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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 12, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. don't forget your umbrella today but you can forget about eating lunch outside this afternoon. we're under a yellowweather alert. good afternoonand thank you for joining us at noon. so how could the weather impact tonight's deciding game 5 of the nats game?
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air is less dense so it's easier to hit home runs. well, we're going to have the high humidity, the drizzle but not going to have the warmth. satellite and radar looks like a bunch of showers have moved offshore. the radar has a toughtime picking up is drizzle. there are a lot of clouds around and they're not going anywhere it's the drizzle that we're having a tough time picking up. you can see one of the reasons why, most of the winds are to the east and east-northeast. that's bringing in this cooler marine layer in. that's keepingour temperatures right now only in the lower to mid-60s. idon't expect them to move much at all today. futurecast showsspotty showers and drizzle. it's going to be damp for the rest of the afternoon into the evening hours. so that means there's a good chance spotty drizzle at the ballpark tonight with temperatures only in
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going out to the game, yeah, that's definitely wind breaker, jacket and something to keep you dry and warm. it's going to bechilly out there. overnightthings won't move much. we'lldrop into the 50s in most spots, maybe some low 60s in town. tomorrow more of the same, spotty showers and drizzle. which could be around tomorrow night for date night or high school football. and we'regoing to watch and hope we get rid of this by mid- day saturday. some of could persist into saturday morning. in a fewminutes i'll talk about the rest of the weekend. got a warm up,cool down and if you can't wait you can check it out on our wusa9 app. a bazaar attack on some local students. dozens weretreated for bee stings. we're joined live from school on what happened and if anyone was seriously hurt. . >> reporter: yeah. what a crazy, crazy story. some 32students in all at least
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and firefighterstransported 3 of them to the hospital after evaluating them. none of those werelife- threatening conditions. some kind of allergy, but no kind of respiratory distress nothing like that for the students. so they should beokay. i don't know if you cansee this, but check it out. this is where the yellow jacket nest is. it's in this tree butthere are still yellow jackets flying in and out and in and out despite fact that workers here in this strip mall have hit it repeatedly with insecticide. there's one going out right now. now, the students as we understand it were heading in towards school. and it wasjust -- we don't know if they disturbed the nest in some way or something like that, but apparently the bee -- the yellow jackets just swarmed them and there were actually several them that ended up inside the school, all these people stung. andnicole described the scene.
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>> there were like a lot storming around and people were like trying to hide away from it and everything. >> scary? >> yeah. >> reporter: tell me what your friends were doing and what was happening? what did you see? >> we were walking to get food and all of a sudden just started stinging people and oh i got stung or something like that. . >> reporter: i had a chance to talk to the bug guy at the university of maryland. he saysthat yellow jackets like these are particularly aggressive at this time of the year because they are trying to raise their new queens for next year. and they're used togetting attacked by bears and skunks and what have you who are trying to eat their larvea. ifyou get attacked rob says the best thing is to run into some bushes, some kind of vegetation behind a tree because they can't follow you into that. there's ajoke that's going on around here
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school swarming hornets may have been seen in the area. they are along time rival of orchard high school. i can joke becausenobody was seriously hurt. . >> thank you. that's a goodthing no one was seriously hurt. well, the wait is over, the wharf in southwest is officially opened. a ceremony not too longago marketed the start of a 4-day celebration. we spent afew hours there today and we have a preview. >> good afternoon. yeah, this is where the opening ceremony took place here in the district pier. this is the locationwhere you'll find one of several performances throughout the day. there's going to be some fireworks. now, let's talkabout the wharf itself which is like a mini city. lots ofrestaurants, a hotel, places where you can rent apartments, buy a condo and you're looking right now at some people whe
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called the anthem. and this is whereseveral artists are going to come out later on this year and perform. tonight thefoo fighters, a sold out show happening. you're looking atpeople who came out so they could be one of the first to get in line and get to the front of the stage because in there it's standing room only. so faith isone of them. you've been outhere for several hours already. tell us what do you think about the wharf? >> a beautiful location. excellent job. amazing how thewhole night life and everything even the daytime is just beautiful. >> we've got great bands. tonight we've got kevin bacon and the bacon brothers who are really looking forward to that at 5:00. we've got fireworksthroughout the weekend. i'mespecially excited that the howard university gospel choir is going to close out the weekend sunday night. >> reporter: again, this is part 1, phase 1 of this 2 and a half billion dollars project.
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starts in the middle of next year. that will be completed in2022. back to you . >> i heard her talk about the huge price tag for phase 1. >> it is big, but are changes like that progress or pushing out poor? our specialassignment unit is getting real, that story is coming up. it's a dangerous day ahead in northern california, winds are expected to pick up as firefighters battle at least 22 large wildfires still burning out of control. overnight police went door to door telling homeowners to leave the county. authorities fearthe wind whipped flames will make a horrible situation even more catastrophic. thiswildfire on track to potentially be the worst ever in california is already the 3rd most destructive in the state's history. . in a tweet this morning president trump said fema won't be able to stay in puerto rico
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but cbs reports wherepeople aren't thinking about forever they just want help now. . >> reporter: words are not necessary to describe martina's grieve. he left me she sobbed. her husband died friday. doctors say he contracted a bacterial disease. . >> [speaking in spanish]. >> reporter: he was initially diagnosed with a different infection and sent home according to his daughter. thelast thing is he told her father is i love you. 3 other peopleare suspected of dying from the disease. . >> it's been 3 weeks, what's taking so long. >> reporter: that's the island secretary of state. he says thegovernor ordered him to figure out why clean water is not getting to every part of this island. at what point
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getting it done and what point do you guys do it? >> we've been doing it. we'vebeen doing air drops in communities where we go directly to communities where a bridge has been destroyed by the water. >> reporter: right. >> or any reason which leads us to [indiscernible]. >> reporter: 3 weeks after the hurricane the government is handing out one million water tablets as well as 20,000 high volume water filters. back at the garden of god church the widow sobs why was he taken away? that man will be buried later today. some peoplein isolated areas of this island are so desperate to find clean drinking water that the epa says there are reports that people are going to superfund sites where wells have toxic water. and people are apparently trying to drink from there.
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. it's called the biggest free market reform of health care. today president trump signed an executive order that will impact obamacare. the order will allowpeople to buy insurance without many of the restrictions of the affordable care act. the whitehouse says that will increase competition. critics say thenew rules will undermine the insurance pools driving up prices. . after concerned he was too sick to play strasburg took the mound yesterday and led the nats to a 5-0 victory overs cubs. that pushed the series to tonight. the fans won't have toworry about how they're getting home if they're taking metro to the game. the d.c. mayor justannounced extended hours for fans going to the game and spectators for the grand opening of the wharf in southwest d.c. after metro's regular closing time
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and capitol south will remain open for entry only, all other stations will be available for exit only. . well, the wharf opening today it's reignited debate by gentrification. coming up welook at 3 different people affect by the this process and it's one that's been affects the district for decades. plus we're under a yellow weather alert. we're trackingthe storms to find out how the weather could affect your plans for this evening. we
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re from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. . gentrification, the g word it means different things to different people. the dictionary defines it as the renovation of homes and businesses in deteriorating urban neighborhoods by upper to middle class families. we
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asking questions. we have our special assignment unit report. . >> we've seen this before. let's take southwest d.c. for instance. one of the firstcommunities in the whole country to get a face lift called urban renewal in the late 1950s. neighbors went from looking like this to this. it was a definiteupgrade but when the cranes and construction crews came in thousands were pushed out. 23,000 residents, 1,400 businesses, all displaced. sowith the new wharf set to open tomorrow, what will be the unintended consequence of what some call the 21-century urban are you unusual. . >> ♪ . >> what does it mean to you? . >> it can kind of become this
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code word, i think for resisting all change. >> it carries with it historically baggage. >> the resident, reverend and real or. it affected them allbut in different ways. >> i feel for my wife more than i do for myself because i'm moving out really it was painful for her. >> david white was pushed out of southwest because of rising rents at water side towers. just around the corner . >> just to knock down a church like i did. >> this pastor's church is now this hole in the ground. >> i felt like i was at a patient's sick bed when i watch the church go. . >> and on capitol hill this realtor says business is booming. >> there was very little turn over. you know, 10, 15 yearsago the economic profile is ella evaluated. that's what'shappens.
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>> the fact that people of color have had problems that they have now for a long time. but it's only when higher income people come then all of a sudden things get quote unquote better. >> he didn't want to be part of that losing equation so he stopped flipping houses and started a dog walking business. >> i don't want to be a part of it. >> right around he was leaving the game. >> it's a way of leveraging the resource you have which is property. >> the reverend was trying to get in faced an ageing church and small bank account he crashed in on a great idea. >> we created a development team to start asking questions. >> the answer came nearly a decade later. riverside baptist church is now making room for frankly what we see popping up all over town, a mix the use building, part residential, part commercial. out of 167 units here 20 will be
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housing for people making between 46 and 74,000 a year. in southwest anew mixed use includes churches like this one over here. it hascondos attached. but thesechurches didn't sell out, they told up. riverside baptistthey're getting a 6 and a half million dollars church in the deal. >> the reason we're still here is because people before us were able to flex with that change. when you can not adjust to change that -- that's when it's dangerous. >> yeah. these are drawings of what the new church will look like. the pastor says it'sabout bringing the past with you instead of living in it. >> we brought stone from the original church. >> the past hasn't all been kind because they've been here before almost 60 years ago. urban renewal almost crippled them. the government tore downthe original church forcing them to find a new home. >> they had a thousa
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in 1957, you know how many members they had when this opened this church in 1968, 35. all those people were thrown out, displaced from southwest. so we know this happens, i'm not sure how to prevent it. >> southwest looked like capitol hill. they lined up bulldozersand levelled everything. >> our real store says what makes it different is that private companies are driving the change. >> it's going to work or they'll be bankrupt. >> while more homes and businesses are being built on the new wharf those condos with big price tags are simply out of reach for many. >> my goodness i've never seen so many construction cranes in my life. >> remember david white, well, southwest is not what he remembers. he wants to moveback even though this change was the reason he had to leave in the first place. . >> good for the washington economy, bad
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residents because they're going to have to do like i did if they haven't done so already and move farther out. >> a big part is the oldest open fair fish market. we triedtalking to some of the business owners but they tell us they're suing the city claiming all this progress is pushing them out. we reached out to the developer to weigh in on this story, and we're still waiting to hear back. . >> if you're planning to check out all this progress in southwest today traffic is going to be a mess. so forget drivingyourself. think about metro or
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. this is a yellow alert day. >> not that we're going to have a lot of heavy rain, it's just damp and drizzling. if you'regoing to be outside typical across what we're seeing in most of the region. with a wind 120to 15, yeah, you're going to feel every bit that have coolness. i think this is goingto per cyst through the evening hours. in fact right throughfriday r. spotty showers and drizzle cool and breezy for the game tonight first pitch 8:08 and winds again, 11, 12, 13 miles an hour. you're goingto feel it if you're going to be out there. we got rid of thetree pollen but mold is still in the high category. no changefrom yesterday. we're dealingwith winds coming out of the east. this persistent flow withgusts at the beaches over 30 miles an hour. we're gusting
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town. that'sbringing in this low level moisture off the atlantic that's what's keeping in the drizzle and low clouds and cool side of life with temperatures from 61 to 65. and at the airport 64 with some drizzle. east windsat 15, humidity at 80%. bigpicture you see a lot of low clouds, the heaviest stuff is off to the east. a friend of mine had 1.2 yesterday with some of the heavy showers overnight. this low in easternohio not moving much, but the bigger story is this wind. we've got this wedge of cool, damp air up across the mountains. with the wind andflow we'll see spotty showers and drizzle for the rest of the day into tonight. at some times it will be cloudy other times maybe an hour or 2 worth of drizzle or light showers. that will be the casefriday as well. we see verylittle change with this pattern. friday evening whether y'v
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got day plans or high school football or whatever the case may be, there could be some showers around even into saturday morning. i'm a little concerned that if we don't break this pattern saturday may get cloudy but i think sunday we warm up quite a bit. there was front cominglater sunday. we could a showeror storm. but ahead it is goingto warm up big time. mid toupper 60s for highs today and friday. the yellow weatheralert today. we may go yellowon friday. saturday i'm keepinginto fingers crossed, early clouds, maybe fog, showers and drizzle but some afternoon sun would push us up into the middle 70s. sunday look warmer aheadof a front, 84. then finally cool like, fall like
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. got the red tie on for the nats.
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>> nikki: oh, jack! the linens, the flowers -- all excellent selections. i'm surprised you're having it here, though. i mean, top of the tower in the newman building? >> jack: say what you will about victor. he knows how to choose a chef. gerard is ashley's new favorite, and the view isn't too bad, so for my sister, anything. >> nikki: wow. you are full of surprises. but you did a beautiful job. it's just amazing. >> jack: thanks. >> nikki: one moment. um, i'm sorry. this restaurant is closed for


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