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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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start to the day good morning frank good morning guys in the judge's action was a little bit later today after the lower fifties. it is chilly this morning with another cold blast tomorrow you can see right now we are tracking some snow across parts of kentucky into west virginia and ohio back into indiana as well all of this is sliding eastward with a clipper system that is actually centered up from the great lakes that front there's going to push to our area later tonight we'll see some gusty winds maybe a couple of sprinkles during the evening and then i think clearing overnight setting up a colder day ahead for tomorrow we'll spend a lot of time this morning throughout daybreak updating you on that situation and spelling out all the time in complete detail for now thirty two at the airport is a little cooler for some the inland areas winds are not dusting this morning but they will later today. visibility is pretty good across most of the areas you can see ten miles reported so no problems
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right now but we will see the winds building later today temps in the forties and one low thirties near the coast this is a little chilly that was this time yesterday and you can see the temperatures will be topping out in the lower fifties as we head into the early to middle part of the afternoon not a bad day today skies partly to mostly sunny but we will see some changes with that front coming through tonight i wish a lot more on that a few minutes when ask an early check on the ride will check things out around norfolk with ashley smith the morning are a good morning drag her kicking traffic now in norfolk not too far from the hr bt on sixty four watch a couple of road work projects out there starting on the eastbound side of distracted driving away from the hr bt before you get the fourth q street the left lane is blocked or construction that will give you a live look now at that you can see for yourself this is a temporary overnight project so i expected to wrap up hopefully before five o'clock keep an eye on an election now that we had back to
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project working in that area i'll tell you about it coming up at four the dow breaking news coming in turkish media reporting that several people have been injured in explosion in istanbul during a news agency says that the explosion happened in the city's historic salt in a tenement district now this is a popular area to the western tourists right now because of that explosion is still unknown we're going to keep following this story we will update you as soon as we learn more in the newsroom center parker thirteen is now big so much better later today the guided missile destroyer uss barry is set to deploy from naval station norfolk sailors will almost certainly be holding their families type before heading to japan there is tension in that region following north korea's latest nuclear test by lisa brown is live at naval station norfolk with much more on the deployment high lease the morning lucy andre we do now. around two hundred and thirty sailors will be leaving this morning on the uss barry they are
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join the forward deployed naval forces in japan this move has been a long planned it is a part of the navy's give it to the pacific. it's not a reaction to any recent korean hydrogen bomb test or anything else it just happens to be a coincidence but military experts say these types of events underscore why the u s teens more of this type of presence in this part of the world not just because a north korea but also because of china's increasing military advances in the region. as for the buried there is no scheduled date of return for the ship. i'll be at that appointment this morning it will have more on thirty news now at noon live in norfolk elise brown thirteen years now. thank you elise on us for thirty four later today the white house says this year's state of the union address is going to be unlike any other the public has seen before by president obama is wishlist the policies of congress the white house released a preview video of the president's speech yesterday in its mr obama
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focus on the achievements of his presidency and will lay out a sweeping vision for the future. south carolina governor nikki haley will be giving the republican response and a preview coverage continues on good morning america you can catch him live report from d c at seven o'clock right after daybreak later today are invited to weigh in on construction projects that are designed to make it easier to get around the port five sixty for intermodal connector will link the existing interstate in norfolk international terminals the new roads will go through naval station norfolk. its goal is to cut down on traffic near the port agreed on a schedule to hold a public meeting at saul's point elementary in norfolk at six o'clock to nine am this morning your household budgets might need some revamping soon. last month the federal reserve announced it would gradually raise interest rates are in twenty sixteen a senior analyst at bankrate dot com says that you'll see the higher rate reflected especially on
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mortgage loans now about those are scheduled to reset this year car loans will not be affected very much which could help car sales continue to record pace they set in twenty fifty the store you'll see only on thirty news now a recent rash of car break ins in the free mason neighborhood of norfolk as residents on edge a condo off freemasons do street in norfolk captured this video shows two men breaking into a parking garage looking for unlocked car doors. this isn't the first time the garage has been hit and the people who live in the area are taking action no one should have to worry about the belongings being safe but that's the case new tax measures to take your stuff residence inn free mason are passing these pictures around hoping someone will recognize these faces or this distinctive backpack to see that guy where right there if you have any information call the crime line at one eighty eight lock u up new
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the mother of the teen at the center of this case. now one step closer to leaving jail ahead the conditions she most likely agree to before getting out but first we're following breaking news from overnight a deadly explosion rocks a wow, you changed my old bedroom. with a little help from a havertys designer. he helped us, uh...reinvent the whole space. and it is perfect. i'm sure it was perfect then too, because you're perfect. yeah, i was perfect. no mom, you're grounded! it's's better now. well, my design sense is ever-evolving, so... update your space and take up to one-thousand dollars off your purchase at havertys. plus, enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing.
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. archer take a look of the day ran into a lot of sunshine today temperatures will gradually warm it's not gonna be too bad all out there and we get afternoon will take a little warm up i know a lot of folks are looking forward to that calm myself included after the cool conditions but you know we're going to get another blast of cooler air coming in for tomorrow we just want folks to be aware
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a look right now a live picture and that will start with that right now downtown norfolk looking pretty good as we take a look at the satellite radar images i can tell you we are dry across the region right now no problems across the immediate area. afternoon temperatures are going to top that i expect him in the lower fifties to mid fifties across army area richmond close to fifty fifty a wallace forty six up in dc know this and snow back across parts of west virginia an eastern kentucky's around lexington will the snow mid upload mid thirties. for those locations lexington charles down to the south more sunshine in a little bit warmer as we take a look here at the end temperatures across our region again lower to mid fifties for the most part fifty six perhaps around virginia beach downtown norfolk and see fifty five anyone looking at low fifties ron hampton newport news va and fifty for williamsburg eastern shore a little cooler upper forties to low fifties air of
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four loss to see low to mid fifties along the outer banks in for most of northeast north carolina after that front comes through tonight skies will clear out overnight there might be an evening sprinkle or two i'll talk about that but tomorrow's highs in the mid to upper thirty s a lot cooler talk about a rebound with those temperatures for the rest of the week in just few minutes. he's actually an outing like a traffic near the monitor merrimack here's a live look at six sixty four northbound into newport news and south making its way to soften. no big pickup in activity just get traffic flowing freely across the bridge and headed through the tunnel so now it's head back to the traffic network maps and will take a look at that road work i mentioned a few minutes ago sixty four east before fourth view the left lane is still blocked their own brother overnight road work has wrapped up so we don't have to worry about that. so i'm just tracking traffic flow at this point and watching that one project in norfolk and coming up at four fifty will check traffic on sixty four in newport news jesse ten s four forty one mammograms and
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i have more breaking news in from overnight a house explosion in ohio kills a family of four around eight thirty last night in
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minutes from cleveland fire officials say that the bodies of man a woman and the two young girls were found in the home authorities have not released their identities emergency responders arrived on the scene they saw flames shooting from this home neighbors say they heard an explosion that actually shook nearby homes the ceasefire that close that big the entire house thirty p i like the best so far is still unclear exactly what caused this explosion investigations match is still ongoing at this point we're going to fall in the story will update you as we learn more in the newsroom center parker thirteen is now done this for forty five you this morning the latest on the group occupying a national wildlife refuge in oregon. the group's leader and his followers say they're going through government documents stored inside a building on that land in buddy told reporters the documents will be used to expose government discrimination against ranchers he says. bundy also said it will help secure
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and wife pam and pam's case triggered the occupation two weeks ago although the men say they are not part of the protest new information in this case of the so called affluent a teenager in texas a judge has reduced bond for even couches mother tanya from a million dollars to seventy five thousand but there are several conditions tanya has to live with another one of her sons and check in weekly with police she will be tested for drugs she has to abstain from alcohol and cannot have a firearm. time is accused of helping her son ethan escape probation after he pleaded guilty in a deadly drunk driving crash authorities caught the mother and son in mexico. look for much more on the story on good morning america this morning powerball pandemonium is taking over ahead of tomorrow's drawing the latest jackpot and walk mount is one point four billion with a b dollars you've heard it put the money in perspective there's still some things you would not be able to buy
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three point two billion dollars or baltimore states north carolina the home is worth three billion dollars in the. even star wars franchise clocks in at just ten million dollars who can afford everything to me to buy the stores for interns are plenty people are talking about this on social media about what to do with that billion dollars people are sharing their thoughts like what keenan said here kane said. we really need to help the homeless in america let's hope whomever wins the powerball jackpot will donate money to assist them are well we'll have another one from marcel marcel says thinking about what to do with the money when i win the powerball jackpot to finally make a flying car and calorie free tacos were so what a great idea. lucy is applying for that one that two people are saying on that for more on the lotto fever had a good morning america this and take those calorie free anything. thank you marcel i thirteen years oneself you get a jumpstart
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to be giving away a very special prize every single day this week so today we are teaming up with the opus group to offer two hours of free financial planning that is worth two hundred and fifty dollars. tune in to the six o'clock hour of daybreak when today's special word and go over to thirteen years and a comment click on the features tab to enter to win to qualify for that we'll qualify the noles all for the viewer isn't the old saying the biggest waste of money is not knowing what to do with an oath not in good financial planning you can vote yourself up so hopefully can take that value in really multiply at a water temperatures are going to subtract okay with temperatures going down but not today today little warmer and then tomorrow's friendly with but only for today this is kind of been an interesting weather pattern up down up down but yeah we'll keep it going in it's pen top again lot of folks kind of pressing the season a
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appropriately. it is chilly out there this morning temperatures this afternoon back above normal i expect highs to get into the lower two maybe even mid fifties across parts of the region so yesterday's high was forty five and today we will be warmer no rain at the airport today. there's a chance we could see a sprinkle later this evening i think most of the day's going to be fair the yet nice with partly to mostly set in a sea the sun symbols and all those different hours but i do think we'll see some clouds kind of passing through from time to time radar is sweeping clear right now you see the clouds right there's eye and the satellite images on so i'll give a little bit of cloud cover up this morning was a partly cloudy. we are going to see some sunshine a little later this morning into the early afternoon but we've got this clipper system rolling along right now set up over the great lakes is a frontal boundary that extends out ahead of it that front is going to push to our area this evening and that may touch off a few stray
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see how we will enjoy de semana sunshine later this morning into the early afternoon that as we go through the late afternoon skies still fairly sunny early to two thirty three thirty four o'clock but that is to get into the evening you had the chance for a few showers again that front pushing through winds increasing from the south and southwest through the afternoon and then shifting to the west layton today the chances for showers moves out maybe even a couple of flurries up from the northern neck of the middle peninsula is possible we could see that on the heels of that light rain that we see during the early evening so watch for that to the north scott is going to clear out overnight that's the bottom line we're not looking for anything significant as far as precipitation goes to the clouds clear out and it turns really cold tomorrow with temperatures topping out tomorrow in the mid to upper thirties quite a contrast from today. right now we're starting off low to mid thirty year because we did twenty jefferson and in areas
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wakefield word is twenty six twenty five of the west point twenty nine in a husky obviously you want to bundle up and the temperatures are down from this time yesterday visibility is excellent thirty two d or four wins a light from the south southwest at three mph. those winds will increase today we could see some gusts this afternoon to about thirty five mph. i tied twenty nine a chance for a few evening showers clearing overnight mostly sunny breezy and cold tomorrow. here's rest of the seven a chance for showers again late friday evening into saturday morning and then the rest the week it looks pretty good temps obviously warming a little bit weak. i'd actually have right now which is keeping an eye on traffic flow crazy alr overnight road work has cleared up except for one project anywhere that isn't just a moment for now will head for thirteen years now traffic camera to give you a live look in newport news of the sixty four westbound and eastbound at bland boulevard so just be on jefferson. if you're headed west you can see traffic moving well on
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that all through newport news with no major delays right now its report on the traffic network map to do have to bridge list for you today the brooklyn bridge opening at nine o'clock this morning in norfolk and chesapeake the high rise bridge opening at eleven o'clock tonight snap this morning but tonight so make note of that vision i had stored overnight project working in norfolk i'll tell you about that coming up in just a few minutes. all right thanks so much ashley time now is for fifty two number shows smoking among teenagers is dropped but this morning twist a number of them say
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i knew in health news u s health officials have released new recommendations for breast cancer screenings the u s preventive services task force finds that mammograms often the greatest benefit for women and fifty which screenings every other year. women can get mammograms if they're in their forties only have a history or have risk factors if not waiting for screenings can lower the risk for falls posits you this morning you can always judge a somewhat by its label or bites price either a new study tested dozens of multi vitamin multi mineral supplements and found this plant problems with the thirty two percent of those tested researchers say some supplements provide far
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than clean and look for more on this exclusive new study ahead of morning america gma is sitting down with the experts to discuss the findings at seven o'clock right after daybreak and now on to new research on sugar and fats. researchers followed a small group of middle aged adults for six years the individuals who consumed at least one sugar sweetened drink today showed the biggest increase in fat and stored right there in your abdominal cavity that particular fats can increase the risk for heart disease and diabetes the study looks at caffeinated tea caffeinated soda carbonated and non carbonated drinks with added sugar and fruit juice almost half of american teenagers who have never used tobacco themselves are exposed to secondhand smoke a study from the center for disease control finds that despite bans on smoking in public places. forty eight percent of youth are exposed in private settings. sixty percent say they were around
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twenty seven percent were exposed at work are right it's four fifty six it's jacket weather it's bitterly cold this morning for atlanta that night regulars tracking a big swing in temperatures that can happen in the next couple of days then the school division in one of the seven seas is in line to receive a significant increase in state aid find out which one and how much when we come back class taking proactive policing to a whole new level. the steps
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they are. or the back almost re make use of trying to steal a baby at gunpoint is free this morning by brian lowe is off the hook and tracking terror right here in virginia the latest our investigation into people training foreigners with explosives this thirteen years now at day break at the top of this half hour ashley is watching the rose for any trouble spots and craig a series keeping track of the temperatures outside it started off cool but it will stay that way. note emptive action to warm up a little bit this afternoon will be back up above normal
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yesterday when the official
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