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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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argument turned violent when a man is shot in the chesapeake hotel this new and the search for the person who pulled the trigger and seventeen miners are safe after they were trapped eighty storeys underground their story is straight ahead bop we are going to begin this new with the weather map the temperature continues to that's good news if you like warmer weather but chance of showers also rising greg miller's in the weather lab with all the details for the weekend there will be
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showers temperatures are going to go up as the system approaches. but when that cold front comes through sundays can bring with the chances for rain and most likely will see the showers developing out ahead of it saturday night. one talked about what's happening right now across hampton roads skies are cloudy and we do have a clear radar sweep over most of the area down to the south though close the outer banks we have a few sprinkles showing up maybe a couple passing sprinkles down run to overcome all this been drifting back towards the southern part of the outer banks but nothing significant there and again most of the area is dry so let's pick up the temperatures right now we have low to mid fifties near the coast temperature still mid to upper forties in once a little cooler out to the last of these temperatures are warmer than yesterday in fact we take with a twenty four hour temperature change and a cmos here is five to ten degrees warmer than yesterday so it is a bit milder. as you take a look at the afternoon skies mostly cloudy there's a slight chance of the sprinkler because i don't think we'll see much there temperatures stayed basically low to mid fifties
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the late afternoon and evening will fall back into the forties temperatures warmer than yesterday but as we go the next couple days and get even warmer i'll talk more about that will show you the future cast through the weekend when the rain moves in when it moves out which can expect early next week since i'm new at noon often police looking for the person who they say shot a seven eleven clerk yesterday. he is identified as thirty eight year old kevin bristow early yesterday morning police say he walked into the seven eleven on chesapeake boulevard and demanded money from two employees. police say the bristow shot one of the clerks before getting the money taken off that was one of several seven eleven robberies that happened yesterday there were four robberies in all including two at the chesapeake boulevard to work with say the store on red gate avenue in west ghent was cropped short time later the seven eleven in princess anne and colonial avenue was also hit as others have not said any of these robberies are connected but if you have any information at all to help
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in hampton will they're searching for man they say held up two businesses overnight the first call came in at ten o'clock we said a man with a gun walked into the family dollar on lasalle avenue demanded money while the clerk handed him the cash and a man took off about twenty minutes later another robbery call this time at cannes chinese food restaurant just a few blocks away. he also demanded cash at gunpoint officer say took off with the money if you recognize this man in the picture right there at the crime one call we got an update now on atory that we brought you as breaking news on daybreak police have identified a person of interest in a shooting that left a man hospitalized happened early this morning at the extended stay america on greenbrier circle that's in chesapeake. lisa brown has been following this story since it broke into several guests at this hotel on the tummy. they didn't hear any shooting the city can't believe that someone would open fire in argument broke into gunfire just around for
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at this extended stay america on greenbrier circle in chesapeake police say someone who they identified shot a man and a fourth floor room that victim was rushed to cine to heeren norfolk general hospital at one point police were unsure if he was going to make it but now they say he is recovering for at least three hours detectives including forensics were at the hotel trying to figure out what went on. police are still investigating if you have any information you can call the crime line in chesapeake. elise brown thirteen years now with the traveler for this man take a look at your screen virginia beach police say these two women tried to shop with four hundred and fifty dollars worth of merchandise from the walmart off when hayden parkway security guard stopped them and then they took off without the goods but if you recognize either one of these ladies are asked to call the crime line at number one eight lock u up on the investigation continues this noon into a possible
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says that she was trying to get into a car on rosemont avenue and south norfolk yesterday morning. that's what she said a man assaulted her and pulled her from that car she did manage to escape she says the attacker ran off so far police do not have any suspect information. police say the man found lying unconscious in an office parking lot has died at fifty five year old richard winters was found outside the walmart on military highway early wednesday morning. medics took him to the hospital where he later died. medical examiners working to find an exact cause of death investigators say they are considering this an undetermined death and they are asking anyone with any information to come forward if you think you can help give that crime on a call at one eighty eight lock u up well police have identified the driver of that truck that plunged off the side of the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel to say that matthew coleman took out a stretch of the guardrail and ended up in the water happened yesterday afternoon on the southbound side. please leave
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slower vehicle and tried to pass it but ended up crashing through the guardrail. he and the tractor trailer filled with soybeans went into the bay and members of virginia beach police department's marine patrol unit pulled him out of the water when they reached him he was conscious he was coherent he was able to give them information obviously was able to tell him where he was certain what he was you know the pain he was having what condition was at a medical crew flew him to the hospital he did have injuries to his arm head and chest meanwhile work is continuing to replace that guardrail and part of the road deck that was damaged in the crash or amazing rescue in central new york the seventeen miners trapped eighty storeys underground the tense hours spent while stuck on an elevator will have more on that amazing rescue coming up plus a prosecutor in los angeles decides if bill cosby will face more charges out west and then coming up in
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lisa peanut on the criminal investigation into the fast
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and all the premium movie channels for a year. hurry, this offer ends soon. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. the building right now in central new york seventeen miners are back on the surface after they were trapped nearly eighty stories brought to safety this morning after several tense hours. abc's martha gonzalez has more on the rescue and why they are being called inspiring the and the sounds of relief after nearly ten hours of anxiously waiting seventeen miners trapped nearly nine hundred feet below ground in upstate new york all finally safe on solid ground. they persevered that the best with the good very impressive to see how a wealthy man's situation the group was just starting
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soul mind in the country near ithaca when the elevator they were in somehow stopped working the count with the miners huddling together for warmth as local fire and police rushed in to help in an hour in the atlanta and you using this crane to lower a basket below ground lifting several workers at a time to the surface. we practiced mine evacuations regularly every year it's all that practice is coming in to play today despite being shaken and freezing the miners waited there at the scene until the last of their co workers were rescued their spirits are tremendous. just my next goal and an inspired by them to be quite honest with you and were told they're all in good health state officials are now investigating and operations
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the salt mine. the cause is determined and the problem is fixed. rc gonzalez abc news new york dolls john taking aim at his gop rival the war of words between the republican presidential frontrunner and ted cruz about his birthplace and tracking the chance of rain heading into the weekend
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the developments this morning this afternoon in the case of a woman who died in a texas jail right now a texas state
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perjury charges connected to sandra plants and death he said the plane killed herself last year in a jail cell this after she was arrested by trooper brian in seeing the unseen was indicted yesterday it was specifically that he and his problem cause removed her from the vehicle to conduct further conduct a safer traffic investigation and a grand jury found that statement to be false. now if convicted in seattle will face up to a year in jail and a fine of up to four thousand dollars texas department of public safety also announced that it will fire and city prosecutors in los angeles will not charge bill cosby was sexually abusing two teams in nineteen sixty five and two thousand eight citing time limits and a lack of evidence to investigate allegations by a woman who claimed cars be forced or to have sex and hollywood hills home and also looked into claims by a mob by model chloe coins that she passed out at the playboy mansion in two thousand a to cause his
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this latest news right now president obama is preparing for two big events his final state of the union addresses next week as much present obama as a farewell from office the white house released a preview video of the president's speech in it he says the address will focus on the achievements of his presidency and lay out a sweeping vision for the future but we all need to do together in the years to guarantee an even stronger better more prosperous america for kids in america we believe in the face of the press and have said this address will be nontraditional said of the inning is set for next tuesday the twelve south carolina governor nikki haley's going to get the republican response meanwhile president obama will also be taking part in a televised town hall style event today called guns in america now this comes following a series of comprehensive background checks regulating gun sales and developing technologies to make guns safer at town
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at seven p m donald trump has raised concerns about gop rival ted cruz's eligibility to run for president. no he's republican presidential candidate john mccain and constitutional scholars are china and abc's kenneth wooten has more on that story from washington. cruz is citizenship. today more courses about ted cruz of legal right to run for president. the texas senator born in canada to an american mother as a legal matter the question is quite straight adult child of u s citizen born abroad is a natural born status them and raising the concerns his fellow republican donald trump he told cnn crews should go to court had issued as with the clarity of judgment is that what can you love and i'm doing this for the good of ted cruz on the stump in iowa called all noise. my focus is on addressing the real challenges and issues facing the american people cruz has
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mccain who was born in panama but mckay told the chris merrill show he was delivered on a u s bases. as for cruz i think there's a question i'm not a constitutional scholar on that but i think it's worth looking into every sin is dead as constitutional legal scholars who say it appears cruz is in the clear but the issue is still unresolved it would be quite ironic if after seven or eight years of drama around the president's birth certificate if republican primary voters were to choose senator cruz's their iistinenounce months ago this morning donald trump tweeted that was a wise move by cruise boat abc news washington are i will turn our attention to the weather now and i can say
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of the region i think everybody would agree no matter what your political affiliations the roads are dry right now and we are looking in a few sprinkles down on hatteras that things are looking pretty good for most of the area temperatures are milder than yesterday but it's not going to warm up much i do think we're going to hit about fifty two degrees. iac hour by hour temperatures here were staying at fifty at the airport but i think at some point we should pay at least fifty one fifty two degrees right now are sitting at fifty cents a drop back into the forties a little bit later on. so we're in pretty good shape texture wise these stamps are close to a little bit on the warm side of normal. you can see again we are dry at this point we had a couple light sprinkles in line early this morning temperatures have been milder through the morning and now into the afternoon than what we experienced yesterday and certainly the day before that there are those sprinkles overcoat will suspend offshore but there might be a passing sprinkle or two down that way one talks about the future kesian this is what i was talking about in
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that we would really break down the timing on the showers coming up over the weekend you can see that we are going to do with the clouds to the afternoon and evening tomorrow morning skies mostly cloudy could be a couple showers down around heather's but again most of the area remains dry and we still have this northeast flow as we go through t on friday in a friday evening a couple of stray showers possible out to the west but anything we should be very isolated wouldn't shock me to see a passing shower move by especially inland overnight into early saturday but again we're not anticipating a lot of activity. the friday night or early saturday morning most of saturday looks okay but look what happens the more she starts to build out to wes is a saturday evening there could be a couple of isolated showers the bulk of moisture associated with the front that is going to push through will approach from the west as we get into sunday morning and i do expect the rain
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widespread early in the morning and then later in the day by afternoon it should move out and skies should become partly sunny but that those morning worship services sunday morning we headed to church raindrops others feel bad for the parking attendants after church daily such a great job but when it's cold or it's wet or snowy whatever he's asking how one of my guys hey you there i try to give something to look forward to some rain this weekend i hear zoe have for a temp is low to mid fifties you could see up to forty still rank or attack temperatures generally low fifties for most of the southside fifty five a new siena has yet to the west of downtown suffolk still in forty seven at last report we as a forty seven and two coats in forty eight langley fifty right now down to newport news up in williams for temperatures in the low fifties are also looking at upper forties to low fifties along the eastern shore and upper forties for much of the middle peninsula and parts of the northern neck through the afternoon will continue to see the clouds
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the north of ten mph. i did eight staying close to fifty two mostly cloudy skies forty five below tonight and saying about this mid fifties tomorrow officially a little warmer ale and so were inching out by the weekend close to sixty on saturday and i think the low sixties on sunday the rain comes in early out late saturday night into early sunday and then improvements later sunday cool again next week is that crazy weather that gets people sick like on brown lucy by others and some kind of float around here lots of folks just take it easy at their dress appropriately especially more key advice are things you know what we want to give a big thank you to everybody who came out of dunin annual abc thirteen jingle bell blood drive folks are of the american red cross say that we exceeded our goal you know we wanted to collect four hundred thirty five pints of blood but guess what u st ped up and knew how to donate four hundred and ninety pints of blood the blood drive is the oldest media sponsor blood drives in the mid atlantic region and you know what we love seeing
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the gloucester county sheriff's office posted this picture to the facebook page is a this note is from a sweet six grader at page middle school thanking the school resource officer for his hard work it says quote i just thought it would be nice to give me a little note to show you how you are teaching us to grow up to see that happen you know as parents we hope that our children grow up to be productive members of society the parenting not an easy job up next our friends from c h katie are here to offer some parenting tips that may help
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if your parents you know it is not an easy job so how can parents get the information that they need to learn the skills necessary to raise happy healthy and confident children wanted a seat eighty parenting segment we're going to talk about where to find quality parenting information about c is katie's parenting resources here to talk about that with us today to see katie community outreach manager sam baby and sam picks for the sinking of the year and happy new year to you know you guys it's his kid you always have some great seminars and things a parent i know i've attended several of them myself and really are helpful they are now kids don't come with instructions and so we often need help his parents to get us through those times were unsure about what to do so see hk d provides free period education from new expecting parents all the way through the teen years and so we like
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come and listen to some quality on research based information given some tips some the other parents and his various seen the same difficulties joys and tribulations and so it's a great way for parents to get some great information on so if whether you're expecting whether you have a toddler or teen. please come check out our tkd classes and you can register online for free yeah and it is great new offer. it's not just one location offered them around the area so that that is nice too. he has also helped them some online help as well hungry homework done and then trying to get to class we know that can be difficult so we also provide some online classes and so you get that your convenience after saturday or sunday you can go to our website and click on the pre recorded webinars on different topics so at your leisure. we also have on him plus you can download and read them before i go to bed and then also we have a
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interact with another parent we have several parents all right on the interstate katie bought page and you can interact with them and share your experiences and differences in what you did to embark on a parent team struggle on so all of these are available free for parents. we also partner with other agencies so if there's a class or a webinar that fits your needs at that point we also have resources online that you can click for other agencies that might offer classes definitely going online checking a website with a good idea i got to see if it had a topic you wanted to discuss a new job a couple summers coming up with the oh so were the ones his grief and growing growing great and that is on january twenty six at oyster point location. he was a wonderful class in which parents will learn about how children deal with loss memphis loss of a loved one but most of the pat giving baby a teacher changed out of the classroom and all children are resilient are
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but you may underestimate the loss and sadness there feeling so it's a great class for parents that can help their child through loss in the second one is for actually on four different types of people parents on children with adhd parents adults with adhd and also on clinicians and educators and for adhd symposium and that's on the twenty third of january and they can find out more about that they can head hour each week on
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i know. you are i went back to our second half hour of thirteen years now at noon has a live look from our sky view overlooking
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the region is in the fifties and ryan cracks can tell us about the possibility though of showers this weekend we're going hear from him in just a bit but first one to recap our top stories for you police are seeking a person of interest in a shooting that left a man hospitalized right now that victim is recovering at around four o'clock this morning at the extended stay america on greenbrier circle in chesapeake police say an argument ended with a man being shot. an investigation is ongoing and police are asking anyone with any information to contact the crime line and also police are looking for the person who they say shot a seven eleven clerk yesterday he's identified as thirty eight year old kevin bristow early yesterday morning police said he walked into the seven eleven on chesapeake boulevard and demanded money from two employees he said that clerks before getting the money and taking off that was one of four seven eleven robberies that all happened yesterday and please identify the driver of the truck that plunged off the southbound side of
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tunnel is a yesterday matthew kill men approached a slower vehicle tried to pass it but ended up crashing through the guardrail. he and his tractor trailer filled with soybeans went into the bank rescue crews recovered him from the water. developing right now u s intelligence officials are looking for evidence of nuclear weapons in north korea now this comes after north korea claims to have successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb the white house has since expressed doubts in that claimed the international community is also weighed in on the best way to deal with the so called hermit kingdom abc's lama zach picks up our coverage not likely a hydrogen bomb. not the latest word from the intelligence community and this south korean lawmaker saying a hydrogen bomb should have registered at least fifty kilo tons of power and looks like this is more than six or seven kayla times far too small to be even a failed h bomb. here's why a hydrogen
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powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki. it has never been used in war. still north korea was celebratory on the eve of leader kim jong un's birthday. what happens when the international condemnation has been swift united nations security council holding an emergency meeting and even their closest ally china rebukes north korea the us immediately launched nuclear sniffer are and surveillance planes to help determine what was tested and held the u s should respond we will continue to work believe it or not with the chinese knew nash community continue to make it so that becomes a pay increase to higher priced for me now on the one nation in the world out of the world but to be clear even if this was a less of a bomb. it is still the fourth time since two thousand and six that north korea has tested a nuclear device. one is at abc
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is dead after he was killed by officers outside a police station this morning the ministry of interior said the man tried to attack an officer with the night before he was shot and killed this happened in paris officer say that the man shouted god is great several times in arabic french officials say the man was wearing a fake explosive vest now the situation is being investigated as potential terrorism and this of course comes on the one year anniversary of the charlie have to attack one year ago today seventeen people died when extremists targeted the french magazine and a nearby jewish market today charlie have to release this cover showing a bloody god with an assault rifle on his back above the cartoon it says one year later the assassin is still on the run. it's already receive some criticism most notably from the vatican on . check out this dramatic video canadian family escapes a dangerous situation when
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burst into flames you can see in that video there are ten year old boy hanging from the window than being drunk to safety his mother and father soon followed. all three were able to land in the snow and they were rushed to the hospital to poli get served this time its appeal papers. the latest on the criminal investigation into why people got sick at the restaurants and more netflix in more places the streaming service gets goes global except for one country we're going to tell
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we're back with what could be more trouble for choc o late the fast casual chain now facing a criminal investigation of the mountain or a virus outbreak at a california restaurant that sickened hundreds of these claims and dell has more on that investigation. fast food chain to pay play is involved in a criminal investigation the company revealing in a regulatory s e c filing that it was served with a federal grand jury subpoena last month asked to produce a broad range of documents in connection to a norovirus outbreak at this franchise in california's simi valley last august that sickened two hundred and thirty four people. the burrito giant says it does not know if the investigation will bring fines penalties or further liabilities investigating the less the u s attorney's
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investigators from the fda both offices declining to comment. john poli telling abc news it will cooperate fully with this investigation our justice is taking this so seriously that only other after the summer outbreak the simi valley restaurant was closed for a deep clean but the company that prides itself on serving food with integrity is struggling to regain consumer trust. taking out full page ads apologizing to consumers and announcing coming changes to the way it prepares and tests its food after making headlines for two e coli outbreaks sickening fifty eight people in twelve states and the nora virus outbreak in boston which sickened one hundred and forty college students who ate at this store that was clayton sent out recording. anyway that is the end of the line for a
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netflix is already doing well with its goals for the new year the streaming service is now available in one hundred thirty more countries the surprise move was announced yesterday will likely net the company millions of new subscribers company had originally said its goal to be available in most countries by the end of the year. now the big hurdle will be china the world's most heavily populated country which often stops people from watching material that the government considers injectable or controversial netflix ceo says he hopes to get over that hurdle by the end of the year and had some for those of you who use internet explorer microsoft is going to stop supporting versions eight nine and ten on certain windows computers starting on tuesday. experts say that up to twenty percent of internet browsers could be impacted. anyone who continues to use an out of date browser could put themselves at risk for malware and cyber attacks
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windows ten microsoft gave customers a new default browser called edge know how i roll hits and historic jackpot seven hundred million dollars up for grabs and the historic jackpot may climb to get some ideas on
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anger the anger the anger the anger of the power to get the ready my way. well the jackpot continues to grow after there were no grand prize winners in last night's powerball drawing those numbers by the way case when checking tickets forty seven to sixty three sixty two eleven and the powerball seventeen even though nobody hit the jackpot the virginia lottery says more than one hundred ninety
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fifty thousand dollars to definitely check your tickets but you know that means the jackpot is going to grow to a historic seven hundred million dollars so say you do hit the jackpot so what are you supposed to do with all that money we crunched some numbers we've got some ideas with millions like that and you could afford to buy thirty two luxury penthouse is in new york city that looks pretty nice thirty two of them can you imagine that or you could finance around star wars film like the force awakens that film by the way made on only two hundred million dollar budget so as to leave you with several hundred million dollars but you could spare which means you can buy at least nine hundred fifty round trip tickets to saturn and back that is courtesy of space acts at five thousand dollars a pop but before you go making plans check this out the truth this you have very slim honest the odds of winning were going to be a reality check here that didn't pop up this post to tell you that we are putting into perspective for you you
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by lightning become president of the united states get bitten by shark or possibly even be hit or die by being hit by asteroids so there's a lot of things working against you so but as craig always says there's still a chance and the next drawing is this saturday in vail to see it only here on abc thirteen for him to grow its official powerball station you know so tune in during thirteen years now at eleven to see the drawing saturday night and we wish the best of luck to all of you i believe the ad for one and two hundred and sixty two million is that we are saying phrases like that but there's still a chance that spawns and that's the fun is imagining what would happen if those numbers came up. well these are numbers that came up yesterday we were going with our spot on forecasts witty four actual high was forty six so that one was right today we said fifty three this is what i should put up last night
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forecasts were already sitting at fifteen if you within three degrees. it's considered a hit you're on target so our doctor to get warmer than fifty six today we will get up around fifty one the b fifty two degrees or so and then the temperatures will fall off later this afternoon skies are cloudy out there the radar had a few light sprinkles showing up early this morning but it's dry now and the winds still coming in is looking or when streams from the northeast as well get the clouds kind of socked in here at the coast as we take a look here the future cats is the wide view because we're going to be tracking whether we have a little bit down on hatteras another son party at a bank a few sprinkles possible on that way but it's going to be the development of the west were really going to be paying attention to you as you can see through the morning hours friday still mostly cloudy it's gonna be mostly cloudy during the day tomorrow and then tomorrow evening. there could be a few stray showers a better chance for the wet weather out to the west along i ninety five that something
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evening is there's that chance then overnight maybe a few showers pushing through but even then back to these could be very hit miss as we look forward to saturday that's when we'll see better chances for showers especially late. you can see through the early evening chances for a few scattered showers and then this bush or really comes and as we get into early sunday to asia getting ready for church services you're out the door early sunday morning clue that umbrella with you a gear issue out the door you want to stay dry as you're out there you'll see chances for showers through the early afternoon then after that big improvements with the dryer and eventually clearing skies the late afternoon into the evening then the cooler air arrives next week so going to see a warmup of the next few days and then another push of cool air monday into tuesday and wednesday. right now cloudy skies at the oceanfront you can see cloudy conditions at norfolk newport news was the city and now for temperatures generally in the low fifties highs today staying close to fifty two it
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forty five below tonight and tomorrow centuries back up around fifty five that warming trend continues into saturday and sundays we get into the lower sixties but the temps fall again monday into tuesday and wednesday milk attempts back below normal through the middle of that roller coaster ride he's going at people at
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