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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 24, 2017 7:30pm-7:59pm EDT

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♪ tonight -- bombshells from ana faris's book. what she's revealing about her ex, chris pratt. then -- >> would you like to see the babies. >> george's twinning make the tv debut. >> they're cheering for the babies rg not for the person. only "e.t." is on the set of shania twain's first movie. co-starring john tra vol fap ♪ do greased lightning >> hi she hated being skinny. and only we have kris jenner pranking dlaur khloe. >> like naked? you're gonna be naked? >> this was a prank call. i'm on "entertainment tonight." >> this is "e.t." >> that was amazing.
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what was it really like being married to chris pratt? ana faris tells us about it. >> we pored through every word in the book for insights into their failed marriage and where their relationship stands today. >> during the decade or so that chris and i were together, we were in love and happy. >> she's put her eight-year marriage to chris into the past tense. she made minor reeddies to "unqualified" in the wake of their split. >> to chris, your wisdom and strength give my inspiration. >> he did not lend his voice. >> when i was asked to
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forewo foreword, i said yes without thinking about it. boy, did a lot happen between then and now. so much. like, so much. >> reporter: revelation number three, ana was embarrassed and hurt when false tabloid roits between chris and jennifer lawrence made the rounds. >> jennifer and i really are friendly. she was apologetic even though she didn't need to be because she hadn't done anything wrong. >> reporter: ana describes the set of this summer's "overboard" remake her sanctuary. >> reporter: "e.t." was on the set in june. one month before the couple initially announced their split. >>st the been the best filming experience of my life. it has. >> reporter: on the set of yt overboard" that ana met her new rumored boyfriend.
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reportedly bounced back so quick. more star mom making con vegss. kelly clarkson may be the most shocking of all. ♪ kelly clarkson is opening up about one of the darkest times in her life. she tells attitude magazine, when i was really skinny, i wanted to kill myself. kelly says pressure to be thin pushed her to extremes at the gym. quote, i was miserable. like inside and out. for 230ur years. no one cares, because's teticily you make sense. ♪ what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ♪ >> reporter: she says she started surrounding here's with better people. her fans saw it first hand after an online troll commented on her heart felt message to the troops. >> somebody is like, you're fat. i'm like, are you for real? at least wait until i post a picture. >> reporter: her reply included an expletive that yeah, she's still awesome. >> i am a smart ass. >> it works, though. kelly smot the only sin
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tough time. ♪ fairytales don't always have happy ending ♪ >> reporter: fergie teared up. >> it wasn't my plan. i wanted to stay married forever. >> reporter: she was emotional with wendy williams about her split. >> i love josh. he's the father of my child. we forever have that pr jekt together. we're doing the best we can. >> reporter: fergie sat town with keltie one week after announcing her separation. she told keltie the couple parted ways seven months earlier. ♪ big girls don't cry >> it's been since february, maybe. why the wait? >> you know, you don't owe it to everybody to just announce something the second you decide it. it's a process. >> yep. and fergie said in order the give their family the best opportunity the adjust, they wanted to keep it private for awhile. understandable. another musical mama, celine
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twin boys, eddie and nelson, throwing them a michael yakson-theemd birthday party. can't believe you're already 7 years old. meanwhile, george and amal's hollywood twins made their tv debut on "jimmy kimmel" last night. sort of. so did their manny. >> you would like the see the babies? >> oh, no, no, no, no. [ cheers and applause ] who let him in here? >> he's my manny. you're my manny. >> i'm his manny. it's nanny who is a man. >> he's not a man. >> george arrived without amal. while the manny bit was a gag, george seemed to show jimmy a real glimpse of alexander clooney. >> oh. >> oh, no. >> whatever was in the photo, george didn't share wit the
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audience. it left jimmy stunned. >> god bless him. he takes after dad. >> they're promoting their film, "suburbicon." >> it's a feud. >> what is the origin of the feud? what was the egregious? >> he bumps me from his show every night. >> oh, i see. >> so every night, i sit backstage waiting to come on. >> waiting and waiting. >> i live back there. i have a room. it's not as nice as the dressing rooms. you have a nicer dressing room as a guest. my room is the other room. and i live there. >> i see. >> so. >> hot plate. a cot. >> yeah, i mean, i do okay. i do okay. >> yeah, he's doing all right. too much. you gotta love it. how about family doing more than okay. the kardashians. they start filming their new season tomorrow. they just signed a multiyear deal for additional seasons, reportedly for a cool $150
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million. and only our cameron mathison is keeping up with kris jenner. he joins us from new york with more. hi, cam. >> yeah, nancy. kris's empire is reaching billion-dollar status. she's expecting new additions to the jenner-kardashian clan. the biggest change might be her new blonde ambition. i was expecting to see you with blonde hair today? >> i was going to dye my hair blonde. kim's like, let's try a wig. and so we did. >> so? are you going to do it? >> kim took a picture. after the martini, i forget. and she posted it i'm like, you brat. >> wait, what? as the woman behind the kardashian empire, kris says the key to her success is keeping it all in the family. between the television shows and, cosmetic lines and just about everything, how do you -- how do you just keep it all straight? >> well, it's not a lot of sleep. i'm really lucky. because i have all the girls and rob, who has the bes
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it takes a village. >> at 61, kris is grandma to six grandkids with more on the way. kym and kanye are expecting baby number three via surrogate. our sources tell us khloe and kylie are pregnant, too. how do you think major life changes for such a young woman will impact her business world and business sense? >> she's really, i think, equipped to, um, handle whatever comes her way. i'm so proud of that kid. >> we caught up with kris at the wwd apparel and ceo summit. where she spoke today. they work hard and play hard. prank calls are something of an art. is there a shot i can convince you to do a prank call right now? >> we could try khloe. hi. hi, boo. i have a quick question. they asked me to do "playboy." >> like naked? you're going to
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>> is that a no. it's your life. i support you. you support us. was this a real thing, though? >> khloe, i love you so much. this was a prank call. and i'm on "entertainment tonight." and, this is wild that you were so nice to me this morning. [ laughter ] >> come on, how good was that? you should know, i gave kris though warning for that prank. crazy busy day for her. middle of the interview, i dropped the idea, she grabs her phone and goes for it. >> that was a supportive daughter. >> i just want to know, the conversation between kris and khloe after the cameras went off. >> are you sure it was a prank? well, how about katy perry. the prankster. what happened when the pop star crashed a wedding. not kidding. and took over the dance floor. then -- james corden goes after halle berry in a rap battle. will the oscar w
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corden eat his words? >> james corden, i'm coming for you.
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kerry washington and zendaya were honored at the glitz and respect awards. when i was 3, children's national helped me beat the odds so i can play with my grandkids. so i can celebrate 50. when i was 14, they saved my heart so i could bring family together. so i can help cardiac patients just like me. so i can serve my country. so i can do what i love. so i can give back. so i can play in the junior olympics. so i can make plays. so i can do this. so i can race my friends. children's national didn't just help us grow up, they helped us grow up stronger.
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♪ that is katy perry, bumping booties with the bride. >> look at her. >> the singer crashed a wedding in st. louis, believe it or not. posing for photos with the happy couple and the guests. one time that the bride doesn't mind getting upstaged at her wedding. >> how cool is that. you have those photos forever. james corden's new
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"drop the mike" debuts tonight. and like "carpool karaoke" it started as a segment. it's explanneded to its own universe. how do you do all this? >> i don't know. it takes our breath away. come on. it's halle berry. >> james battles one tough oscar winner. >> james corden, i'm coming for you. ♪ you produce this show isn't that fun jimmy kimmel saifrd obamaca obamacare, what have you done ♪ >> reporter: helping to host and lend street cred, this rap icon. rate his ability. >> i'm going to keep it honest. he's pretty gooded a word play. ♪ for the phrase that part if you wonder what she smells like, that's pot ♪ >> reporter: haley baldwin co-star. method man and his boss have the mutual respect. >> for me, it's
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i can't believe i know him. >> i like to think i'm a decent backdrop of authenticity for his vision. >> i never thought he would be as good. i have never seen anything like it. >> reporter: james respecting halle, not so much. sbl she's had an incredible career. her personal life is a mess. ♪ let's not pretend that cat woman didn't suck ♪ >> they don't hold back on the show. >> they don't. snoop dogg's reboot of the game show, "the joker's wild" airs at 10:00 p.m. before "drop the mic" at 10:30. still ahead, we're with john travolta and shania twain. and what john did off the set. >> you know that song, that don't impress me much. >> i was very much impressed.
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gets the boot from "dancing with the stars." is he worried about his future with 98 degrees? >> you can't do that, you have no business being in a boy band. it's just a fact. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ i swear that was not planned. >> for extra points, i'll take it. >> absolutely right. >> it worked. vanessa lachey's quick step turned into a quick strip. she made the most of her
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the hardest thing vanessa had to do last night was say good-bye to her other half. my pick for the season. nick and peta the late toast get the ballroom boot. >> the couple leaving right now, nick and peta. >> dancing has never been comfortable to me. it's still not. i'm glad i did this. >> reporter: like the judges said, when you went into the solo boy band breakdown, it brought me back to 98. ♪ you do have moves, nick. >> boy band 101. if you can't do that, you have no business being in a boy band. it's just a fact. >> reporter: last night, vanessa skipped doing interviews to be with nick. he says the silver lining is he'll get to spend more time with his kids and cheer on vanessa. >> you want your kids to know you' your dad's not a quitter. >> it's true. i can't look pi 5-year-old in f
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quit baseball. you have to stick with it. >> reporter: meanwhile, lynn zi stirling saw the first 10 of the season. but what you didn't see was her fan girl moment. >> we're both fans. i'm standing next to a legend. >> i said hi to her awkwardly. she walked past, i was like, hi. i tried to do one of those, oh, by the way, i know so and so that knows you. she's like, awesome. >> bye. >> that didn't work. so stupid. >> she was not the only one geeking out. sticking to "dancing with the stars" and shania. good reason she was in the palroom for movie night. >> the perfect reason. because the five-time grammy winner stars in higher first feature film, opposite john travolta. only "e.t." was on set. >> we need each other. >> we do. >> reporter: these two are close friends. and shania is making her m
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debut at age 52. >> how about dinner tomorrow night? >> that's starting to become a habit. >> in trading paint, john is a race car legend. shania is his girlfriend. >> i would say that i have confidence in the fact that he would take care of me and i have never done this before. i've never done a film. >> hi son thinks you are smoking hot. i think shania is born to bonn film. her videos say that. the videos are knockout. ♪ i have to believe that things would get better ♪ >> reporter: john has always been fan of shania's music. as one of the producers of the film, he asked her to be a part of it. the singer met the avid pilot 12 years ago at his florida home. >> i flew into this cool area that had homes on a private airstrip. that's him, that's him. and he pulls right up to the door of his house. it was really awesome. i was very impressed. >> you
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song, don't impress me much. ♪ that don't impress me much >> i was very much impressed. >> reporter: john collects cars. on the set of the racing drama, he lightened the mood. >> if i broke into "greased lightning" i bet it woumd cause a good effect. ♪ go greased lightning you're burning up the quarter mile ♪ >> so i said -- ♪ go greased lightning the whole crew went crazy. >> can you imagine him breaking into that? we asked john if he had spoken to his "grease" co-star, olivia newton-john who is battling cancer. he says he's speaking with her once day and is beyond impressed with her ability to recover. >> we're wishing her well. now to a place straight out of the movies. we teamed up with secrets
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resorts and spas. tip number one, do the thing krous can't do at home. there are so many incredible beach activities here. all part of unlimited luxury. today, we're taking a sea kayak. guess who is doing most of the rowing. actually, this guy. ♪ oh, my gosh. so fun. while chris relaxed after captaining the kayak, i couldn't resist taking out one of the paddle boards, with a little help. the tip number two, balance is important. after a pull day of beach activities, we took advantage of the 24-hour room service for a romantic and luxurious night in. thank you. that was chris' favorite part. i'll have more food and vacation tips. how to make the most of your fine dining and wining experience. >> your husband
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assignment to go on. >> as long as he could eat. coming up, the pearson boys are going camping. your sneak peek at tonight's "this is us" is next.
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>> isn't that what you want? >> a weapon that grants wishes. promo considerations provideddy bsh
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tomorrow, "e.t." is behind the scenes of "live" with a kelly ripa and ryan seacrest explusive. could she be joining ryan on "i doll." >> kelly flashes back to her soap opera pass with cameron. what do you do when you have two sons and they can't seem to get along? how about taking them on a camping trip. >> it sounds like a nightmare to me. we'll find out tonight. >> you really think this trip is going to help the boys get along better. >> i do. >> because kevin can be so -- >> i know. >> and randall is -- >> remember how the steelers were a wreck at the start of the '79 season. >> you're going chuck noll the boys? >> i'm going the chuck noll the boys. >> he was the legendary coach who brought the steelers together to win a
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>> they actually won four. >> look at nancy o'dell. that's what jack is hoping to do with his sons. bring them together. >> camping should do that. getting out there in the wilderness. there you go. >> bye. >> bye, everybody. >> neither one of us is going camping anytime soon. >> glamping.
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