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tv   13 News 11  ABC  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the she is holding let you know is this a tough time for the family you know it's very close friends i know a local college student in the fight of our life right now her family says the support from the humidity is huntington stay strong. police identified the suspected robber accused of shooting a seven eleven store clark band allegedly forcing the man to hand over the cash judges decide on a new congressional map for virginia a could have a big impact on the election this year the news starts now search continues tonight from an officer police say robbed a convenience store clerk early wednesday and shot that clear they are looking for thirty eight year old kevin bristow officers say early yesterday bruce to rob a seven eleven on
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view. there were three other robberies or attempted robberies and seven eleven stores yesterday in norfolk kearney lebeau joins us live from a seven eleven in ghent that was also dry region of the seven eleven on princess anne and colonial was hit last night. police have yet to identify was behind this robbery but we've been kind of checking out the stores throughout the night to see if there's been any types of changes or increase security we actually thought nor have police riding through the parking lot if you take a look behind you can see the story there is a security guard inside this kind of been walking around but other than not it's been pretty much business as usual at this seven eleven. many customers coming in n out appearing to be unfazed by the recent robberies but when zane eyes seven eleven on reggae avenue west ghent was robbed at gunpoint along with this one on colonial and a princess and wrote interesting thing is police say someone walked into that
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boulevard last night again that was hitless in twenty four hours before and tried to rob it. now that location is where the clerk was shot early wednesday morning but luckily they had security on hand and the gunmen ran off like you said police are looking for kevin bristow in connection with that shooting and robbery but if anyone has any information about those whereabouts are asked to call police. as far as all these robberies investigators are trying to determine if they are connected. we live in norfolk i nearly broke their teen years now. now the seven eleven clerk who was shot is expected to be ok the store manager told thirteen news now the clerk is only twenty three years old grow up in the neighborhood and went to granbury high school were told all day today many people have been stopping by
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about the way home from work is rejected the amendments that were really concerned about our stadium and in customer service is impeccable. again let's take another look at the picture kevin bristow was wanted for the robbery and shooting police have not name suspects in the other cases and it's not clear if any of the robberies are connected no tonight something police looking for two people involved in serial credit card skimming were told the man and woman in these surveillance photos were seen using a number of stolen credit card numbers to buy items police said the cards were used last month at the walmart on north main street as well as in franklin and police are asking anyone who can help to identify the suspects to call the crime line are also working to get more information about the death investigation in norfolk involving this man. tonight the family of fifty five year old richard winters share this picture with us was found unconscious yesterday morning in the parking lot of the walmart on north military highway. doctors pronounced winters dead at the hospital the medical examiner is investigating the cause of
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state university basketball player is clinging to life after and medical prices new year's day family members for amber brown say the junior was lost to the hospital after she collapsed in her dorm room since then loved ones said the athlete has suffered from seizures and swelling of the brain as two new hotels as teammates and the community are stepping up to help amber rose family and friends are supporting her as she fights for life in the hospital she was fun unresponsive in her dorm room on new years day has been hospitalized ever since ebony brown starting new year's day with the frightening phone call i turned around faster that could and headed to school for sister amber brown a junior forward from norfolk state university's women's basketball team was found in her dorm room unresponsive by a teammate and was rushed to the hospital she says been in
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family by her side will know exactly what happened but we do know is that these related so she does have type one diabetes so we do know that the head a lot to do with that as a family sits by her bedside support pours in for amber on social media hashtag pray for amber now trending with thousands of posts even drawing attention from well known sports analyst vitale and her you family standing in her corner. the school issued this statement saying quote our thoughts and prayers are with her entire family during this difficult time and we will continue to support them in any manner that we can outside of basketball. she's like the mother on the team she takes care of everybody today seems like the mother haven't seen the school says donations will continue to be accepted at all home basketball games for the rest of the month in or fiction to her thirteen years now tonight authorities say they've arrested two people on terrorism related charges in california and texas the u
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twenty three year old man was arrested this morning in sacramento is accused of traveling to syria to fight alongside terrorists and in texas a terror suspect was arrested in houston authorities say these arrest may have prevented a terror related event. a federal court has picked a new congressional map for virginia and it could be in place for this year's election a three judge panel ordered the state to implement a new redistricting plan suggested by a special expert last year the panel said legislators illegally pack black voters and the third congressional district in order to make adjacent districts safer for republican incumbents but the panel's decision could still be overturned arguments on the case will be heard in february or march. now third district congressman bobby scott released a statement tonight saying i am pleased that the court has imposed a new congressional map that if x is the unconstitutional racial jerry jerry matter of
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congressional district what's my thousands of donald trump supporters waited hours in the called to see in vermont has been taking aim and rivals hillary clinton and ted cruz abc's commitment and has more on the latest attacks in one of the most liberal cities in the country hundreds of supporters stood in line and in the cold for hours if the gop presidential contender donald trump we can get him and say you are very very lucky tonight i'll cry from the field of fourteen hundred seat venue in burlington vermont a place that elected party favors but if campaigns doled out twenty thousand tickets drawn deliver more one two punches at his rivals including hillary clinton. i must say i have my mindset on hillary i do have my mind's women's rights are human rights earlier that day trump dropped this bombshell
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showing her the disgraced congressman wiener and bill conti said. this image of former president bill clinton monica lewinsky and the clintons refused to take the bait on the whims of the public and the place to park at a gop rival ted cruz has also tried to ignore try and raise questions about his legal right to run for president. drop by the texas senator born in canada to an american mother go to court to clear up the matter not to be taking legal advice anytime soon from donald trump but rob may have a point constitutional legal scholars told abc news it appears cruises in the clear but the issue still unresolved note an abc news washington former chesapeake spiritual leader is facing some serious charges police have charged forty year old jason ellis was several counts of sexual abuse against a team according to court documents the alleged abuse began in twenty fourteen and continued until alice was arrested in november. alice was a church
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worship center in chesapeake we're told the alleged crimes happened off church property. the pastor at the church says ellis was dismissed following his arrest ellis is currently free on bond. police and the doubts of two people and hansen was a case of murder suicide. they found the bodies of sixty five year old richard guarantee and fifty five year old margaret kate and home yesterday and charlie ryan. investigators believe guarantee physically assaulted kate and killing her before shooting and killing himself police a guarantee and kate and knew each other but their relationship is not known. no one else was home at the time and police are not looking for any other suspects the death of a woman in mathews county is still under investigation tonight the sheriff tells us the forty one year old's body was discovered over the weekend in a wooded area of a property. the woman and her husband all the woman's husband reported her missing because he was worried about his wife's mental state so
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foul play. deputies want to hear from anyone who saw any park vehicles on north river road this weekend. the dow's worst start in the year in more than two decades some nervous investors are becoming a little more jittery tonight after the steepest market drop in three months are not chosen as best friend how one dog house in another dog's life and a great beach day in january look at that both surfers and non surfers alike can pass up a chance to enjoy some huge waves and if you're a fan of the warmer weather
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. wall street is getting off on the wrong foot during this first week of twenty sixteen stocks have slumped because of economic worries in china. abc's martha gonzales reports the market had its worst drop today in three months was three stocks took a nose dive plunging three hundred and ninety two points officially putting the market into correction territory. this is a weird start to twenty sixteen. it was the worst day for the dow in three months as troubles in china's economy sent jitters across the pacific china stock market slipped about seven percent thursday after its currency fell to its lowest level against the dollar since march twenty eleven
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automatically halted setting off another slump in asian and european stocks a good bet that the chinese market is going to resume the losses the next time trading resumes that will probably translate into further problems here in the us market oil prices plunged along with stock prices hitting their lowest level in twelve years. people are just not buying commodities that suggests their big problems in the global economy that we may not know about what does this mean long term for the small investor. experts say don't panic just got to a movie or something and don't worry too much about this the silver lining is weak if we could take a step back if it's only the beginning of january been a long way to go but that may be easier said than done for nervous stockholders parsons all is abc news new york there's a day so i had for people driving on a section of chestnut avenue in newport news. the northbound portion of the road that crosses newmarket creek is closed
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problem. this is between james drive in fargo stride during an inspection a few days ago engineers found some of the concrete is falling from one of the culverts and supports the road. i guess it's better for it to be like that happened to her the riot somebody to fall off and it sounds like it's dangerous now the section on chestnut could be close for four months that the city spokesperson says that's no longer could take to figure out a solution and come out with cost estimates and then get beds for the job the truck driver who went over the guardrail of the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel could face charges police with the bridge tunnels and the driver is now two tillman and watch her prek tillman had to be rescued after crashing his truck into the chesapeake bay he was reportedly trying to pass a slower moving vehicle truck got stuck in a sinkhole in miami causing a water main break out tow truck removed
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but the water main break caused some severe flooding in the area. one man reported hearing a big explosion and saw water coming out of the ground the water got into the mans auto shop and cost about fifty thousand dollars worth of damage. there's a high surf warning in effect for most of southern california look at this both surfers and spectators head to the beach to take advantage of it. the huge ways followed storms this week the cause flooding surfers rode waves that were thirty to forty feet high in mavericks and the only good thing the car regina space in my town. i don't why rats a little by little brain a little break to break for me either way i was hugged by the temperatures because i wanted a trip down memory lane. we had highs in the thirties on tuesday four days on wednesday and today our high temperatures were in the fifties even see where we're going with as we are going to continue to see
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let's take a look at the numbers we have those high temperatures in norfolk at fifty one degrees fifty five was the high temperature in chesapeake fifty three in franklin jackson topped out in the mid fifties as well in virginia beach fifty six degrees. we're going to climb into the sixties as we head into the weekend while above where we should be for this time of the year right now we're seeing some locations especially farther and when and the low forties even some upper thirties enrichment we had a little bit less cloud cover as you head towards the central portion of the states would allow the temperatures to drop a little bit quicker but across the metro area were dealing with mainly forties even some fifties right now and chesapeake so definitely mild for this time of the year we should be in the low thirties falling through the nighttime hours now satellite and radar we do have cloudy skies across the area that's going to continue as we head over the next several days as i'm watching two systems really that can affect our area so here's the first one and really it's falling apart will be through georgia portions of tennessee. this will continue to push off to
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bring us a slight chance of a shower on friday and then another system will bring us a better chance for rain as we head into late saturday into sunday as we head into your friday morning we will be mainly dry and no desire to see a batch of rain that's going to move through the better chances out to the western portion of the state to the north of the metro area we could pick up on a few isolated showers nothing really widespread which will maybe disney to keep the umbrella in the car and as we head into the evening hours no days rain chance is pretty much falling off by that point overnight friday we're going to have mainly cloudy skies were to start off the day on saturday with mostly cloudy conditions will be mainly dry but rain chances will pick up throughout the day saturday and then here's the second system i mention that to move through late saturday into sunday morning so by sunday morning will likely be dealing with some heavy rain heading out to church services is definitely something we want to keep in mind it is breezy out there as well it has been throughout the day today
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those went about ten miles right now newport news up to twelve in hampton. also virginia beach the wins will start to come down as we head into your friday so here's higher friday will shape a lot of clouds but temperatures will climb a little bit higher than today will climb into the low to mid fifties across the area of fifty four on friday sixty by the weekend on saturday sixty three on sunday and again rain chances better chance for rain late saturday into early sunday and then the good news is if you do have saturday or sunday plans i should say outdoors especially will see the that wrinkly out of her just in time within behind this system we're going to drop back into the forties monday tuesday and wednesday low forties by thursday and amazing waves and the amazing photography is allowed now i know i would try that i cannot imagine why finding that the government in line i know you well we are
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the door tomorrow morning check in with their teen years now at day break starting in fourth or art it's a road trip for od you men's hoops they were playing streak buster tonight scott cash will be here to explain coming wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm.
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joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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. and too little scottish terriers in massachusetts are friends for life and one man owes her life to the other dog's best friend earlier this week the dog's owner had a medical issue during the confusion the dogs and a ballon jocks ran away police found jocks but annabel was still missing it was just to let officers know that his body was in trouble. new shoe strap shoe surrounded by water behind and i was all i see steven beckett so she can get back up he barred look at me make sure to follow and continue on. he kept on as impressed as eli classy absolutely at least office it was a good thing the jocks lead and annabel the frigid weather make conditions very dangerous that night a lot of
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diets right now at the start of the new year. tonight abc thirteen premier a show called my diet is better than yours. one of the trainers feature in this now is jay carney aloe a graduate of the college of william and mary cardio is one of the five trainers using their own diet plan to help contestants get in shape his diet is called that no diet plan i like that. find out if he's victorious the show airs at nine o'clock on thursday nights right here on abc thirteen. we'd love to have you on the show can talk to us in the words for how you cut off the launch of the good news for a nice wooded part was the gold hoops the odds were stacked against them tonight though you had one on the road all year. louisiana tech had lost at home since two thousand and thirteen the bulldogs to one thirty nine straight and that's where they play tonight in louisiana. trey freeman scored the first
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the moxie came up big in the first half another jump shot here for freeman and the monarchs led by three at halftime. freeman had twenty one on the games but before you blink second half bulldogs started strong in the march were down six brand instead they went to the paying a lot in the second half stint with the shot got them within four freeman is the tremendous buccaneer spends dives and makes the shot a fifty mill run in the march went up by nine louisiana tech came back again another shot in the paint every day could have a big second half to be quite calm quite early that day the mom to three point lead but it was tied fifty one under two ago that freeman again in the paint again giving them a two point win the game. what sort of three point lead at the buzzer to answer louisiana tech that i have of that old dominion wins it on the road fifty six fifty three was no attack had been twelve and two huge win
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old dominion back home in north but the lady monarchs against louisiana tech jennie simms we're here twenty four points eight rebounds which he was the only lady monarch in double figures out of lafayette high school district forum put up by kiana brown lady mocs fell behind early had a lot of turnovers early only shot twenty nine percent for the game and the late actor's be old dominion tonight sixty nine fifty one back to men too for just a second with a married russell tonight seventy two to sixty three when we come back spore spotlight returns for the first edition of the new year means a house full of new devices. and that can slow your internet down. so you should get verizon fios - quick.
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sports spotlight was on hiatus last week someone to start this week so this was something you may have missed hockey fans pay attention the am i am the amp or check out this defensive plays great until it goes into his own basket was funny and not see him downstairs but scored against himself oh well that happens it happens again here on the rebound. the lakers a
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so far about the basketball itself the day you were mean by that is when you hit yourself in the face with the lawnmower confuse them and now he's on and or teddy bridgewater throws with his left hand and on to say this again was the interception is tremendous. it's a backhanded one the perception that the packers that's pretty sweet carson palmer got knocked down here and hope that said going to pick him up getting and can all just didn't know of the info my mike tyson got to the ice off of the washington would be
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