like this. oh. a lot of the
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but, you know, this is the real world. you have to dress real people, and people come in different sizes. hi>> ts season there are guest judges like demi lovato and katie holmes weigh-in on the designs. and fans can expect a lot of drama. when a cheating scandal rocks the runway. >> the way it was done, i do not agree with. >> i have never had this happen before. i'm, like, wait a minute. i was, like, what is going on here? you guys are a little too comfortable in my studio. >> when she is not in the studio, the 44-year-old is all about the barely there bikinis. she just got back from a family vacation. >> i didn't want to swim totally naked. you have to wear something. i love my swim suits and i'm proud of them. >> when you are with your family, do you indulge? >> of course, and i hang out and i relax, and we eat a lot, but we swim a lot, and, you know, with four kids, there's always
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some activity, you know? let's talk jennifer aniston. she was spotted having a girl's night with her favorite friend, courtney cox. they were in a west hollywood hot spot. meanwhile, her husband opened up about their marriage under the microscope. >> the 46-year-old dons a rugged masculine chic look in this new photo spread revealing his feelings on his high profile marriage. he says, quote, if nothing else, i have a front-row seat to the insanity, to what makes this town so bananas. >> i think you two should talk privately. >> oh, my god. >> the two fell in love after making the 2012 movie, "wanderlust." in the featured story for the journal on, he says jen shares his sense of humor, but she sometimes mocks his bad kejos. justin says he's aware of frequent false press reports that he and jen are splitting up saying, "occasionally you'll get whacked by something. it's definitely something you have to analyze and come to terms with. which i think my wife has done very elegantly and pretty effortlessly.
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and in the what you didn't know about justin category, as a kid he was diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder and dyslexia. he's a cook, and makes italian meals at home. he owns six chickens. and in his early acting days, justin actually blew off an audition for "friends," saying, "i slept in that day. i wouldn't have been prepared for the fame." >> oh, well. isn't that just lovely? we go from one justin to another. nearly a month after justin bieber canceled his world tour, listen up. justin's new track is here. ♪ can we still be fri ends is>> lten to new song, "friends," and you can't help justin wants things to get back to normal, and does that mean he wants selena back? >> they were together on and off for five years, and these lyrics sound like he is reaching out to her. ♪ though we didn't end this all good ♪
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good ♪ >> selena has been with the weeknd since january, and in the song, justin says he has been calling someone who may have moved on. ♪ girl, you're wondering why i have been calling ♪ ♪ wondering if you think about me ♪ >> last night, bieber was with this rumored ex. kourtney kardashian attended a church service at justin's hill song church. he has been a regular since canceling his tour despite a heavy paparazzi presence, three weeks ago leaving a service he actually hit a paparazzi with his truck. >> oh, my god! wait! >> that chaos capped off nearly two years of headline-making antics following justin's last album release. >> i felket li i lost my purpose for awhile. >> this song represents redemption as he publicly tries to make amends with his ex. coming up, my exclusive with bieber's good friend, jaden smith.
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advice. >> he does. >> why he is taking his s dad' words of wisdom to heart. >> then he might be "game of thrones" sexiest star.
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the song i wrote? right now, how michael fassbender trained to fight himself playing two roles
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♪ ♪ time to make a wish ♪ can we remember the words to the song i wrote ♪ it happens to the best of us. madonna forgetting the lyrics to her own birthday song. stars really are just like us. >> i don't have any hit songs. by the way, music is very important in the smith us
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will and jay da's son jaden just dropped his new track "watch me." although he hasn't done a lot of interviews, we sat down exclusively with the 19-year-old who said he is finally starting to listen to dear old dad when it comes to music. ♪ watch me >> with the new music, how instrumental was your father in working with it? he loves to give advice. >> he does. he really does love to give advice. >> this is the family business. i'm a warrior, and i'm teaching my son how to fight. >> he does give advice, but i haven't started taking it until recently. when it comes to releasing music, he was kind of like no. put it out there. show people. tell people. >> taking those words to heart, i spoke to jaden backstage of his beauty con l.a. performance. it's an event that celebrates creativity and individuality. fittingly, jaden showed off his new unconventional pink shaved hair.
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i'm all about pushing the boundariescr of vieatity, and expression. ♪ come around >> he is very confident in where he is at right now, and ever since his first "e.t." interview in 2006 for "pursuit of happiness," we have seen jaden has no problem living in the smith family shadow. >> pretty little girl on the set. >> your parents have to be so proud, and how is your family unit because you left the house. >> i think it's okay. i need my space, but when you get older, you're, like, wow. life is short. i want to spend as much time with my parents as i can. >> that warms my heart, and they have done a great job raising this kid. >> he knows what he is talking about now. still ahead, "game of thrones" star, nikolaj costar waldau's bizarre connection to the rock. then the famous parents
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supermodel kids. are they revealing too much in a reality show? >> i say more than i probably should have. plus -- ♪ and i ryan reynolds and samuel l. jackson's new movie. taking on whitney houston and the bee gees? >> my third grade teacher predicted this very early on. closed captioning provided by --
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that is ryan reynolds back on the set of "deadpool 2" in vancouver yesterday. the cast and crew returning after the shock of the stunt woman during a motorcycle action sequence. ryan reportedly led the crew in a moment of silence. >> had to be tough going back to work. ryan hitting the big screen
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jackson in the hit man's bodyguard. carly steel was with the dynamic duo whose partnership was apparently written in stars. >> machb killed over 150 people. >> 250 easy. >> did you ever imagine you would be samuel l. jackson's bodyguard? >> my third grade predicted this. mr. peterson, he knew. i always wanted to do a movie with sam, you know, a proper live action film. this is great. >> their first pairing was in "turbo". >> are you a car? no. >> now sam plays a gun for hire, and it's ryan's job to protect him. >> on three. one -- >> my bad. >> your bad? >> any time i felt unsafe, human shield right here. i just got him right in front of d , anpushed forward as fast as i could. ♪ and i >> the trailer features whitney
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houston's iconic song from the the bodyguard." whose falsetto is more more bad ass? >> he has a beautiful baritone, and mine is horrible. that's true. >> come on. you could have been one of the brothers gibb. i could have been a bee gee. >> what are they saying when they go -- ♪ >> yeah. yeah. >> what are the words to that part of the song? let's move onto "game of thrones." last sunday was the most watched episode of the series ever. over 10 million viewers watched it live, and "e.t." online's leanne aguilera was with jamie lannister himself, nikolaj coster waldau, to talk about his character's new brotherly blessing. >> who did you say is the father? >> you. >> jamie is going to be a father again. >> i know. it's beautiful. it's so cool. i can't wait for next episode because he is decorating the nursery.
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>> do you know there's anyway cersei could be lying about this? >> clearly. it's not, like, you go, no. she would never lie. she actually seems happy for the first time in three seasons. jamie believes -- i think jamie believes her. >> he's not exactly convincing us, but with only two episodes left in the season, fans may have to wait until the eighth and final season to find out if the pregnancy is real. >> never betray me again. >> loyalty is also the underlying theme of nikolaj's new thriller, "shot caller." >> there's your rules and you got the gang's rules. >> the 47-year-old is nearly unrecognizable playing a prison gangster. but fans were quick to notice the film's movie poster looks almost identical to the 2013 movie "snitch" starring the rock. >> now i can finally tell you the truth. >> please tell me. >> i have been dwayne "the rock" johnson's body double for the last ten years.
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i have been working out five hours every day. this is how you get to this point. >> all jokes aside, nikolaj did have to bulk up for the role putting on 20 pounds of muscle. he also grew a beard and sat through four hours of makeup each day to get those tattoos. >> what did your family think when you were in the full getup? >> my wife liked it. >> yeah? >> it was a very safe way of hanging out with a bad boy. >> the danish star has been married for almost 20 years and has two teenage daughters. he says his family still hasn't seen an episode of "thrones." >> there was a movie a couple of years ago i did when my daughter watched it. it was called "the other woman." i was playing this guy who was making out with all of them, and they couldn't even get through the whole film. they just thought it was disgusting. >> probably shouldn't see your dad making out with three women. speaking of star offspring, lifetime premiered their new series, "growing up supermodel"
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family reunion. >> so nervous. my whole drive here my hands were sweating. >> ricky sloeder's little girls are all grown up and modeling now. giving us flashbacks to their famous dad's early years. >> my mom taught you to be kind and treat everybody well, and my dad taught us to work well. it's a combination of the two advice. advices. >> "growing up supermodel" follows the schroeders and a group of celebrity kids trying to kick start their careers. nobody is off limits. >> you tell your personal problems to the whole world who will be watching so that was -- yeah. nerve-racking. >> when my hair isn't done, i feel like all stephen siegel, and when i do my makeup, i feel like kelly. >> i try to keep my daughter away from the business. >> kelly he block and steven
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her mom without a tv and out of the spotlight. >> my relationship with my dad unfortunately isn't the best. i talk about that, and he won't be so thrilled to hear that. >> one, two, three, go. >> other hollywood heirs, supermodel beverly fields' daughter. there is bound to be drama, but it's not coming from the kids. >> i think my mom accidentally started a lot of the drama. >> she attacked me. >> 100% the parents. >> it gets so good, you guy. >> it usually is. >> not surprising. >> coming up the summer of sha n nia. while you're about to see a whole lot more of the super star next.
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travel consideration provided by -- did you know you were doing a throwback on this album cover? was that conscious? >> to. it was very organic. it just happened. that was one of the things. it was a great experience in my life. it was good me. it was empowering, that fashion moment and i think i'll take that with me. >> the leopard is a lucky charm. >> bring it back. >> shania twain debuted her new single, "swinging with my eyes
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closed,"off her new album "now" on "the tonight show" last night. ♪ >> and she just announced she is hitting the road next year. >> she is ready to go. she posted this shot with a summer of shania volkswagen in front of the golden gate bridge, and the caption? buckle up. >> there you go. >> be safe. go see shania. >> bye, everybody. (vo) there's more to life than the climb. there's the view. you've got to stop... ...and look around a little. remember who you are. let the child inside you out to play. come... shed life's layers in asheville. visit lonely planet's best destination for 2017. and let the magic find you. asheville.
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