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tv   WVBT Local News  FOX  January 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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tonight at 10 -- powerball frenzy -- as millions of people across the country are thinking of ways to spend hundreds of millions of dollars.
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say they'd do as multi-millionaire. plus -- coming together norfolk state university community is coming together to basketball player -- whose fighting for her life... and -- bad accident -- a man riding on a bicycle gets hit by a car -- we'll give you an update on his condition. tonight's top story -- powerball fever! stores across the country just stopped selling tickets ahead of tonight's record drawing -- which takes place at 10:59. the jackpot stands at 900-million-dollars... that's the highest in powerball history! people across the country have been rushing to stores to buy their tickets... the record breaking drawing happens tonight at 10-59. until then - you can buy your ticket - which is 2-dollars a piece. we caught up with people in hampton roads who say they have a lot of ideas on what to do with the money -- if they win! "aswad locker / powerball player c0049 1:18:19 "buy a house, make sure my kids is in
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real soon from the military." 1:18:36" if there are no jackpot winners tonight... it's estimated the jackpot will rise to one-point-three billion dollars for wednesday's drawing. the powerball craze took people by storm in the commonwealth. lottery officials estimate virginians bought around 6-point-9 million tickets today. let's break that down for you - during peak times today - 13-thousand 8-hundred tickets had been bought. if there is a winner tonight - the lump- sum cash payout will be 558-million dollars. we'll have the results tonight on wavy news 10 at 11. the odds of winning the lottery are very very low -- in fact, you have higher chances of a few weather phenomenons than winning. meteorologist ashley baylor is in the super doppler 10 weather center
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tonight: showers developing. isolated storms possible. temps: mid-50s and rising. winds: ne to s 5-15 mph. sunday: morning rain, then drying out. highs: mid-60s. winds: s 10-20 mph. monday: sunny skies. much cooler. highs: low- 40s. winds: nw 10 mph. despite the fact that we had more clouds than sun today, temperatures managed to top out in the mid to upper-50s. we are already tracking showers in the northeast north carolina and the wet weather will continue to spread into hampton roads this evening. if you have any plans, make morning. i can't rule out a few isolated thunderstorms, so don't be surprised if you wake up to a rumble of upper-50s by 7 am. sunday will not be a washout. the rain will highs in the mid-60s. it back out of the northwest on monday, so that means a much cooler start to the week. it'll be close to 25 cooler with highs in the low-40s. temperatures will be up and down all week and it's possible we may see
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tuesday night! new tonight -- a man is fighting for his life after being hit by a car on western branch boulevard in chesapeake. just after 4:45 this evening a vehicle leaving a shopping center on western branch hit a male on the bike. we've learned the bicyclist has serious injuries and is in sentara norfolk general.
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doesn't have any is still under investigation. the norfolk state women's basketball team played tonight without one of their own. junior forward amber brown ia still in a norfolk hospital. the 20 year old is in the fight of her life after being found unresponsive in her dorm room new years day. as 10 on your side's matt gregory found out - though she's not on the court she isn't far from their minds. deanna, the good news is that her academic adviser and friends tells me she is out of her coma. but, she still has a long way to go to recovering. meanwhile hospital bills continue to rise. so her basketball family has pitched in to help and brought the whole university closer together. at norfolk state saturday the buckets on the court drained, (nats) while buckets in the stands filled. tina ruffin / amber brown's adviser c0020 1:07:19 " so far with our penny drives we've raised $810 and w'eve only had one game so we're hoping to at least get to $3000 before the end of the month." 1:07:26 athletes from other
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drumming up support for amber. (nats) normally norfolk state's charity fundraiser doesnt hit this close to home. tina ruffin / amber brown's adviser c0020 1:06:42 "we've always done a penny drive with our student athletes but we're gonna raise money this month to help amber brown and her medical bills." 1:06:48 its the norfolk women's basketball teams first home game with out amber. her absence clearly felt. tina ruffin / amber brown's adviser c0020 1:07:08 "she's awesome, she's funny she's charismatic, shes'a the scenes all of norfolk state is battling for her. melody webb / norfolk state athletics c0001 1:09:48 "currently, right now our university the departments have sent money to atheltics on donations and donations from our fans for amber brown." 1:09:59 her team tries to turn a corner, but according to friends her health has already taken a better at the hospital today. i was at the hospital last demands. she gives you a thumbs up and blinks her eyes so you know shes there and she's just fighting she's a team all hoping to
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earlier this week amber brown's family said they believe her diabetes maye have been a contributing factor to her condition. but they've not confirmed how. her family is also raising money on a gofundme page you can find on wavy dot com. in norfolk matt gregoru 10 on your side. a 43-year-old man went to the hospital after someone shot him in his thigh on 23rd street. the shooting happened around 5:15 this morning - police say by the time they arrived, the man was already at the hospital. officers haven't found the shooter. deputies in york county are looking for a man they say stole prescription pills. investigators say the suspect walked into a rite aid on route 17 in grafton around 1:15 this afternoon. they say the man did not show a weapon, and no one was hurt. when the man stole the pills - investigators say he walked right out of the store. they say he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black hat, and blue
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happened just after 6 last night in hampton. this is the man officers are looking for. police say 27-year-old anthony echevarria went into the langley federal credit union - showed a gun - and demanded money. the bank is on fox hill road in hampton. echevarria is considered armed and dangerous. if you have information about any of these crimes, call the crime line. we have more information about a seven vehicle accident in norfolk we first showed you from chopper 10. 67-year-old roland stone died in the wreck on tidewater drive. officers say stone swerved off the road in his 18-wheeler and hit several other vehicles. he was taken to sentara norfolk general hospital where he died. several other people had minor injuries. new video just into our newsroom - appears to show an iranian military vessel - firing near a locally based aircraft carrier. the navy released the video - in response to a freedom of information act request. the incident happened the day after christmas in the strait of hormuz.
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infrared video was shot from a seahawk helicopter. the navy says the large ships are an oil tanker, and us and french military ships - plus commercial vessels. the locally based uss harry truman, the navy says, was nearby. when the video it zooms in again - you can see about five small boats - according to the navy - those are the are iranian boats. and the flashes you see streaking across your screen - are the rockets. security concerns forced a plane scheduled to arrive in denver to make an early landing in vancouver. the united airlines flight took off around midnight from anchorage. several hours later united airlines officials say the crew elected to divert the flight after they discovered a threatening message from one of the passengers. canadian authorities took the suspect in custody. no injuries were reported. if you're in the market for a car- or just want to check out whats new for 2016 - we have the place for you this weekend. head to the virginia beach convention center. local dealers will show off the latest models-- at the hampton roads international auto show.
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of the event - stop by and meet your favorite wavy tv personality. event times and admission prices are posted right now on h-r scene dot com. still to come on wavy news 10 at 10 on fox 43. big idea -- how city leaders in norfolk are wanting to get a plan in place for the year 21-hundred. and how you can help. plus - captured -- a is in custody... but, he may be in the united states -- before long... we'll explain. and - first big snow! we'll take you the part of the country that's
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the supreme court may bob mcdonnell's corruption case. the court is now decided whether or not to hear mcdonnell's appeal. if the justices decide not to -- he'll go to prison on his two-year sentence. we expect the justices to announce their decision monday. september 2014. that's when a jury found mcdonnell and his wife maureen, guilty favors for gifts and
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thinking about the future now.... what will the city of norfolk look like in the year 2100!? sounds far off, right? but city leaders already started putting a plan together --- and they say they need your help in the process. 10 on your side's joe fisher attended a kickoff event today, and joins us from the newsroom to explain the vision 2100 project. joe. deanna -- city leaders tell me norfolk faces many challenges in the years to come. city and the citizens can work together to overcome those challeneges. as the mermaid city changes, how the city adapts will "we want to make norfolk an even greater place to live, work and play." been working for more than a year to get others on board for how norfolk will look and feel in 2100. because gdp gets generated on coasts, people work on coasts, trade happens on coasts, so we're going to need to rise is one of most pressing issues. that's something cheryll sumner knows all too welll as president of the chesterfield heights sumner/chesterfield heights civic league president ((c473 22:58)) "come to my neighborhood and you will see that it is a
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level is rising. it may become a problem for you includes gauging residents' likes and dislikes as they places, who are their favorite people, what are their favorite things to do, events and things like that." economy and population growth in mind, the city's focus is shifting to areas not affected by the rising tide. jeremy circle being an obvious example of that, and it's risk of flooding and it's not an area long-term we see at risk of flooding." population centers could change, the downtown area might look much different. whatever it takes, they say, to keep the city operating above water. resilience officer ((c475 35:55)) "i think it's going to be a great place to live." city officials tell me they're now working to get the input of all resident's over the next two months. they'll have four community meetings to gather information on what people love and what people could do without.
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shifting to weather - winter storms are creating hazardous driving conditions in missouri. this is snow-covered interstate-70 -- west of saint louis. this is the first big snowfall of the season for people in that area. up to four inches of snow is expected. cars have been sliding off interstate-44 in the central part of the
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conditions. the snow should should start to taper off overnight... but sunday's high is only expected to be near 20 with wind chills near or even below zero. tonight: showers developing. isolated storms possible. temps: mid-50s and rising. winds: ne to s 5-15 mph. sunday: morning rain, then drying out. highs: mid-60s. winds: s 10-20 mph. monday: sunny skies. much cooler. highs: low- 40s. winds: nw 10 mph. despite the fact that we had more clouds than sun today, temperatures managed to top out in the weather will continue to spread into hampton roads this evening. if you have any plans, make morning. i can't rule out a few isolated thunderstorms, so don't
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up to a rumble of thunder. temperatures will initially start in the mid-50s and gradually warm into the upper-50s by 7 am. of the day, expect increasing sunshine with highs in the mid-60s. it will be a bit on the of the northwest on monday, so that means a much cooler start to the week. it'll be close to week and it's possible we may see a few flurries flying
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up next - one of the most wanted men in the world - finally caught. why some in washington want el chapo - brought
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plus - mardis gras may still be a month away - celebrating fat tuesday already. we'll show you the parade in
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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people in paris remembered those who died in a kosher supermaket shooting last year. four hostages and a french islamist gunman were shot dead there during a siege a year ago. local residents, including members of the city's jewish community, gathered outside the grocery store holding
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officials arrived to begin the service, attended by the french prime minister. police in south carolina are investigating the cause of a fire at the home of the former police officer accused in the shooting death of an unarmed black man last april. fire officials say the flames started after nine friday night at michael slager's former home. they say he hasn't been living there since he was arrested last year in the death of walter scott. slager was recently released on bond until trial in september. police say one person dressed in black was seen running from the scene. they say this is an active investigation and there is no word of the cause or if the act was intentional. mardi gras season is finally underway. the first parade of the season rolled in alabama today. "krewe de la dauphine" rolled through the streets on dauphin island. plenty of revelers came out despite the rain and cooler temperatures. parade-goers say they're excited to be a part of the first parade. officials say the parade attracts up to 40-thousand people to the
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still to come - time's up to get tickets - and now we're just thirty minutes away from the big drawing. when we come back - a look at powerball fever sweeping the nation. plus - a mexican drug lord who escaped from prison - may now be on
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lotto players across the country are buying tickets in record numbers... hoping today is their lucky day. the powerball staggering 900-million dollars! that's the biggest prize in u-s lotto history. and if no one
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get even bigger. fox news correspondent will carr is in los angeles with more. it's what everybody's talking about today-- the highest powerball ever with a jackpot of 900- million dollars just in spent 200-dollars. everybody trying to buy the winning ticket -- 44 states plus the district of columbia, the u-s people driving across into california where there have been long lines of people trying to get tickets and of course a nice vacation. spend a little here, a little there, fix up my house a little bit and retire." irizarry says: "i think i'd do what first of all, the odds are crazy, you're not going to win." others say they'd call their loved ones first,
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their attorneys. lottery
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