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tv   WVBT Local News  FOX  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:45pm EST

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i am lucky. >> they are also trying to understand. >> the question you have to ask yourself, after a situation like this, you know, did the worst happen where did the best happen? we are still alive. there may still be people who are not alive. they could possibly be dead. nicole: we have team coverage of the nighad we are tracking damage from the peninsula andeeng an eye on the system and the weather system -- weather center. we want to start with most important information. as you have seen on the error all night long, it has been a rough evening. tom: round two roars through the metro. don has been keeping you safe. don: we are almost in the clear.
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situation. this is the past s. we had warnings which extended the day. worth of warnings. then i will show you the radar just a second. warnings in red. you can see them on the south carolina. it little bit in the peninsula. -- a little bit in the peninsula. again, very unusual. you. what we have going on is a live version of this three-hour, 7:00 to the present time. all the warnings are gone. no warnings going up. that is really good news. we want to take a look at what
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island through the ocracoke area. otherwise, the bulk of the hampton roads area and into eastern north carolina, things are very quiet. let's have a look at what we are still seeing. possibility of some good-sized thunderstorms. that is on the eastern shore. they are not as strong as they were earlier. a few lightning strikes, a couple of lightning strikes over the water. it will move on short pretty soon. seeing some scattered thunderstorms from the peninsula to the south side. not merely -- nearly as strong or concentrated as early on. cell phone got pounded -- suffolk got pounded. you can see a lot of lightning earlier but not nearly as much right now. we are looking a lot better. we're going to look a lot better coming up by midnight. i will show you what is coming
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rest of the week and next week with the forecast in a couple minutes. >> we are also attracting thousands of hauser averages -- power averages. about 5500 area in the dark across hampton area. at one point, 10,000. lights are coming back on. we are working to learn more about the efforts. nicole: we want to show you two different views of the storms. on one side you have lightning strikes and on the other side, dark clouds. >> it is a heartbreaking site in that tiny town in the community is morning a tremendous loss. >> three lives were lost their, including a child. there is so much to clean up when the sun rises. >> we have been in waverly since
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>> right now, local police have shut the town down. they are enforcing a curfew and asked that media stay on the outskirts. the aftermath of a deadly storm, a likely tornado that killed two men and a little btwisted telephone wires. homes and businesses mangled. devastation left behind a deadly storm. >> i saw the clouds getting dark in the back and the next thing i know, the wind started blowing. >> it was s atas i've ever seen. >>-- fierce as i've ever seen. the s trmk with it so much. they warned one another in the streets of waverly. trying to grasp devastation they have never seen. >> it was horrible. cars were crumpled on the highway. they picked up cars and through them on a ditch. it really did some damage.
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not make it. a 50-year-old,6 twere home that virtually blew away. >> you would never know it was there. it took a clean across the highway. >> he says this is his mobile's -- was his uncle's mobile home. >> first we see the sparks from the powerline coming down and tree branches flying. then we see the railroadck shouldn't across the dumpster. as the wind picked it up -- picked up the car, it shifted and all we could do was hold on and pray. >> police, firefighters, and paramedics rushed to the small suffolk county town. as cleanup continues, the people of waverly pledge to rebuild. >>he question you have to ask yourself is after a
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worst happen or did the best happen? >> we are told that eight others are heard but their injuries are not life threatening. i let's check, no one was reported -- at last check , ported missing. police are making sure everyone has been accounted for. there is a curfew going on now in the town where you have to stay in your homes until further notice. live in waverly, i'm liz kilmer. >> the governor has declared a state of emergency. waverly and appomattox both suffered serious punishment from the store. some things were left untouched however. after the worst move through, any people went out to inspect and they say they got cap out in the storm but made it out alive.
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it shook the trailer. like it was picking it up and i can't explain it. it was bad. >> what is that like to go through something like that? >> i would never want to do it again. never, ever. >> you see the sparks from the power lines coming down and the tree blanches -- branches flying. the wind picked up the car and shifted us to the side and all we could do was hold on to each other and pray. >> several neighbors we spoke to say they are thanking god for their lives but sad to hear about the loss of others. >> in the metro we have been following reports of whether damage all evening. a blue -- true blue over onto aquite a sight. the house was so badly damaged that residents cannot stay there tonight. we are tracking similar
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>> tree removal started soon after this storm passed in the james neighborhood. >> i think it is a mess. i was staying in the kitchen. >> he has always lived here and he never expected that the old cedar trees would come down like this. >> was quite an experience. i would here all my life and i've been around hurricanes but i've never heard a win go up against a house like this. --nd go up against a house like this. >> in some cases, the trees were knocked on houses. power was cut off for some residents too. nobody was hurt. the tree on 80th street fell into the back of t house where a family of six was home at the time. >> the next thing i know, the tree was coming into the bedroom. >> the houses the resident says he and his wife grab as much of the good for
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>> i'm glad no one was hurt.>> the storms brought tnihit. yo aiewer sent us this video of hailg the vehicle. nicole: plenty of people saw heavy rain and that led to street flooding. is downtown and old town portsmouth. the rain left a mess for drivers. it does not take months -- much for the street the flood. many of you sent in pictures to first, this picture. museum. >> and one of the more intense storms that profit a tornado warning went over a navy base. it turned a parking lot into a lake.
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you see news or whether happen, take a our coverage of the storms continues. our full forecast is online and on mobile. >> our coverage of severe weather continues after the break with what we f in waverly just minutes after we arrived. >> possiblerges coming for two local police officers involved in shooting a suspect. >> later, talking with outcome. he comes to virginia beach and hope to get your vote on
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>> we are picking up coverage of severe weather in waverly. nicole: at least three people died when the storm swept through this afternoon. we had members capture the devastation and spoke with residents. here's a look at what they saw while walking through the town.
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we showed you some of the damage on main street. some of that damage was mainly roof damage, mainly cosmetic to the homes. you can see that we are starting to see some of the major damage we were told is here. so, i'm being told t ha one mobi home is completely gone. when you look down the street, i can see some washing machines there. describing what i'm saying -- saying -- seeing? >> that used to be the waverly laundromats. it is said because as a kid i watched a lot close on that laundromat. i hope no one was in there when it came through. it is very sad.
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used to be the waverly laundromat. we showed you how the storm turned it into a pile of rubble. many view our helping us. nicole: we have been gathering the pictures and posted them on a gallery on >> a man with a plan, don slaten e air. nicole: it has been a busy day for our super doppler weather team. don: we have been busy. jeremy was busy this morning. a very long day. very unusual to get this kind of weather in february. it does happen. but to see fatalities, it is really unusual. it is -- has been years since we had seen that happen. here's what is going on. all kinds of warnings all day long. around 1:00 this afternoon, very
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northwards. basically across you turn north carolina on 30 year. that one loan -- on through here. that one loan thunderstorm, we saw thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings all over the place. huge amounts of warnings. this is the past three hours of to the present time. from 7:17 up to 10:17. this particular area is approaching hatteras island. this is until 10:30. a brand-new warning for the eastern shore, it is an odd shaped morning. this is until 10:30. it is not looking hugely powerful but we want to watch it carefully. the -- it did have some
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you can see the bulk of this is offshore. for the exmoor area, some rainfall. nothing spectacular. i'm seeing a real decent chance -- not seen a real decent chance for severe weather tonight. out over the water, most of this is out over the water. you can see where craney island is. it is out over the water. the base out pounded, the peninsula gotthe afternunded. a big stretch of heavy rain and strong winds. further south we go towards portsmouth. is 664. suffolk is quite right now. it has not been quiet -- well,
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the southeastern quarter is getting some rain. it was really bad in suffolk earlier with golf ball-sized hail that we had reporte-- reported. the outer banks got lucky today. kitty hawk, yes. you can see that area that i mentne the warning for hatteras island. it is a very strange day in terms of thunderstorms through out the area. here's our computer model showing what is going on the rest of the evening hours. it is thinking there could be some thunderstorms at 10:00 across the eastern shore. it is exactly right. it is moving offshore. by 11:00, it is almost gone and their oscar -- thereafter at midnight, it is all gone. everything is gone during the
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temperatures into the 60's. tomorrow morning, into the 40's. it will be closer to normal. mid-50's for the day for tomorrow. get the clouds sleeping through. -- look at the clouds sleeping through -- sweeping through. here's what is going on, we tried to get some of the lightning andes when power transformers were going by the bayside -- wayside over not able toicture -- pick it up. temperatur r now in the 60's and even into the low 70's even at this time of night. we are going to cool off for the day tomorrow. 58 tomorrow and windy. no rain. we will update the radar for you for the rest of the evening.
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tom: a major conviction and a high-profile murder trial of a police officer. nicole: to local policeerff could face trouble for shooting a suspect in their apartment. an update when we continue. >> coming up, a local race car driver gets nominated for the nascar hall of fame. the regional high school basco
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about the we just got an update on the power situation. dominion virginia power trees are responsible for many of the outages. the dark. the majority were in northern and central virginia. our area, still more than 6000 customers are in the dog -- dark. crews are finding down, lines and broken the claimant. nicole: new tonight, a jury has found six people guilty in the death of a virginia police officer. the charges range from gang involvement to a conspiracy. we have been telling you about the 45-year-old officer's death since it happened in 2014. some of the defendants kidnapped him from a parking lot and took
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the judge has not set a date for sentencing. tom: looking ahead to friday, the commonwealth attorney said he will falsely make charges against two officers. three officers said they tried speaking -- and then he started running. duringhase, officers say they saw a shotgun and it looked like he was pointing it out them -- at them. that is when randy gibson hired three times and hit him. the family is suing gibson and keith myers. their plan to hold a news conference after meeting with the commonwealth attorney. nicole: looking for your boat, donald trump -- vote, donald trump is looking ft.orhear what he had to say at regent university. >> plus, one more look at the
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>> the storms have resulted in 20 people injured and some trapped in a tornado up there. don: up towards appomattox. they had about tornado two. hopefully no one was killed. tom: we do not have any more information about that. don: it is hugely unusual to have fatalities in february.
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we came out of it ok. it is winding down. that is the good news. we will through the radar. -- go through the radar. severe thunder storm warning for hatteras island until 11:00. there is not much going on with this. you can see a little bit over oka croak. as far as the easter shore, we have had a severe thunderstorm warning as well. it was just dropped off as of 1030 -- 10:30. during the day today, if i did t ntion your town or your neighborhood, chances are you have nothing going on. obviously we had bigger fish to fry. there were still some rainfall over this county. again, it is not that terrible. over hampton now, things are relatively quiet. one little pocket of rain
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you see again, towards the hampton area, things are quite quiet. we are seeing some scatterbrained fall over the te banks scattered rainfall over the here's what is going on. a little bit earlier version of super doppler 10 live. this is route 460. wakefi waverlyoeall th way up to the petersburg area. sad situation there. overnight, looking a lot better. mostly cloudy, 51 degrees. 57 degrees in the afternoon tomorrow. rather windy during the day.
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remain rill cool off and then start to get warmer.: you can only imagine the power of the storm that caused mage in waverly. it hit main street, the heart of the tiny town. it worked up our homes and nearby businesses. one man tells us he was in his truck at the post office when it hit. >> it was scary, my truck went up in the area -- air. i saw everything coming off the roof. i said, this is it. i do not know what to do. it was scary. i guess it lasted a good 10 minutes. i cannot remember exactly. i saw the trees swerving. i am lucky. >> it is completely devastating, formal. -- horrible. it picked up cars and threw it in the ditch. nicole: those descriptions, wow. do not miss an update. we'll have a fresh forecast starting tomorrow on breaking
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we are also the air on fox 33 from 7:00-9:00. a quick break for decision 26 king. six days until the presidential primary. tom: and other candidate was in town looking to get your vote. this time, the front runner on the republican list, donald trump. regent university. if elected, he would cancel many of president obama's executive orders made over the past seven years. we have more on his visit. >> donald trump told regent university that he is on his best behavior because he is in the presence of region founder and chancellor pat robertson. it was a toned down donald trump. he talked about losing the trade war. >> with china we lose $500
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o >> >> every illegal gets an air-conditioned. >> he spoke about the mattel year -- military with a lack of details. >> we will make them bigger and better than ever before. nobody will mess us -- with us. between the rain deal, we give them lots of money -- iran, we give them lots of money. we should have got our prisoners back. -->> hillary clinton was targeted as well. >> and looks like she's going to be protected by the democrat scandal by females. >>-- e-mails.
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>> it is increhe likes to talk about business but he is phenomenal about that. if you knew the real donald, you would see something very special. >> some say this donald trump with his sons was the dump truck they had never seen before. tom: six days until super tuesday. republican candidates have two more dates lined up with region. had crews will be there on friday and ben carson is scheduled on monday. tickets for the overflow area are still available.
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nicole: developing story in norfolk, the treasurer of norfolk is trying to stall his trial. he's waiting to see what happens with virginia governor bob
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he was the judge to move the trial back to the supreme court rules on the donald appealed -- mcdonnell appeal. he says the two cases have plenty in common, the honservices wire statue and the hobbs act.are those laws constitutional? how should the courts to find the term official act. the indictment says he accepted nearly half $1 million in cash and gifts for official acts when he was a council member advice mayor. if mcdonnell's appeal is successful, he says prosecutors to drop some the charges against him because both cases could be around the same laws. tom: big changes are heading to norfolk. city council voted to back a million dollar loan to bring businesses back to the struggling town. the new tenant has not been announced for the former jc penny.
10:39 pm
perspective tenant. the mullahs in foreclosure and has been struggling for years. -- the mall is in foreclosure and has been struggling for years. macy's will close in a few weeks. also discussed, and number of traffic changes. they suggested adding several stop at specific intersections. this is a map of the approved traffic changes. also changing, west wilson avenue will become a one lane street for west down traffic. -- westbound traffic. nicole: the norfolk high school basketball team has built a dynasty enforcement. tom: jay gruden talks about the
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guess who was >> ok, things are winding down. we still have some scattered showers and thunderstorms in the area. there is one area along the outer banks that still has a severe thunderstorm warning. that is just for hatteras island itself. little bit of scattered rainfall going on. nothing big, nothing like we saw earlier is evening. tomorrow, windy. new 60's tomorrow -- new 60's tomorrow. tom: a lot of cleanup tomorrow. nicole: sports now. bruce: one of the most successful athletes and hampton
10:44 pm
olympic's or basque -- -- box in the ring. he has a chance to be inducted into the nascar hall of fame. i am bruce radar. ricky rudd is one of 18 nominees for this year's hall of fame. he is now 58 years old. he walked away from the sport he loves eight years ago after a career that spanned more than three decades. he made 906 starts. 123 races and earned -- won 23 races. he will always be known for setting the modern-day record with 788 consecutive starts from 1981-2001 earning him the title of nascar's ironman. nine years ago he was inducted into the virginia sports hall of fame. he could be a nascar hall of fame are when they vote on may 25.
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school basketball playoffs meaning more action to come through the weekend. with safety being the main concern, school officials throughout the region made the right call to postpone tonight's playoff games. to keep you up-to-date, we have the entire list that have been moved to tomorrow. you can go to and clicrts. one school we are watching closely is your fault. -- norfolk. nathan epstein joins us with the story. >> state champions last season. >> we like the heat, they started off bad when they had lebron. >> it was back to back for norfolk high school. we've been fortunate to win and hope we can do it next year.


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