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tv   13 News 4  ABC  January 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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. norfolk state university basketball player fighting for her life her coach speaks to us during this troubling time. macy's closures coming to hampton roads along with worries about small business. plus something strange in the parking lot which is what happened when we went inside the news that four starts right now. right now in norfolk state university basketball player is in a medically induced coma. we just spoke to her coat and a news conference the community is rallying behind junior forward amber brown. she was found unresponsive in our dorm room on new year's day brown's family says he has been battling seizures and brain swelling. ever since
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women's basketball coach devan clark voiced her support and concern. well it is south a time you know we missing the team member but times like this i think the team has come closer together they have a little bit more to play for now the university's athletics director also released a statement today expressing his condolences in asu's student athlete advisory committee collected money for the brown family at the men's basketball game this past tuesday and they'll continue to collect donations at the remaining home games this month our thoughts and prayers are with temperatures warming up a bit from yesterday were looking at some cloudy skies for more weston camera in virginia beach town center but we are seeing this warming trend continue issue we really liked it. i did see the good fight about his mormon church especially after we had the thirties offer highs monday and tuesday finally we're starting to see things my re a bit we do have cool
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still above where we should be for this time of the year so let's talk about it we also have the clouds will cause mostly cloudy right now overlooking downtown norfolk and the temperatures again aren't too bad they are warmer than yesterday actually topped out at fifty one in norfolk where fifty right now in newport news temperatures have fallen just a bit in norfolk on the south side are now down to forty seven degrees with the fifty four right now is the city and they're reporting brain and mouth and that's not correct i just double check that they're not singing rain on the eastern shore but temperatures are still in the chilly side about forty six degrees now we do have the clouds across the area that is that on satellite and radar no brain though for the most part again we head down along the outer banks were picking up one a few showers without this trough of low pressure just offshore so that'll bring a few showers out into the outer banks with college stray showers throughout the evening hours. it is breezy out there as well and was generally out of the north and northeast up about thirteen miles at the airport in norfolk and
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virginia beach not too bad if you're heading out. you will definitely notice the winds of just the few just a little bit as we head through the evening hours will see those temperatures falling a few degrees but it's going to be a relatively mild night especially for early january i have those details coming up just a bit on the warming trend will talk about our chances for rain. i think you will fights disturb the peace that i see gore come high school in portsmouth this afternoon we learned the first fight started when students were going back inside after a fire drill school officials say multiple other fights broke out afterwards. no student resource officer was available at the time so portsmouth police had to intervene some family members picked up students from school after hearing the news well i would say you know i pretty much mentally where the coming you know get her in every pain but the move noting notify me no serious injuries are reported and no
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classes resume for the day after the situation by a rise of seven eleven robberies in norfolk is prompting some extra security. a gunman robbed three stores in about an hour last night the robber targeted one of those stores less than a day earlier and shot the clerk kim ian lee joins us live from london to meet alice about the precautions being taken after this rash of robberies yet regina norfolk police tell me that they are sending extra patrols all throughout the city not just to keep an eye on the seven eleven stores but all commercial businesses and the manager at this store tells me that seven eleven is actually providing private security guards to the stores for some time so this is the store where that clerk was shot on wednesday around two a m today police released the name of the suspect in that robbery his name is kevin bristow he is still on the loose as far as we know and the police are asking for
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down right now he's only being charged for that first robbery early wednesday morning it's not clear if he's connected to any of the other robberies from last night. now i did speak with some customers today about how they feel about the rash of robberies going on at the seven eleven stores in your thinking here's what one had to say is pretty shocking you know you never know when you'll be in store that app purchase some to sell some ad coming and i bet she'd done the shooter bound up in new scene kevin bristow are no where he might even call police or crime line coming up tonight at five o'clock i'll tell you how ramping up security efforts here at the store proved to be affected when a security guard stopped a robbery for robbing the store. reporting live in north and nine jenny thirteen years now. right now a man is in the hospital after a shooting at a chesapeake hotel it happened
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the extended stay america on greenbrier circle. please tell us they've identified a person of interest in the shooting. elise brown picks up the story from there are several guests at this hotel in the tummy he didn't hear any shooting the city can't believe that someone would open fire in argument broke into gunfire just around for a thursday morning happened at this extended stay america on greenbrier circle in chesapeake police say someone who identified shot a man and a fourth floor room that victim was rushed to cine to heeren norfolk general hospital at one point police were unsure if he was going to make itutow they say he is recovering for at least three hours detectives including forensics were at the hotel trying to figure out what went on. police are still investigating if you have any information you can call the crime line in
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thirteen years now and update till our story after a tractor trailer ran off the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel and into the water below yesterday we learned the driver is matthew tillman from watched a parade virginia beach police department marine patrol unit pulled tillman out of the water he had injuries to his arm head and chest medic flu sentence in terrible for general hospital there is no update on his condition tonight. right now charges are pending and the an accident investigation is still underway. a preliminary investigation finds that tillman may have tried to pass a slower driver before the accident and let's take a look at the roads right now starting with traffic trouble in hampton and that's going to be making a way six sixty four northbound headed up to the sixty four interchange give you a live look now at the very heavy traffic out there's a little bit earlier today we had an accident involving a tractor trailer littered literally wrapped up a few minutes ago it was on the left shoulder as you can
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but the backups very much still in place with this point expect about two and a half mile back up starting a pallet in and is going to be that slow go all the way to the sixty four split on that rapid network maps and speaking of sixty four very heavy traffic sixty four east of the hr bt back to the hampton river bridge and sixty four westbound to the hr bt back to grammy street that is a six mile delay the rest of the area doing ok start to pick up at the high rise bridge on the very latest on your delays when i come back on as a thank you. how would you like to have seven hundred million dollars that is what is now up for grabs since no one won last night's powerball and that means the next drawing is saturday night. it now becomes the largest jackpot of any moderate gain in us history one hundred and ninety one thousand tickets were sold here in virginia alone i contributed to that thirteen is now is your official lot of states in the winning numbers are always on their thirteen is
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will happen for you this saturday night you can also hit up thirteen is now dot com i know a lot of you are saying show me the money so we asked alicia to dream big for us what you won what could you buy with all that cash was was it a fun assignment ever really was but usa today helped us out and put together this graphic to really help with things in perspective. worse you know like you said we all have our own dreams of what we'd like to do with the money but take a look at this to put some more perspective on it so at three hundred and nine million dollars that's how much you're going to be left with after taxes that's all it's a big shocker yet that's all the looky what you can high that you can buy almost two thousand. mas righties price at one hundred and thirty two thousand each. now i'd have to just have one one of the shoreline and what exactly book all the coffee that you can purchase at four dollars each that's a lot of coffee that's more than i can ever consume and check this out a trip to disneyland. you could take seven hundred and eighty two thousand and eight trips to disneyland with all that money and last but not
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so those are some pretty big dreams rate than the like is that i'd be happy with just a little bit of it so you know what week injury and i doubt we can still buy them on saturday night due to jet back to life our newly released government guidelines for your diet the foods you should cut back on and the ones you should add to your diet seventeen minus eight from nine hundred feet below ground how rescuers managed to get them to safety. three area macy's
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. and inspiring rescued today seventeen miners became trapped nearly eighty stories below ground in upstate new york. now they're all safe and sound
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story the sounds of relief after nearly ten hours of anxiously waiting seventeen miners trapped nearly nine hundred feet below ground in new york state all now safe on solid ground. the miners displayed excellent self discipline control and not panic. the men were just starting their shift at the deepest salt mine in the country near ithaca at around ten last night when the elevator they were in it somehow malfunctioned eighty storeys underground has never thought anything could happen here. the miners huddling together for warmth as rescuers rushed to help the hour is that the answer then you using this crane to lower a basket below ground lifting several workers at a time to the service we practiced my new evacuations regularly every year it's all that practice is coming into
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shaken exhausted and freezing the miners waited there at the scene until the last of their co workers were finally brought to safety. their spirits are tremendous. it just fine and i don't know and i'm inspired by them to be quite honest with you and were told all of the miners are in good health a state investigation is now underway to figure out what caused the elevator to malfunction martha gonzalez abc news new york. new information that i love the accused on the designer's sergeant brennan brought dollars defense attorney confirmed today that his trial is set for august eight before then he has another pre trial hearing set for january twelve. last month he was in and out of an arraignment within fifteen minutes at fort bragg. he deferred to a plea and a type of trial oregon faces desertion related charges for walking away from his outpost in
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guidelines on diet take a different stand on some foods the guidelines say americans may not have to cut back on eggs and eating lean meat is okay. it suggests sugars fats and salts should be eaten in moderation and diet should consist of more fruits and vegetables we know that whole grains and seafood guidelines are released every five years and are intended to help americans prevent disease and obesity. they influence everything from package labels to subsidize school lunches to doctor's advice well here are some good news the cancer death rates continue to family dropped the american cancer society's latest annual report says more than one point seven million cancer deaths were reported between nineteen ninety one and twenty two of the reduced amount of americans smoking combined with advances in cancer prevention have resulted in a twenty three percent drop and death rates. so to speak in
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explain what can be done to make more progress we have a large number of people who even though they get health care they get an adequate health care a less than high quality health care can improve those logistics we could decrease the death rate from cancer even more the report estimates there will be one point six million new cancer cases in almost six hundred thousand cancer deaths in the last this year despite the progress cancer continues to be the leading cause of death in virginia and north carolina the four most frequent cancer types are long breast prostate and colorectal. i'm continuing to track those mild temperatures i was the start of with a look at our twenty four hour temperature change mat because yesterday we were a few degrees warmer in some spots other spots we were almost twenty degrees warmer
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because each day we're going to tack on a few more degrees so right now about three degrees warm and norfolk eight degrees and newport news not quite as warm as yesterday because remember tuesday they actually have those highs in the thirties was yesterday we had highs mainly in the mid to upper forties temperatures right now are in the forties and most possibly do have some fifties on the map. this is mild for this time of the year fifty two in chesapeake as well as current supper also fifty two and a husky and that we had a little bit farther north in newport news are coming in at forty seven with the forty nine in portsmouth and afternoon of you joining us and suffered here at fifty degrees right now as i zoom out of united's we got colder air to our north pittsburgh a forty six when we got this warm pocket of air nashville knoxville down to fifty five fifty nine in atlanta with the sixties on the map as well that warmer air will be heading our way mainly as we head into the weekend we will see those temperatures back into the sixties the satellite but i was sweeping nice and dry but we
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around for a least the next several days and we've got this area of low pressure sitting just off cut off the coast that will bring a few stray showers to the outer banks. other than that we're actually going to be pretty dry would you also have this line of showers and storms that's going to continue to push nice but it is weakening as it dies and that will bring us a chance for a few scatter a few isolated showers i should say on friday so let's talk about a few jackasses we had through the rest of the evening that we're going to see temperatures drop a few degrees can be pretty mild overnight. so we're going to start a friday off mainly in the forties near the coast a few spots farther i and we will see temperatures in the thirties but overall very mild for this time of the year as we head into your friday noted by friday afternoon we're going to continue to tack on a few more degrees a few isolated showers are possible h ad into youorni and again tackling a few more degrees we're going to seem warmer overnight temperatures and warmer afternoon highs overnight tonight temperatures in the low forties the north that thirty
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inland for ian hanson on the eastern shore you'll fall back into the upper thirties right around forty and the northeastern north carolina you'll fall into the mid forties by this action and here's a look at the seven day forecast fifty nine on saturday and sunday i am tracking chances for rain late saturday into sunday and will cool down as we head into next week in regina i take so much of next they love their work because they save lives for dinner we came across something really nice and unusual vehicle parked we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast.
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. welcome back everybody this is national blood donor month we stumbled upon a great effort to give the gift of life while we are working on another store yesterday we came across the red cross has blood moby elena turns out some residents in chesapeake wanted it to come out in their neighborhood so they could make their mark giving the gift of life. it happened
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it's usually difficult to get people to give. it was a strange sight in this parking lot in greenbrier. so we had to go check it out the we went inside we saw something special with a win today in haiti helping people like jacob give the gift of life very nice people in. i enjoy being here we are here to save lives. welcome to the red cross blood mobile it rolls out so people can roll up their sleeves and do something that makes them feel proud of him doing something good. vicki loves the surf be the best why do the blood will be allowed to communities pays off even if just one person shows up to donate one of my favorite was when times like this with this young man here to save three lives. thank you i appreciate vicki appreciate seeing the spirit of hampton roads at work. carol i think chosen to serve other people
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apartment complex called the red cross and ask them to bring the blood will be over to where they live and make it feel like we actually have like a family based community there's a lot about their ads are ways to help people see the positive pulse of our community. vicki in the red cross making them are popped up in the parking lot didn't say much yet says that was iraq an ally route to the different things that we found that was the kindest or not not not yet come on how the yarn overs and right across from our station in fact i'm on the board of the red cross and trust me they really appreciate the coverage or offer unless they really appreciate when you donate the red cross welcomes everyone especially the types a b o b negative and platelet donors they do a great job or good job hiding as always. president obama is set to speak at a town hall tonight he'll tackle audience
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we are starting off with a look at your weather forecast you know what not shaping up to bat here's a look outside overlooking virginia beach this is from our dairy queen can at seventy that when i utterly deny the clouds out there but we're starting to see the sun things are just a little bit at the oceanfront we will remain mainly cloudy as we go through the evening and the overnight hours temperatures actually topped out at fifty one degrees in norfolk at the airport we dropped a few degrees were not forty seven forty seven as well in newport news mid fifties and allows the city still so still holding on to that warmer air across north carolina where forty eight right now while silent on the eastern shores that we do have the clouds in place and i showed you in the dairy queen can and we're going to keep the clouds going the rainbow will hold off until later on in the weekend but still not as we got this
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offshore. that's bringing a few showers along the outer banks very stray isolated showers not a washout at all so as we head through the evening and into the morning hours we're going to drop back into the mid forties another mild nights tonight and we're going to be even warmer as the head it's your friday but i am tracking six is back in the forecast out those details with the seventy in a few minutes high sixties all that the agreement with aetna no major problems on the road now we don't have any major problems we started out with an accident in him to drop a couple minutes before the traffic report so we're still dealing with delays in the area but now we have delays in several spots so i will be frustrating for people to know where you're headed want to recap what's going on up there near the accident scene and talk about world you might slow down south again that accident scene with six sixty f x sixty four in him to the will to do that just a moment but speaking of him to traffic we had now to sixty four eastbound not too far from the hr bt so here's a
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river bridge a mile and a half away from the hr bt and that's where delays are beginning if you're headed to the south side would do if you delay to discuss without sight as we head back to traffic network maps before we get there just speaking of all this outside traffic you will see the traffic westbound at the hr bt headed to camp and six sixty four northbound was heavy a bit earlier is going to pan out pretty quickly we had an earlier incident stopped traffic. it's moving now and starting to improve but notice southbound traffic headed to supper at the monitor merrimack is certainly going to be slow and then this is where the accident was a little bit earlier this afternoon six sixty four north near sixty four west that has cleared but the backups have not to watch out that the cute things come working this afternoon in terms of delays have full details on facebook and twitter. janet i knew information about what to expect when it comes to gas prices in two thousand sixteen analysts from gasbuddy dot com say he price of a gallon gas will reach the national
4:26 pm
and sixty three cents in may that's up from the current national average of one dollar in ninety seven cents summers when state switched to a more expensive bland and gas is expected to go back down to an average of two bucks a gallon by the year's end. attention shoppers macy's is closing thirty six stores early this spring including several lighter in hampton roads more than two hundred and seventeen local jobs will be lost or reassigned as a result store said chesapeake square mall peninsula town center in hampton and military circle mall in norfolk will all close joe flanagan is working the story and joins us now live from chesapeake. joe was supper saying whether or not happy at all richard as you can imagine round here chesapeake square mall. first they hate to hear about this store and then you see the dress on their faces as
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closing the macy's announced they will close their store chesapeake square mall in military circles on the peninsula town center macy's in hampton. here in chesapeake. residents are shocked. well i am because they think oh every time the town through the area is always very very busy so i'm not really sure wow. and like it is mentioned they may be the big time. also i don't know you know what you know or how this at the loss of jobs to sixty nine associates of chesapeake square ninety five at military circle mall and a hundred nine associates at the hampton store level of a really really sad because we've been struggling you know for years you know before now we you know job crash scene in things like that so hopefully you now something will come the bases
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eliminated the green fireball after the closings are part of a nationwide effort to shut down forty store these closings at the start of a new year are not met with joy by residents who live near chesapeake square mall. it's not good at it really makes me sad was like the set with the syria mess back to my coming up at five thirty will find out what respect square mall officials have to say about this closing live in. as big joe flanagan thirty news now. more bad news athletic apparel retail chain finish line will close about one hundred stores nationwide falling sales are the reason for the closures so far hampton roads finish line stores are not affected and will remain open. i two days after president obama gave his executive order the vice president and the president are stressing gun control again. president obama will discuss the issue at a town hall meeting later tonight at
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joining us right now is doctor carol pratt lotions from norfolk state university to talk more about what we can expect tonight at this town hall meeting there's been a lot of talk about this gun control and the president wanting to do something i guess really wanting that part of his legacy. well i think you should and i think that when you look at the number of people in the last year to have been killed. naturally the public one something to be done now from the academic perspective there are some very good mei shi shi first of all there is a research effort he a smart gun technology in which he examines other ways to the tag people but not to harm them excessively. then there is a provision for mental health k because some people need that too. maybe they wouldn't ordinarily be a
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mental health issues they have become. then a million dollars exactly. then there is the whole idea of if you have more examinations of course you have to h the money to to fund the examiners so the whole idea of increasing fbi examination would mean that you have to have some funding they ought to do it and from the associated press report that apple this morning i see that about sixty three thousand people per day examiners have to go through those five so we need more examination more protection so that we can know where to spot who just bought and to what extent and then i think the public is more concerned about that background check phenomenon but to me i see you had as natural yet if you know that there are people in
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getting guns and maybe shouldn't have them when to revel know who this week the year after a stingray enough i spoke to the special agent in charge of the fbi in norfolk today and he did talk about how the fbi will be working on improving their system and getting more people more manpower women power in order to do these background checks and do them even more thoroughly exactly a lot of people are saying hey this undermines the second and this undermines the sec doesn't i really don't think so because the whole idea is not just your rights to own a gun but the protection of society as a whole and no matter what time i think about my right to protect myself if i'm that interested in protecting myself why wouldn't i go and get license for this guy on this is not saying that you can get a license you if you pass a background check you
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fine right so tonight the president will answer some questions from both supporters and critics. he probably feels like public opinion is on a sign the thing i think he does and i think that when i looked at the press conference the other day and saw the tears and some people say old cell phone but the real reality is that how could you not feel bad for both lives that were taken and do something to protect those of us who still here and i think he sold emotional about that that he's not even thinking about home well into someone's soul needs in diamond and one to go to the background technical instances are i thank you so much for you thank you gina thanks shana we have an update said to some breaking news we first brought you yesterday for coffee. police had identified a suspect in the hampton homicide suicide situation they found sixty
4:33 pm
ian fifty five year old barber kate and denton home yesterday and start lei rhonda investigators believe guarantee physically assaulted kate and she died from her injuries police a guarantee then shot and killed himself. garrett and kate and didn't know each other. no one else was home at the time and police are not looking for any additional suspects on that sat night continues at the consumer electronics show a look at new fun gadgets about to hit store shelves and el nino storms are pounding the california coast
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the new year means a house full of new devices. and that can slow your internet down. so you should get verizon fios - quick. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi availablewith speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for $79.99 a month online, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your firstyear. plus with a 2 year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. hurry, this offer ends soon. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. a new terrorism investigation begins in paris that up to look at the headlines for you right now in usa today dot com this is the result of that incident all over the news today when police killed a man carrying a butcher's
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station in northern paris officers found a cellphone on the man's body and a piece of paper with the isis and one and a claim of responsibility written in arabic this happen on the one year anniversary of the ice attack at the charlie had owned newspaper in paris twelve people died in that attack including two police officers another shaky day for china's economy once again triggers a bad day on wall street here. china's main stock index plunged again today setting off the second automatic halt in trading this week the price of oil in china sank to its lowest level in twelve years traders are worried this could mean lower global demand for energy. china is the world's second largest economy and listen to how this affected our stock market the dow closed down nearly four hundred points dropping two point three two percent and i mean look at my statement for foley of it as the one thing to watch all day and hopefully rebounds
4:36 pm
the consumer electronics show in las vegas is underway and companies are rolling out new products for homes and cars sees admin wants the two million square foot complex to find the latest tech products you don't need a crystal ball to predict the future. you only need to go to cs after bootcamp products news tomorrow looking at tv stand is in as a tv that is for credit cards thick. there are teas that double as mirrors these were the most lifelike color and resolution ever the future of monitor transparent head phones that double as virtual reality goggles. not only had like this you can collect this and i thought watching video at our fridge is that when you knock on them. you can see what is inside a fridge that will open automatically just by putting your foot down. even if rage that takes photos everytime i shut the door is going to take a light pole on the inside of the bridge and
4:37 pm
the grocery store and now going and look inside your frame their washing machines that can do two loads at a time a robotic vacuum that follows you around while you clean and in the near future they believe that within the five year timeframe that would actually be and despite all of the household appliances just like they did to people. the possibilities are endless in the future isn't written in stone. some of these products only prototypes that may never see the light of day in las vegas segment back to you now to the weather on the other side of the country the tail end of a series of el nino driven storms and flooding streets and causing rough high tides in san francisco and pacifica k marcella has more on what residents have to say something about the notion of oaks sage advice from a fairly new resident of pacifica. i've lived about a year and is about this crisis god with a guy's gotta get out. he loves walking near the ocean i love taking pictures the waterfront is really not fit for man or
4:38 pm
this. roads are blocked the pier closed early ballots printed in the winter like quite large. we're having fun though the intermediary of these ways like coming up on since i walk in the other pretty crazy waves at the harbor in half moon bay we're very delighted to see this weather. things are quiet despite the storms no damage were well protected harbor no rescues because nobody went out on the water the storm was predicted fishermen joshua gifts as it's not worth it. the boats going to be rolling around it's not going to be a work environment that you want to be and you're going to get her. he says it's not the rain. it's the swell in the win. if the winds under under twenty twenty five knots or go out fetch a even in the rain we have rain here but for now the storm is creating waves that forecasters say could reach sixteen feet. there's also a
4:39 pm
los angeles. now the sum is trending heavily on social media tonight. elisa and i each of them the story of the time to say i have actually now we've seen some unbelievable pictures on social media over the past couple of days i've got some of those right here let's take a look this is actually the view from someone's car in vegas and you can see look at those clouds. it looks terrifying i would not want to be on the roads are now check out this picture this one really stood out to me these are trash cans sixteen gallons of water was collected from the first three storms and this was in an l a this next picture you're seeing is from san francisco you can see the cards the cars on the street are literally submerged in that water there at the traffic light and this last one is from arizona just kinda giving you guys a different perspective again darken really cloudy sky so that's what it's looking like further west right now. now i choose guy gives us a look at our forecast here at home i am going to be a lot drier than natalie should but we will have our chances for rain i do want to start with the big picture of the us
4:40 pm
what they're dealing with right now in southern california again this email and read then and have a lot to do with el nino but things are quieting down a lot across portions of california desert are seeing some light rain at this point we've got rain and even some snow showers across the nation's heartland but lexi sitting pretty quiet but we do have a lot of clouds across the area and a few showers are popping up especially with the area of low pressure just off the southeast coast were saying a few very light showers approaching on the outer banks mainly for most of us we are mainly dry other than a few patchy drizzle started to pop up across portions of the peninsula so as we go throughout the rest of this evening we will remain mainly dry rain chances this evening only about a ten percent chance mainly across the outer banks as we head into your friday we're going to keep the clouds around it will be mostly cloudy to start the day on friday mostly cloudy throughout the day and as another system approaches a sort of weekends we could have a chance for a few isolated showers only
4:41 pm
of us will stay dry you will not need the umbrella tomorrow as we head into your saturday more clouds hanging around so we will have mostly cloudy skies once again but rain chances will be picking that's another says that this at about one o'clock if you have any afternoon plans looking mainly drive as we head into the evening hours notice the large batch of rain starting to head towards the western portion of the state this patch will head into our region as we head into late saturday into sunday so that's the main rain chance as we head over the next seven days temperatures right now are fairly mild for this time of the year forty seven in norfolk. also a forty seven newport news were coming in the mid fifties and allows the city and work forty eight right now and wild island so here's a look at the next twelve hours. if you have plans this evening temperatures pretty mild for early january will drop back into the mid forties as we head into the early morning hours on your friday but it's going to be rather mild with skies partly cloudy to mostly cloudy it will be mostly temperatures read about fifty
4:42 pm
again is possible but most of the area will remain dry here's a look at the seven day forecasts fifty four on friday we're going to climb into the sixties as we head into the weekend. keep in mind rain chances on saturday will pick that as we headed to the evening hours and into the latter part of your saturday night lasting into early monday or early sunday morning i should be dry on monday but temperatures will be cooler falling back into the forties forty seven by wednesday and down your forty by thursday. back to the death and so much we have some breaking news out of texas the state trooper charged with perjury in the center bland case has some rendered to authorities trooper brian in seeing the awesome rendered after a warrant was issued for his arrest a grand jury indicted him yesterday on a misdemeanor perjury charge for allegedly lying about the circumstances of his arrest a blind last summer if convicted he could face
4:43 pm
a four thousand dollar fine art of the show full house netflix is now debuting its first photos from the house and comes up with these ideas and inflatable honey and lisa has moved the cat scan. yes so as an adult i think we can all admit that we miss taking naps like we did in our younger years raining remember the last bit about this game will follow me because i have something incredible to show you guys it's officially trending all over the internet right now and here it is it's called the head knows honey it's described on kickstarter as an everyday honey that in place for sleeping and support so it's all on the goal it's made right here in the usa is set to start shipping in march two thousand sixteen but you can get a jump on the sales by pledging on kickstarter until monday january eleven when a stroll through here and shame that this is perfect for when you're traveling on the plane
4:44 pm
and on the plains there does it so it's a really interesting to learn again it's been trending all over twitter all over facebook and it's coming out of cs cs so prices range from sixty nine two hundred and thirty nine dollars and i'd say that's a pretty good that are a full house fans listen up. i have something incredible to show you the ever living room and hug us can answer without protectors and got something that's definitely going to spark some nostalgia check these out we've all heard by now that the house is coming to netflix as a spin on the classic full house but these are some of the pictures that piece but those that were posted on the facebook page today of some of the scenes person from some of the behind the scenes of the shells i think you guys all remember the scenes here where all the families were getting together this was in the living room and look at them they all looked so big now so the new high mark the calendar yet february twenty six is when the series is set to air on one and finally dolce gabbana
4:45 pm
famous for its high end fashion and form fitting dresses has launched a new line of clothing for its more modest modestly dressed customers designer survivor gabon output probably broke the news on his instagram capturing photos of the new collection is called dolce gabbana via by a collection the line follows several other fashion campaigns to target muslim women who wear her job. now this isn't really new for fashion designers heaton and hired its first model who were her job in september and you can why does something similar during ramadan and they have a new collection and i was in july two thousand fourteen controversy. yes really interesting. thank you very much. ok sleep is essential we need those monies are you getting enough of it. what a new study says about parents not getting enough veins that other team is now in five new information on the norfolk state university basketball player who was in a coma hear
4:46 pm
. the a report from the centers for disease control and prevention when it comes to sleep single moms are most likely not to get it researchers say more than two and five single moms get less than seven hours of sleep a night even when they do get some rest single parents have the worst quality of sleep. single parents were also more likely than two parent households to take medications to fall asleep or stay asleep walgreens reported sales rose more than five percent in the past quarter with the drugstore chain filling more prescriptions. walgreens is still in the process of buying rival right age for more than nine billion dollars creating the country's biggest drugstore chain that deal though still needs regulatory approval. it was just a matter of time star wars
4:47 pm
the highest grossing domestic movie of all time according to disney the movie earned enough of the box office to pass abit ours seven hundred and sixty point five million lifetime gross. the number one title comes after just twenty days and that's all we have for you today at four thirteen is now in five starts now with more information on the norfolk state university women's basketball player in a medically induced coma. a norfolk state university women's basketball player is in a medically induced coma tonight amber brown was found unresponsive in a dorm room on new year's day to her just talk with brown sr into just a heartbreaking situation that's right guys. absolutely heartbreaking and that some first hand from amber older sister have anywho i just spoke with moments ago she
4:48 pm
from atlanta ga and have not left his bedside in days. now evan is a former teammate of campers on the msu women's basketball team. she recently graduated she tells me amber steamy found her in her dorm room on new years day and called nine one one she says the family considers that to me tonight a lifesaver they're still unsure what amber suffered from but she does have type one diabetes and it could be related however this news caught the family by surprise because she's never had something like this happen before this is something we will cause something like a freak accident or i don't even know what you call it the light display is a blessing that she was found in time no nobody tells me amber is slowly making progress tonight but she is still in the hospital they don't have a timeline on how long the recovery process could take the one everyone others know they are appreciative of all
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