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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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the fallen and forgotten. >> well, it is a piece of my history. >> our investigation into american heroes buried overseas in unmarked graves just took a new turn. >> as sex assault allegations rock those in power, you'll meet women in the military who take me too. >> i was threatened directly with my career, it would end my career and make my life a living hell. >> are you still getting calls from telemarketers even though you're on the do not call list? we'll verify how that's happening. >> and one restaurant cracks down on a popular turkey day tradition. the news at 11 -- 11:00 starts now. more news about the detective shot and killed in baltimore. he grew up in d.c. >> the detective's name was sean suiter, but first a quick update on the crime that ended his life. suiter was following up on a case assigned
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suspiciously and tried to talk with him. that person shot the detective in the head. it's been more than 24 hours since this happened and the gunman is still out there. >> we learned a lot about sean suiter's life from someone who played a big role in his life growing up here in d.c. pete muntean is here with that part of the story tonight. >> i just talked to sean suiter's uncle sherman. the family is so, so sad tonight. so many of them were at the hospital with him last night after he was shot in the head. tonight they're remembering him as a boy growing up here in washington. he was raised in la droit park. the uncle i spoke with taught suiter how to wash cars and grow lawns and he graduated from mckinley technical high school. he was in the army 13 years. suiter spent 18 years on the baltimore police force. his buddies just shared a photo of him in the baltimore running festival, his nickname face for a scar on his cheek. the chief said
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like to have a message to those officers still out searching for who did this. >> he'd want you to stay in the fight, stay in the crime fight. don't quit. don't give up. there's no doubt in my mind and i had many interactions with detective suiter. he's a can do guy. he loved being a cop. >> a warning tonight, scammers have set up gofundme pages in suiter's name. the baltimore police say those are fake. the family has the set up a gofundme. police say it's sad people would try to capitalize off this tragedy. he was 43 years old. he had five kids, two of his own, a teenage daughter and a son in his 20s. >> they'll have to start adjusting to life without him all the while searching for justice of one more note on the investigation into detective suiter's killing, police say evidence at the scene suggests the shooter was somehow wounded himself. they are working around the clock to find him. he said he just wanted to put on a fun family event behind his bar and grill and chars
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down. more than 1,000 people shared video by donnie viros on facebook. more than 150 of them commented. many of them said the government has gone too far. so what is this controversial event? it's a turkey shoot. not familiar? no problem. here's debra alfarone. >> reporter: what do you think a turkey shoot is? >> a turkey shoot. >> okay. >> shoot the turkey? >> reporter: they're not shooting turkey. >> no. not by any means. >> it's like country boy bingo. >> reporter: meet donnie viros. he didn't realize when charles county shut down his turkey shooting at his bar and grill that the facebook video would go viral. >> this is just another [ bleep ] overreach of the arm of government. >> i want to see where the people had a voice in this. >> i had to shut off notifications because my phone was just vibrating and dinging. >> reporter: to be clear, here's the field behind the business, here's where the targets are and people use a shotgun and what's
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this. >> this guy almost took out the red dot in the center. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with charles county and they say since 1992 you needed something called a special exception code to have a turkey shoot. that says you're shooting outside. it could cause traffic, be noisy, kick up dust or maybe some other kind of negative impact. >> $1,242 just to ask the question if it's okay to have it. >> reporter: donnie said that could take months and there's no guarantee he'll get it. >> it's just a fun activity. >> reporter: the shoot may be off, but the support, it's a bull's eye. >> i just expected it as normal. i can't believe that you can't do it. >> reporter: in la plata, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> allie's held their first turkey shoot last week. it's the second one they had to call off and if you are wondering why that fee is more than $1,200, the county said it's to cover the time it takes for staff to research the
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public hearing. police say they found cocaine residue on some items that was left at dulles airport. mcgowan's lawyer entered a plea of not guilty saying the evidence was believed to be planted. she's been in the headlines the last couple weeks after stepping forward accusing hollywood mug old harvey weinstein of sexual assault -- mogul harvey weinstein of sexual assault. pentagon officials say the department of defense is trying to develop a culture of dignity and respect, but even so one in every four women in uniform says she's been sexually assaulted. our special assignment unit andrea mccarren tells us the vast majority of cases go unreported. >> reporter: all three of these women joined the military after 9/11 prepared to lay their lives on the line for this country. what they never anticipated was that their careers would be derailed after they say they were raped. >> i
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a several month period by the high level senior enlisted people in my chain of command. >> it's gone on like 20 times and it just didn't stop. >> reporter: did being raped twice in the military while you were serving our country do this to you? >> it did because i wasn't like this before. >> instead of trying to get away, i was trying to fight, i just froze. >> you're doing this to your own people in the navy. this is not an enemy from another country or some infraction group. this is somebody who wears the same uniform as me. >> frozen, not believing this was happening. he was a marine, supposed to be my brother. >> the first one i just froze. i was kind of drunk. you know,
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do and then the second time i did. i was like you need to stop and he didn't. he raped me. >> reporter: what was worse for you, being raped or the betrayal of one of your brothers? >> that is a difficult question. i don't know if i can answer it. >> i felt ashamed. i felt dirty, you know. >> reporter: even though you didn't do anything wrong. >> even though i didn't do anything wrong. >> i was threatened directly with my career. they will end my career. they will make my life a living hell. >> reporter: did you ever report that? >> no. >> reporter: why? >> i had literally just gotten to a new unit to deploy. >> reporter: you think reporting it would have prevented you -- >> it would have for sure because there would have been an investigation. >> reporter: you blocked this whole ordeal out and deployed to afghanistan? >> yes.
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>> that disappointment and betrayal stays with you and it's hard to overcome that your leadership failed you and didn't protect you. >> you don't know. you don't know how to relate with people. >> this is how trying to pretend you're normal because you don't want to admit that you have a mental onus. it shouldn't be something you have to hide. it shouldn't be something that's shameful. it would be just as normal as having a broken -- it should be just as normal as having a broken wrist, broken hand. >> reporter: did you leave the military because of these two rapes? >> i did. i had a nervous breakdown. >> the betrayal caused me to not be able to trust anybody else. you're supposed to be able to trust them with your life and i can't trust them.
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that's the resentment. i quit. >> reporter: you don't strike me as somebody who quits at anything. >> no. >> reporter: you said you just want people to see it as normal. >> like because you say you're disabled and people are like oh, you're broken. >> five years of my life, i blocked it out and i'm still dealing with it. it didn't make it go away. >> i'm trying to get help. it's not easy and then it has the mental health clinic at the va, but you're standing waiting there for hours and you never see a doctor. >> and over the years i realize that by not speaking out i carry the burden and it shouldn't be mine to carry anymore. >> reporter: why are you brave enough to talk to us today? >> i'm sick of being silent. i want people to understand that this happens more than people think. >> what seems surprising is that all three women say they still love the
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especially their branches of the service despite what happened to them. so why are they speaking publicly now? so other women and men suffering in silence will know they're not alone. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> the most recent statistics from fiscal year 2016 reveal more than 5,300 service members reported being sexually assaulted, but those numbers don't reflect the true problem. an estimated 90% of victims never come forward. if you've been victimized and need assistance, we've posted a link to our website where you can report the crime. >> we're honored that those women stepped forward to talk to us and tell their stories. so are telemarketers still calling you even after you put your number on the national do not call list? it's happening to all of us. tonight we're going to verify how it's still happening. topper? >> temperature-wise not that cold tomorrow. let's go ahead and factor in the wind. it will feel like 29 in gaithersburg at 6 a.m., a
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by 9:00 it feels like 36 downtown and feels like 33 in gaithersburg. we'll come back and talk about when the winds will die down and kind of a wild weekend heading our way. >> and the fallen and forgotten, our original reporting on american heroes buried in unmarked graves took a new twist today. we'll have that for you in less than two minutes. you're watching the news at
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robocalls, ain't nobody got time for that. what's it going on it take to get these calls 86ed from your life? what's it going to take? last year more than 300,000 people in the dmv registered for the do not call list and made complains. are we going to solve that? yeah. with the f word, federal. our team went to the experts to get a couple answers to your most common questions. first question, if i'm on the do not call registry, can i still get robocalls? ring, ring, whamo. yes, you can. >> the do not call list is very effective
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from legitimate companies using legitimate telemarketers. the vast majority of telemarketing robocalls are illegal and it doesn't matter if your number is on the do not call list. >> question two, i'm getting random calls from my local area code. are those robocalls? we can verify that one as well. >> it's called neighborhood spoofing. so instead of calling you from a number that you don't recognize that you probably will be a little suspicious about, they'll call you from a number that looks very similar to your own number and that will in a split second maybe make you pick up the phone whereas before you would have questioned. >> the fcc announced a new rule today that targets solicitors who implement caller id information. we have ways to keep the solicitors away on our wusa9 website. we first took you to the pacific island one week ago where american troops are still buried.
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a relative who has never been found on the island? mike valerio brings us the latest chapter in his groundbreaking latest report the fallen and forgotten. >> and he joined the navy and went to world war ii. he was engaged to be married. he had a full life way ahead of him. >> reporter: she's still waiting for her great uncle henry to be found. it's been years since he's been killed in the pacific and a private team, not the pentagon is trying to unearth those still missing in action. >> the dead have done their job. they're underground and they just forgot about them. >> reporter: don is part of the nonprofit called history flight. his team members are excavating on the island but need help from the island. we found the pentagon is failing in two years keeping
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artifacts don't work effectively. that's according to the u.s. government accountability office or gao. brenda ferrell is the gao watchdog who first called for reform in 2013. she says there's a lack of communication and duplication of work. >> it's not clear which lab is doing what. it also can be inefficient. it's why do you want two labs doing the same thing? >> on top of that you would think there are files tracking each of the 73,000 americans who are missing from world war ii. well, there aren't. retired colonel windbush told us in a june interview a new file system is being built. >> the challenge that we have is taking all of in many cases hard files, flat files, pieces of paper, and getting them into that system. and, oh, by the way, some of that information is still classified. >> the problems at the pentagon slow down the process and
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like a part of her history is missing. >> i just wish i had known him because obviously i don't have any of those memories to share. >> reporter: do you have hope? >> i do have hope actually. i'm very much an optimist. it will come i think eventually. >> that's henrico burn there, a -- henry coburn there, a navy sailor almost 70 years ago. dujuan's family sent in samples to the navy last year and no match just yet, but there is reason for hope here because of these nonprofit anthropologists. at least 20 missing in action service members have been found this year from tarowa alone. >> this has been extremely compelling and important work you've been doing and i'm glad it's opened the eyes of other people to come forward and the pentagon as well. >> we're going to keep it going. >> this is the third in my series of reports on the fallen and forgotten on tarowa. if you haven't seen the first two, believe me, they're well worth the time. so find them on
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let's take a look now at d.c.'s most accurate forecast. we're going to send it over to the chief standing by inside with today's 3-degree guarantee. >> i was sweating this 3-degree guarantee. remember last night i mentioned those downsloping winds, winds westerly sloping down and compress a little bit. so i went for a high of 61. we made it with 64. i was worried we might hit 65. i lowered tomorrow's number down to 53 purr a high. right now it's 47 -- for a high. right now it's 47, winds gusting. clouds are still in place. we have some streamers, pretty strong lake effect rain and snow showers across much of pennsylvania and new york state and these clouds are actually drifting as far south as d.c. i think they're going to actually break up by dawn. i think we'll have a pretty nice morning, but future of the evening anyway -- for the rest of the evening anyway mostly cloudy skies till dawn. bus stop temps 36, wind chill in the 30s tomorrow and 40s. pleasant tomorrow for
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bad, windy and mild saturday, late showers possible, could be a couple renegade showers at lunchtime. we still feel the bulk of the shower activity will be saturday night, highs around 60, not bad. then windy and colder sunday. winds will gust well over 30 miles an hour, probably 50 miles an hour in the mountains. you could see a wind advisory sunday. colder but not for long, 53 tomorrow, 60 saturday, 55 sunday, again a bit deceiving, probably a midnight temp, 49 monday, boom. then we bounce back to 58 on tuesday. early in the morning 40 downtown, gaithersburg. everybody remains above freezing. 8:30 we're in the 30s and 40s, by lunchtime upper 40s. the winds will be risk in the morning and slacken in the afternoon and by 6 p.m. temperatures at 42 in gaithersburg, 46 in bowie, 47 downtown. so cool but nice for high school football and date night. day planner, 40s to start, up to 46 by 11:00 and winds down to 10 mi
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by 1:00. for mid-november a pretty good day. 60 saturday, showers primarily late and overnight, 55 sunday, temperatures falling and big winds on sunday, winds on saturday, too stronger winds sunday. monday chilly, back to milder air tuesday, around 50 wednesday and turkey day and you know what? tuesday and wednesday look quiet right now east of the mississippi in terms of travel. there might be no other place on the planet where you can find as many irritated, frustrated and all around angered human beings than inside of dmv, so when we went to fair oaks mall looking to do some acts of kindness, we knew we had to find somebody in that factory of misery to help and we hoped that a surprise of 100 bucks might do the trick. >> i had a late vehicle inspection. i was stationed down in georgia. i just separated from the military and i have to take
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you -- money did you have to pay? >> i don't know, but i'm late, so that's a fee for $10. i've been in a different state for four years and coming back today. it's like man, i wish this was a lot easier. >> reporter: we're doing this thing called random acts where we are just coming up to people and giving them randomly $100. >> wow. >> reporter: and to say thank you for your service and thank you for all that you have done and to help you hopefully navigate this new normal, we thought maybe you might enjoy this $100 bill. what if i told you i have another $100 bill? >> all right. >> reporter: that you can give to someone randomly right now here in the mall. >> yes. >> reporter: would you be willing to do it? >> easy. what about this lady right here? >> reporter: why not? how are you? find out what happens when she says hi back. you'll have to check up wake-up washington open at 6:45 to see the rest
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we'll tell you i don't think he could have picked a more perfect person. that's a tease. you got to tune in tomorrow to see why. >> reporter: . . hey, darren. >> we're starting a weekly segment. i'm giving
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now wusa9 sports with darren haynes brought to you by xfinity. >> there will be no kirk cousins ugly christmas sweater this year. the redskins quarterback tells me he's no longer selling the product on his website and here's the reason why. when cousins first approved of the ugly sweater, he thought said it merry christmas. instead the sweater says merry kirkmas. you know kirk cousins is a man of faith. kunz told me he didn't feel right replace -- cousins told me he didn't feel right replacing christ in christmas with his own name and that's one thing i love about sports. they don't make character. they reveal it. if kirk cousins' future is no longer in d.c. after this season, there are three things we'll never forget about the quarterback. he
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family, but most importantly he loves god. so for more on kirk cousins' decision to pass on this year's ugly sweater just like our wusa9 sports facebook page. now remember when kirk cousins said maurice harris makes crazy one-handed catches like this one all the time during practice? the qb was right. harris did it again this week against josh norman in practice. let's just say norman is impressed. >> this guy is like a space jam kind of thing. he's got the whole magical ball right now. >> it's like that every day with us just competing for the ball and he got me at first. so i just had to finish the play and try to do the best i can on make the play. >> reporter: kirk thought maybe you were trying to push him hard and see -- >> i try to give it to him. i do. i try to push him, try to match just as much to try to do the same with us, but he's
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we'll accept diaper donations in all sizes tomorrow right here at wusa9 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and you see the address. >> they need all the help they can get. 53 tomorrow, breezy to start. then 60 saturday, the month of showers everywhere night, -- most of the showers overnight, turning colder and sunday very, very windy. >> countdown to turkey day is on. that's it for us tonight. >> gobble, gobble. the late show with stephen colbert is next. good night.
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