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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 8, 2018 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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here is the latest radar over the past hour. it is already showing up in clarksburg.
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you folks down south don't have much to worry about, most of this will pull out to the north of you over the next 6 hours. this is mainly an ice event not a snow event. a wintry mask -- risk is high but accumulations are low. it will slow your evening commute so you will need extra time and slow down. we will come back and talk about when temperatures get above freezing. you can always download our weather app for the latest watches and warnings. a dramatic fire this morning in the wagt
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boats, firefighters prevented the flames from spreading further but both of those boats sink. luckily there were no injuries but investigators are still trying to determine the cause. flooding on the top two floors has closed ross elementary school. officials from the school say engineers have diagnosed the problem and are working to resolve them. once the building is evacuated and cleared the school anticipates classes will resume again tomorrow morning. broken pipes and no heat in this bitter cold is causing huge problems at howard university. classes were supposed to start today but are being delayed because of a steam pipe bursting in two locations. to make matters worse there is no heat
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the residence halls yesterday. the campus is open but classes will not resume until january 16. a couple of public schools will reopen today after becoming heat related issues. schools closed to frigid conditions friday and the city gained national attention after images of kids in classes were bundled up with coats and hats. city and private contractors worked to repair heat for those boilers. overnight firefighters in montgomery county had to deal with frozen hydrants using slayers before they could put out a fire. a pile of wood caught fire in the backyard of a home. we are told fire crews worked quickly and were able to put out the flames. remember
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earlier this month? metro warns you to stay positive literally. today they will not let you keep a negative balance on your smartrip card . >>reporter: it all comes down to money. over the 17 year period we have had these metro says they have lost $25 million by people having negative balances and it has built up. they are no longer going to allow you to keep a negative balance. this could be a problem for people who don't carry cash. right now you swipe when you go in and when you go out. if you go on with a certain amount you will be allowed but if you are doing more after you would have a negative balance. you can't do that starting today.
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you will not be able to leave until you fill that card back up. machines are inside but they only take cash. metro says go ahead and get the auto reload that way you will never be in that situation. >> again the new rule will also apply to those writing metro bus. the fare box will buzz if that person does not have enough on that card. metro is also considering a program called the rush-hour promise which would give a full refund to peak time rail and bus riders for being delayed 15 minutes or more. the program is aimed at keeping writers --. th
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to wear white and hold anti- trumpet signs during his visit to atlanta. the group says wearing white is meant to block the snowflake label trumpet supporters used to describe their opponent. president donald trump is reportedly ending special protections for immigrants from el salvador. the associated press says it would force nearly 200,000 people to leave the u.s. or face deportation. el salvador is the fourth country whose citizens have lost temporary status under the trump administration. the author of a new book that says president trump is unfit for office appeared on cbs this morning. >>reporter:
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book is true. >> michael wolfe the author of an explosive book about the president appeared on cbs this morning to defend his work. fire and fury paints a picture of a president who doesn't read and some question whether he. the president fired back saying he is a genius and a stable genius at that. >> i consider it a work of fiction. >> the president also says wolf does not know him at all.>> he was never in the oval office.>> wolf was less definitive when asked whether he interviewed the president.>> he probably didn't know he was speaking to me for this book. when i would meet him we would chat as we were friends. in all fairness he might say i was not being interviewed. >> steve danon is now walking back from a more explosive quote that appears in the book.
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bannon says donald trump junior's 2016 meeting with russians to get damaging information on hillary clinton is treasonous. he now says those comments were not aimed at don junior but rather at paul manafort. it may be too little too late to repair the damage with the president who now calls him sloppy steve. that it was one of those things which is why sloppy steve is now looking for a new job.>> steve bannon also insists there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. ray knight is set to face a judge today on assault and battery charges stemming from a fight at his home. police were called to the home in alexandria in october. police say an argument between he and a man he ew
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medics took both men to the hospital with minor injuries. a local man accused of supporting isis is due in court today. prosecutors are investigating whether had become radicalized. his home was earlier rated and he made his first court appearance last week in alexandria. the judge appointed a lawyer for him. first it was a winter snowstorm now it is first pipes and the chaos it is causing for passengers at the jfk airport. holiday stars make more than a statement at the golden globes and oprah may be making a run for the white house. we have already seen sleet and freezing rain, we will have the latest from storm tracker 9 and the top of the forecast ahead.
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welcome back. new york's busiest airport is working to get back to normal following several days with frustrated passengers. a broken water main flooded a terminal yesterday suspending inbound international flights. a blackout kept power and heat to the same for the airport cut off and cancellations have continued for several days. >>reporter: i have been here for over 24 hours. >> this is ridiculous, i just want to go home. >> this was the scene at new york's largest airport over the weekend. >> i am so angry words can't express how i feel right now.
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>> and mass frustration from passengers. >> we want a refund and we want to be compensated. >> sunday afternoon got worse. a water main break closed most of terminal 4. crews worked to quickly sleep floodwater into the street, nearly 3 inches of water gushed into the terminal. power was temporarily shut off leaving travelers in the dark without heat. issues began with thursday's snowstorm. 130 flights were canceled the saturday and summer planes waited hours to get to the gate with passengers being reportedly stuck on the tarmac for up to 20 hours. there was another headache saturday when two planes clipped one of the near terminal 4 causing more delays. at the port authority they admit there was a breakdown. new york senator chuck
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review of what went wrong. >> it was very cold but what happened at kennedy airport went way beyond cutting a little slack. it seemed like a disaster. >> issues here involve many of the carriers not producing the number of flights to reflect the conditions on the ground so they were too many planes and not enough gates. several airlines were able to operate without problems because they reduced their flight schedules. >> it could take days before piles of luggage there will finally be returned. three billboards outside missouri -- three billboards outside ebbing, missouri took home awards but it was the #metoo movement that dominated the ceremony. >>reporter: a new day is on the horizon. >> oprah winfrey brought the
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sunday's golden globes. she received the cecil b. demille award and called out men who have abused their power. >> for too long women have not been believed if they dare speak their truth of those men, but their time is up. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> memo and the wind -- -- women and men are calling attention to "-- inequality. >> good evening ladies and remaining gentlemen.>> three billboards outside ebbing, missouri won 4 awards including best picture, drama and best actress. >> the women in this room tonight are not here for the food. [ laughter ] we are here for the work. >> lady bird won
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female director was not nominated. natalie portman noted that omission. >> here are all of the male nominees. >> hbo's big little lies won 4 awards. >> the marvelous mrs. maisel won for best comedy tv series. it is wonderful. i can't say the same about the weather. >> we are lucky, it has been a cold stretch and the good news is we are not looking at a serious ice storm. outside it is clouding up but i want to emphasize most of this will go
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of our friends in southern maryland. it is 32 0 and there is room when you get moisture flowing that this temperature will lower and the dew point will rise. winds out of the south southwest at 7 miles per hour. light freezing rain possible until around 6 p.m. mainly north of town. there is a winter weather advisory . slick spots are primarily on driveways and roads . there is a ton of salt on the roads already. walking i think will be more dangerous than driving. now through 7 pma light wintry mix for the evening commute. light accumulations of freezing rain and sleet and it could be a little above freezing. slick spots are possible
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here is the radar over the past hour. a good mixture of precipitation moving in. it is pushing off to the east and now approaching montgomery county heading into fairfax county. if you go up into frederick you have sleet and a mixture and for more on that howard is in storm tracker 9.>>reporter: we are on 50 north of 26. we ran into some sleet as far south as germantown clarksburg. when we got into frederick we had some evaporative cooling and saw some snow mixing in with sleet. there is a lot of salt on the roads and the state highway has been out several times. the main roads are fine and hopefully they
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it is actually snowing far north of town. northbound on route 15 i am meteorologist howard bernstein. this composite radar is correct. that snow is the blue color here and the magenta is the mixture of sleet and freezing rain. here is a look at future cast. 2 p.m. we still have a mixture and entering the district. southern maryland you are good. by 5 p.m. the commute for folks leaving town that will probably be the worst in terms of light freezing rain and sleet. by 8 p.m. everything turnto
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especially southern maryland. temperatures still 32 0. by 10 in -- p.m. we are pretty much done with everything except for some leftover rain and showers down into southern maryland. temperatures still above freezing. 36 0 today and a weather alert with a wintry mix and a slick spots. tomorrow 45 0. a lot of clouds wednesday and maybe a shower late. 57 0 thursday with showers developing. 60 0 friday. near 50 0 saturd
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talk about going big. samsung is introducing a massive new tv called the wall. it is 146 inches and over 12 feet. btv uses micro l.e.d. technology. samsung hasn't announced when it will actually go on sale yet but when it does you can watch the new david letterman show. the former late- night king is heading back to television. he will host a monthly show on netflix called my next guest needs no introduction with david letterman. the first show is this friday and his first guest is former
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a wintry mix, take it easy.
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