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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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news weather and of course traffic coming up right now mourning the loss of a loved one this morning family reaches out to thirteen years now and he told us much more about them and that was found unconscious in a parking lot the latest on the investigation into his death and after another down day on wall street economists are hopeful for some relief today what's pushing markets into the red as we wrap up the first full week of trading in twenty sixteen this is the team is now at daybreak for this half hour actually watching the road for any trouble spots. greg if you are the check of your forecast before you walk out the door has a contract right now it's a mild start to the day especially near the coasts of the inlet there's a little bit cooler but not bad at all excited about the weather over the coming days with temperatures warming up a little bit and if you love the cooler weather and honestly i need to i like the change of the seasons in the to get back to a little bit below normal early next week so trusty winter will again appear with cooler conditions setting and what a
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the temperatures up in the mid fifties that's later this afternoon. right now we're looking at a slight reduction in visibility for inland areas near the coast not too bad his abilities five to ten miles there but sidney lanier is down on a couple miles and is noticing some low cloud cover certain kind of settle down a little bit as we go through the afternoon there could be a few sprinkles so you may want to keep an umbrella with you if you're headed out this morning you know you're going to be gone all day maybe not getting it back until late afternoon thinking umbrella because it will be a chance for a couple of showers later in the day temperatures i mention mile near the coast inland area's upper thirties to low forties as we take a look at the airport conditions the wind's been coming in from the north that we will continue to see ne winds about five to fifteen mph this morning and through the afternoon that chance for a few hit or miss showers maybe a couple lingering into the evening after that temperatures warmer tomorrow but another round of wet weather with a front coming through into early sunday and
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out for you and i have details on that big cool down for next week in just few minutes here is ashley. all right craig it's the beginning of the morning rush hour most of hampton roads still in very good shape as you can see behind me on the maps mostly green working across the area but a few spots that will slow you down so let's start with one of the good spots person give you a live look at thirteen years now track the camera taking one of the chesapeake sixty four eastbound between greenbrier and battlefield moving nicely. also my sister headed west the no issues right now and sixty four through chesapeake on a second camera the less we had the five sixty four. not nearly as pretty a picture making her way into naval station norfolk. traffic is backed up all the way to fix the board this point the shot is just past terminal boulevard but pretty much look like this all the way to the base you may want to take him to boulevard this morning or leave home enough time to sit through the delays on the traffic network massive update to your list at the gilbert and it is lifting now it's six forty five and then again at seven forty five make note of that for
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they will both lay down substantial amount of the high rise to the jordan during that time and coming up the next few minutes we'll have to have them checked rapidly complete in norfolk at the hr bt all right we've got an update now on breaking news belgian authorities say a fingerprint found in an apartment belongs to sala of the slum. he's one of the connection with the november paris terror attacks now earlier on daybreak we told you the prosecutor say they found the fingerprint on a belt that could carry explosives were prosecutors say that apartment probably serve as a bomb factory for those attacks his november tax appears to one thirty people for more on this breaking story ahead on good morning america. new information this morning but a death investigation at a north of walmart fifty five year old richard winters family contacted thirteen years now and gave us this picture of him. they have a go fund me page set up by winters is white she says that he was a twenty year navy veteran officers found winters wednesday morning when the morning actually lying in
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on military highway. we broke the story on daybreak winters later died. the medical examiner is investigating exactly what caused his death if you're interested you can find a link to the families go fund me page on thirteen years now. dot com. well today is jobs jobs report friday and economists are watching closely that is because our economy appears to be struggling as a result of a struggling energy sector weakness overseas signs point to an uptick in hiring which is good. yesterday the dow industrials fell three hundred and ninety two points the nasdaq lost one hundred forty six point investors are worried about a slowdown in china's economy and a possible worldwide domino effect but all dominion university economist james cook is not surprised by the market trouble he says the slump is probably a correction to an overpriced market he told the partners of the virginia pilot quote likely it's a slow adjustment for the stock market simply doesn't perform very well for several years in a round
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supreme court is expected to decide whether to review former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is conviction that according to the washington post last year a judge sentence mcdonnell two years in prison for public corruption convictions he has remained free while the supreme court reviewed his appeal in that appeal mcdonald's attorney argues that he never use the power of his office in exchange for those gifts new information the court martial against a bow for dol officials at fort bragg north carolina say that he will go to military court on august eight the taliban held captive for five years after he walked off of the base in afghanistan he was arraigned during a short hearing last month on charges of desertion and misbehavior for before the enemy. if convicted of desertion he could get up to five years in prison. well this is linked to tripoli restaurants may have you doubting about whether it's safe to eat out or not. yeah we're going to separate the facts from fiction for you as daybreak continues. but first
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shared responsibility as he takes the tv waves to defend his executive action on gun control all of us can agree that it makes sense to do
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our unveiling of the almanac yesterday's high was fifty one and you can see and no preset officially at the airport we have about a three quarter of an inch deficit for the year in you know what i am losing my hefty sum to turn that off hopefully can still hear me but doubt when that sound is bad your ear it's really distracting so if the producers trying to communicate will work through the floor crew. visibility is down now towards i ninety five run a mile to two miles visibility out that way other than that things are looking pretty good for so as we take a look at today's weather temperatures getting up around fifty four for a high we will see the temperatures warming tomorrow and into sunday so no near sixty tomorrow i think low to mid sixties on sunday there will also be good chances for showers tomorrow night i think we could also see a few showers around here late afternoon take a look at the seven day forecasts of temperatures will drop off
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the mid forties on monday and tuesday wednesday and thursday to stay in cool so temperatures obviously a lot cooler as a near normal or below normal temps return enjoy the next few days as changes are coming right now going to check in on a journey to see anything changing up that way with ash not yet quite i think will stay nice around the car bt until he likes six thirty or something like that. keep an eye on things that that any earlier than that i'll let you know right now we're checking traffic and into norfolk headed to the eight rbc the shot of that that was landing four mile away from the two of the traffic still moving well but again when or if that changes how much i know for now we had back to the traffic network map with maps weather should say we can talk about one spot that is heavy and it's probably going to be having at least for the next guy with the hour or so something like that. five fifty four westbound traffic into the base is backed up to sixty four almost sixty four traffic they're dropping down to fifteen miles an hour south to be a slow go for you you might want to take him to boulevard instead but either way give yourself enough time
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this morning and the coming of the next few minutes we'll see if there's any change in traffic on six sixty four at the monitor merrimack street and all right thanks ash the so called off when the teenagers still in mexico but his mom has been brought back to texas we always get the latest on the family saga that all started with a
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. are you this morning president obama
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holding a televised town hall on guns. now the appearance announced executive actions he took to curb gun violence he took questions from several audience members who were victims of gun violence and also people who oppose his new demands for tougher gun regulations. taya kyle the widow of chris kyle his military service was the subject of the film american sniper confronted the president about her family's safety. i want to hope and the hope that i have the right to protect myself that i don't intend to be one of these families that i have the freedom to carry whatever weapon. i feel i need there is a way for us to set up a system where you are responsible gun owner can have a firearm to protect yourself. but where it is much harder for somebody to fill up a car with guns and so on to thirteen year old
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association was invited to attend the meeting but the group declined good morning america will have much more on this town hall after daybreak. the races ran from a stranger aimed at a woman sitting at a stoplight has gone viral on social media is heard yelling hispanic racial slurs what he did not know is that susan kayla is of jordanian descent and she was born right here in the united states. it was recorded the experience on her cellphone and posted it to facebook turns out the man's employer saw that video and fired him on the mother of the now infamous affluence a teen is back in texas this morning she faces a charge of interfering with the capture of her son eighteen year old ethan couch killed four people in a drunk driving accident but only got probation because of a so called ask the windsor defense authorities believe they both fled to texas in november as prosecutors investigated whether county
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is still in custody in mexico well here is the latest trailer for the new sesame street for the first time ever. first run episodes of the children show will not debut on pbs that instead on hbo. we're going to bring you all that fun video we come back and i think i think we're going to go and get into weather right now i just get a little funnier centric if it's friday i did well and i could try to say something we do commercial work to do the forecast track now we're going to see skies overcast today the kids ready we're the temperatures in the fifties right now to near the coast and inland areas forties so in general was around forty seven these temperatures are mild for this time of year as the dickens in the day it would remove that barrier to
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lunch around fifty two degrees and fifty four for the afternoon high notice that raindrop there will be a chance for a couple of stray showers later this afternoon and i think in the evening if you get after plans maybe you're taking your special somebody out to dinner. you may want to keep an umbrella say you can be chivalrous and keep ourselves dry one look at. we will see the chance for showers over the weekend another round tomorrow late today into sunday were looking a little bit of fog this morning for inland area's visibility pretty good near the coast and as we take a look at the radar this week right here locally is clear we can expand the pickup showers out to the west and this moisture will increase across the region over the weekend ross are tracking a little bit of moisture down to the south right handers chances for showers there maybe a few sprinkles far south along the outer banks this morning but i think the future catches see the chances for showers will increase around here temperatures upper forties to
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eleven o'clock fifty two fifty three around noon and then into the afternoon sleep over here you can see a few showers shown a very spotty activity but the chances are there that we could see a few the shower so i just want you to be prepared as we get to the late afternoon early evening. so one set comes through we catch a break tomorrow morning and then another round of what weather coming later saturday into early sunday temperatures this morning starting off with loaded forties inlet is fifty in chesapeake also virginia beach and kurt eckert fifty forty five right now hampton up on the eastern shore forty three in alpha so these temperatures are a little bit above normal it's a relatively mild start to the day and look at the change from yesterday were up in most locations from yesterday morning. you can see some low clouds out there at the airport north winds are blowing sixty mph the pressure is holding steady. afternoon temperatures will top out close to fifty four degrees so it's gonna be mostly cloudy on the simile but that chance for those afternoon
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leaving around thirty maybe thirty five percent the chances. evening showers will linger but taper off and then overnight skies mostly cloudy tomorrow we start out mostly cloudy showers will again be possible late the high around sixty and tomorrow night that's when i expect rain the area it's going to be very likely it will be breezy mild for january with those overnight lows near fifty four degrees here's the rest of the seven day forecast after the front passes on sunday and we reach at a high of sixty five degrees behind the front much colder air moves in and look at your drop about twenty degrees difference between sunday's high and monday and only stay in the mid forties through wednesday and thursday there's just a slight chance for sprinkle on wednesday. generally we're looking at mostly to partly sunny skies for the early to middle part of next week's s big changes coming up keep the umbrellas handy for the next day or two and then will see those changes coming into monday and tuesday time
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now and that is the time of day where traffic has a pickup when he had ashley few spots we are seeing a pickup in activity greg and you can see behind me on the maps in certain areas especially around the base we are pretty heavy out there but i didn't update for you around the base will check that just a bet for now let's head over to the monitor merrimack and will head for thirteen years now crappy camera here six sixty four northbound traffic leaving sabah crossing the bridge headed to the total making its way to newport news and you can see southbound traffic headed toward suffolk also in very nice shape so mighty merrimack really not seeing that big pickup in volume traffic moving nicely still on both sides the back of the traffic network maps again one of our trouble spots this morning as naval station norfolk. but again a slight improvement to report initially were almost back up to sixty four interchange now would not have backed up so pretty heavy but i would say you would slow down the right about here at terminal boulevard. that's when traffic drops from fifty five to fourteen and its logo into the bay so either give yourself enough time to use
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hampton blvd instead of a couple of options they're not continue to watch traffic around the base and let you know how she asked how things shape up out there throughout the morning rush hour and then coming up the next few minutes a little bit of a pickup in activity around the midtown tunnel of which direction and i'll give you a live look in just eight minutes. alright i didn't think much of a still looking for new year's diet plan here's one that made it a little excited and it is
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new this morning more and more people are wondering how safe it is either out of places like tripoli especially after the feds launched a criminal probe into a normal virus outbreak at one of the restaurants at two hundred people got sick of a california restaurant but criminal investigations there where they usually are centered around allegations of knowingly distributing contaminated food now here's what the experts say first off you need to check the restaurant rating before you go out the risk is food item to order you ready for this is a member of awful a new federal dietary guidelines outs they recommend limiting the amount of added sugars to know more than ten percent of our daily caloric intake at about twelve teaspoons of sugar a day to put into perspective a bottle of coke is already
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amount of sugar with it can't cope with the clocking in at twelve teaspoons other recommendations include limiting saturated fat ten percent of your daily calories reducing total salt intake to less than a teaspoon a day and also knew the longstanding limits on cholesterol from eggs and seafood. those have been removed. justine all right how does this salary for this loose weight and get healthy by eating tacos yes of course there's a catch. these have to be vegan tacos no meat. it is called the taco clans and for self proclaimed taco scientists in texas to publish the companion book is filled with dozens of recipes for a healthier take on the taco fish tacos and an option for a quick reminder thirteen years now wants to help you get a jumpstart on twenty sixteen to the daybreak team is giving away this amazing prize pack worth more than two thousand dollars for just one lucky viewer to tune in to daybreak during the six o'clock hour we're getting close to catch
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now back on and enter to win of the financial planning tips aren't we are in for a wet weekend so have that umbrella ready if you make any plans and to have a look at that and also the warmer temps headed our way his forecast coming up plus a finisher giants forced to address concerns over the safety of a very popular product the new lawsuit that ikea is facing as daybreak continues here at home virginia has a new congressional map that could change the outcome of
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i know. or to a home invasion suspects facing a laundry list of felony charges will face a judge today. we're live at the courthouse with what the hearing could mean for the man and after weather restrictions force to deploy mental and crew members aboard the u s and escanaba are set to ship out and do it soon to play this friday morning and this is thirteen years now at daybreak and lucy bustamante and i'm set apart or andre has the day
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a first look at your forecast meteorologist regular track and a warm up this weekend and some chance for rain record i think a few showers here and there but it's not going to be a terrible week and i think the sheer chance for showers late tomorrow the tomorrow night into early sunday and then improvements coming later sunday. you know we might be dozen rolls later today though too so will detail all this for you right now visibility pretty good near the coast and letters a little bit of life on a few sprinkles than right handers but again that is south the most of the viewing area we will see cloudy skies at least mostly cloudy conditions as i mentioned along i ninety five visibility between a mile and two miles in a couple of locations. again no dense fog reported but it is something i'll continue to monitor it is forty six right now and north winds are blowing sixty mph. that's at the airport with those wins coming in off the day not because it's fifty in virginia beach and also downright current act sb ten fifty the inlet areas are cooler upper thirties to low
6:28 am
to the day the temperatures will warm staying above normal are typically in the upper forties this time of year today. i expect low to mid fifties and this afternoon that chance for a few stray showers so you may want to keep the umbrella clothes on more details on the weekend and then the effect but a big drop in temperatures for early next week you'll see it coming up in just a few but check the midtown tunnel ashes been keeping an eye on the creek a little bit of a pickup in volume at the midtown tunnel wanna give you a live look now at our camera as you can see how things are moving out there here's portsmouth to norfolk. eastbound traffic entering the tunnel headed toward north but went to see the shot because you can instantly make out traffic a bit slow westbound with a little bit better they're headed in the portsmouth but we did have a very brief stop at the midtown tunnel just a few minutes ago only lasted for a few minutes but of course that stop is going to add to the delay out there so give yourself a little bit talk a little bit more time i should say it or taking the midtown tunnel and
6:29 am
in fine shape between norfolk and portsmouth on a second camera and speaking of norfolk we had now been able station norfolk and check traffic on five sixty four west we do have an improvement to report because this shot of the chamber's field and that's where the delays began as you head toward the government on all of the bay state to hit the boulevard so traffic started to improve around the base coming up the next few minutes i'll remind you of your bracelets for today i will check traffic in a few other spots right ashleigh thank you some breaking news report a philadelphia police officer is in the hospital after he got shot three times in what authorities are calling an absolute ambush this is new video from the scene police say the suspect fired a total of thirteen shots that hit thirty three year old police officer jesse hart matt and his cruiser. the officer managed to fire back hitting the suspect three times hartnett underwent surgery for broken arm overnight the suspect is receiving treatment. no word on the suspects condition or even a potential motive then on the docket today the case
6:30 am
invasion and an armed robbery in virginia beach and nineteen year old patrick turner and co defendant in yield of langley are scheduled for preliminary hearings at eight thirty this morning. our lease brown is live outside of virginia beach courthouse for both men will appear in just a couple of hours the lease. lucy sander and judge will hear evidence and determine if there's enough to go to trial now police say a bank in july this home invasion happened when two masked individuals when in her home with guns in made demands on one's their demands weren't met they ran off or told nobody was hurt according to court documents turner and langley both faces several charges including abduction and use of a firearm both men are all out on bond right now be in court this morning as a judge hears this case and will keep you updated live in virginia beach. elise brown thirteen years now and gotta credit for in our office police looking for man they say
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and then shot a clerk officer say thirty eight year old kevin bristow drop to seven eleven on chesapeake boulevard in ocean view early wednesday morning there were three other robberies or attempted robberies in seven eleven stores on wednesday night in office as well as get is working to determine if they are connected now if you know anything at all about these incidents or priestess whereabouts was asked to call the crime line after delay the u s senate now why set to deploy at nine o'clock this morning the crew was supposed to leave naval station norfolk on wednesday but the weather didn't cooperate with that schedule. so while they are deployed the cruel supply food fuel and supplies to needy vessels in the mediterranean sea that in use now will be peer site for their departure and of course even think all the men and women aboard the can now afford their service held in our federal court has picked a new congressional map for virginia and it could be in place for this year's election a three judge panel ordered the state is implementing new redistricting plan as to the panel said legislators
6:32 am
into the third congressional district in order to make adjacent districts safer for republicans but the panel's decision could still be overturned. our roots on the case are going to be heard in february or march the third district congressman bobby scott release a statement overnight saying quote i am pleased that the court has imposed a new congressional map that fixes the unconstitutional racial gerrymandering up virginia's third congressional district is six thirty five and still to come on newsnight a break. a multi state probe takes down two terror suspects yet head with that new information about those men an election to win they will be facing a judge blocked the furniture giant flap of the lawsuits for
6:33 am
good friday morning things are looking pretty good across the region generally a little bit of fog for inland areas near the coast is abilities fine you can see some low clouds with a live sky view across norfolk right now but it's not too bad. and here for we've been seeing north wins in going to continue to find the winds from the northeast today and on the water we have a small craft advisory for the ocean waters near virginia beach for the lower part of the day
6:34 am
the weekend. not bad in the bay but be careful out there again small crack should stay in port. if you're considering going out on the ocean waters and mention a little bit of fog for the inland areas but we're looking at more than a mile visibility said there's nothing to dance reported right now. still you want to stay alert if you're traveling out to the west temperatures there in the upper thirty s to low forties we have temps closer to fifty at the coast really chilly air is building across the western us and that is going to work each word so that early next week monday tuesday wednesday thursday council stay back below normal and she the big picture because here's the cold air in a storm system this is going to push through saturday night into early sunday and then the temperatures drop early next week then travel back across this entry us a little wet as you'd imagine across our region were the chances for showers later today off to the north and west and down in the south a few sprinkles right handers this morning but i think later today we have a chance for a few isolated showers as well
6:35 am
fifties in general maybe a couple spots a little warmer down to the south you could see lower fifties to the north williamsburg right around fifty five and fifty eight gary kill devil hills and the chin slightly warmer and the chance for a couple of showers. looking at the next few days temperatures going up but remember after sunday's high of sixty five and a chance for showers in the morning things will clear out late sunday and temps dropped big time on monday ashley at how far those temps of fall with my next update action are a crate will take a look now at traffic in virginia beach to check traffic on rt sixty forces one to live with her i rode my road things that really nice westbound headed toward sixty four and is now making its way to the oceanfront no big delays out there in virginia beach and as we head back to the traffic network mask do want to remind you in just about five minutes ago martin bridge will be opening again i wanted the high rise during that time or the jordan and then again it will open at seven forty five to just make note of that still have those delays the naval station norfolk but they are quickly
6:36 am
the delay start around the runway tunnel so that little ways down five sixty four that's when you drop down to sixty mph the rest of the delays coming up the next few minutes and will to traffic on sixty four in western branch right things actually were coming up on six forty one still the calm reassuring news for women taking birth control pills to try what the researchers now say about the pill and
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. he is high aim of today's keyword for thirteen years now jumpstart giveaway is organization. the daybreak team is going to give away one huge prize pack to one lucky viewer. so take this word go over to a website that is now at com click on the features tab and type in organization as your entry to win the prize pack includes a one year family membership to the ymca complementary tax preparation two hours of financial planning and a five hundred dollar gift card to kroger one lucky winner will be chosen after daybreak today all right turning now to news two suspects arrested
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in california and texas i said to be arraigned today in federal court the department of justice as both arrests came out of the same bolt i stay pro both men are rocking nationals one is accused of lying to federal investigators about traveling to syria to fight the terrorist organizations the other is charged with attempting to provide material support to isis authorities say there is no current threat to security but for more on those terror arrests and today's hearings just ahead on good morning america coming up at seven o'clock right after thirteen years now. at daybreak later today officials in south korea will retaliate to north korea's claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test with propaganda broadcasts this as u s officials work to determine if north korea really did test a hydrogen bomb. now air force planes took off from japan yesterday in search of more information now if confirmed this would be north korea's fourth nuclear test. he would likely result in sanctions from the united nations. you can
6:39 am
developing story ahead on good morning america new this morning a man who was convicted of killing three women than married a member of his own defense team while he sat on death row he has been executed executed in florida. this after the u s supreme court rejected his final appeal oscar ray bolin was convicted. we tried on appeals and convicted again ten times and often nineteen eighty six murders all along the fifty three year old has maintained his innocence the victim's family says that poland's baffle finally give them closure on this morning the attorney for the texas state trooper charged with perjury in the arrest of sandra bland says his client is appealing his determination a grand jury indicted brian seen on a misdemeanor perjury charge for allegedly lying about the circumstances of his arrest a plan they say he lied about what led to his confrontation with her following a traffic stop last year and days after when suresh who reportedly committed suicide in her jail
6:40 am
looks like just about everybody likes to chat on facebook facebook said its messenger app is now up to eight hundred million monthly users touting its new speed and features facebook says messenger is still in it early days. social media giant promises new innovations will be coming up in the future and you know it's not just tv in virtual reality creating a buzz at the consumer electronic show current unveiled its nuke was cold at the event takes the drink makers familiar ponce and makes soda the price tag for this three hundred s so it is the interest of the streaming service is bringing you the sequel to an abc the red bull our house on netflix brings back much of the cast from the original series full house to recognize the sec to that because bj and her children moved back into
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on the southwick the series but here's another wrong i know every house every twenty six on netflix looking for to that means that you'll be fine. check it out. anyway i was trying to guess which twin it was on the episode was about the financial fate you know sanders put out a picture of me right from the coffee to you guys a little earlier. well i offered though you did i put it back that i said you know taking care of my coworkers used to be happy wife happy life now is happy sandra ashley and i was happy show smart man that i did not have stated you would like them when they're angry i think gs based on forecasts were going fifty three the actual was fifty one. that's another hit so we're good the street now to for today were sane fifty four for i am very confident that we're going to hit that again so we should see the street continuing its always fun when i'm out in public and passaic rags on forecasts. i know some of the do follow to see if we are right or wrong in more often than not we are spot on so we're happy to see that we had that one streak up to twenty one days in a row we
6:42 am
another streak going ard said today's high around fifty four you can see the radar sweeping clear this morning i can also tell you with the forecast is gonna be some spotty showers this afternoon that's another element of that spot on forecasts the weather is out to the west right now if you sprinkle show up down around the southern part of the outer banks and as we pick up the future cast to notice again that chance for isolated showers to develop late afternoon early evening nap that everybody's got to see a lot but i do think they'll be the potential for the spotty showers to develop late afternoon early evening then overnight that activity goes away and we start off tomorrow mostly cloudy. now we talk about the weekend to see the rain symbols you think is it gonna be a washout. well the answer is no it's not going to be a washout. i think it's going to be mostly cloudy and mild tomorrow may be a good day to take down any of those decorations you still have up or don't mind on something pretty good about that but if you haven't yet you have some time to do that tomorrow as
6:43 am
evening though rain was back to the picture and pretty good chances for rain overnight saturday into early sunday morning. now the rain looks like it's gonna pull out early sunday and it's not looking quite as ominous for sunday morning it was twenty four hours ago the future kids had a lot more rain we'll see. i expect the rain overnight saturday the senate should move out hopefully things will improve for those church services early sunday but will need to wait and see low forties in when we have temps close to fifty eight because these temperatures are warmer than they were yesterday. little reduction in visibility out towards i ninety five most areas in pretty good shape. there's a lot of looking to see some low clouds north wind sixteen mph that's over norfolk and the high today again around fifty four. look for the rain potentially isolated showers this afternoon and again tomorrow evening into early sunday and then much much cooler have a twenty degree temperature drop sunday to monday and tuesday staying cool in the mid forties
6:44 am
western bridge and the western freeway i went to the western freeway alright now you can see things are actually moving pretty nicely in portsmouth on one sixty four you can see your new eastbound and westbound not a big issue at this point in the morning but as you get closer to the midtown tunnel will slow down little bit more eastbound so things are shaping up out there with a quick live look at one six sixty four you can see traffic headed southbound around doc landing road in chesapeake moving nicely and northbound traffic also in decent shape. even though we picked up a little bit in terms of ball game back on the traffic network maps a coupl spots to watch elf ornament and felt wrapped around the midtown tunnel course naval station norfolk traffic is still slow and we still have one more look scheduled at the gilmer to bridge. i'll recap your traffic trouble spots in five minutes this morning researchers at the university of virginia are looking into whether extended release adhd medicine can improve highway safety and help prevent accidents researchers are getting is in the ace high
6:45 am
conduct as some participants with adhd looking to try and compare the driving ability of people on the extended release medication with their ability while on another medication of shorter duration here this morning the parents of a washington state toddler who died after he got pinned under a toppled ikea dresser to file for wrongful death lawsuit against the furniture giant's the lawsuit claims ikea sold a dresser despite knowing that it was unstable. this is the second lawsuit filed against ikea in under a year another family filed a separate suit after a toddler died in pennsylvania when a dresser tipped on top of an ikea later issued a recall on twenty seven million dressers you can look for much more on this developing lawsuit ahead on good morning america this morning in new blood test might help doctors identify pregnant women who are unlikely to develop a dangerous condition called pre eclampsia despite having suspicious signs and symptoms that study was published in the new england journal of medicine yesterday but more
6:46 am
though if this task and help many women avoid the hospital and doctors are saying the benefits would be significant you this morning a new study shows taking birth control pills right before or during pregnancy does not appear to increase the risk of major birth defects about nine percent of women on the pill become pregnant during the first year so harvard researchers looked at mother's use of oral contraceptives for over eight hundred thousand live births was no increased risk of any major birth defect associated with oral contraceptives no matter when or for how long the women took them to be right here there's much more still ahead on daybreak including a wrap
6:47 am
good friday morning on gma a chicago bound flight diverted after a woman onboard attacked several passengers the dramatic video from being removed from the plane we will hear from one of the passengers all coming up next right here one day be your top stories in the morning rush to armed home invasion and robbery suspects are set to face a judge for nineteen year old patrick turner and co defendant eighteen year old evan langley are doing virginia court virginia beach court for preliminary hearing about eight thirty this
6:48 am
several felony charges including abduction and use of a firearm both men are currently out on bond is a connection to a home invasion on casting avenue back in july to bring you an update to this after today's scheduled hearing. we're learning new information about a death investigation at a norfolk walmart's fifty five year old richard winters family contacted thirteen years now and gave us this picture of him. they set up a go fund me page was set up by his wife and she says that he was a twenty year navy veteran officers found him on wednesday morning line in the parking lot of the walmart on north military highway. we broke the story on daybreak winters later died. the medical examiner is investigating what caused him to die. you can find the link to the families go fund me page on thirteen years now the southern voice looking for two people involved in serial credit card skimming were told the man and woman in these surveillance pictures used a number of stolen credit card numbers to buy items and detectives say
6:49 am
street as well as in franklin if you can help to identify the suspects are asked to call the crime line and it is deployment day the us in escanaba is set to leave at nine o'clock this morning the crew was supposed to leave actually on wednesday from naval station norfolk but the weather did not agree with that. while deployed the cruel stuff like food fuel and supplies for the navy vessels that are working in the mediterranean sea. thirteen years now will be peer site for that departure and of course when i think those men and women for their service rights of the naval base always busy but you got a diploma going out is that the extra you know what i don't think it's too bad at this point in the morning will keep an eye on things roger mahon said the shape up right now are some decent news reporter on the bay so you will see the delays out there just past the one way tunnel that's the bulk of your delights of the rat the five sixty four west right now is clear and hopefully it will remain moving pretty well throughout the morning i'll keep an eye on it again and keep you posted. for now back
6:50 am
the only other delays are into work but at the midtown tunnel just now picking up headed to for sixty four at the high rise and don't forget the guillotine opens at seven forty five but it's been a relatively calm traffic morning guys the lights here and it's funny how when the traffic moving assembly line as weather not too big an issue either. that's the case this one although a new alert in effect disabilities are dropping a little bit and this camera's position atop the west and so it's way up there you're into some low clouds but we're also seeing a little bit that low cloud cover sinking down a little bit over norfolk visibility not too bad right now temperatures in the upper forties to near fifty eight the coast a little cooler and one now has to be around fifty four there will be a chance for a couple of showers late today or this evening and then again
6:51 am
good morning, america.
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