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ice or more goals as the day before by them i was all the way up to here. we couldn't keep up with the rest of the people there was one hundred thousand dollar winner at the seven eleven at eight fourteen baker road in virginia beach and there was another winner back at this seven eleven on salem road wait hope hughes family birthdays in one hundred dollars i know i got three numbers and the powerball up for a knocking and the virginia lottery officials told me today they let us know once the million dollar winner shows up at the hampton lottery office i was wishing it was our ticket that had that million dollars the big winners were in california tennessee and florida. i'm just glad to see somebody won i wish some one from virginia that would just never seem like our state ever gets the big money. well i'm glad a lot more people when it than just one leg in order to jam radio buy a ticket. powerball twenty drawings without a winner ticket sales in virginia
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point seven million dollars in profit and now those profits through a formula portions of those profits are distributed to education grades k through twelve reporting live in virginia beach joe flanagan thirteen years now and last i strong alone more than seven hundred thousand powerball tickets bought in virginia won prizes for tickets won one hundred thousand dollars one of those tickets were sold on baker road in virginia beach twenty tickets won a fifty thousand dollars some of those tickets were sold in virginia beach norfolk chesapeake in hampton there's a complete list of the stores that sold winning tickets on thirteen years now com min of elements and former governor bob mcdonnell is corruption conviction appeal and looks like the u s supreme court will take the mcdonald's case again tomorrow. laura geller is here to walk us through the next steps. well under mcdonald's case on scooters bloggy reads it distributed for conference january fifteen twenty sixteen which means it is likely the justices will discuss
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tomorrow. experts tell us this me also means it's likely the course will in the court will in fact take up the case a decision on that could come as early as tomorrow. last friday thirty news now reported the supreme court had neither granted nor deny to hear mcdonald's petition mcdonnell and his wife maureen were convicted of doing favors for a wealthy vitamin executive in exchange for more than one hundred and sixty five thousand dollars in gifts and loans the former governor was sentenced to two years in prison and his wife to one year and one day. both remain free while they pursue a separate appeals even expect us to stay on top of any new developments coming out of the supreme court starting tomorrow laura geller thirteen years now. tonight a smaller cast of republican presidential hopefuls will face off is one of the last high profile debates before the iowa caucuses was economic breaks down what you can expect from each
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questions ahead of tonight's critical gop debate and york times report says ted cruz barna million dollars from big wall street banks to finance his run for senate but didn't tell the federal election commission about it the case they were not filed exactly as the fec requires the cruises as it was a simple mistake a filing error but the candidate who has railed against big banks and wall street bailout could now face a new line of attack from his challenger stuff is kicking in florida to a crowd of more than ten thousand in pensacola florida wednesday donald trump attempt of his birth or attack on the canadian born cruz questioning whether he can legally be president suppose he runs and everybody thank you not and then the courts rule that can run. that's not so good. trump is threatening to hit that much harder any opponent who dare to strike in tonight's debate. only seven candidates remain for the primetime showdown after
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were bombed down to the undercard debate to be artificially designated in some kind of lower second tier sends a signal to the voter that you're not the same and don't have a chance. paul tells abc news radio why he's boycotting tonight's debate and you can gesture to show how his supporters feel about fox's decision to take him off the main stage analysts say tonight's debate is a crucial opportunity for bush. kristi casey and carson to gain some much needed momentum by the county abc news washington. we are just getting word donald trump will make a campaign stop in hampton roads next month regent university just announced trump will participate in the presidential candidate forum on february twenty fourth former governors jeb bush john k sicko is it have already participated in the series which started in october region officials will soon announce time and ticket information for donald trump's that a civil rights group in north carolina is
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when it comes to voter id changes the state chapter of the n double a c p asked the judge in winston salem to either postpone the january twenty five voter id trial or approve the request to prevent the new photo id requirement from taking effect the new rules set to kick and for the march primary and seed and double a c p lawyers say a delay would allow them to collect new evidence against the change those opposed to the requirements a is discriminatory state attorneys disagree. a federal judge rejected a petition by donald trump supporters to block the use of a party affiliation statement in virginia's primary a lawsuit against the state board of elections argues that the loyalty oath violates civil rights. three robbery suspects in newport news have been on the run for months now police are asking for help catching them. police sent us video today of a robbery from april at the picnic grocery store on jefferson avenue officers say one suspect even went around
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the floor the other stole money and cigarettes the other robbery suspect police are trying to find robbed the cvs pharmacy on warwick boulevard near oyster point back in september in this case the suspect fired a single shot into the ceiling he robbed the register them on the worker. witnesses say he rode off in a silver chevrolet in power. if you know anything about these robberies call the crime line increase risk of cancer nerve digestive skin and respiratory disorders just a few side effects of agent orange. now lawmakers are pushing to get more help for thousands of vietnam veterans exposed to the chemical added to days but the car encased in ice in new york is finally free. what it took to break the ice. i'm talking about temperatures may be up near
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. i british actor alan rickman has died he was sixty nine with his family said today that the actor died
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film roles included die hard love actually and harry potter films in which she played professor david bowie's family is planning a private funeral for the late icon his family posted a thank you note on bowie's websites and social media pages today the family said quote we are overwhelmed by and grateful for the love and support shown throughout the world boy died sunday at sixty nine after battling cancer for eighteen months but we released a new album called black star just last week a carton taste in ice along the shore of lake erie earlier this week is finally free. high winds cold temperatures and a still frozen lake erie spell trouble for this car parked outside the restaurant sunday afternoon by monday morning the little mitsubishi had turned into an ice sculpture from the spray of the water it quickly became a bit of a tourist attraction. the crew freed the car from its eye
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ever encountered in twenty eight years and it's amazing that the mapping camera. is it about three hundred and fifty paddles of calcium flake and some strong towing equipment to get the car out but not before it made headlines around the country and this frozen vehicle became a symbol of what winter to be like in buffalo to virginia lawmakers leading the charge to extend agent orange benefits to local veterans details on their efforts and why some were covered in the first place
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the teaming up vets who did their duty in vietnam and who are now paying the price senators mark warner tim kaine are pushing the va to expand its list of which they're not bats receive treatment and benefits related to exposure to agent orange by getting tells us the change could impact thousands of local events during the war the united states braden estimated twenty million gallons of chemical herbicides and be fully and collectively known as agent orange on vietnam laos and cambodia the effects on veterans more than four decades later of them well documented increased rates of cancer including acute and chronic leukemia and hodgkin's and non hodgkin's lymphoma and nerve digestive skin and respiratory problems
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ships in the vicinity are eligible for help from the department of veterans affairs. that's because va policy states the blue water veterans are not presumed to have been exposed to agent orange or other herbicides unless they set foot in vietnam or served aboard ships that operated on the inland waterways between nineteen sixty two in nineteen seventy five virginia senators mark warner and tim kaine want change they've joined twelve other senators in sending a letter to va secretary robert mcdonald to administratively change what they call inconsistent and burdensome regulations regardless of whether they serve on land or sea. those who've fallen victim to agent orange deserve access to the same benefits and compensation. we owe these great defenders of our liberty no less. there's nearly four thousand in virginia who served on ships in bays and harbors an actuary and in
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twelve miles of the east coast who are suffering from agent orange and so it's easy isn't a surprise to some of these blue water vats and i have a george bush are absolutely not like the aisles like getting reporting we checked in with the hampton va their spokesperson told us quote local facilities make no determinations on agent orange veterans who wish to be considered for agent orange related compensation must file a full claim like all other veterans were following a developing story out of indonesia explosions and gunfire rocked the capital city of jakarta the busy streets flooded with police as they try to find the suspects and help the wounded. we have video showing the explosion outside a starbucks at a busy shopping center during these explosions gunmen attacked a police post in other locations. seven people including the terrorists were killed police say as many as a dozen people might have been involved in the attack which they think mimicked
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first lawsuit against malaysia airlines for the disappearance of mh three seventy has been filed in the united states becomes as the statute of limitations for filing a claim against their line looms the flight from kuala lumpur to beijing carrying two hundred and thirty nine passengers and crew disappeared two years ago. the lawsuit was filed by the sons of philip wood who died in the crash they said the compensation offered by the airlines insurance company was quote offensive a rare january hurricane has formed far out in the atlantic hurricane alex is the first to form in the month of january since nineteen thirty eight hurricane warning has been issued for the a's or alex's maximum sustained winds on thursday morning were mere eighty five mph are close to the home were enjoying some warmer temperatures as we head into the weekend but the weather authorities tracking a chance of showers and was checking the end though showers will turn most likely into some occasional rain some of which could be heavy at times out there
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we've been showing you that as you can see sons certainly has set now but we still have pretty nice evening out there you can see in norfolk we should do this earlier a decent sunset coming up in williamsburg. you can see some of the little blue still starting a little bit darker up their camp then show you that yesterday this is coming out looking to the west and you can see again almost dark at this point a pretty nice virginia tech still sunny at this point getting ready on tuesday to see dusk for this evening then temps are dropping back to about forty eight under mainly clear skies it will be breezy and i'm calling forty eight chile ha i don't know if you agree or not. here the weather headlines rain friday evening but it should be mostly gone by early in the day on saturday it'll be colder sunday with a low risk of a few light mixed showers mean there could even be a snow shower or a mixed sort of snow and rain shower i'm hoping and thinking that's
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the south of mlk day march with king and monday is looking good though mostly sunny and cold or early next week future cast temperatures then as you can see we're dropping back to the fifties in the forties this evening mention forty eight that sort of a seven o'clock temper easily choose. here we go by ten o'clock already seen near forty in line still mid forties at the coastline and some areas of my not even officially quite get down into the thirties tonight we might stop around forty minus eight thirty nine or forty but in one area still in the mid thirties will start out with maybe a little bit of dim sunshine if we're lucky tomorrow but i'll certainly get cloudy or cloudy or cloudy or throughout the day more on that a second notice the temperatures though backup at least in the mid fifties and i think will actually make it a little bit above that as well. tomorrow evening some pretty brisk winds coming in as the rain develops late afternoon or probably more like evening but maybe some of the farther south and west areas you'll
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afternoon here in the metro most of us it'll be later on in the evening and then continuing overnight before ending saturday and by saturday midday and afternoon should be nice little breezy with winds out of the northwest the mid fifties will not feel bad at all here is that system in fact when we widen the perspective and actually turn around as well and show you here is streaming as you can see fairly quickly to the north and east. so for tonight thirty nine breezy and cold becoming partly cloudy after a mainly clear evening my fifty nine thickening clouds rain developing though late in the day. tomorrow night occasional rain some downpours likely we can add a half an inch to one half inches total and then for saturday's fifty six degrees again not bad at all after that straight couple of morning showers maybe if that and then a chance a couple of light stray snow showers on sunday forty five for the high thirty s and i think those illnesses that's why we
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and then thirty seven on mlk day thirty six tuesdays are really cold to start next week and then gradually moderating a bit later in the week that's latest from weaer authority right now the national guard is in flint michigan as the city deals with the water crisis plants tap water became contaminated with too much lead after the city switched the water supply to save money. meanwhile michigan governor rick snyder says the state is taking action to address the problem is i talk to the region five administrator of talk the head of the most part the homeland security secretary and i've talked to the white house asking for how we can work together though some think the water supply may also be to blame for a spike in the number of legion airs disease cases in flint. normally the area only has a handful of those cases the jump to eighty seven since june of twenty fourteen and ten people have died investigators say there is no link to the increase in
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the rhine after philadelphia police say he went to a gas station robbed the hmong police say the sixty one year old victim was buying a lottery ticket when the suspects stole three hundred and fifty dollars from him he ran off but the mob chased him and tried to get his money back the suspect hopped in the getaway car and drove away. alright this may be hard to believe but some smugglers tried to hide a ton of marijuana in carrots u s customs and border protection officers in texas made this bust it looks like these trucks are filled with carrots but they're holding more than two thousand pounds of marijuana wrapped inside orange plastic to look like the vegetable an officer say the marijuana was worth about a half million dollars calling it quits congressman scott rachel says he's not running for reelection find out why and who may take his spot and a search for a suspect ends in gunfire after two bodies are found in a van
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been following this all day will have the very latest coming up next plus a shelter in place order lifted after a man runs from a traffic stop george thomas nelson community college tonight we're learning who that man is then warmer today but wet tomorrow the weather authority continuing to track
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what?
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mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. learning new details about the overnight arrest in the case of ashley olsen cheesy american del murdered in her apartment in italy now police say they have a suspect in custody is a twenty seven year old man from senegal. investigators say olson brought him home from a nearby bar prosecutors
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some serious evidence against them and abc's martha gonzalez has the latest in the case. italian investigators say they now know who killed american ashley olsen in her apartment in florence arresting a suspect in revealing what they believe led to the thirty five year old's violent death. this case is rich in evidence between dna probably fingerprints surveillance cameras in i think witnesses investigators say early fridayls uess the florence nightclub picture here from daily mail dot com with the man she met a senegalese immigrant they claim and ben in italy illegally for a few months and was known to police for suspected drug related activities. investigators claim both olson and the men were intoxicated on alcohol and possibly drugs walking goals in studio apartment where prosecutors claim they had consensual sex but investigators believe when olson asked the man to leave
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to italian media the suspect then pushed olson and she hit her head fracturing her skull in two places on saturday her body was found naked on the floor with bruises and scratches on her neck the official cause of death strangulation by a cord or chain a very unsophisticated guy as far as crimes is concerned. investigators say they found the suspects' dna on a condom and cigarette in the toilet. the claim he also took her cellphone which helped police track him down and there are reports the suspect claims he didn't intend to kill olson is now in police custody charged with aggravated homicide martha gonzalez abc news new york and assets of thirteen is now at five thirty the news continues at six with the latest on a grisly
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in newport news. i've never seen the newport news police murderer and an officer involved shooting police found two men shot to death in a ban on wickham avenue and fourteenth street just minutes later and blocks away police reportedly shot and wounded a possible suspect in those two deaths in this case has been following the story for us all day. she's live on whitcomb avenue where this all started. police haven't said what may have led to this double murder but there are people in this block or wishing it hadn't happened here. police say at first they thought they were responding to an accident this man had crashed into a parked vehicle. moments later the call was upgraded to summer with the gun been a shooting when they arrived only comm ave and fourteenth street they found two men shot to death of a lord swore rushed home. the band was
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