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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 25, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight, taylor's revenge. calling out her enemies. who she's putting on blast. we crack the code to her newest song. with all the katy taylor talk why sunday's vmas could turn into a showdown. then why kevin hart says his new co-stars could cost him big bucks. . plus the property brothers give a tour of their vegas mansion. and melissa mccarthy's stunt woman. >> i try to do as much as i can until someone says, you're not doing that. what's the matter with you? >> now, for august 25th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight."
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the next era of taylor swift is here. less than 24 hours after dropping her new single, she's making one thing clear. >> she sure is. sh ne'sot aye trade to put her reputation on the line ♪ look what you made me do >> the title of the dark rap-like revenge track, "look what you made me do." in the very first line taylor takes aim at enemy number one kimye. ♪ i don't like your little games ♪ >> here it is, the giant tilted stage where kanye sang night after night and probably sang theic lyrs that offended taylor. and she doesn't stop there. remember the phone conversn atio he secretly recorded, and kim released on snapchat. yep.
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♪ i'm sorry the old taylor can't come to the phone right now. why? she's dead ♪ >> taylor herself helped produce the lyric video, which has already gotten more than 12 million views on youtube. she also dropped hints at what the music video will look like a car crash where her pony tail swings amid glass. a very different look from the girl squad she had in "bad blood." ♪ now we got bad blood oh, and don't think katy perry gets away unscathed. ♪ i don't like you remember their feud started when taylor accused katy of stealing her back up dancers. she tweeted a "mean girls" reference to taylor. lchb closely to the
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whether you love or hate her new single, there's no denying's a dramatic shift for the pop star. ♪ i don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me ♪ think about it. swift shot to fame singing about romance and heartbreak. ♪ we were both young when i first saw you ♪ >> and now, she's writing songs about karma and revenge. ♪ i got a list of names "e.t." first sat down with taylor in 2008. >> i just graduated high school, and got my diploma in the mail, which is really fun. ♪ if you could see that i'm the
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>> hard to believe it was one year before kanye stormed the stage during her vma win. and just as her career was starting to skyrocket. >> i really really love doing this. i'm so grateful and lucky to be here ♪ say you'll remember me >> her songs helped take her home a total of ten grammys. in 2015 we looked back with her on the grammy red carpet. we have a flashback from 2008. it was your first grammy interview. >> this is my first grammys i've ever been to. i'm so overwhelmed. there are so many famous people here. how do you handle it? >> i'm still not able to contain myself. >> nothing has changed. >> like i'm so much more mature now. >> taylor was more self-assured. and she's definitely more grown up. >> i think "1989" was a turning point for her, personally and professionally.
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i think that ep"rutation" is going to be an evolution further for her while staying true to what's made her a star and that's her song writing and talent ♪ baby i could build a castle >> another constant for taylor, her devotion to her fans. >> i'm the same person that dreamed about this, wanted to be on-stage, and yes, i always want to sign that autograph and take that picture. the fans are the reason why i'm here. >> and here's her plane touching down in l.a., where the vmas will take place. since the full video for "look what you made me do" will debut during the broadcast here's what to expect if she makes a surprise appearance. >> will she be debuting any of her new album on the vmas stage? >> there's nothing happening right now. we certainly are aware of all the rumors flying around.
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swift has not confirmed, but if she shows, expect drama. ♪ don't be afraid ex-boyfriend calvin harris and [ my katy perry are nominated for their "feels" collaboration. so, what if they win? ♪ i knew you were trouble when you walked in ♪ look what happened when taylor's other ex harry styles took the stage in 2014. calvin will sit just two rows behind taylor's squad lourd and ed sheeran. we also expect katy perry to perform that rumored swift dish "swish swish." and after speaking with the show's production designer, we're guessing katy will recreate the slam dunk. we knew shi might want to fly. the whole ceiling is built around a
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another fly performance to expect, vanguard award recipient pink. ♪ tell me are you getting by >> her performance going to be epic. >> expect nine other performances, including kendrick lamar, and d.n.c.e. with rod stewart. they'll perform this classic ♪ if you want my body and you think i'm sexy ♪ also expect big things from 30 seconds to mars. the band's oscar winning front man jared leto gave "e.t." this tease. >> we're doing something that's never been done before. keep anything you can cross, cross them, because it's going to be difficult to pull off. >> i'm stephen colbert, and i'm hosting the 2017 emmy awards. >> that's right tv's biggest night the emmys is less than a month away. and you know steven colbert will have some tricks up his sleeve. >> we went behind the scenes as he prepped, and clearly, he's not afraid to go there. >> a little behind the scenes. hello.
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previously won nine emmys for his work on the daily show and the colbert report. >> we're all very happy, aren't we? we're happy. >> he's been shooting promos, and you know he'll bring his famous wit. >> there has been a lot of hacking, to insure the winners remain top secret i had my assistant place all the envelopes in this giant safe. you okay in there? >> no. >> only a couple more weeks. >> we just hope he avoids a wardrobe malfunction. >> has anyone seen my tuxedo? ver mind. i know where i left it. here we go. okay. who's got my pants? up next, our exclusive with the property brothers. they're renovating over 60 homes a year but how awesome is their own house. this is our 15-foot outdoor movie screen. >> only "e.t." can take you inside their outrageous vegas pad. then kevin hart sharing ie
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his coffee runs costing him big bucks? >> they're selfish. i buy them coffee every single day. but first, kate upton can't pick out a wedding gown. >> the pressure is on. >> we were with her in spain checking out options, but she hasn't made a final decision. all good, because they haven't set a wedding date. >> we're getting there. but with two busy schedules, we want to y enjoprthe ocess together. but in her new movie, "the layover," direct by
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pressures. kevin frazier joins to talk about school pressures. to talk about school pressures. >> all right, i'm just hoping it's a lot smoother than that. get ready to see more of drew scott's moves, because a source has confirmed that he's joining season 25 of "dancing with the stars." >> i love that. that means he'll be spending sometime away from the sin city digs he shares with his fiance and brother. it's not just a hot. it's practically an amusement park. >> the jets we have on the slide, they're bigger than a commercial park. >> the two-story water slide is just one of the crazy extras. there's also this open air theater. >> it's a 15-foot outdoor movie screen.
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>> popcorn optional. >> #goals. >> swim-up bar. >> wow, this is so nice. >> and if you guys need a drink -- >> look at this. >> beer on top, the biggest grill you've ever seen. i can lay down on it. >> and a backyard basketball court. ready? >> yeah! >> the inside is a slam dunk as well. the twins spent $2 million renovating the home with a little help from drew's fiancee linda, she's the creative director for the brothers. she helped with the design. >> tell me a little bit about this space. >> this is our paris inspired courtyard. >> all the square footage comes in handy, because drew's brother jonathan also lives here. >> we do a lot of game nights. 28-foot ceilings, and we custom designed that chandelier.
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>> the property brothers shoot about 60 episodes a year. when they're not on the road there's a lot of space to relax upstairs in the gameroom. >> tell me how horrible that is. >> oh! >> can't get much worse than that. still ahead, kevin hart, bryan cranston, nicole kidman. "e.t." is on set for all of their new movie mischief. >> i sit back and go whew. plus, dierks bentley. he's up on top of a mountain. and melissa mccarthy and her stunt double, how they worked together to pull off the acrobatic trips, flips, and flops. >> closed captioning provided by --
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i can't even be shocking anymore. >> kevin hart addressed new cheating rumors this week. a week after celebrating his one week wedding anniversary. kevin clearly not letting it affect his work because he has a new movie coming out called "the upside" with bryan cranston. and they just can't quit each other. >> it's a love story between two sthtraig men. >> bryan loves me. let's just start there. >> these two became fast friends where kevin plays brian's wheelchair bound friend. >> what's it been like working with kevin and forming that bond with him? >> this guy is hyperdisciplined, but he comes in, makes people laugh. justts lif the spirits of the set to where the long hours, still long, but a little easier.
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>> bryan, your new man is cryob. >> as in cryo therapy. >> it comes out next year and nicole kidman also got the kevin hart treatment. >> a new nickname, cole. >> they rare both aye macing. i get to stand back and watch the two of them have this incredible chemistry together. those two together, i can go whoo! >> and it's a bromance and a brewmance. mr. hart is mr. coffee. >> every day i do a starbuck's run. >> nicole likes a skinny vanilla frappuccino. and bryan likes half and half. half regular coffee, half did he
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caff. it was about $70 by now, i'm not asking for my money back. but if i was, they might get a tab if this doesn't stop. i even got brian a coffee mug that says i love kevin. >> i think you can afford it, kevin. turning now to melissa mccarthy she landed on number four of 's highest paid movie stars list earning $18 million last year alone. >> and she's not afraid to get physical when it comes to comedy. >> i try to do as much as i can, until someone goes, you're not at.hing what's the matter with you? >> when the stunt gets too crazy, usually stepping in is this woman. 35-year-old lucy romberg. >> this is not good.
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>> 3, 2, 1, action! >> what kind of injuries have you had? >> i've been super lucky, only had to go to the hospital once for stitches in 12 years. >> that's amazing. consider shots like this on "identity thief." this is melissa, that's lucy. "ghost busters" that's melissa. that's lucy. and on "the boss," that's melissa. >> you're going to regret that. >> and that's lucy. >> she wants to do all the stunts herself. on "the boss," she's like, i can do it. and her husband is like, yeah, you can do it once. >> lucy took that hit. >> and her famous super bowl commercial, lucy says that's mostly melissa. >> we have her falling down and getting picked up by the rhino. >> when else do you get to get picked up like a rag doll and literally thrown around? >> she can do the splits. >> i saw the picture of you both in the splits.
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holy cow. >> she's incredible. >> what has been the craziest stunt you and melissa have done together? >> probably the helicopter sequence on "spy." getting to hang from a helicopter. she killed it too. >> meaning a lot of that work was mccarthy as well. it took three days to shoot that scene. >> your hands go numb, you get weird blisters. i love that stuff. >> lucy says in shape by free running. it's competitive running that includes gymnastics and acrobatics. crazy me, i just had to try it. >> yes! >> you can do it. >> there you go. okay. >> you're not getting me. ♪ i'm getting drunk on a plane that's dierks bentley's classic song, "drunk on a plane". he has reason to be in g
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>> i see what you did there. "e.t." on-line was just with the country star in beautiful crater lake, oregon for our youtube series certified country. >> tell us one thing about yourself we'd never guess. >> i really enjoy cold water. cold water plunges, i spend 15 minutes a day in a trash can full of ice. >> and another ritual for the 41-year-old while he's on tour? visiting national parks across the country. >> a great way for us to recharge, go hike up to a beautiful spot like this. >> when he's not on the road, he lives in nashville with his wife and three kids. >> a lot of great things about being in the city but i don't want to raise city-strickers. it's important to make sure my kids get out and they have the same love of the outdoors that i do. ♪ i may never come down >>
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would probably be doing what? >> i love flying. taking people to remote places to go fishing and try to fish a little bit myself. >> the 14-time grammy nominee has his pilot's license and says he prefers to fly from show to show so he can spend more time at home. >> i have to ask about your accessory. >> my daughter and i have matching watches. keeps her monday my mind when i'm on the road. >> do you wear it all the time? >> i do. i was going to take it off because it's a pink watch for an interview but i just decided to roll with it. >> and he was there to film a new video for the national park service's 100th birthday. coming up, why is scarlett johansson having trouble keeping it together on-set? that's next.
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>> travel consideration provided by -- before we go, seems the ladies of "rough night" are having a rough time keeping it together on the set. >> can you imagine that set though? i'm all about this one. here's your exclusive look at their rough out takes. >> bye everybody. >> everybody is
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sweating like crazy. i look like a princess but i smell like a peasant. >> it would mean so much to me. >> i wish i would have saved that for camera. best friend. >> best
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