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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 10, 2017 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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thank you for joining us at noon. i'm andrea roane. words like arctic blast and wind chill are back in the forecast. andrea, arctic blast means 40, but if this was january or february, we would be in the 20s. let's hope it doesn't happen later. you can see all the lake-effect snow streamers from the cold air to the warm lakes of new york state and pennsylvania and ohio. the cold air continues to pour in. we were in the 40s and 50s and a few spots in the 60-degree mark. today--come on, computer, don't let me down -- computers in the mid-40s and wind chills in the 30s. overnight lows in the teens and 20s as the winds get lighter.
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at national. tomorrow, we won't get out of the low to mid-40s but the keys to tomorrow, unlike today with the winds gusting at 40 miles per hour, tomorrow, the winds will be lighter, 5 to 7 miles per hour. equally cold but without the wind, much more pleasant. i'll come back and talk about the rest of the week with the 7- day forecast and you can check in any time with the wusa 9 app. pressure is mounting on alabama republican candidate roy moore to drop out of the race because of sexual misconduct claims. 12 women say that moore abused them when they were teenagers and he was 30. one was 14 years old at the time. mola lenghi has hear. >> if true, you should step aside. >> reporter: candidates did the best to distance themselves from judge roy moore who said he will never give up the fight. on twitter, he said
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the mid st of a spiritual battle. four women say that moore made advances on them when he was in his 30s and ?eefs her teens. one said that he guided her hand to touch him when she was just 14. moore said that the allegations are, quote, felty and sleazy attacks by forces of evil, urging god-fearing conservatives to help him fight back by tipping in a donation. judge moore's relation with the established conservatives is described as shaky. alaska senator murkowski who won her seat with a write-in campaign is urging luther strange from alabama to do the same. one county republican chairman told the toronto star reporter that
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moore e -- even if he did commit a sex crime because he could not, quote, vote for a democrat. mola lenghi. >> trump said that he believes moore will step aside if the allegations prove to be true. five women went on the record with the new york times that say that they were victims of lewd behavior by comedian louis ck. hbo is pulling his material from the on-demand service, and the comedian canceled an appearance on the late show. >> for those of you tuning in to see louis ck tonight, i have bad news. then i have really bad news. louis canceled his appearance because the new york times broke the story. five women are accusing
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ck of sexual misconduct. >> louis ck was supposed to premiere in new york last night, in fact, but a representative from the distributor of the film told cbs news in light of the allegations, they canceled the premiere and are continuing to review the situation. louis ck, harvey weinstein, kevin spacey, the list of alleged hollywood abusers keeps grow, so much so that a 6 member team of veteran prosecutors will investigate each case and then if warranted, recommend them for prosecution. a lawyer for o.j. simpson denies that he was drunk when he was thrown out of the cosmopolitan hotel. the hotel confirms that simpson is banned from the property but
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simpson's attorney said that the hotel casino had banned them from the premises before he visited the hotel. >> it's a private property and you can tell anyone for any reason whatever that you are trespassing. you can't come back. you are subject to being arrested for a misdemeanor. that's all that happened. they optioned their discretionary right to ban mr. simpson. >> mr. simpson is permitted to drink alcohol but not to excess. president trump delivered an american first message. yesterday, he blamed his predecessors, not other nations, that cost americans jobs but today, he said that china trade practices have put americans out of
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shoulder with russian president vladimir putin. they shook hands but no specific meeting is planned. the trump administration withdrew from the transamerica partnership. >> we will compete on a fair and equal basis. we will not let the united states be taken advantage of anymore. >> the first lady is wrapping up her trip to asia. she stayed one more day in china to have visit the beijing zoo and great wall. it's the last stop, and then she will greet our amazing troops. dave mathews and jay-z at a benefit concert last night for the victims of th
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added to the $15 million in donations already collected. if you're a landlord or know one, don't miss this story. d.c. officials need your help. more than 200 veterans are homeless but shouldn't be. many have vouchers to pay for housing but no place to call home. we caught up with a homeless veteran who could be weeks away from a new life if housing opportunities become available. >> that's where we sleep, where we pray. >> reporter: living in a suite for veterans at a shelter where he works -- >> yes. i have three program mates, marine corps, army, army. >> reporter: alex forest can only imagine what having his own home would be like since sleeping on a bunk bed with others has been his reality and has been this way for a little more than a year.
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realized that it's two things that i had to do including keep my head up. >> reporter: it was about four years ago when he fell on hard times and lost his job as a truck driver and then a divorce. he tried living with relatives but it antiworked out. that, coupled with an alcohol addiction he has overcome led him here. he is part of the veteran's  housing program that gives veterans who of qualify vouchers to pay for housing. with few opportunities, there is no guarantee that he'll find a home right away. that would make him one of just over 200 veterans with vouchers and sometime homeless when they don't have to be. >> too many veterans facing homelessness. we need more
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offering units. mikea turner, wusa 9. >> if you are a landlord, contact wusa 9 to find out more. turkeys for troops will help to you say thanks to military families. we have volunteers standing by to take your pledges of support. every dollar goes to providing thanksgiving food baskets to local military families and other uso programs. to help, 202-895-5560. yes, go ahead and call us, 202- 895-5560. coming up, how
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welcome back to the news this noon. you're looking at live weekends of our wusa 9 uso phone bank. this veteran's day, we are honoring local vets to give thanksgiving food baskets. if you would like to say thank you, give us a call at 202-895- 5560. leah on the front row is waiting to hear from you. again, the number to call is 202-895-5560. wave, leah, so they know who they'll be talking to. speaking of thanks, we would like to salute john and melissa meadows, a maryland vet an -- and his wife. the uso is helping the couple to get back on their feet. >> reporter: john and melissa meadows' love story begins in the most unlikely place. >> we met in a homeless shelter. >> i remember her standing at a phone, like a ho
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standing there, long hair, red hair, and just standing there. it was like something just like, bam. >> reporter: soon, they were married. then came september 11th. >> it was a bad day. >> yeah. >> one day he comes home and goes, i signed up. i said, what? >> reporter: john served two years in iraq shoe when i first got there, i was excited but nervous. >> reporter: it was the bloodiest time of the iraq war. >> a lot of times, you were just waiting for something to blow up, you know. >> reporter: jon's mission was looking for enemy explosives before they killed his fellow soldiers. >> we knew that our luck was going to run out. we didn't care anymore. just get it over w. just blow up. >> reporter: after iraq, there was afghanistan 72 i just remember the mortar came in. i remember getting knocked back from the glass and hit the back of my head. >> reporter: this is not the first time jon had suffered a brain injury but this one got his shipped home. >> the guy th
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plane is not the man i sent over. the lights were on. no one was home. he was afraid of everything. he would not go anywhere without me, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and no couple should be like that. >> reporter: melissa tried to convince him to take art classes at the uso. >> he doesn't want to be around other soldiers because he was embarrassed of his brain injury. >> reporter: jon found that art gave him a voice especially working with clay. he could express his grief like this with a soldier hunched over, holding a revolver or loneliness with this soldier reading a letter from home. >> everything disappears. i can sit there and keep going and it's just a nice freedom. none of the outside, all the craziness or inside, internal craziness. >> the art saved his life. it really did. >> reporter: for
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to the uso. >> if you would like to provide a thanksgiving meal to the families like the meadow, please call our phone bank. 202-895-5560. during the program, pick up the phone, 202-895-5560. no donation is too small but we want to tell that you a $50 donation will give a family of 6 all the trimmings and help the uso purchase art supplies for the arts programs like the one that is helping jon meadows, and we have paul, chairman of the board of the uso here, and paul, thank you for being here. what you were telling me before is that jon had never done anything with art before. look at what the program did for him and brought out in him. >> that's right. we introduced him to the art therapy and it's
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created and the other veterans are following his lead. >> and besides turkeys for the troops, you want to tell us more about the money staying in the area? >> correct. we service 300,000 active military and 150,000 that go through the local airports, very, very busy and flown through military selections, and we have also a mobile uso. all the donations going on today, trying to hit a bar of 150,000, and it doesn't just take care of the military members on thanksgiving but throughout the year. >> you had very special people calling up and making donations. >> we had two 92-year-old vets, one from d.c. and one from maryland. we appreciate them very much. >> that's amazing. veterans helping veterans. we want to issue a special challenge or ul
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area and local local corporations, i want to challenge you -- giving my credit card here -- to give $1,000 to help raise the bar. >> you are excited to hear the phones ringing? >> very, very excited, and especially grateful to the partnership with wusa 9. >> 202-895-5560 is the number to call, and again, $50 can feed a family 6, the trimmings and everything. $50. >> $50, canned goods, stuffing, mashed potatoes and a gift card to purchase a turkey or a handle. pa all right.
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for companies to meet the challenge. we need the warmth today with the temperatures only in the low 40s and maybe back to 44 or 45. 30 this is evening and tonight we're going down in the 20s, even a few teens. the weekend, cold on saturday but lighter winds and start in the teens and 20s and get to 44, milder with a few more clouds on sunday and a high of 51. gusts near 30, windier in southern new jersey. temps, mid-30s to low 40s. when you factor in the wind,ed wind chills in the shenandoah valley and feeling like 36 in washington and we have dry air in place. this will drop into the single digits tonight. that's one of the reasons we're talking about teens out there, and we have a freeze warning in effect for the entire metro. to the west, your growing yoason is over, and that's why
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but if you have plants that you care about, you better do it because they will be gone by morning. looking at the temperatures today, 41 in chicago. a little bit of snow, a few problems in chicago. 40s for the highs, and what it looks like earlier with the first snow of the season, very pretty for them. and tomorrow in chicago, they won't be as chilly. they will see a warm up with a look at saturday's forecast high, upper 30s and we'll be at 44 and all this mild air is off to the west. that will be moving back here as you head towards sunday. sunday, looking better. the 3-day forecast, 46 today and i think we already hit the high. 27 tonight and record lows, 26 at national and escape -- 16 at dulles. it will feel better on saturday with sunshine. cloudsand a mix on sunday, 51. next week, monday, an early shower and 54 and pool on tuesday and mild on
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run towards the upper 50s. we'll be right back with more in just
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if you're looking for a way to say thank you to the men and women in uniform who protect the country, please donate to the uso's turkey for troops initiative. a first donation will buy a thanksgiving food basket for a family of 6. 202-895-5560. that's 895-5560. we can't wait to take your call. a move is underway to get softball and under games off the grounds at the
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monument. it was closed earlier for turf restoration and the park service wants to keep it that way until after the park is finished yx year -- next year and wants to raise the fees. a public comment period will begin next week. the justice department is handing out more than $772 million to bernie madoff's victims. this is just the first wave of $4 billion in pay outs. we'll
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>> abby: today is your lucky day. >> ashley: really? did i win something? >> abby: [ laughs ] dad is throwing me a party tonight to celebrate designdate's raging success. >> ashley: sweetie! >> abby: yeah, and not only that, he's been very secretive, lots of closed-door meetings. i think he might be giving me a new title and a bigger role in the company. [ chuckles ] >> ashley: i'm so proud of you. congratulations. you've worked so hard. >> abby: oh, thank you. >> victor: well, this is coming along well. >> victoria: where are the flowers? >> victor: they'll be here shortly, i'm sure. neil! >> neil: well, just what i like to see. you're both here early. good to see you. >> victoria: yes. we're all yours. >> neil: okay, good. now, here it is. our mission is to revise the brash & sassy narrative by announcing the merger with newman enterprises, obviously.


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