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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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mourning the loss of a loved one family reaches out to thirteen years now to tell us more about the man found unconscious in a parking lot the latest on the investigation into his death after another down day on wall street economists are hopeful for some relief today what's pushing markets into the red as we wrap up the first full week of trading in twenty sixteen this is the team is now at day break at the top of this half hour actually watch those roads when the trouble spots fourth grade this year the check of your forecast before you walk out your door so about that warm up rag and i'm not gonna change it i downplay this. if i change it now i think lucy sandra ashley would not be good here somehow they keep eliza was common is going to build that warmer but there's going to be a chance for a couple of sprinkles so it's not all sunshine and roses for us we do have a few showers of
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the morning commute should be fine will be hearing a lot more from ashley in just a moment you'll notice some low clouds that she has just a little bit of moisture on the windshield coming in not enough to leave the roads wet i didn't even turn on the windshield wipers but every once in awhile so just a little bit of moisture kind of on the windshield and you may find a little bit of that yourself. visibility is not too bad forty seven degrees right now north winds of twelve mph as we take you through the day these mild temperatures will continue to warm i think we're looking at mid fifties officially with some of the reason the upper fifties and not a bad day temperature wise the you will need an umbrella or at least it'd be good for you to keep it with you as showers will be possible late afternoon and into the early evening and leave the chance is about thirty percent but it is something i do anticipate so we'll talk more about that with our future cast coming up we'll also have a look ahead through the weekend some information you definitely want in a few minutes here's ashley cole for the ride i crave we look forward to that and getting
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going to check traffic across hampton roads as i step out of the way and show you all the deep green of the traffic network maps that we like to see hopefully it stays that way i'll keep an eye on what you now but for now head over to our thirteen years now track the camera and show you things working in newport news sixty four eastbound at jefferson avenue. they're the inside lanes they're passing jefferson west bow moving well so no big issues out on the peninsula this morning on the traffic network maps though i do have an alert for you at the gilbert and bridge the bridge now reporting an opening at seven forty five this morning so almost at the end of the morning rush hour walk up or that maybe during that time take of the high rise bridge where the jordan bridge and i joke that changes were coming over the next few minutes we'll head over to the hr b to b t s it's a trap of norfolk to have to pat the bridge and the title stated. alright right now we've got breaking news out of europe french prosecutor say belts that could carry explosives and a fingerprint was found in a
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help them to find a fugitive connected to the november attacks in paris in all one hundred thirty people died with the worst of that carnage at the bar club concert hall new information this morning about a death investigation at a norfolk walmart fifty five year old richard winters family contacted the teen years now and gave us this picture of him. they have a go fund me page setup by which his wife saying that he was a twenty year navy veteran officers found winters wednesday morning lying in the parking lot of walmart on north military highway. we broke the story yesterday on daybreak winters died in the parking lot the medical examiner is investigating what caused his death. you can find a link to the families go fund me page on our website thirteen years now dot com today is still jobs report friday and economists are watching closely because our economy appears to be struggling as a result of a struggling energy sector and weakness overseas signs point to an uptick in hiring which is good
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hundred ninety two points the nasdaq lost one hundred forty six points now investors are worried about a slowdown in china's economy and the worldwide domino effect but all dominion university economist james cook is not surprised by the market trouble he says the slump is probably a correction to an overpriced market he told reporters at the virginian pilot quote likely it's a slow adjustment where the stock market simply doesn't perform very well for several years in a row later today the united states supreme court is expected to decide whether to review former virginia governor bob mcdonnell conviction according to the washington post last year jack sentence mcdonnell to two years in prison for public corruption condition conditions convictions he has remained free while the supreme court reviewed his appeal in that appeal macdonald's attorneys argued that he never use the power of his office in exchange for tips some new information in the court martial against beau berg top
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carolina say he will go to military court on august eight held and held her captive for five years after he walked off the base in afghanistan. it was a ranger in a short hearing last month on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy if convicted of desertion he could get up to five years in prison. hampton roads transit is celebrating its new bus transfer station today they are holding a ribbon cutting for eight riders can officially start using it later this month the new facility will have a customer service desk and new wing spaces for customers as well the buses will have their own designated space is so riders will not have to chase down those buses illness is linked to chip only restaurants may have you wondering if it's safe to dine. now we're going to separate fact from fiction as daybreak continues. but first the president says guns are a shared responsibility as he takes to the tv waves to
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on guns all of us can agree that it makes sense to do everything we can to keep
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. i good morning it is so good to have lucy back she saw us and i just learned more about kk were talking about that yesterday and telling she is a font of knowledge. here's only a boy right now temperatures in the low to mid forties and we had temps in the low fifties close to the coast so pretty mild start to the day. this is january after all it should be cooler will take the mild conditions this morning i will be cloudy with a bus stop this morning the temperatures generally upper forties for most of the area now as we kick into the daylight is low to mid fifties who will warm up a little bit and these temperatures are above normal i'll mention there's a
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the late recess and they say two thirty three o'clock in the better chances for showers or action to come a little bit later more like around the drive time and even then she became isolated may be isolated to scattered so going to see those chances right now the rain is out to the west. big storms is an essential part of the country preaching snow from the northern great lakes from lake superior the upper peninsula of michigan back to nebraska they've got some snow flying that way we travel to those parts of the country know the weather will be on settled here across our region temperatures will remain mild will be chances for rain across northern virginia out to the last and down to the south along the outer banks are at hatteras back down towards new bern and then our chances for a few stray showers late today as we look at through the weekend will see a better chance for rain late saturday really saturday evening and then into sunday morning look for temperatures to fall off significantly early next week and i'll show you
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at the age of the key here is ashley curry chicken traffic norfolk to hampton at the eight r b t's let's give you a live look now at thirteen years now track the camera just to see how things are shaping up out there that much to deal with at this point in the morning there's a westbound traffic passing forth you about three miles away from the hr bt moving nicely. eastbound traffic also find headed even further into norfolk so good around the hr bt back on the traffic network maps will check one more spot for you the chesapeake expressway moving well out loud northbound and southbound are headed toward north carolina passing hillcrest three fifty seven and route fifty eight making her way up to sixty four passing mt pleasant so again we look across hampton roads will see if we still look good on seventeen at the jr be coming up in eight minutes. all right thank you ashley the so called affluent a teenager is still in mexico
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. new this morning president barack obama to cnn last night holding a televised town hall on guns the appearance comes just days after he announced executive actions to curb gun
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from several audience members who were victims of gun violence and people who oppose his new demands for tougher gun regulations. taya kyle the widow of chris kyle his military service was the subject of the film american sniper confronted the president about her family's safety. i want to hope and the hope that i have the right to protect myself that i don't intend to be one of these families that i have the freedom to carry whatever weapon. i feel i need there is a way for us to set up a system where you are responsible gun owner can have a firearm to protect herself but where it is much harder for somebody to fill up a car with guns and so on to thirteen year old kids on the streets. the national rifle association was invited to the meeting but they did not attend. good morning america can have a lot more on that town hall right after daybreak the white house has
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asking the president to pardon steven avery avery the subject of the netflix documentary making a murderer is in prison for the murder of a twenty five year old photographer. he maintains his innocence. the white house says because avery was convicted in the state court the president does not have the power to pardon him the statement says in part quote president obama is committed to restoring the sense of fairness at the heart of our justice system a mother of the now infamous influenza team is back in texas this morning she faces a charge of interfering with the capture of her sign a two year old ethan couch killed four people in a drunk driving accident but only got probation because of the so called half the lens of the fence. authorities believe they both fled texas in november as prosecutors investigated whether celts had violated his probation he is still in custody in mexico a bridge in north carolina officers off the box truck drivers a camera set up
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durham has captured a hundred crashes in seven years no major injuries just another truck peeled back by the bridge that they call the can opener. it was built for trains seventy five years ago in the clearance only eleven feet and eleven feet eight inches two feet lower than most overpass is not a man who set up the camera has turned this into a business believe it or not selling crumbled and curl debris as art talk about weird stuff gets crazy you know we've had now live tracks novice or leave the station i will hear a yes vote to affirm or deny a yesteryear but a lot of the trucks that have all this the medications have on top will get clipped and when i use to have with thirty four foot travel trailer on the view of the big ones were self contained always sweat out some of those under passes class just don't want to get clip that cavity
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i'll cry i turn around go read that the griz won nation. so anyway talking about the weather now and we're going to see temperatures in the mid fifties who we had ramen impression is that we have a mid fifties overcast conditions chances for a few sprinkles late today. if you're going to be doing some traveling this morning should be good shape maybe a sprinkle or two down around the outer banks really not much going on but there will be chances for a few showers later this afternoon and into the early evening the iceland this candidacy in the future cast just a moment before we get to that you can see the wet weather out to the west that this is more sure that will increase as we get into the daylight tomorrow and into early sunday that so we'll see good chances for rain but before we focus on this show you something is kind of caught my eye off the shore and this is not a threat to us but this is a pretty powerful little cycling that is out there it is not a tropical
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the hurricane center's at least watching this it's forecast to continue moving on to the cinnamon tree dad back to the southeast. we are obviously well out of hurricane season but it's a powerful area of low pressure nonetheless and we are keeping an eye to. we always do that year round in and out of hurricane season here thirteen years now. skies are overcast and we do have the overcast conditions forecasts for the day it'll be mostly cloudy anyway maybe a couple breaks in the clouds here and there during the afternoon but i also think we'll see at least the chance for a few stray showers so that comes through late afternoon early evening only been around thirty percent or so the chances we catch a little bit of a break early saturday mid day saturday looking pretty good force but in that moisture out to the west and she was out there when she is kind of filling in across our area late saturday into early sunday pretty good chances for showers once that clears the area midday sunday will see improvements lights on and colder air returns early
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low to mid forties and one upper forties to near fifty the coast to the north winds at twelve mph and highs today staying around fifty four degrees so a chance for a few showers this afternoon or early evening tomorrow chances for showers late there will be rain tomorrow night in to police their dresses seven a big drop in temps early next week. well not looking for that i was happy about that temperature rise but of course you know you gotta roll with the punches not much to deal with snow on the ropes this morning and had very nice traffic flow since the beginning of the show and hopefully it stays that way but right now we'll take a live look at traffic crossing the jr be for things to pick up maybe it's just a little teeny bit making a way to newport news. this shot is actually pretty good though we are seeing a little more volume out there but nothing major nothing to slow you down across the bridge and southbound traffic headed to isle of wight county moving very well so now the back of the traffic network maps will take a look at one more spot
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to williamsburg this morning no issues out there were flowing very freely give you an idea if you're headed eastbound in the direction of newport news passing old stage in kroger and seventy five which i believe is five miles over the limit so slow down take your time making her way out this morning but are showing you the traffic is moving well in the area by coming over the next few minutes we'll head back to the south side with the traffic is still looking good on sixty four at the high rise bridge. all right ashleigh thank you if you're still looking for new year's diet plan here's one that can get you excited. it really has some or all of us here in the way the they call
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. new this morning more more people are wondering how safe it is to eat out at places like tripoli especially after the feds launched a criminal probe into an or a virus outbreak of one of the restaurant two hundred people got sick of the california restaurant the criminal investigations well the raya. they usually are centered around allegations of knowingly distributing contaminated food. here's what food experts say first off check the restaurant rating before you go out the risk is food
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the order is a hamburger that you are eight new federal dietary guidelines are out and they recommend limiting the amount of added sugars to know more than ten percent of our daily calories amazed it took this long. that's about twelve teaspoons of sugar a day to put into perspective for you a bottle of coke is already more than the recommended amount of sugar. clocking in at twelve teaspoons other recommendations include limit limiting saturated fats to ten percent of daily calories reducing total salt intake to less than a teaspoon a day and also knew the longstanding limits on cholesterol from eggs and seafood has been lifted. ok how does this sound losing weight and getting healthy by eating tacos and of course there's a catch. these have to be read in tacos no media law at all it is called the taco clans and for self proclaimed taco sciences and in texas have published a companion book it's filled
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healthier take on the talk with doctor when it does little to no that is right into the back of the matter what you eat with that sauce anyway a quick reminder thirteen years now wants to help you get a jumpstart on twenty sixteen so the daybreak team is giving away a huge prize pack to one lucky viewer it is worth more than two thousand dollars has incredible sermon included in this rented a break during the six o'clock hour to catch today's keyword being over fifteen years now. com and enter to win. all right we're in for a wet weekend so have that umbrella ready if you have any plans yet chris got a look at that for us and a shark or down that's coming is forecast plus a furniture giant is being forced to address concerns over
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. two home invasion suspects facing a laundry list of felony charges will be facing a judge relied at the courthouse with what the hearing could mean for them and after weather restrictions for supplemental aid crew members aboard the u
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out and soon it is friday morning tgif are so many of his best yet this is their team is now at daybreak on the seacoast a monday and i'm santa partner andre has the day offering to begin with our first look at our forecast meteorologists could mail a check and a warm up this weekend was looking for devout but a chance for rain is welcome or neglect i think we'll see some passing showers over the next forty eight hours or so tonight we could see a few really later this afternoon a few sprinkles out there right now we are dry and you know what you start off like talking and then all the sunnis feel that sneeze coming on top of the ashes clever she knows she knows i'm talking about wow that's a little bonus for our audio daybreak that were under control. visibility down a little bit out of the west a mile and quarter hour on emporia solidifying our the coasts of the visibility is just fine as we get out the door. really comfortable this morning forty seven at the airport
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ranging from the low to mid forties and lynn to about fifty at the coast so that's what we're looking at virginia beach and current apple is in the city chesapeake all reporting fifty degrees so that smile as we take into the afternoon i do think you may want to keep that umbrella with you because a few stray showers possible temperatures climbing up in the lower to mid fifties will see that chance for showers later this afternoon and the early evening that soft winds down over the weekend another round of whether late tomorrow really tomorrow evening into early sunday after that big changes for next weekend i will tell you all about those changes coming up just a bit right now let's check in with ashley. all right greg was a really nice traffic morning i put it stay that way all the traffic now picking up another ridge the five thirty half hour so the person will do is to traffic at the high rise bridge in chesapeake what could be that live look now at internet to track out there so here's eastbound traffic and west are moving steadily that without traffic
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many issues right now to report the high rise in chesapeake and as we're talking about the high rise living up to the traffic network maps could be a good route for you around seven forty five this morning and thought of taking the gilbert and bridge because the government in its opening then you might wanna take again the high rise in the jordan bridge during that time she don't have to set in that flowed out of that stoppage. now coming up in just a few minutes i am seeing that color change from naval station norfolk will check that together coming up in just a little bit. all right ashleigh think you have some breaking news to report a philadelphia police officer is in the hospital right now after he got shot three times authorities are calling this an absolute ambush this is new video just into our newsroom of the scene police say the suspect fired a total of thirteen shots and hit thirty three year old officer jesse hart nets and his cruiser. the officer managed to fire back three shots at the suspect harness underwent surgery for broken or my overnights the suspect is
5:25 am
no word on the condition or a potential motive on the docket today the case of two men charged in a home invasion and armed robbery in virginia beach and nineteen year old patrick turner and co defendant eighteen year old adam langley our schedule for when their hearings at our lease brown is live courthouse were both men will see will be appearing today in just a few hours actually lease while lucy center today and judge will hear evidence and determine if there's enough information to go to trial according to police last july it to mast amanda went into a home on cassie avenue here in virginia beach just before one o'clock in the afternoon detectives say those two individuals went in with guns in me demands but once their demands weren't met they ran off or told nobody was hurt according to court documents. turner and langley both faces several charges including abduction
5:26 am
both men are out on bond right now all be in court this morning as the judge hears the case and will keep you updated live in virginia beach at least brown thirteen years now and out of a crime alert and also police looking for man they say robbed a convenience store and shot a clerk. officers say thirty eight year old kevin bristow dropped to seven eleven on chess people aboard an ocean view. early wednesday there were three other robberies or attempted robberies in seven eleven stores on wednesday night in norfolk as it is working to determine if they are connected now if you know anything at all about this instance or bustos whereabouts are asked to call the crime line after delay the us in escanaba was set to deploy a nine o'clock this morning the crew was supposed to leave naval station norfolk on wednesday that that's the day that the weather really did not cooperate while deployed the crew will supply food fuel and supplies the navy matte vessels in the mediterranean sea thirteen years now will the pier side for that departure and of course when
5:27 am
their service will be now a federal court has picked a new congressional map for virginia and it could be in place for this year's election the three judge panel ordered the state to implement a new redistricting plan after that panel said legislators illegally packed black voters into the third congressional district in order to make adjacent districts safer for republicans but the panel's decision could be overturned sell arguments on that case are set to be heard in february four in march the district congressman bobby scott release a statement last night saying quote i am pleased that the court has imposed a new congressional map that fixes the unconstitutional racial gerrymandering up virginia's third congressional district it is five thirty five right now still to come on daybreak a multi state probe takes down two terror suspects yet i had some new information about those men and when they will be facing a judge. plus a perch or giant slap to the really serious lawsuit
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look into the picture. our resort with a look at norfolk and we have some low clouds at their visibility is good near the coast but the lyrics and you have a lil bit of life are shown up to double check that for in just a moment
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the boating conditions it's friday some of you may be thinking what to get out and smiled. maybe a start on the weekend and if you're around the bay it's really not too bad the waves one to two feet near the mouth of the bay towards the ocean does get a little bit choppy transitions in lieu of a small craft advisory offshore that's east of virginia beach here's a look at those temperatures the low forties to mid forties in the upper forties to near fifty at the coast and the fog is out there in one spot it's not tremendously dance but a few areas like emporia run a mile a quarter couple miles visibility for wakefield in petersburg and richmond a mile and half again near the coast visibility much better. today's high richmond around forty nine degrees we're going to see cloudy skies across the region though the chances for rain across northern virginia out to the west and down along the carolina coasts having some showers as well for hampton roads we have the chance to see showers later this afternoon as well so we'll be watching
5:30 am
chances say between two thirty and maybe six o'clock or so isolated to scattered showers a possibility. highs today will top out in the low to mid fifties you can see these temperatures are above normal and as we kick into the weekend it gets even warmer look at this sixty tomorrow sixty five on sunday there will be another round of what weather and expect the wet weather saturday night into early sunday morning. let's check in on naval station norfolk years ashley are a great time of the morning was a little more traffic around the base of the zoom in here. initially we had cut the green into an orange sort of situation going on the map it looks like it's a little bit better but actually went to check the cameras and still pretty slow out there. i am tracking the way back to chambers field the map the thirty six am i took a few more mph off of that as we show you our traffic cameras you can see here this is chambers field traffic with traffic passing through richfield had it where the roadway tunnels you can see thirty six miles an hour that's a kind of generous out there you're probably a little bit slower
5:31 am
enough time to report to the base this morning to let you know have a strap that shapes up as special as we get closer to the morning rush hour as they were this will take traffic from the downtown tunnel coming up next are ashley think you'll still to calm reassuring news for women taking birth control pills. that's right ahead what new research reveals about the pill and the risk our digestive systems handle a lot over the holidays. 20 hours of anxiously fighting crowds to find the perfect gifts. cooking for family meals where we eat over 15 pounds of turkey and sides. no wonder after all that our digestive systems can act up. so try activia for 2 weeks! enjoying activia twice a day for two weeks may help reduce the frequency of bloating, gas, discomfort or rumbling. try activia. dannon if you misplace your discover card, you can use freeze it
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later today two suspects arrested on terrorism related charges in california and texas are said to be arraigned in federal court the department of justice as both the rest of the same multi state probe now both men are rocking nationals one is accused of lying to federal investigators about traveling to syria to fight the terrorist organizations the other is charged with attempting to provide material support to isis authorities say there is no current threat to security and look for more on those terror arrests and today's hearings that's coming up ahead on good morning america at seven o'clock right after thirteen years now active brake later today officials in south korea will retaliate if north korea's claims of a successful hydrogen bomb tests with propaganda broadcasts this as you are for the officials work to determine if north korea really detest the hydrogen bomb air force planes took off from japan yesterday in search of more information
5:34 am
happened. this would be north korea's fourth nuclear test and it would likely result in sanctions from the united nations for much more on this developing story ahead on good morning america new this morning a man who was convicted of killing three women and then married a member of his defense team while he was on death row has been executed in florida this after the u s supreme court rejected his final appeal oscar ray bolin was convicted retrial on appeal was convicted again ten times in all for the nineteen eighty six murders all along the fifty three year old has maintained his innocence the victims' families say that bull and staff will finally give them some closure on this morning the attorney for the texas state trooper charged with perjury in the arrest of sandra blanch says his client is appealing his term a nation grand jury indicted brian seen on misdemeanor perjury charge for allegedly buying about the circumstances of his arrest to plant now they say he lied about what led to his
5:35 am
following a traffic stop last year. days after when suresh who reportedly committed suicide in her jail cell also new this morning a ray of hope for the stock markets china's major exchanges stop its free fall overnight in a game that two percent that pushed u s stock futures into positive territory. also today investors will be looking carefully at the december jobs report and mcdonald's packaging is getting a make over gone all those golden arches from its packaging and the passage i've replaced the famous arches with being bold colored lettering the company says that going forward the packaging materials will be more eco friendly and for those who enjoy driving around with a pizza delivery sign on their cars there is now high swag. wow not kidding it is the pizza hut clothing line of movement includes tights socks sunglasses. some teachers for
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celibate men have with the effects of say cheese while of it while the lady warrior two pose there on the new apartment is as the new we've formed a yogi that is christ the apple pizza hut says story all the profits go to charity paul says for this cause i was on the set piece you'll wear it at that age are some more good news guys thirteen years now wants to help you get a jumpstart on twenty sixteen day break team giving away one huge prize pack to one lucky viewer today's last day to enter the prize pack includes a one year family membership to the ymca complementary tax preparation two hours of financial planning any five hundred dollars gift card to kroger be sure to tune in during the six o'clock hour of daybreak a new catch today's keyword that's all you need then you go to thirteen years now dot com and enter to win with that winner today and it does not include pizza hut you know you know i think than what they made the yoga
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the wealthy are getting you the wrong let us stay down there does not get back above the state of the year that saw the layout say we're talking right now that he's a guy to the weather is going to get warmer as we go along with a chance before the start till the end of the family telephone that she had said that if they aren't here is a co organizer of spawn forecast yesterday we were going for a high of fifty three the actual it's a little cooler fifty one that was still above normal and the streak is now at four is that's close enough to get within three degrees is considered a hit so the spa streak at four and today i feel very confident with our forecasted high of fifty four you can see is we break this down for you and hour by hour taking over the next twelve hours here how temperatures go along to that fifty four at two o'clock and then actually fall off later during the afternoon so high confidence in our spot on
5:38 am
think what you don't see here with these symbols is there will be a chance for a few showers as well so it's straight of rain showers no meatballs or anything else in the forecast today. well we are to find the route to the west the rain it's coming down in a pretty good clip and a few isolated cells generally were talking about rain showers nothing severe out there this morning as we go over the next couple of days poll tonight and again tomorrow night we'll see chances for a few showers and that system coming through really brings about some significant changes to our weather pattern for early next week so while we enjoy a little bit of warm up today tomorrow and sunday temperatures are going to dip back below normal monday tuesday wednesday and thursday of next week is going to be claudia's i mention this afternoon will look for a few showers isolated but i said to scattered chairs of the possible coming through late in the day and early evening then as we go to the overnight skies mostly cloudy tomorrow we start off and mostly cloudy skies but
5:39 am
the showers developing overnight saturday night into sunday pretty good chances for the rain to come through and there could be a stray storm or two in the next hour we'll be watching for it later sunday we get past noon on sunday we see clearing skies and it becomes partly sunny but colder air comes anyone seen evidence of that will be this cold enough for snow back over west virginia so it is getting a lot cooler as we go into early next week right now fifties and low fifties near the coast forties inland temperatures are up from this time yesterday as we kick into the afternoon hike close to fifty four sixty tomorrow and sixty five on sunday. looking ahead to next week mid forties it's gonna be cooler ashley ready to drop in temps are a crazy winter traffic now around the downtown tunnel i'll give you a live look now at thirty is now trapped the camera from the berkeley breaks we can feel things are shaping up there on both sides that is actually a shot of five sixty four right around the runway tunnel next to
5:40 am
actually headed out about this morning passing all the backups on the westbound sides you can see the heavy traffic there making its way toward the base were backed up right now almost to the sixty four split to watch out for that matchup we have or be the camera up and running to get live look here we go at the downtown or near the downtown time i should say. westbound traffic headed to the two crossing the brooklyn bridge eastbound traffic moving very well so much better shot at all that heavy traffic around naval station norfolk the traffic network maps of course adjustment in the delays around the base not keep an eye on that coming up at six o'clock i do have an update to your bridge list at the gilbert and i will check traffic on sixty four mile battlefield and greenbrier in chesapeake. all right thanks ashley and new this morning researchers at the university of virginia are looking into whether extended release adhd medicine can improve highway safety and help prevent accidents. researchers continue to be as high tech driving simulator to conduct as some participants with adhd never looking to compare the driving ability of people
5:41 am
medication with their ability while on another medication of shorter duration here this morning the parents of a washington state toddler who died after getting pinned beneath a toppled ikea dresser have filed for a wrongful death lawsuit against the furniture giant's the lawsuit claims that he has sold a dresser. despite knowing that he was unstable this is the second suit filed against ikea and under a year. another family filed a separate suit after a toddler died in pennsylvania when a dresser tipped on top of him a key leader issued a recall on twenty seven million dressers and look for much more on this developing lawsuit ahead on good morning america that's coming up at seven o'clock right after thirteen years now at the break and new this morning a new blood test might help doctors identify pregnant women who are unlikely to develop a dangerous condition called preeclampsia. despite having suspicious signs or symptoms of studies published in the new england journal of medicine yesterday are told
5:42 am
if this task and help many women avoid the hospital the doctor say the benefits would definitely be significant. new this morning a new study shows taking birth control pills right before or during your pregnancy does not appear to increase the risk of birth the facts about nine percent of women on the pill become pregnant during the first year so the harvard researchers looked at the mother's use of oral contraceptives over eight hundred thousand live births a huge sample study here there was no increased risk of any major birth defect associated with taking oral contraceptives no matter when or for how long the women took the ri five fifty three guess what cool place can have a very high profile guests start this year's super bowl. the big reveal on the other side of this break stay with us and winter is coming and soon in fact it hits this spring when hbo's
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all right we've got a pretty incredible story out of texas very touching a fifty three year old woman gave birth to her granddaughter on wednesday she served as a surrogate for her daughter was very close or twenty eight year old kelly nick is sick and her husband had tried for three years to have a baby of their own they tried multiple fertility treatments experience three painful miscarriages because it's mom tracy thompson
5:46 am
thompson already passed men abbas underwent a series of medical treatments to allow her body to carry a baby again. she gave birth to a six pound eleven ounce baby girl is in love. no i love that story all right super bowl fifty and one month away and we're learning that weaning herself is going to be joining coldplay for the halftime show for this band is going to headline the halftime show on february seven fiance already featured on hold his newest album that head full of dreams was also one twenty thirteen super bowl time. let's put a ring on it that the game of thrones fans get ready. hbo has announced season six premier dates. it starts april twenty four thrones is the most watched series and hbo history the season will be unique it is the first time that the show won't be following a book in the series because george r r martin is still writing it
5:47 am
is a story going on here that fillet hoping to attract more customers with the new park the restaurant has started implementing a service called moms that way. yeah the third quarter after i'm through with their children and then go inside and a cheerful employees can have your table ready with however many high chairs you need and everything that a restaurant came up with the idea after noticing how apt it ordering can be for parents with series it's called mom's belly buttons for any parent this and i saw story of a suspect breaking issue and the cuttlebug lace and itchy eyes but a changing table in the men's bathroom tile the walls from the start of the video of a hungry raccoon of going by or allow any pop out of the ceiling at a toronto area donut shop know that you read the book was checked out the delicious pastries before lowering
5:48 am
the people reporting this actually cheered the end all i want to imagine we need to track on that day as the raccoon got the entire donut into his mouth and lay there or as little a death has not decided on this one is this lovely bowl of beer pours a dog when you think the image was posted on the image you are dot com the summit will say it's a bear cub while others think it's a pomeranian sporting a beard cuts but what a mystery now solved busby manage to track down its owner and guess what. it's confirmed that actually is a pomeranian mix. we got bounced in and see what journals are blue and what i thought that some people still aren't convinced he doesn't lead us to sporting a haircut. there are just what i will run with it yet that if it's a little scary the difference i turned around and yes they are would
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