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tv   13 News 11  ABC  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the intruder was a beloved member of our unit that everyone respected and everyone loved very much on off a canine handler sharing grief over loss of a police dog killed a line of duty a rash of break is in a free mason area of norfolk have neighbors taking notice and a new ruling about evidence in the trial of jesse matthew a
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student. the news starts now the rash of car break ins in the free mason neighborhood of norfolk has residents on edge tonight this security video was captured by a condo association. yet they sent pictures of the man seen here around to neighbors hoping to catch the culprits. we have more details in a story you'll see only on thirteen years now is a common practice when you get out of your car to lock you doors but sometimes it's forgotten something a painting a dresser by which can trust in him anymore. this condo offer free mason and duke street in norfolk captured this video of two men breaking into this parking garage looking for unlocked cars enter reason is that a neighbor tells me oh the person tagged on a car handle the door was open and made their way inside. if you take a look at the top right hand corner of the screen you can see a door being open to the condo spokesperson tells me the person left their door
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anything was taken from the car but this isn't the first time ever i g has been hit but now residents are doing something about it no one should have to worry about the belongings being safe but that's the case new takes measures to take a stuffed residents in the free mason area are receiving these pictures in hopes that someone will recognize these faces or this backpack and put an end to these crimes and if you know of them and are in that video you can call norfolk police just into the newsroom old german university arrest two men following an armed robbery kayla jackson a portsmouth man and one boisterous student norfolk state university allegedly held someone up at gunpoint. this happened just after four a m on saturday in an overview parking lot near tilden avenue and forty third street jackson and worcester charged with two counts of armed robbery as well as gun charges and in tonight's other bullies really
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robbery and seven. this is surveillance video from the store on godwin boulevard in shock that at least a two man walked in yesterday morning with guns and forced the clerk to give them money the two suspects ran off with the cash. anyone who recognizes the man in the video should call the crime line newton i wore to the school closure newport news school officials tell us hilton elementary will be closed tomorrow for students and staff. the problem is let discovered in some paper told crew members were stripping paint when they discover the lead based paint cleanup began this evening and is expected to continue through tomorrow. officials say the school will remain closed until the air quality is tested and hope to reopen by the middle of the week a gas leak forced officials to cancel evening classes today at the college of the albemarle campus and chuck are a top tune in to thirty news now a day break to check on the status of classes tomorrow morning new developments tonight in the case of jesse mathews
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murdering uva student hannah graham that offense but to get evidence collected from jesse mathews apartment toss from the case but after nearly nine hours a judge denied the motion ruling that evidence will stay. we also learn of new evidence in graham's abduction and murder including that a bloodhound tracked her scent to a large mulch pile in charlottesville terry's will be back in court later this month when the defense intends to try again to have evidence thrown out the delta police department is receiving a huge amount of support tonight after someone killed one of its canines krieger was with the department for three years. someone at the center of a barricade situation shot him overnight krieger died at the vet brian farrell spoke to a member of the canine unit about the department's loss and the unique bond between man and all the flag outside the home in norfolk police department's canine unit hangs lower than most nights
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its members is gone. krieger a four year old belgium allen white died monday morning police say keith richardson who holed up in his house in the hollywood homes maple whole section of the city shot krieger officers returned fire hitting richardson my heart dropped as most peoples that it's hurtful to some anonymous onesie ever have the energy clark is one of the handlers in the k nine unit he in vasco have been together since vasco was eleven months old. the pair going through four months of rigorous training to build a relationship down all handler dog teams. it's one of absolute trust is an absolute partnership is just a stronger bond. as with any police officer i've ever worked with there lived an honorable life a mattress to be carried out absolutely condolences what social media department's facebook page alone blew up with thousands of comments after norfolk police shared news of the loss the loss of a member a partner a friend. we love and we appreciate it. i wince and surprises community has supported us in hard times before making things for us besides lowering flags to
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facilities norfolk police officers will be wearing black bands across their badges to honor krieger they are in the process of planning his memorial service in norfolk brian farrell thirty news now safely say richardson's condition is still critical but doctors expect him to survive he faces several charges the officer who shot him is on administrative duty during the investigation also new tonight a fire in virginia beach for some family to relocate for the night firefighters responded to a home on broad bay road in bay island fire officials say crews found smoke coming from the back basement area. no injuries were reported the cause of the fire is under investigation. also new tonight an investigation in a crash that killed a virginia beach man the abc station in richmond reports fifty nine year old thomas grimes died after his car ran off the interstate and hit a tree it happened yesterday afternoon on i sixty four eastbound in goshen county no word on what caused
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the victim was wearing a seatbelt tonight to newport news man sentence in a scheme to defraud banks twenty two year old preston frazier was sentenced to more than five years in prison twenty five rookie andre williams received more than six years they also were ordered to pay restitution of more than one hundred thousand dollars the pair accused of stealing debit card information from people then depositing fake or stolen checks. new developments in the case of the so called influenza team in texas pond for ethan couches mother tanya was sharply reduced today in court the judge cut her bond from a million dollars to just seventy five thousand dollars the judge also ordered her to follow certain conditions including wearing a monitoring device if she posts that bond is accused of helping her eighteen year old son escaped his probation after he pled guilty in a drunk driving crash the mother and son were caught in mexico. also new developments tonight in the one minute use of a jewelry store robberies
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year old abigail can't cry during her first hearing today in atlanta georgia she's accused of conspiring with others to rob stores in five states including north carolina and tennessee. we first told you about the fbi search for the bees last year with local stores even taking precautions camps next hearing is thursday. a customer is robbed at gunpoint at an atm but a brave witness chased after the suspect this happened around six o'clock yesterday evening at the wells fargo and the providence square shopping center in cannes bit off. kim still wrote that when he's told his story only to thirteen years now saying he just followed his instincts i see someone who walks be on the corner pointing and yelling my meaty react to news of someone's being robbed. we're still waiting to hear from police whether they were able to catch that suspect and arrest
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surveillance pictures of the alleged robber accused of killing a man in a bar fight in chesapeake will spend the next fourteen years behind bars a judge sentenced francisco to the maximum sentence for voluntary manslaughter. cisco entered a guilty plea on the second day of what was originally a murder trial admitting he was responsible for the death of charles satchel the fight started after an argument over the redskins cowboys game in twenty fourteen for cisco's family. the sentence is devastating to the victim's fiance says it's justice. we collected all of our pop lead an unknown family you know no more grieving widow will continue to grieve but nodded not likely have the judge sentences go to ten years in prison for the manslaughter charge will serve an additional four years for a probation violation and no news may be good news for former governor bob mcdonnell legal experts weigh in after
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decision on mcdonald's appeal and the dmv trying to keep customers from getting frustrated and trying to get the word out about some services they will not be available to provide and making sure there are no problems with the largest lottery jackpot in history how lottery officials are preparing after a huge temp drop today compared yes they were going to go back up tomorrow and then see another
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. i it all adds up if you plan on doing business at the dmv this week and the department says it will be unable to issue a host of documents birth certificates marriage licenses and death certificates state is getting ready to upgrade the system that electronically stores the records of the center still will be able to handle other transactions and will be open also dmv offices will be closed this coming friday and next monday for state holidays more pressure for norfolk city treasurer to step aside at the bar for return to work today but first time says the federal government indicted him on several public corruption charges he's accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks for do it for directing projects to a businessman. some city leaders are calling on beaufort to step aside during this investigation a leave of
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unless in the river's defense i would advise you to think about the office. think about this is in use are and what isn't the best interest of that and that would most likely be few step down if convicted her for faces up to twenty years in prison the supreme court took no action today whether to hear former governor bob mcdonnell appeal on his corruption convictions some legal scholars think that since the corps didn't reject his appeal that perhaps maybe they eventually will take the case. meanwhile at regent university law school obama donna graduated in nineteen eighty nine we found less certainty about cisco's bloggers noticed that trend and if i was a betting man i would say that they're probably going to hear the case often is about the bigger broader rule of constitutional law carolyn take seventy five cases it needs to be a case is going hat in casper for future cases future developments in the loss will continue to follow the story bring you
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more from the court the supreme court decision also will impact the case for maureen mcdonnell. she also is appealing her corruption conviction but her case is on hold until the high court decides whether to take her husband's case marine faces a year and a day in prison the city of norfolk is planning to free events to honor the life and legacy of doctor martin luther king junior s monday the city is hosting event at the attic theatre includes music and performances the ceremony starts at nine thirty am and is followed by a march to the mlk memorial for a wreath laying. parking is available garden of prayer worship center on church street virginia symphony will also present a free concert this weekend in honor of dr king the tribute is called songs for a dreamer. it's sunday night at seven o'clock at calvary revival church on poplar whole drive these events are open to the public so locally based sailors are deployed to antarctica to bring supplies to scientists
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push through floating ice to get there. the navy cargo handling battalion one will deliver about twenty million pounds of supplies as part of operation deep freeze the mission starts later this month and will last until february temperatures in antarctica are relatively warm but will likely remain below thirty two degrees during the deployment. well temperatures out there quite a bit colder today than yesterday in fact most of us were around twenty five degrees colder so big difference now is the little bit of warm up then another drop clear skies out there in terms of the skyview beautiful shots there we headed downtown. clear skies on with elaborate are so right now is freezing quite literally actually degree below to be literal battle thirty one degrees when slightly out of the south southwest will help dry it is that when all the way down to fifteen so many levels only a fifty two percent right now in all it's right at freezing
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that upper twenties already here for these inland areas we've mentioned earlier some of the more rural spot to get down into the mid twenties while it would stay closer to thirty right near the coastline already down again as you can see a thirty one in hampton thirty one at the beach thirty and mooch so readings will continue to drop again down into the mid twenties for the inland areas and then most of us is i just sat around thirty beaches maybe thirty one or sell and thirty two even in other words right around freezing sort of typical cold for this time of year starting to see more sunshine and readings beginning to get oh little bit more improvement in them by late morning in the afternoon here we are already talking fifty two during the afternoon to go fifty three or so for the official high and then here comes the next cold front tomorrow night. that'll bring a few isolated light showers or sprinkles but i can't completely rule out as they get offshore that
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even on the backside doubtful that most of us would deal with that as we get into wednesday morning more cold twenties in lanier thirty at the coastline but then during the afternoon wednesday. very cold air even cold and today today we were forty four were going to be more like thirty eight or sell during the afternoon on wednesday so considerably colder than today and then wednesday night into thursday morning as the warm air returns there's actually a chance a few flurries early in the morning on thursday slight chance i said late tonight early tomorrow even as this cold front comes through or this one from excuse me that we get see a long couple of isolated or lonely snowflakes spot on from our ups and fifty three degrees will hopefully get nine in a row because today we said forty four it was actually forty five gives us a streak of eight miro try to match her streak of twenty one days straight that we had ended just a little over a week ago mainly clear and cold then tonight mid twenties and lanier thirty
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fifty three partly sunny breezy and milder than the seven day forecasts cole on wednesday fifteen percent on thursday is a chance for a very isolated flurries or maybe them light shower probably more like flurry early in the morning but back up to fifty two for that afternoon same thing for friday and some rain friday night into saturday morning before we see another big cooler down the temperature late sunday and monday. any chance of this snow sticking around with the flurries down something so that a warm thank you jeff. all right we're tracking the weather day and night before you head out the door tomorrow morning check in with thirteen is now at day break starting at four thirty. alright the author say basketball in hampton hoops or playing at home
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billion dollars powerball jackpot are hot is the largest jackpot in u s history virginia lottery officials tell us a jackpot this large maze navigating some uncharted territory some are lotteries digital signs don't even have enough space for jackpot over one billion dollars a lot of representatives visit stores either once a week or once every two weeks to restock and clean the equipment they were the days before the race because the were told emma she is the drive those numbers are also put through several test before each real draw and a set they got a mechanic says powerball was just too big not to play matthew brewers ticket matched the first five numbers of saturday's record setting dry and he was one of twenty eight people around the country to win one million dollars he bought the ticket at convenience on
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can see he picked up his check today. he says he's plans on investing his winnie write abc thirty measure lottery station you can see all of the virginia lottery drawings right here during thirteen news now at eleven o'clock and as we're talking about some cash we welcome you all of the i've only ever made of money the only name that no journey is my real name is not just a tv that's the real deal. maniac monday is back. we often get a conference doubleheader on monday night tonight was one of those nights norfolk state at home hosting but soon caught being let go first half action. the spartans total in conference play so far this year alex long takes one that all makes it he had thirteen points on the night air of this is not a perfect play but in the end of the end result is what you would expect from this point he made the facet to the jordan butler who had ten points on the night. now back
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eight then had several defensive lapses fell behind by three naptime down nine in the second half to sean taylor drains a three pointer the comeback is on next up preston being gay is going to get them a little closer actually would tie the game and sixty four with two minutes to go in the and lots of free throws in a couple clutch jump shots from the film clip in its eighth loss in ten games for the spartan seventy to seventy on the other side the water hampton buck joiner against fam you there are three known in the act play to start the night trying to go undefeated in conference play after tonight as well quinn chambers had a double double. that two of his twelve points ten rebounds as well. reginald johnson had a big night knocking down a three pointer in a couple of those finished with twenty one they're looking good early the first half as well jean michel still up nice pass by chivas and the parker
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let it all slip away but in the second half johnson with a dry pull up shot nice one there and then one more for large cookies going to drain a three pointer. hampton wins in overtime seventy one to sixty four to live therefore knowing the conference about five years ago jack baker one of six hundred came and asked him how good he said i just been around a long time. well he has injected laugh and said that last three won his seven hundredth game. today was named coach of the year by the national federation of state high school association that the national award first game ever covered in nineteen eighty six gram because mari jack baker was the head coach of that game and i'm pretty sure the more he won the games well congratulations to coach baker on that on our congratulations the redskins
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. instead of preparing for big game in arizona the redskins are cleaning out the lockers which signals the end of the season and a good season it was even though the loss in the first time the playoffs month ago ninety seven in the regular season the first playoff since two thousand twelve. we need to tighten up their defense overall and improve the running game which surprisingly was lax this year. let's talk about the future showing we're talking about the future. you know this is its stings right now but i think we're building some good wheels have to keep our heads up with the younger as a better guess you're the one right path. they're working harder and a coach a little better well we've got a great challenge ahead aegis least
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your new year week to week and that's why for the moment we leave for the offseason your mind starts going what you gotta do to get ready for next season because there's so much to improve upon in college football championship game alabama trying to set up for a game tying field goal with clemson clemson least twenty four twenty one with on just under eleven minutes to go but if you really cared about the game you're probably watching right now yes the rit the final word on whether a little older tomorrow we're going start off cold around thirty some inland areas mid twenties will go up to fifty three or so late monday evening sprinkler even a slight chance for flurries late evening and cold on wednesday the thirty seven was still common in high gear right thanks to that thirteen is now at eleven day break starts at four thirty tomorrow morning. stick around jimmy kimmel live is next after that nightline don't forget the news is always on the thirty news now dot com have a great night
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ice cube. from "downton abbey" joanne froggatt. and music from city and colour. with cleto and the cletones.
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