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tv   13 News 5  ABC  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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on social media and on the go fund me page live in or fiction to her thirteen years now. now to a crime alert in or floods there's increased security around seven eleven stores tonight this after robbers targeted three stores yesterday one store was hit twice in a clerk at that same store was shot police think they know who shot the clerk they are looking for thirty eight year old kevin bristow demille is looking into the string of robberies. she joins us live. yes so after this was first drawn to an early wednesday morning and told a security guard was hired to keep an eye out later that night someone walked in here with a gun but the security guard intervened and stopped in the robberies pretty crazy stories seven eleven stores robbed at gunpoint in less than twenty four hours. one of those stores was hit twice that he
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good will to the top u s designated may know the why did it with wood is rotted it all started on wednesday around two am. police say kevin bristow walked into the store on chesapeake boulevard shot a clerk and took off later that night the store on red gate avenue in west ghent was hit in about twenty minutes later the seven eleven on colonial avenue was robbed about forty five minutes after that a suspect walked into this scene seven eleven on chesapeake boulevard with a gun. the manager tells thirty news now that a security guard stepped in by pulling out his gun and the suspect ran away so we paid you can go what you rob you know it's a zombie in mid day out so far police don't have any suspects for the three robberies on wednesday night right now they believe bristow is only responsible for the robbery were the clerk was shot. it's not clear if any of these robberies are connected you will make you think twice
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might be today rob and i might get sad but you know you came from the controlled camden bristow is still on at this so if you've seen him or know where he might be called police and that clerk who was shot is expected to be ok tonight six also you a little bit more about him the impact he's had on his customers in this community lighting or think i'm jimmy be thirteen years now. we raced out to seven eleven corporate leaders they told us their employee and customer safety is of utmost importance and they say they're taking steps to improve safety including creating a comprehensive crime deterrence program adding more lighting outside of stores in upgrading surveillance cameras shooting at a chesapeake hotel sent one man to the hospital happened early this morning at the extended stay america on greenbrier circle. police say they've identified a person of interest in the shooting but they did not release that name to us and
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the gunfire the victim is that's antara norfolk general and one point police were not sure he was going to make it but now say he's recovering because several calls this afternoon about a brawl and i see norton high school in portsmouth and here's what we've learned about the situation. school leaders tell us the first fight started with students went back inside from a fire drill that reportedly caused a chain reaction of fights portsmouth police were called in and after hearing about the fight some parents rushed to the school to pick up their kids all out of the day you know laughter like italy where the coming you know get her in everything but the move noting notified me about no serious injuries were reported and so far there's no word on any arrest the school district tells us classes resumed after the situation was under control. a former spiritual leader in chesapeake is facing some serious charges forty year old jason ellis is charged with several counts of sexual abuse against a
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between two thousand thirteen to two thousand and fifteen in portsmouth. alice was a church elder at the deliverance worship center in chesapeake the pastor at the church says alice was dismissed following his arrest in late november and the police are looking for the person who robbed a mcdonald's last night police said happened just before eleven o'clock at the fast food joint and wes mercury boulevard near king street police said a man had a gun and took off running toward ramon st. anyone with information should call the crime line hampton police have launched a new automated phone system for their non emergency calls police said the new system will transfer callers to the right department more quickly than non emergency number will remain the same that number is seven two seven six one one one and of course for emergencies dial nine one one more details are coming out about a woman found dead in a wooded area in mathews county sheriff says tells us the forty one year old woman was reported missing by her
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was discovered sunday night at the time the husband was worried about his wife's mental state the cause of death is still under investigation deputies went to hear from anyone who might have seen in the park vehicles on north river road this week some alarming new statistics tonight in military suicides this comes after several years of modest improvements with the suicide rate. new numbers this week from the defense suicide prevention office show all branches of the service saw an increase by cutting breaks down those numbers of suicides in the military are up more than twenty eight percent compared to the same timeframe the year before new statistics out this week show that for the third quarter of twenty fifteen the number of suicides recorded for the active duty military with seventy two compared to fifty seven in the third quarter of twenty fourteen and the trend is service wide the navy saw an increase from seven to eleven
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sixteen in the marine corps from six to thirteen and the army from thirty one to thirty two. it surprised me that went up because we are working so hard to type event but also occur to me we don't know what we don't know is how many lives were saved by the interventions that we've done captain raymond how his lead chaplain for the installations in the twenty states which fall under commander navy region mid atlantic and the more than one hundred and sixty seven thousand active duty and civil servant employees who work there he says the navy has a robust focus on suicide prevention and numerous available resources they routinely hold all hand seminars on suicide prevention to teach the warning signs to look for and have increased the number of programs in behavioral specialists available to the rank and file one of the most important tools is peer intervention urging ship mates to see something say something but i think the last couple years we doubled our efforts since those are coming back in the war and experiencing stress in different ways are very attuned to that and that's what we want to
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so many avenues of support because one life to lose too many now and now among the signs to look out for in yourself and others are anxiety hopelessness withdrawl and anger. we put together some resources and some links that can help including the new report itself and the national suicide prevention lifeline phone number you'll find it all on our website thirteen years now dot com reporting live like that in thirteen years now. then also they see us as care sarge had some special visitors while on deployment take a look at a photo posted to twitter today it shows the u s ambassador to saudi arabia and marine corps major general carl monday on board the cure starts in right now the amphibious assault ship was deployed to the fifth fleet area of operations performing security operations with the twenty sixth marine expeditionary unit and the us in as second hour will deploy tomorrow morning the crew was supposed to lead able station norfolk yesterday but the weather
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will be underway for six months and the crew will be responsible for supplying food fuel and supplies the vessels in the mediterranean sea. good news today for the arts community in off at the art center is relocating to the arts district were told that by march resident artists will relocate to the duke grace building on duke street. the first two floors of that building will serve as a temporary art center. you'll recall last year an explosion of the seldom arcade downtown often displaced working artists new information on the truck driver who crashed a semi over the edge of the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel find out if you face any charges and what his employer has to say about the accident. plus a traffic alert in newport news. a structural issue at a crossing could have a section of chestnut avenue closed for months and meet the winner of the million dollar new year's raffle turns out he's having a lot a lot with the lottery lately and i'm tracking a warming trend as we head into
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come with chances for rain and let you know when coming up in a few minutes and as we take a look at thirteen years now track the camera eye monitoring backups around our bridges and tunnels including this one of six and a half mile delay in norfolk sixty four westbound on grand street all the way up to
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a roadblock in the name of safety in newport news the section of chestnut avenue was closed because of a structural problem. gonna stay that way for months now this case is live at the date or there could be a danger
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that's because the concrete underneath the bronze age us of the route started the ball on the northbound chestnut avenue was closed between james drive and fall was dry and a de tour is taking some drivers by surprise the route that i can when i go and i just like his incoming amble around as the reason for the de torre during a routine inspection a few days ago engineers found that one of the four large concrete box culverts that supports the road open to working three as a major problem the concrete is falling off. i guess it's better for it to be like that happened to her the riot somebody the phone and it sounds like it's dangerous here's what it looks like underneath the roadway crosses the creek what looks like twigs are actually the steel reinforcements they give the roof strength to
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the traffic driving on the scene of the capris but now that ushered in the ghetto prom and then this section of chestnut avenue could be closed for four months a city spokesperson says that's how long we could take to figure out a design solution come up with cost estimates and they get bids for the job i just thought it was going to be just a couple weeks. i don't know what they're doing with the in thing now but is hammering a lot coming up on thirteen years now what the city thinks may be behind this problem and what the residents take the problem is live in newport news fellas came thirteen years now the trucker who crashed yesterday over the side of the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel is facing possible charges. tonight we are hearing from the driver's company regina mobley is here with that new information whatever the police identified the driver as matthew stillman of watcher prek this incident started yesterday afternoon on
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the cbt police believe killed then came upon a slower available and try to pass that but ended up crashing through the guardrail his soybean field vehicle plunged into the waters between the northbound and southbound spans tillman was on the water for about forty minutes before he was rescued by virginia beach marine units. he was transported to center a norfolk general hospital where he's being treated for several injuries hospital officials will not release any information on his condition now he works for coastal i could transport we reached out to the company this morning a representative would only say our hopes prayers and thoughts are with the driver and the family right now and whatever else happens we will handle it which connell police are working with col flagg to get that rug on the water and were told trenches against tillman are pending. i've written a thank you to well
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put self driving cars on the road the renault nissan alliance said today it plans to build ten drivers models by twenty eight teams right now engineers are fine tuning the technologies company managers wrangle with regulators over safety concerns. renault nissan plans to put its first batch of self driving cars out later this year. a congresswoman is fighting to have female world war two pilots ashes lay to rest at arlington national cemetery yesterday arizona republican martha met sally. while the legislation for women airforce service pilots or wasps. congress granted veteran status in nineteen seventy seven and the women were allowed to have their ashes placed in arlington but last year the secretary of the army rescinded their eligibility. well you are not a fan of the cooler temperatures we do have some warmer air that will be heading our way especially as
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temperatures back into the sixties will talk about all of it coming up with a seven day forecast right now we've got temperatures in the forties and fifties were forty seven right now an orphan for joining us from chesapeake here in the low fifties fifty two also fifty one a hiking with the fifty four right now in williamsburg the high temperature in norfolk at the airport was fifty one degrees so yesterday our high was forty six were going to continue to tack on a few degrees as we go over the next several days i want to zoom out and show you the us view of what we're dealing with in terms of temperatures because we've got this warm air down across the south gets colder farther up north and this warmer air will be heading our way we can tap into the air as another system heads our way to bring us chances for rain as we head into the weekend here's a spot on forecasts for thursday fifty two degrees was a forecast high next to climb to fifty one degrees for today so that will put our streak at four now and see if we can make it five a spot on forecasts for its mouth fifty four degrees well above where we should be for this time of the year so
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closely as we head into the afternoon. satellite radar was sleeping nice and dry and i was double checking some of the sites on the peninsula. so that's just some ground clutter not reporting any rain at this time we are dealing with a lot of clouds and the bulk of the moisture that we're dealing with mainly across the outer banks of north carolina is just over the gulf stream as i zoom out of you you'll notice we've got showers and storms working across portions of mental stretching down to the panhandle of florida and this system will continue to push off to the northeast but it will fall apart as it does but it could bring us a shower or two on friday so let's talk about our future cast as we go through the rest of the evening we're going to hold on to the clouds. it will remain mostly cloudy rain chances pretty lonely about ten percent. we're going to start off once again on the mild side heading back to work tomorrow morning temperatures in the forties closer to the coast will have some thirty the little bit farther and one and then look at the high temperatures tomorrow afternoon. i seem to climb into the made in some spots upper fifties still
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could have a shower or two there's the system as it pushes off to the north and east and then as we head into the overnight hours friday and it's a saturday once again we're going to be talking a pretty mild start with temperatures mainly for most areas in the forties near fifty degrees overnight tonight temperatures in the mid forties and thirties father and went right around forty to forty three degrees and hit send and northeastern north carolina also fall into the low to mid forties by tomorrow morning so here's a look at the seven day forecast fifty four on friday the twenty percent chance of a shower now shower chances will increase as we head into your saturday. most of the day on saturday will be dry but as we head into the nighttime hours. that's not reach it says will pick up significantly but temperatures in the sixties on saturday sixty three on sunday and then that rain will clear out of here by late sunday and then cooler temperatures by next week warming up again. oh yeah
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better than going back down the pace you aren't flooding mudslides and massive waves out west all caused by a powerful el nino and the storms aren't over yet and no winner yet but miss the powerball jackpot keeps growing. how to increase your
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. no one won the powerball drawing last night no one and the jackpot today climbed to an estimated seven hundred million dollars the largest jackpot of any lottery game in the u s history the previous record was six hundred and fifty six million dollars the mega millions jackpot won in march of twenty twelve. ok the next drawing is saturday is one ticket matches all six numbers that winner would have a chance to take the full seven hundred million in thirty annual payments or choose a one time cash option of four hundred
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million dollars if that's enough for you one lottery player till thirteen is now his creative way to play the game to game the herd moved and haven't been all about taking what the mega million tickets are now going dunes at just the ticket to the waitress waiter waitresses to try to shift the genesee on to win stick with me here when you get right in my what include some of these numbers twenty six forty one twenty two sixteen forty two thirty five and thirty not right you got that according to powerball dot com these numbers come up the most in drawings over the past fifteen years he can't win a lottery officials expect to sell about two point seven million powerball tickets in the commonwealth on saturday alone. that's fifty four hundred powerball tickets per minute are
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the winning ticket are one and two hundred and ninety two point two million is no one wins on saturday the prize with even bigger and there will be another drawing on wednesday remember thirteen years now is the official lottery station and the only one in the area that will carry the powerball drawing. be sure to watch the drawing and thirteen is now at eleven the saturday right now we want to introduce you to a gloucester man who won one million dollars for the virginia lottery. james lewis says it took him awhile to realize he won virginia's new year's millionaire raffle is sick it was one of three tickets drawn on new year's day to win the one million dollar top prize. he says he's on a winning streak at eleven twenty bucks on scratch tickets stop by here and read the money back in the parking lot with a new year's raffle tickets and smart makes some solid take some time. lewis says he doesn't know how he'll spend
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the winning ticket at a seven eleven in hays in the store will get a ten thousand dollar bonus from the lottery and getting lottery fever here yet. this clown get to spoil the end is near for three macy's stores in hampton roads look at when the stores will close their doors and why and sandra blanch mother now speaking out on her daughter's death
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the jasmine square mall issued a statement about the closing of the macy's here on joe flanagan will tell you what they said two robberies in fourteen minutes just blocks apart. the man police say is behind both crimes is on the run tonight trapped nearly nine hundred feet underground for more than nine hours went into rescue seventeen miners diane the amazing stories of polls is parading three here in hampton roads spaces is leading the chesapeake square mall peninsula town center in hampton and military circle mall in norfolk joe flanagan is live outside chesapeake square mall with a look at
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we're here to three square mall. the people are not
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