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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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finding safety. >> we basically have built a small town here in two days. >> but that wasn't enough. as first responders and volunteers rescue more neighbors from their flooded homes. >> nobody expected this. >> houston is struggling to take care of them. the news at 11:00 starts now. it was a welcome sight earlier tonight
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that's the sun reflecting off the floodwaters finally breaking through the clouds after four nights and five days of torrential rain. rain. -- rain. here are the headlines in the aftermath of harvey. at this hour first houston's mayor imposed a curfew between midnight and 5 a.m. and police stand ready to enforce it. also up to 30% of harris county where houston is located, 30% is under water tonight and officials report they've had to rescue 13,000 people in the houston area since the storm came ashore. volunteers and first responders racing to neighborhoods northwest of downtown earlier today. the water started rising quickly. people who thought they'd made it through the worst found out they were wrong. >> i mean we lost everything.
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>> why them? why those neighborhoods and why today? chief meteorologist topper shutt standing by with some answers. >> it is still raining east of houston. the good news is the heaviest axis of rain is shifting essentially along the texas/louisiana border. once the rain ends houston still has the danger of flooding because these reservoirs were built in the 1930s. they kind of straddle i-10. when they be these in the '30s and built a wall 108 feet and thought that should do it. well, it's not. addicks reservoir on the south side of 10 and on the north side of 10, even after the rain stops the dangers continue and the flooding continues in house on. now the best news we have, --
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rain north and east of houston, i don't think they'll see more than 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches overnight through wednesday. just a few hours ago house only's mayor opened the toyota center, the city's basketball arena, as another mass shelter. now people can't just walk in. they have to check in first at the convention center and from there city officials will let them know where they'll be sleeping. they are trying to alleviate serious overcrowding at the convention center. the capacity was set at 5,000, but tonight there are 10,000 people there, many of them sleeping in chairs or on the floor. >> i watched the news from the day that they said the hurricane was in the water up until the water came in my house and when the mayor said don't leave, he didn't think it was going to be that bad, i'm like okay. >> the red cross is running the shelter. they say it's not ideal, but they do have enough supplies to meet the needle of the crowd at least for now --
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crowd at least for now. businesses in our area are making sure volunteers in houston have everything that they need. john henry has that part of the story for us. >> reporter: houston may be 1,400 miles away, but locals here in the dmv are treating people in as if they were their neighbors down the street. architectural ceramics spent the day loading up this truck in rockville with goods donated from the community. the john boat, water and muffins inside will head towards a church in houston tomorrow. >> we really believe god has given us a platform here to help people. through our nonprofit organization washington cares we like to do these sort of things. >> reporter: they helped during katrina, too. they say this sort of work is rewarding. >> just to be able to be a part of that and say we there were to contribute and help in any way we can is a blessing. >> reporter: but they aren't the only locals with houston in their hearts. the victory then corporation in sterling is collecting water and toilet paper over the next seven days that will be stuffed in 18 wheelers bound
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houston. they're collecting supplies at john darvish construction and then there's all-star legacy gym in front royal. these kids are collecting items that will benefit a sister gym in texas. >> they're the ones who came forward and brought the idea using our gym and our cheer environment and positive energy to connect with another gym or group of kids. >> we are connected two states, one toward by one word, cheer. >> reporter: john henry, wusa9. >> we have teamed up with the american red cross on make it easy for you to help texans in need. all you got to do, go to and you can make a donation directly to the american red cross hurricane harv disaster relief fund. all your donations -- harvey disaster relief fund. all your donations are tax deductible and we have launched this across the country
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tegna stations since last night. in the first 24 hours you have donated over $1 million. here's a headline that's flying around facebook and twitter right now. donald trump scrapped obama's flood protection standards days before hurricane harvey. lots of people are sharing that and getting pretty mad about it. here's the question we'll answer. is that legit? our verify researchers got to the truth about that headline by flushing out the facts in these documents. first we have an executive order from president obama signed in 2015 and an executive order from president trump signed in august of this year. to figure out what those flood protection standards are all about we looked at president obama's executive order. it says federal projects funded with taxpayer dollars like bridges and federal buildings should be constructed at least 2 feet above base flood level. that way they are less likely to get flooded out in a big st
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would be less likely to have to foot the bill to rebuild them and we're talking big bucks. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration said overall damage from hurricane sandy in 2012 on the east coast had a nearly $50 billion economic impact. all right. so obama passed his order in january, 2015. president trump when he came into office didn't agree. he wanted a more streamlined process. remember he campaigned promising to update and improve america's infrastructure and add jobs in the process. well, trump said he didn't like all of the government red tape and regulations holding up projects. here he was on twitter in june. >> well are the nation that built -- we are the nation that built the golden gate bridge in four years and the hoover dam in five. now it takes us just as much to plan a major permit or major infrastructure for anything even remotely major in our country and that's ridiculous and it's going to
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he wanted change and a path to get there. so president trump passed his own executive order which right here revokes president obama's plan. that was august 15th. president trump said getting rid of extra regulations and reviews would mean we could get more done faster and hurricane harvey made landfall 10 days later. so yes, whamo. it's verified. president trump did scrap barack obama's flood protection standards days before hurricane harvey, but keep in mind president obama's higher flood safety standards never got to take effect because regulators were still trying to figure how to roll them out. president trump's executive order has no start date which means as of right now any rebuilding done in houston and along the gulf coast won't see any effect from either presidential order. so you see something online and think it's sketch, want to know if it's true or not. you can find
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twitter @adamlongotv. following breaking news out of fairfax county, the results are in from today's special election to fill the at large seat vacated by janet huff for school board. karen keys demaro won by a landslide. keyes gramara is an attorney and child advocate and was endorsed by the county democratic committee. this race got interesting in aim hurry when it started to folk -- a hurry when it started to focus on national issues like the secretary of education betsy devos and the rights of transgender students. again the breaking news tonight karen keyes gamara winning the special election for an at large seat on the fairfax county school board.
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brawl near embassy row? tonight some turkish security officials are facing charges because of it. >> and this is just unreal. a pang caught on camera dumping urine on a metrobus driver. it happened on a problematic bus route. we'll go for a ride. >> and our special sign the unit got a firsthand look at tests that could save lives on the highway. we'll have those stories and d.c.'s most accurate forecast when the news at 11:00 continues right here on wusa9.
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a vicious attack ful protesters in d.c. has led to a criminal indictment now charged 15 turkish officials and four others connected
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last may when turkey's president was in town. a group protesting his crackdown back in turkey was attacked by a security detail and it turned bloody fast. two of the 19 people connected have been arrested, but the others could be back in turkey. so they have been cussed out, spat on, even had hot soup poured on them, but this one really got metrobus drivers furious. one of them was assaulted with a cup of urine. here's transportation reporter pete muntean. >> oh, my god, disgusting. >> reporter: the video is hard to watch for regulars of the x2 bus. this video shows the scene last saturday. a woman tosses a cupful of urine on the driver and runs away. >> we just pray it gets better. >> reporter: bradley taylor takes the x2 every day. the route runs through northeast washington. two years ago metro ar
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assaults on this line. >> it's little toly disrespectful to bus drivers -- totally disrespectful to bus drivers, yeah. it's a problem. >> reporter: i road the bus line and right away -- rode the bus line and right away anger at the driver. this time it was over a fare. i showed the urine assault to buford brown. he blames this on one thing. >> ridiculous, immature, stupidity. >> reporter: the driver had her plexiglass protector in place, but in the video you can see it just wasn't enough. there's a bit of a gap right here. metro now thinks the woman suspect relieved herself on the bus. >> you need to be protected all the way 100%. >> reporter: metro can do better says its largest union of employees. for now metro is blaming this mystery woman for an assault all too memorable. in northeast pete muntean, wusa9. new tonight some ha
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creeps have taped racist slurs and antisemitic signs to the front door of a church. it's the greater praise temple ministries in dumfries, virginia, pictures of a klansman holding a confederate flag, swastikas, all of it plastered on the front door. police are checking whether the idiots were caught on security cameras. at university of maryland the president wallace loh is taking action to fight racism on the campus. it's starting with three steps, conversation with race, a height bias task force and honoring -- hate bias task force and honoring a murdered student. here's stephanie ramirez. >> reporter: tomorrow there will be a moment of stye lens at 12:05 -- silence at 12:05 here in bowie, maryland. this is where lieutenant richard collins, ii lost his life a few months ago. >> it's sad. some people don't know. it's a start but something that should have happened long ago
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from the predominantly white fraternity that was like very insulting. >> reporter: this is some of what's going on in the hearts and minds in the university of maryland students on their second day back to class and some don't expect it to get any easier. >> there are dozens of students here who are being impacted by the attack on daca right now and by this racism to anthony brown. here on the campus the talk about this, it's just a pr move. >> reporter: this freshman newcomer said he's not too familiar with what happened last semester, but he has been watching charlottesville. >> beware. if you see something, say something and just don't be afraid to speak up, too. >> i think it's important not only to honor lieutenant collins, but to make others realize that still was a serious event. there's still work to be done. >> i kind want to see what happens first and go from there. >> reporter: the conversation with the congressman is thursday at 4:00. the details are on our wusa9 app and at university of maryland
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let's get a check on d.c.'s most accurate forecast now. here is the chief meteorologist topper shutt. now is that 3-degree looking tonight? >> i was a little worried, quite frankly. we went 72 for a high. the high was 69 at midnight and also at about 3:00. we're going 80 tomorrow, which is better but still below average. our average high is 85. live look outside 66, winds north at 14 as the storm departs, winds becoming northwesterly by tomorrow morning. bus stop temperatures cool, 508 to 68, dry -- 58 to 68, dry, cloudy, much better witness and thursday. showers friday evening now and all of friday night into saturday. probably our next yellow weather alert will be saturday, could be friday, but the good news, back half of sunday looks great and labor day looks great, too highs near 85 by labor day. early in the morning s
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60s. by 9:00 we're seeing breaks in the clouds, 65 down town, 62 in gaithersburg, 63 in bowie. lunchtime 70s and by evening a couple showers popping up primarily west of town along i- 81, maybe a shower near winchester, around culpeper. 77 by 6 p.m. and breaks in the clouds down toward la plata and also into the northern neck. then we get into tomorrow night, a couple showers may move through but not a huge deal and setting the stage for a little nicer and albeit warmer on thursday. on the day planner temps in the 60s. notice they don't rise much, only 70 at 11:00, 75 at 1:00, but the good news is decreasing clouds. so increasing sun as we go through the day. now on friday we're looking at showers and storms coming in, better on thursday, 87, cooler on friday because of the showers and increasing clouds. again that could be the early stages of remnants of harvey. certainly by saturday showers and stor
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because of that, maybe a morning shower sunday, 82. again we'll salvage a pretty good sunday, a great labor day, sunshine, 84. next tuesday, sunshine, warmer, touch of summer, highs back into the upper 80s. now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> to nats park where this one started in the rain tonight and you know who likes water? a marlin and the big fish goes deep in the first, john carlos stanton with his 51st homer of the see, a monster bomb there. the nats trey turner back in the lineup after a broken wrist and two months on the dl. that jersey is way too clean. a diving stop to get the people out of a bases loaded jam in the 1st. bottom of the 7th, anthony rendon breaks it wide open for the nats, shoots the gap in right. three runs score. he takes a double. this offense is on fire the past couple days. natske
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fish 8-3. next our special assignment unit getting answers about your safety. canoe standards save lives in a -- can new standards save lives in a highway crash? next on the news
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tonight our special sign the unit is back on the case of those potentially life threatening loopholes in tractor trailer laws. for the first time investigative reporter eric flack goes one on one with the trucking industry to ask why aren't more protections in place? and our cameras are there as families who lost loved ones in these underride accidents witness a crash test demonstrating technology they believe could have helped save their children's lives. it's the latest in our ongoing series big rigs, big risks. >> three, two, one. [ crash ] >> reporter: a successful crash test and a crushing reality for marianne karth and lois durso as they spoke with me live on my facebook page moments after impact. as we wait to go
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damage, what did you guys think? >> what i think every time. it happens in an instant. in an instant somebody could die. in this instance somebody would be saved. >> reporter: lois, your daughter died in an accident like that. if that angel guard was there, do you believe your daughter would still be with us? i'm sorry. i think that says it all. >> there is nothing to say when you think what you just saw is evidence your son or daughter didn't have to die. >> it's heart breaking because between us we've lost our children. >> they could have done something. any could have done something to save them. >> reporter: just like karth and durso lore roy higgen
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roy higgenbothem had a child that also died. they lobby on capitol hill for side and rear guards for all tractor trailer they believe would save hundreds of lives every year. many of those grieving families were on hand for today's crash test, all part of a truck underride roundtable at the insurance institute for highway safety in virginia which included representatives of the truck trailer industry. that was good news because we have spent months trying to track them down. hi, mr. sims, eric flack, wusa9. i would like to get your reaction to this crash test. >> it seems like it was a successful test. >> reporter: jeff simms of the truck trailer manufacturers association was speaking to us for the first time since we began our reporting after multiple requests for an on camera interview. do you believe your trailers should be required to have those? >> there's a lot of operational issues you have to consider. >> reporter: what are the operationais
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you have to consider, the different configuration of the trailers, the way the trailers are used, high centering. these guards are pretty low, so when you're going over railroad tracks, they might get caught. >> reporter: simms also said the $3,900 800-pound side guard known as an angel wing would force trucking companies to remove payload and put it even more tractor trailers on the road to make up the difference. simms says that would lead to a rise in tractor trailer-related deaths of all types, erasing any overall safety benefit. >> it's far from clear that requiring this level of protection will lead to such a large increase in truck travel that you wash out the benefit of carrying the protection. >> to the families in this hall who believe that side guard would have saved their loved one's life, what do you say to them? >> i'm sorry for their loss, but this may or may not be the answer. it's hard to tell right now. >> reporter: these moms say the answer couldn't be more clear.
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>> i always say it's bittersweet, you know. it's thankful and excited, but there's still that pain and frustration that it wasn't done before. >> but i know because of this that another mother won't be standing here like we are. >> reporter: since our reporting back a number of senators and congressmen have said that they do want new laws requiring side guards on tractor trailers as well as stronger rear guards. now no legislation has been filed, but our sources tell us that could happen as early as this fall. we're going to continue pushing for answers on this and let you know what happens. in ruckersville, virginia, eric flack, wusa9. >> in addition to the bill eric mentioned, those two moms he's followed have also written their own bill pushing for underride protection. we have a copy of it posted for you tonight on our website and on the wusa9 app. just look for the special assignment unit section. we're coming right back.
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here we go. isolated shower tomorrow, but generally dry. then isolated storm thursday, probably now the best day of the week. know why? because some of harvey could get in here early friday evening and continue through saturday. >> all right. a little bit of everything. thanks. glad you're with us tonight. the late show with stephen colbert is on the way next. see you back here tomorrow night.
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