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tv   13 News 6  ABC  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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your help in finding him twenty five year old anthony smith junior is charged with murder burglary and more when told his last known address is michael. arlene drive in newport news police say smith and de sion a closer ryne had recently ended a relationship investigators say early monday smith broken to see rod some inheritance way and tells her she runs children were in the home of the time of the killing but were not hurt. it's been a month says dr melinda boat was sworn in as superintendent of norfolk public schools today she told the school board what she's accomplished during her first thirty days and what her plans are for the next one hundred are jimmy lee was there with dr boon really spend most of her first month as superintendent meeting with people one on one with parents teachers principals school board members and community leaders to get a the school division is doing
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what are the most pressing issues that she needs to focus on right now everything is that group and we need to do some lime and some focus norfolk public schools superintendent doctor melinda boone says recruiting and retaining effective teachers making sure students know how to read and improving morale are just some of the issues the district needs to work on in the next ninety days we begin the nps redesign what is it that we need to focus a line to get the results that we need to have that part of that plan includes looking at lesson plan formats reorganizing the district's central office and filling open positions but the right people. i've just been disappointed too that point that i'm transferring her to norfolk collegiate private school in two weeks frustrated parents are hoping that she can do something to change the current climate of the school system. i'm hoping he is also putting a little
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do they feel to the doctor then says she wants to reestablish a superintendent's student advisory council and continue face to face conversations with students and parents surely change for that matter is in and she understands that will take time. jenny bean thirteen years now over public schools also held a groundbreaking for new school construction of large mott elementary starting three months ahead of schedule the new building will have state of the art media centers and science labs and in two weeks crews will start work on another school. ocean view elementary on mason creek road. the new schools are part of a plan to build five new schools in three years of lax and learn what measures the department of
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jury has indicted a former dare county teacher for allegedly having sex with a student we broke the story today at noon the teacher involved as ryan garrett a former special ed teacher at many high school. we don't know garrett resigned from the school in the state revoked his teaching license told garrett is not in the country right now and the district attorney is working to get him back to dare county. we have new information tonight about a suspected gang member our son jace sentence and full of murphy to twenty five years in prison for heroin and gun
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part of a bloods street gang known as the redstone writers which operated in franklin the search for more free sparking massive manhunt last year authorities ended up arresting him. the family a family member's home in southampton county where macy's is closing thirty six stores early this spring including several stories right here in hampton roads more than two hundred and seventy local jobs will be lost are reassigned as a result the clothing retail company is signing with the call a disappointing twenty fifty sales and earnings performance stores at chesapeake square mall peninsula town center in hampton and military circle mall in norfolk will also hold a final clearance sales beginning next monday and that will run for eight to eleven weeks closing and consolidating store as the company's as will reduce annual expenses by up to four
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plows through a guardrail in the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel and lands in the bay coming up the latest on the breaking news we've been following all afternoon and warmer temperatures are in
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sullivan high school catholic that breaking news
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afternoon officials say a trucker went off the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel that man is in the hospital tonight sort all the driver may have tried to pass another slower moving vehicle when he lost control and went through the guardrail. we know he has several injuries but it is not clear how serious these injuries are we will continue to update the story on air and online. the department of defense has been enlisted to provide guidance on one facet of president obama's new gun control initiative setting our leaders have been instructed to have a military research ways to improve firearm safety like gooding has reaction president obama's executive orders contain instructions for the defense department to conduct or sponsor research into gun safety technology that would reduce the frequency of accidental discharge or unauthorized use of firearms included in the research so called smart gun technology the military
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experience with firearms the day that the marines even managed to teach me how to shoot an m sixteen at parris island. shh. the idea here is to leverage the military's vast knowledge and expertise working with firearms and then very well trained at colonial shooting academy in virginia beach branch manager wade or wince as military members and veterans handle weapons with respect and he believes they will be helpful in devising new firearm safety protocols and technology was a good place to promote fire safety but i think it begins with education. that's what the military stresses to their personnel on the train firearms is basic safety and raise an intern then drills it into a colonial enforcement director colonel henry stanley was chief of police in henry coe county for sixteen years he too thinks the military will play
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knowledgeable about the work with someone with knowledge of some benefit in a research note on my getting thirteen news now now said the officials at norfolk international airport ella said guns have become an increasing problem for them last year there were sixteen guns detected at the airport checkpoints that is more than double the number from the two previous years combined. tsa representatives believe that in most cases people simply forgot that they have what they got there carrying a gun and they have to follow special procedures when it comes to traveling with guns they want to remind the public of how to properly fly with god's great way to do it as well pack it in hard sided case load and if you have an issue should be its original box also in case you haven't walked any declared to the airline ticket to the checkin counter never to the checkpoint also important
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ammunition into an airplane is illegal. well are finally starting to see those conditions warm after highs yesterday only in the mid thirties. lexi had highs today in norfolk at the mid forties and we even had some fifties on the map as well as the temperatures right now compared to yesterday on those fifteen in some spots fifteen degrees cooler or warmer i should say in south and we were all mostly degrees warmer in in ten at eleven degrees in norfolk and fourteen and chesapeake going to continue to see those temperatures climb over the next several days were talking sixties by the time we hit the weekend temperatures right now in the forties low forties in norfolk forty once and supple causes at franklin. read thirty seven right now by far the end when in korea also run a rapid so temperatures aren't too bad especially where they were this time yesterday so let's talk about the temperatures a spot on forecasts a sports day forty four degrees the actual high was forty six as long as we
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that temperature. we still have a correct forecasts of the spot on forecasts for tomorrow. low fifties fifty three degrees at the airport in norfolk and i think we'll keep that streak going we're definitely going to be watching those temperatures tomorrow afternoon. satellite but i was sleeping nice and dry no rain to track will across the media viewing area the clouds still are holding on is this a little bit thicker across north carolina because we've got this trough of low pressure just over the gulf stream we may see a shower or two across the outer banks. later on this evening but for the most part will remain mainly dry as high pressure continues to dominate but i am tracking the system out to the west as the system pushes closer to our area. we're going to see our rain chances increase as we head to the rest of the evening temperatures dropping into the low forties as we head into tomorrow morning we're going to start to see those temperatures climb just the bits i do think we'll start off in the forties closer to the clothes and enough either and when we'll see those thirties mainly because we hadn't it's my action is
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stray showers possible on the outer banks temperatures climbing into the low fifties and even into tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening we're gonna start to drop back into the forties but notice how we start on friday morning temperatures milder than tomorrow morning starting off in the forties and most spots support tonight forty degrees mostly cloudy not quite as cold as this morning when temperatures start off in the thirty supports my morning run tomorrow afternoon we'll see those temperatures in the fifties across the area about fifty three in norfolk a northeastern north carolina actually climb into the upper fifties right around sixty is a look at the seven day forecast fifty five on your friday declined to sixty on saturday low sixties sunday i am tracking chances for rain late saturday into the first part of the day on sunday. why thank you to either help wanted sign is up at ocean lakes thrice guess that's an action with the coaching staff they're letting the relocation began chris got one of the top high
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the area is moving on from ocean lakes to be the next head football coach at bishop sullivan catholic high school coach scott confirm that with me this afternoon he was at ocean lakes for eight years and had eighty six when that's over ten wins this season i can figure that out of course they won the state championship in two thousand fourteen were nationally ranked for most of this past season. bush also remember that he served a five game suspension for violation of recruiting guidelines the virginian pilot says kayla born their top running back on top running backs in state at ocean lakes is also going to transfer to bishop sullivan that according to the virginian pilot langley speedway has been around for sixty five years. question is will there be a sixty six the year that the big question mark this point sources have told me the land where they race has reached an impasse the phone to run langley had leased the property for many years with the land management
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hoping to buy the property this year instead of lease the management group has balked at that by offering then said they won't lease holders to the point where the equipment all the equipment has been moved off the property. i believe langley is the longest continuously run nascar track in the nation if they want open for business in effect a whole lot of people and of course the denny hamlin short track race is supposed to happen in the spring. let's hope they can work an eleventh hour agreement or maybe this pointed to a thirteenth that were green because it's that far gone in the negotiations when we come back we'll check in on
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norfolk state was back at echols hall for the first time in a month last night didn't take advantage of
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and the spartans against princeton in the final nonconference game before me act play takes on the way charles oliver here he had twenty two a game high for the spartans first for this game in the pre song especially the sean taylor had a really big first half love this basket is kind of frozen at their draws a foul and makes the movie of eighteen and was eleven point game and halftime france and then stress enough the twenty two point lead sports came back le still ended up losing eighty three seventy four they open conference play center a family who comes to apples whole baseball hall of fame ken griffey jr and mike got to get voted in this year ken griffey junior breaks time saves record for highest percentage of votes getting in the first time. ninety nine point three percent of the voters voted in on what the other three within the thirteen is now at six
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tonight, the world headline. north korea claiming they have tested a hydrogen bomb. tonight, the seismic activity. the announcement on north korean state tv. the bravado, celebrating the detonation. but this evening, what the white house is now saying. the weather emergency here at home. the storms hitting, one right after the other. cars submerged. the restaurant wall caving in. customers screaming, and we're there. the new turn tonight. there is now a criminal investigation into an outbreak at chipotle. more than 230 customers sickened at one restaurant alone. the showdown over the pat-down.
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search at the airport.
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