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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 15, 2017 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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breaking news begins our news at noon. you're looking at some live picks we have from baltimore. this is a police chase ongoing right now in baltimore. we have very little information, but as you can see police chasing a car through the streets of baltimore this morning. this is happens as we speak right now. reports of shots being fired between police and the persons they're chasing. this is going on right now. we do not know what prompted
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details on this. and, of course, we'll have the latest for you if we get that before this newscast ends, definitely on our mobile app and at our website, but, again, police chasing a car, suspects in the car, gunshots have been fired. this is an ongoing serious situation in the city of baltimore at this hour. we will keep you updated. now to our other top story, anne arundel county and carroll county schools are among a handful of maryland schools closing two hours early today, and taking a look at first alert doppler, you can see why. we are bracing for snow. good afternoon, thanks for joining us, i'm andrea roane. when and where will the snow hit, how much are we talking about? meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking your forecast. do we have the brunt-ometer out yet? >> this is going to be a fairly minor event. as you can see now we have a little bit of snow through mid to late afternoon. i'm thinking by 4:00 or 5:00 for most of us
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to an inch here in the d.c. metro. the bigger amounts are going to be off to our east. there's actually a storm system. couple things going on. there is a storm developing right now just offshore. we have an upper air feature giving lift and trying to squeeze out these snow pellets and snowflakes and that's what we're dealing with. we've seen this really start to pick up in the last one to two hours. you see a little bit of a brighter band. but this is still very light across fredrick and carroll counties and in northern virginia and the metro. so we've got the very fine grains, very light snow, really, from culpepper, manassas, in toward d.c. now. we'll see some of that also across southern maryland, extending towards the east. as far as temperatures, they're running in the upper 20s and low 30s. and i do want to tell you that -- well, let's go back to andrea with a look at that breaking news. andrea. >> all right, howard. as you can see, these are live pictures again. police have cornered this car. they're trying to get the person in the car out of the
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police surrounding this vehicle. if you were tuning into our newscast at the very beginning, you saw that police, a whole length of police cars were following one car. we had reports that shots have been fired. right now we're looking at police gathered around. we can't -- we can tell it looks as if there's a suspect on the ground. someone on the ground, the shots moving out. there was a car. that is the white car, the light colored car we were watching police follow through the streets of baltimore just a few minutes ago. they have surrounded that vehicle as well, and it appeared they were looking to see who was inside the vehicle. but this is all coming from baltimore, and we are not even sure how long ago this happened, but when we first came on the air, we saw all of the police cars following this one car. and as you see, a suspect surrounded by police officers on the ground and anot
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stopped and surrounded. again, as soon as we get more information on this, we will bring it to you. now let's get back to howard with our other top story, the snow. >> yeah. some light snow falling. the concern is what are the roads going to be like. couple things working in our favor. we've got temperatures -- this is not working in our favor, in the 20s and low 30s. and they're not going to move much more than this. we may get a degree or two movement up, but that's it. what is working in our favor? middle of the day we know it's coming, so the road crews are out. i think the main roads generally -- and it won't be snowing too heavily, main roads should be fine, but some side roads, a sidewalk, a driveway, yeah, certainly could get that coating of snow and some slickness. looking at the futurecast, here we go through 2:30. we're seeing snow area wide, generally light snow. a little darker up here, so the heavier snows should be baltimore north and east, and some of these counties have closed classes two hours early. by 7:00 this thing is off toward the coast. so this is going to scoot out of here, l
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obviously some slick spots overnight. so just watch out for the afternoon. the next three to five hours with some light snow around. i'll be back with a look at how much and the weekend forecast. but you can check it right now if you like on or our downloadable wusa 9 app. andrea. >> thank you, howard. we have a deal, maybe not. president trump wants tax legislation on his desk for his signature before christmas, but the bill could be in trouble. as details of the plan are revealed, some gop lawmakers are threatening to vote no. weijia jiang has more from capitol hill. >>reporter: republicans are expected to unveil the language of a tax reform bill that house and senate negotiators painstakingly combed through. >> this is a big bill with a lot of moving parts, and so it requires a lot of attention to detail. >>reporter: but there are some requests to revise the bill after senators marco rubio and mike lee issued an ultima
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increased by more than $100. an earlier bill would have doubled it. >> i'm reasonable about it. i recognize it was only two of us really pushing hard for it in the senate. it needs to be more than the $1,100. >>reporter: rubio and lee have a lot of leverage because senate republicans can only afford to lose two votes. president trump is confident he can get them on board. >> marco rubio, mike lee, i think they'll be great. they're great people. they want to see it done. i know them very well, i know how they feel. these are great people, and they want to see it done, and they want to see it done properly. >>reporter: tennessee senator bob corker is expected to vote against the bill because he's concerned about its impact on the deficit. and two more republicans may not be able to vote at all. senators john mccain and thad corcoran are both ill and have already missed votes this week. the republican majority is going to shrink even further in january when democrat doug jones takes the se
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alabama's special election. weijia jiang, cbs news, capitol hill. >> vice president mike pence has canceled an overseas trip next week so he can be on hand in the senate in case he needs to cast a tiebreaking vote. this morning president trump ventured into what some might consider not-so-friendly territory. he was the keynote speaker at today's graduation ceremony at fbi headquarters in quantico, virginia. the appearance comes after he blasted the bureau's senior leadership and its reputation, calling it, quote, the worst in history. but today he spoke only of the fbi's role in keeping the country safe. >> the men and women in blue, in the dark of night, in the rush of danger, you break down doors, race down alleys, chase down suspects, and bring down criminals, and you do it with strength and skill and pride. >>
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white house revealed fbi records suggesting what it calls an extreme bias against the president among senior leadership at the fbi. the federal communications commission has now voted down net neutrality rules put in place during the obama administration. but that doesn't mean the internet turned into a whoever pays more gets more, free-for- all overnight. however, critics believe it might happen. >> the fast lane, the group lane is going to cost more money, and everything sells going to have to come through this now slower, more crowded lane. >> i think there's this myth out there that the fcc's vote today removed the one balwart where we are today and some balcannized version of the internet where they are able to throttle or charge consumers more. that's simply not true. >> so how much more will consumers have to pay? we want to verify this. again, first, how much will this cost? will
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you ask. some groups say yes, some say no, but the door is now open for your internet company to charge you extra if you use a lot of data. now, what about content? companies can now block access or slow it way down for some sites. for example, your internet company could slow down access to netflix. if hulu pays it a little cash. but the major providers have promised they won't do that. so what comes next? make sure you read the fine print on your new internet contracts. this is on you now. providers are required to disclose it, they're going to limit access to certain sites, but you need to read that fine print. this all may not take effect right away. there is a lawsuit on the way to stop it and congress can also take action to overturn the f's decision. to learn -- ccc's decision. to learn more, download our app or go to
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net neutrality. d.c. police are on the lookout this afternoon following two armed robberies overnight. the first one happened just before midnight on new hampshire avenue northwest near blair road. then about 30 minutes later the robbers struck again on piney branch road in northwest. in that robbery they actually pistol whipped the victim. an hour later, though, this crime spree came to a crashing halt. take a look at this scene just after 1:00 in the morning. police saw their car, pursued them, and that's when the driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into two other cars. police caught two passengers, but the driver is still on the loose. neighbors understandably were pretty shocked. >> i hear people always say not in my neighborhood, but it could happen anywhere now. >> i hope they have insurance, but i don't know. it sucks. >> police believe these guys were causing problems out of the district as well. they are prime
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pair of armed robberies in hyattsville, maryland, which occurred earlier in the night. tis the season to drink and be merry, but just how many drinks should you be having at your holiday office party? next hear from an etiquette coach who has some pointers that could not only help you save face but keep your job as well. and we've been telling you about our give hope campaign with children's national all week long and your generosity is astounding. so many of you have visited hope and used the link to the amazon wish list to buy a toy for children who are going to spend the holidays in the hospital. log on, choose a gift, pay for it and we'll handle it from there, it's
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baltimore. we watched a police chase, a driver lead police on a dramatic high speed chase through west baltimore. we saw that suspect subdued on the ground. police tell us he was wanted in a shooting earlier this morning. the chase began in northwest baltimore near the intersection of wabash and north rogers avenue. and we saw it come to a dramatic end just around 15 minutes ago. that suspect in custody now. office holiday parties, they're kicking off all across the country, but many workers have questions about appropriate behavior, especially with sexual harassment concerns in the forefront. etiquette expert micah meyer has some advice on how much to drink, how to behave around your boss, coworkers and their significant others. >> i think this one. i would say a couple of glasses of wine or champagne to celebrate. the less touching the better
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remember, it's called a cheek kiss, but technically it's an air kiss because you don't want your lips touching someone else's skin. >> micah also suggests keep the conversation light. don't get too personal, and if you think that party dress you've been dying to wear is a little too much for an office party, she says you're probably right. nasa is celebrating after groundbreaking artificial intelligence helped discover a new planet. michelle miller explains how the new technology could impact the search for alien life in another habitable planet. >>reporter: in the never- ending search for life beyond planet earth, nasa scientists have uncovered the only other eight planet solar system they know of that circles a sun. with help from google and their machine-learning computer software, scientists analyzed thousands of data points captured from this nasa plan and hunting space teafl scope, kepler. that data helped
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discover this new planet, kepler 90-i. >> having all this data coming from kepler for scientists is like trying to drink from a fire hose. >>reporter: astronomer derek pitts says it's the way that the new planet was discovered that has scientists buzzing and makes their jobs easier. >> the google a.i. system has been able to search through that pile of information much faster than humans have been able to dig through it. if you think about the analogy of the number of stars in a galaxy being like the number of sand grains on a beach, if we've been asked to search through all the sand grains on the beach to find just the red sand grains. >>reporter: like earth, kepler 90-i is the third planet from its sun in an eight-planet system, but unlike earth -- >> the temperature on the surface of this planet is about 800 degrees fahrenheit which is far too hot for the possible development of life as we know it. it's about 2,500 lightyears away. that means even traveling at the
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take us 2,500 years just to get there. >>reporter: michelle miller, cbs news, new york. yesterday i was thinking this was going to be farther east. it has kind of crept back to the west. and what we're looking at for snowfall through the afternoon, in fact, most of this, i think, at least in the metro will be done by 5:00 p.m. talking about most areas less than an inch, a coating to perhaps an inch. if you get east of town, we may get an inch. outside chance somebody gets two, but the winter, the snow winter, if you will, baltimore east through the upper eastern shore, delaware, southern new jersey too with as much as four inches of snow. should be generally light. so the good news about this is that i think most roads will not be a problem. want to take up to fredrick. this is a webcam they have at hood college over the last three hours. i want you to watch around this tree. while the snow is falling, and
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hour, see how that's turning white on the car tops, white on the sidewalk here? that's what we're seeing, this light coating. i've been checking the traffic cams. all the interstates look good right now. that's not to say we could develop a slick spot. but the road crews are out there, the roads are treated. i don't think this is any reason other than giving yourself extra caution not to do something tonight. if you have plans tonight, don't cancel them. this is going to be out of here in a few hours. we have seen it really pop up in the last few hours. there are other snow showers in the great lakes, but that's this area and some of this very light snow, not all of this is reaching the ground, does extend back towards winchester and warrenton and over towards manassas. but what we're kind of seeing on the ground here a little bit is up north. you see the echos coming back. and they're very light. so if we had some flurries or just some very fine snow grains falling, that's all i'm thinking is happening in culpepper, warrenton, up into prince william, again, with some light snow. we've seen it here in the district as well. starting to coat a little bit like on the tables,
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you have an elevated deck. the roads will be just a little bit wet at this point. here's a live picture from our camera towards crystal city, looking all the way up towards the national christmas tree. yeah, just a little bit of snow in the air. that will be the case through the next three, four hours. temperatures fairly steady. then this evening we do some clearing. temperatures, again, only in the lower 30s with not too much wind, but, still, it's going to be chilly if you're going out. now, for the weekend it looks a lot better tomorrow. we'll be in the mid-40s, sunshine. more clouds on sunday, or else i'd go warmer. there's warmer air moving in, maybe even a shower west or at night, but i think it'll be okay for the game at fed ex if you happen to be going there. we talked about what's good and what's not good for know. well, -- for snow. well, the air is dry, so not good for snow. officially cloudy on the hour, but the dewpoint is 14. we got that 17-degree difference giving us a relative humidity at 50%. that dry air is going to eat up some of that snow as it falls over the next hour or so before things moisten up. temps,
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i'll go back. sorry. upper teens and 20s right now. anything that's not treated has the possibility of supporting a little bit of stickage today. rain along the gulf coast, but we're watching the northern stream continuing to bring in cold air and snow showers. a system is developing, but it's going to crank too far east of us to really give us a big problem. it's just off here in the d.c. region. we'll watch the snow. look how it really cranks in eastern pennsylvania, jersey, areas towards southern new england and long island before pulling away here this evening. and the three-day forecast, today, again, some snow. 34 might be optimistic. it'll be clearing tonight. yellow weather alert today, chilly tomorrow, 46. and then milder sunday, 50. now, as we head toward next week, a couple of mild days, monday and tuesday. right now i'm thinking tuesday there's a threat of showers south of town, fredricksburg, richmond, and then a cold wednesday before a milder thursday. we've got more coming up right after this.
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christmas is right around the corner. you're planning a feast and you want the best for your family. but many of you are asking is frozen produce as nutritious as fresh. our verify desk has the answers for you, and to get those answers, the verify team checked with the american council on exercise and with dietician jan ropp. and straight up we can verify that frozen fruit and vegetables have nutritional value similar to fresh produce. that's good to know. mineral and fiber content remain pretty much the same, but there are some caveats. for example, the american council on exercise says you might lose some vitamin b content during the freezing process. on the other hand, some produce such as peas actually generate more vitamin a when they've been frozen.
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in frozen food are the additives. >> sometimes they have fruit juices or fruit sugars added to them. they can still call those natural, but they are indeed added. and then on the vegetables, you want to be careful with especially sodium and any kind of sauces that they might be in. >> so be sure to check the label to see what's in there. and if you have something you want verified, let our team of researchers get right to the bottom of it. you can find us on facebook or twitter or send an e-mail to verify
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so some light snow for the afternoon. half inch, give or take. some areas east may ge
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possibly two toward the bay. we'll clear out this evening and then a pretty decent weekend coming our way. >> sounds good, howard. that's it for wusa 9 news at noon. i'll be back with adam longo at 5:00. until then, have
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just became whatever whayou're about to dout to do after you get coffee. nothing comes before coffee. that's why we're introducing a new line of café-quality espresso drinks from mccafé. get a small peppermint mocha for just two dollars.
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> scott: i love you, sharon. truly. forever. >> faith: then scott kissed abby. like, really kissed her. >> reed: we have permission to see each other. >> cane: no, reed, you don't have permission to see each other. >> mattie: actually, we do, dad. >> cane: and on whose authority? >> mattie: mom's. >> victoria: i don't think that dad would be happy to see any auditor coming his way, especially not an ex-son-in-law. >> j.t.: that's victor's problem. what i care about is everything is good between you, me, and reed. >> nikki: if j.t. finds out... >> victoria: he's not gonna back down from this. >> nikki: i know! that's why if he ever discovers what i did... >> victoria: you could go to prison. >> phyllis: no. no. no, no, no. nope. nope. nope. nope. nope.


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