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tv   13 News 6  ABC  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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crimes that he did not commit this is a false accusation the indictment alleges birth but accepted gifts and money from companies in exchange for votes on city council the scheme outlined in court documents claim a development company tied best paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for votes to benefit the company five s president is already serving a four year prison sentence for fraud perfect attorney says any boats were made in the best interests of the city not tie vest and his barefoot will be at work on monday. anthony has no intention of stepping down some city leaders believe stepping down is the right thing to do. others are just disappointed we have our work cut out forces the city right now we have to let people know that we care about them and that if they can just go back and look at what came out of that particular vote twenty eleven and those of us who voted no and said that this was a bad deal is significant i think that's very important in this matter
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will fight until they clear his name investigation has been swirling around for a long time and it's time to get this off his back. now again verse that is maintaining his innocence tonight and says he will be back at work come monday. now while he's out on bond for what has been ordered not had any contact with. anyway this is in this case has also been ordered to hand over his passport he will be back in federal court later this month on january twentieth live in or what marcella roberts in thirteen years now we're here from norfolk mayor paul frame who released a statement this afternoon saying these are serious and distressing charges but as mayor and a lawyer i have learned not to speculate my trust is in the legal process as it runs its course. this indictment lays out some pretty hefty charges against for thirteen years now legal analyst cab and often tells us if horford receives the maximum sentence for these charges and were convicted of everything you
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nearly one hundred years in prison. lebeau joins us now live in the newsroom as we dig deeper into this lengthy indictment against her foot or anyone else is in there well david if he's convicted of some of these charges and they are traced to any goods or property you receive such as cars cash home renovations they could be taken by the government not the city treasurer anthony barber has been charged with any criminal offense is all of which stem from his time serving on city council those of which include several counts of wire fraud political corruption conspiracy and perjury the maximum sentence i'm told if he's convicted of all the charges could be nearly a hundred years in prison here's what can and often thirteen is now legal analysts had to say about these charges. of course the reality is that even if he is convicted of everything his sentencing guidelines will not call for him to get anywhere close to that much time but he will still likely
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were to be convicted of everything as charged. devon also says brokerage charges that involve wire fraud and using his political influence to receive benefits are some of the same charges former governor bob mcdonnell face but the main difference is that this indictment of berkeley shows evidence that he exchanged goods or services. it outlines things barbour allegedly did that directly benefited tithe is and its partners and outlines these he specifically received in return like we said some very serious charges here and head to our website thirteen years now dot com to view the entire indictment according to the newsroom i mary were both thirteen years now thirteen is now is continuing to stay on top of the story will have the latest details posted to our website thirteen is no dot com our team of reporters also working to bring in more information four thirty news now at eleven. updating breaking news out of
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the scene of a shooting on porter road this is property near the elizabeth river police aren't giving many details at this particular point in their investigation but we do know there is one victim here and we do not have any word at this point on suspects with the crew headed to that scene look for updates on air and online again at thirteen is now dot com a man is killed in an accident in norfolk will have more on that story in a moment to follow some breaking news as well involving a hampton police office fifty one year old michael anderson stands accused of sexually assaulting a juvenile he was arrested today in york county where he lives the crimes allegedly happened in nineteen eighty two before anderson became a police officer in nineteen ninety anderson resigned from the hampton police of those in today after his arrest both are york coasts in sheriff's office and hampton police are investigating and we're learning more about the man wanted for robbery
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eleven employee he is behind bars tonight police say thirty eight year old kevin bristow is in custody the folks of fugitive squad along with help of the u s marshals arrested bristow on suburban parkway near grandview street without incident. brewster was accused of shooting a seven eleven clerk early wednesday morning and the store on chesapeake boulevard near fisherman's road. no word yet on the charges he may face a historic jackpot is at stake this weekend but it turns out the cash collected from powerball tickets benefit some worthwhile programs jimmy lee tells us how kids in the commonwealth benefit from the big jackpot. plus there the crew that keeps our ships ready to fight were pierced side as the u s tennis kenna was deployed and coming up later as fort scott cash introduces us to the eighty three year old man from virginia beach right there who's keeping his eye on the ball and the record books and pottery are set to move in fleece for part of
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returning to our breaking news out of norfolk a man is killed in iraq that involves seven other vehicles including a tractor trailer is happening right now in tidewater drive traffic remains blocked in both directions. now police tell us the crash happened just
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a southbound tractor trailer struck two vehicles traveling northbound causing a chain reaction crash when emergency crews got there they found the driver of the tractor trailer on the response of medics lesson to sink our norfolk general hospital where he was pronounced dead several others were taken to depaul medical center for evaluation. there is no word tonight on the cause of this crash. keeping the rest of the fleet fueled up and ready to fight that is the crucial job ahead for the us and a scandal at the crew left norfolk naval station this morning headed to the navy's sixth fleet area of operations by getting was there for that appointment we provide the fuel ds and diesel fuel for the navy in jet fuel for the aircraft carriers and we also provide the food provisions in repair parts to the ships for the us and ask anna was the mission
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support role to go forward to the mediterranean sea and to resupply u s and coalition warships and it's an evolution called an un wrap or underway replenishment the oil or pulls up alongside the navy ship matches speed with it and sends fuel lines across it like a floating seven eleven showing up just when it's needed providing sustenance in keeping the ships at sea instead of having them have the pull into port. the mission conducted by an entirely civilian eighty nine member merchant mariner crew they are civilian mariners are out there every day of the sea providing support to all of our war fighters on combat ship cc around with the guns they can't go anywhere and operate without the ship provided the fuel through the parts providing the mail all those other little things you need to make not just combat operations have to actually keep the ships able to say this is expected to be a six month long deployment
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they'll be back sometime in july in norfolk my getting thirteen is now more than eight hundred million dollars at stake this weekend after the break jimmy lee explains
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the speeding problem in newport news neighborhood as some residents divided on how to get drivers to slow down the city's planning to put in speed bumps along a section of maxwell lane just off park boulevard but it was a done deal from this case reports those in opposition one of the best another solution the speed limit on that slow lane is twenty five but apparently too many drivers are ignoring the spot not warmed to the point that if i had a younger child i would be down at some of his office every day because with that being a school zone. it's ridiculous it's ridiculous to fix the problem. funny thing is in the works that includes putting in speed bumps between lisa drive in normandy lane is also requesting to give up on the effort to the end of the street. we are praying the hassles if you live on maxwell you know what the problem is if you don't
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it's gonna be uh an inconvenient one side to see the safety value in having speed bumps. the other side says it's overkill this lonesome not good because then you got the yacht club down there with people coming down with the boats and boats in the trail going ow ee box are not going to be good ac fully and has lived in the neighborhood some fifty five years he says he and others against the speed bumps plan on setting up a table on maxwell lane saturday to collect signatures on a petition to say no to speak about issues not necessary. in other ways to solve the problem in newport news. though most came thirteen years now tried updating our breaking news out of chesapeake police on the scene of a shooting at an apartment complex on board a row these are new pictures just into the newsroom this is property near the elizabeth river and police tell us at least one person now has been hurt with the crew at that scene look for updates on air and online
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come night time is running out to pick up your whining powerball ticket. tomorrow's a jackpot worth a cool eight hundred million dollars and is the largest lottery prize in u s history. but before you get too excited remember your odds of winning are about one in two hundred and ninety two million are jimmy lee went to check out all the excitement today. well all day today people have been pouring into the seven eleven store here in norfolk neb machine right there has been busy spitting out hundreds of tickets. if the largest jackpot in u s history. the ride this one just one yet is was he thinking when are also eight hundred million dollars now been planted since this started i haven't won anything yet so i guess is about to see what would you do it the one that much money
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car a new yacht mum go shopping i weigh probably that my mom how i would definitely play a college fund a way for all of my cousins but it's not just the winners that benefit all virginia lottery profits go to k through twelve public schools in the last fiscal year. virginia lottery sales generated nearly five hundred and thirty four million dollars for public schools in descending city's twenty nine million won to norfolk public schools twenty five million went to virginia beach and felt sick at the lowest amount of eight point three million is the better buy tickets and just remember every time you pick your numbers are contributing to our future leaders by phone twenty one twenty to get by anymore anymore even my twenty s jennie v thirteen years now i get the jackpot is up to eight hundred million dollars the largest ever in lottery history remember abc thirteen is
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tune in to thirteen years now tomorrow night at eleven for the powerball drawing on with their tickets in hand we wish you good luck. meanwhile on track and some rain across the region pretty heavy downpours at times to the south even some rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning once in awhile but right now all of that has moved offshore are still a few showers left out there really the stuff up around richmond very light just couple of sprinkles heavier showers and a couple storms offshore but still a few decent showers here in parts of northeastern north carolina. we had a little light rain i was tracking just fifteen twenty minutes ago that was here across parts of virginia beach in north canton north carolina and north fact but now we're not talking about much at all as you can see that basically shrinking are moving to the northeast are outside right now around the side or less the bridge he might get a little bit of very light rain but in general the more
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here in areas of north carolina drifting to the north and esa will slow somewhat weather again at times for parts of the southside much less rain and a mom thing to be a lot over southside but you'll hardly have any rain as we get to the evening hours the peninsula middle peninsula some of those locations in the northern neck. highs today fifty one in norfolk st in newport news travel back up to fifty five from my areas of williamsburg and virginia beach same thing in chesapeake spot on forecasts for today was fifty four so far we know we've been at least fifty one so that's another hit five in a row now after we broke our streak of twenty one a few days ago for tomorrow we're going to say spawn streak of fifty six degrees for a high we'll see if we keep that number get up to six for this evening then very isolated showers again a slightly better chance to the south readings tomorrow warming back up into the mid fifties and some even warmer
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my seven day forecast sixty four for sunday best chance of rain later in the daytime are more like tomorrow evening overnight and into sunday morning that's the best chance of wet weather i think you are right and man who deserved a yellow jacket k hall of fame i kinda felt so archer what the cover jacket in this particular event to take physical and mental agility at the highest level takes serious composure we have a man from virginia beach was legendary in this sport. dean johnson has been taking on all comers in table tennis for almost sixty years just last month he was inducted into the international table tennis hall of fame. it means a lot for one thing because you're forever known as a whole famers for a minute doesn't get much bigger than that dean is a great storyteller his own table tennis journey began when he
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i wandered into a barnes and noble bookstore in nineteen fifty seven and i picked up a little book about table tennis and i was there i was upset and started taking lessons of an idea started playing three four five times week i was in three or four clubs at the same time i just could not get enough as a bollywood people coping. no not at all because ping pong is a game and table tennis a sport so that's a differentiation and i know when somebody calls the thing i know the level are probably plan and and and that's fine he still plays competitively but spends a good deal of his time as an ambassador for the sport table tennis is good medicine for all kinds of folks who work with alzheimer's and dementia patients for whom table tennis is a very good sport it's um you know it's a
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for mental fitness and physical fitness. it's just a great sport all around for people ages. dean is eighty three years old still on top of his game and our congressional being such a great competitor and an ambassador for the sport when we come back. o'neill also
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. i welcome back over the last nine easily their biggest win of the season beating louisiana tech who had lost at home since two thousand and thirteen and though you had won a road game all year but they did fifty six fifty three trey freeman a big first half and make a big second and they are now to know in the conference center at southern miss on saturday i thought i'd update to that breaking news we're following out of chesapeake this is a
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road a shooting in an apartment complex and police tell us at least one man has been injured there you see the investigation as it is happening right now for updates on air and online on thirty news now dot com and that is certain is now at six o'clock you're up to date of this hour the latest weather headlines breaking news anytime our website thirteen news now dot com have a great evening and were back right
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breaking news tonight. the video just released.
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