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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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to be cold. we're talking about single digit wind chills in many locations this morning so it is clear and it is cold but also very breezy at that's going to be another issue. the winds are still coming in from the northwest you can see with the cloud pattern what's going on it the cold air blowing across the relatively warm ocean waters and you get almost what we consider a lot of times a day effect when those winds blow across chesapeake bay but right now the streaks of clouds forming out of the ocean so very similar to a lake a factor of a factor we talk about a lot temperatures are in the teens right now we don't have any significant cloud cover and all it is breezy especially at the coast and with the wins we have wind chills in the single digits and take a look at the norfolk feeling like seven feels like five right now newport news seven in franklin and five up it now for a very cool hamptons wind chill for a feels like eight in portsmouth seven in suffolk and analysts in the city really no getting
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morning at the airport the windsor northwest and ten as we take it through the day down the boardwalk things are quiet but it is breezy captures the day topping out around twenty nine degrees i'll be back full forecast changes come of chances for maybe a little snow later in the week ashley when coming up here's ash to own carry over to take a look at traffic conditions now we're already picking up around naval station norfolk just after five you'll already see some brake lights out there real quick live look kind of awe in the middle of where those brake lights are here is traffic just past the runway tunnels of notes were already pretty jammed into the base of the traffic even headed toward hampton boulevard are kind of slowing there of course that traffic making its way to gate three a is slow is not with delays began so i come back a few minutes all kind of see where those delays are starting on by sixty four west again it's already very busy this morning on the traffic network maps a reminder of where it will be busy later on today. jeremy is going to open at six thirty this
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this afternoon and high rise bridge will also be opening at three of us give me three o'clock this afternoon and feel babbling this cold weather myself here so i'll have the latest from naval station norfolk in just a few minutes and i'll give you live like a tropical to sixty four in virginia beach and ashley were going to back out to virginia beach we were talking about that's because more than one hundred families in virginia beach our experience an even colder morning this morning that is because they are waking up without electricity according to dominion power's website is outages affected about one hundred and thirty people in the shade exactly what we're talking about women in here and this is the section we're talking about this is going from land of promise wrote all the way along centrists air field road about a hundred thirty people who live in that area who are impacted i just talked him into power they're still looking for the cause of the outages and crews are out in the dark doing that right now they do hope to have the power back on the se between seven and nine this morning but i'm told that that's just an estimate depends on the problem once
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the situation will update you as soon as we do learn more now speaking of outages. if you go online this morning and having trouble with your twitter account guess what you are not alone. twitter is having allergy problems asot everyone is impacted. but twitter has released a statement this is what they say some users are currently experiencing problems accessing twitter we are where the issue and we're working towards a resolution so we will keep an eye on that this can impact a lot of people this morning everybody's talking about a key post on what we find out in a park that is now later today portsmouth city council will hold a community meeting at the church in library at that meeting councilman bill moody says that he is being told that some citizens will reimburse him for a fifteen hundred dollar fine council find moody last week after he posted the topic of a closed meeting on facebook. in doing so he violated the council will count when moody says that he was just informing the public and that this fine
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that meeting is at seven o'clock tonight. meanwhile a group of community leaders gathered outside of councilman curtis and which church yesterday to support mayor kenny writes in his cubs were partners at the virginian pilot. after that meeting last week or city council find moody sure phil watson chase the mayor and pulled him over for an expired inspection sticker thirteen years now has exclusive video of that the mayor is now charged with felony eluding police. but if i measure time later today virginia attorney general mark herring will be in leesburg at the opening of the drug enforcement agency exhibit. it's all about the costs and consequences of drugs ag hearing is expected to talk about the scale of the heroin epidemic in virginia thirteen news now has covered this epidemic extensively. we in fact even have a documentary on thirteen years now dot com about the effect of her one rose to woodbridge man charged with supporting my sis are expected to face a federal judge today in alexandria. the fbi says that agents arrested twenty eight
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friday at richmond international airport. they say the plan to make his way to syria to join isis agents also arrested twenty five year old mahmoud alice sign after he drove for roque to the airport but if i'm now a virginia woman is accused of running what prosecutors called a baby fi club now she's going to jail and as unbelievable as it sounds guys as daybreak continues here about the abuse she inflicted and how much time she faces behind bars plus the latest on that desperate search for twelve missing marine's new developments now their helicopter crashed in hawaii will have more on that and we're tracking another bitter cold day cracks
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. alright today bitterly cold out there we've been talking about that this sunshine the wind the cold it's really going to be a pretty day when you look out there but to step outside
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wow i hope i have enough on and you will want multiple layers one time for the boating forecasts because this is interesting we have small craft advisories out said not a great day to be out in the water as it is just the wave action the wins but important to note with air temperatures right now even on the coast in the lower twenties. there's potential for freezing spray see if the ocean waves and you get the wins out there in the way start slapping around the crease and spray coming off the ocean we see that can freeze on contact he can get coated with ice at theirs while it's another consideration to think about so please be very careful alright here and here the temperatures across the region very cold incredibly cold single digits up in the west virginia we have teens across most of our region and the temperatures are down quite a bit from yesterday's yesterday morning it was cold enough now it's even chili or with temperatures in the teens to about twenty degrees skies are going to be clear today we will enjoy the sunshine as you can see afternoon highs
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twenty seven in d c and thirty four ali. locally we're looking at upper twenties officially norfolk and we'll see low thirty for most inland areas down to the south low thirties as well even north carolina so there you go i'll take a quick look in the next few days temperatures warming up a little bit a chance for flurries tomorrow night more future cas coming up here's ashley. all right let's take a quick look at traffic in virginia beach not much to discuss on to sixty four at this point in the morning west bound traffic passing rosemont any spout about the same boat here where traffic is moving nicely there on both sides the big issue at this point in the morning is our second camera around naval station norfolk to take a look at this is going to be headed to the base this morning. this shot is right around interminable of americans the eggs the terminal right here and you can see traffic already a parking lot out there at this point the laser beginning on sixty four right around the little creek even before you get to five sixty four so it's going to be very busy in to the base and early
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to give you a live look at how things are shaping up with a laser beginning around the base and will check traffic at the monitor merrimack coming up next time nash think you will freeze in your pants off you have what is the vigorous be doing city the other bizarre trend
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fly for teaser time that new information in the search for twelve marines who are missing now off the coast of hawaii maybe salvage ship has joined the search and the focus now turns looking underwater this move comes hours after authorities found several life rafts off the coast of wa hoo the marines were two military helicopters that apparently crashed into each other thursday and since then there has been around the clock search effort the cause is still under investigation i am so here is the latest look at the norfolk based uss harry s truman as it works in the persian gulf fighting isis military official shot this footage back in december but release that just a couple days ago the ship left back in november is home to
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than five thousand crew members. well new this morning a court found a former day care worker nasa's guilty of child abuse after running what they have called a baby fight club. sarah jordan was convicted of seventy felony charges and six misdemeanors. prosecutors say jordan intentionally tripped children step under toes and force them to fight each other parents with kids there say that their little ones became afraid of water after being repeatedly sprayed in the face with a water hose. she faces up to forty one years in prison when she gets sentenced in may. new this morning a tennessee elementary school employee is facing charges this morning after officers allegedly found three children in the trunk of her car police in nashville say ag jeans had a total of nine kids in the car when police arrested her. the school district where she works as james is a part time tutor she has been put on administrative leave during this investigation. while much of the country dealing
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freezing weather similar to what we are but probably not as bad but there's not that's not stopping some formatting fun folks in one minnesota neighborhood are putting their pants out on their front lawns to freeze. yeah see the results here to some empty pan standing around doing nothing. men who started this trend post a photo on facebook and the idea just took off from there i just ran into the washing machine and brought him out after the spin cycle. um it took a couple minutes to get him to freeze them and them and they're pretty easy to stand up once i started to freeze so they go watch michigan wet and freezing temperatures have been hovering around zero degrees in the minneapolis area which is not so unusual i guess at this time of year for them in our spelling to cultural art i guess he's actually done that here sandra parker went out last year i remember a few times in positive things in and we were kind of bringing it in the academy can we do that today elise
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that i had so many layers i have a couple is a video that has very little that the presumption yoga pants always say i'm sure she appreciates are so yes exactly. i thought about joining her for about two seconds out there now i think that means stay right here to learn to keep you updated i'd love to be out there really i would die when chose yes dana twenty that's what we are going with that are spot on forecasts and that's where we were for most of the afternoon so we reset that forecast rican were building it gotta take that first step and we did yesterday today are spot on forecasts calling for wind chills below forty five guess what that's a slam dunk right now single digit wind chills but even through the afternoon looking at another very cold day with those wind chills and the winds will continue to blow out now say ten to twenty mph gusts up around twenty five and the air temps are staying in the upper
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do have clear skies right now and this cold air mass firmly entrenched out to the last while the snow back across parts of missouri into iowa nebraska into the dakotas for our area we won't worry about that today we will see a chance for a few passing snow flurries or snow showers tomorrow evening. today the northwest winds continue will enjoy the sunshine but very cold air as good today tomorrow clouds will increase will push in during the late morning then thicken up to the afternoon by tomorrow evening chances for flurries or snow showers across central virginia and i suspect late evening ten ten thirty eleven o'clock as you're going to bed you may look out the window and see some snow showers flying out there they'll move out pretty quickly though by one thirty two o'clock they should be gone and thursday morning were looking at skies clearing out quickly with mostly sunny skies expected fear thursday we'll get another round of wet weather coming back into play during the day friday specially
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may exist as a wintry mix saturday morning we're still watching it and getting more information on that developing storm system all the time to stay tuned for updates here and air temperatures right now in the teens this is really really cold wind chills in the single digits enough to play with here you can see the winds northwest at about ten mph. highs today will reach about twenty nine degrees it will be sunny breezy and cold temperatures very cold tonight was down around twenty and then back up to thirty seven tomorrow evening flurries possible tomorrow night late and then thursday looks good friday look for the rain come through especially late and then again ending with some snow or a mix potentially saturday as we get into a saturday in those temperatures back in mid forties mid to upper forty s attempt is actually warming early next week going to check on the monitor merrimack with ashley. all right craig taking a look at traffic will actually take a look at six sixty four north and south right at the bridge of the monitor merrimack
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where traffic is moving pretty well headed to newport news or making its way up through the tunnel and out to supper. you can see this morning's traffic at the eminem isn't for the pretty nice shape the views up from the morning to you will like the ride there no issues to report maybe i'm keeping an eye on is that traffic around naval station norfolk in which they live look now does take a look at it so good it is very busy headed back to the base levels were off yesterday so this is just past the sixty four interchange but are pretty much look like this all the way into naval station norfolk. again your delays are actually beginning on sixty four west around little creek road in the hov lanes especially as are headed to the five sixty fourth place out to this mess here so it's going to be one of those long rides again we wanted him to boulevard instead but a lot of folks probably already are thinking along and take him to boulevard so that will probably be backed up as well as can be a long ride to the base a sweet home early it should be straight holidays officially over
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at five twenty four new this morning a publisher
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children's book from the shelves after critics say it may give a false impression about the lives of the first presidents ladies that write a book that's titled a birthday cake for george washington focuses on in slave cook and his daughter as they beat george washington a birthday cake the happy depiction of the presidents leaves led to a change dot org petition to stop the book's distribution scholastic publishing which originally defended the book has now changed its position saying it does not meet standards appropriate for children. well if you have a teen who you can see the coat out of bed you might want to limit how much the sleep in a new study led by the university of alabama in birmingham reveal strikingly high levels of stress link to teens who are over sleeping we've known for decades the lack of sleep this night all sorts of issues but concerts talk to over sleeping and stress our new cat when it can check this out. the first flowers ever
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show coughing who do not have online get your race probably got a blanket bungling and the freezing temperatures right now just ahead are in the news are creaking case to court today the details on a teen girl accused of encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide and then here at home remembering a fallen officer. norfolk police
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or are a final goodbye today for a treasured member of the norfolk police department whose life was taken in the line of duty and hampton roads in the grips of a freeze this morning and if the cold wasn't enough are also dealing with very windy conditions. it is tuesday morning everyone it's five thirty in the morning mr t newsnight a break i'm lucy bustamante time andre senior those temperatures can be downright dangerous if not bold well if it's right here on the treadmill is here with what you need to know before you step outside are going to take a look at those cold conditions right now i thought we'd start with a look at the oceanfront you're really not see much ended the boardwalk but even yesterday. there are folks out that were taking their morning ron are taken and a walk along the boardwalk
5:28 am
degrees colder than it was yesterday yesterday was cold so not too many souls out there braving the elements set his feet this morning now it is clear so when the sun comes up and see a lot of sunshine but bitterly cold and breezy at the coast we'll check those wins for in a moment. air temperatures though in the teens right now and while this isn't a shock we did have these temperatures in the forecast you step outside and it's still quite a slap in the face then you factor in the wind is breezy at the coast again some winds gusting up to about twenty five mph so you're going to find the wind chills in the single digits several locations including norfolk and newport news eastern shore out towards franklin you look at portsmouth and hampton even virginia beach right now she and i it feels like it's seven degrees so this is nothing again to play with the air very very dry and it is bitterly cold as we take it today the temperatures will top out
5:29 am
sunshine i'll be back with the word of this some potential snow later this week find out when in just few minutes here's ashley aka do about that word arate craig fangs will take a look now at some headaches on the roads if you're headed to naval station norfolk been given not one but two live look for traffic will start traffic that has even made its way to five sixty four yet this shot a sixty four in norfolk just before he could to chesapeake boulevard the outside lane. that's where the pack is beginning at the naval station norfolk that the ball onto a half miles or so away from the entrance to five sixty four there when you finally get there here's a live blog on vibe sixty four white pass six people are pretty much look like that it's going to be a long ride to the base i'm assuming him to boulevard traffic also picking up for folks are trying not to sit in this math again just a lot of heavy traffic there for all those folks making their way back to naval station norfolk have the latest here and i'll give you a live picture right
5:30 am
better class is taking over the region temperatures are dropping to the lowest we have seen all season he and the blistering cold can pose problems for people their pets and particularly the home lists are lisa brown is live at the red cross with how you can stay safe and warm in these frigid temperatures elise lucy and reenter really chilly out here and very windy now it's no fun being outside in the cold but the red cross does offer some tips on how to stay nice and cozy one of those is wearing a hat and gloves also layering of wearing white layers right now i have won three shirts underneath my jacket and a fleece and also buy three pairs of pants i was a lot of work this morning it was definitely worth it to stay warm out on top of layering if you're using a space heater at your home. the red cross says to put it on a hard surface and keep it at least three feet away from anything flammable. they also say to turn off before leaving the room or going to
5:31 am
a frozen pipe to help prevent this right processor running water even a trickle through it. also to open kitchen and bathroom doors to allow warm air and now just as much as people want to be warm so your furry friend so red cross as to bring them on inside however if they can stay inside. i make sure they're nice and warm outside and that their water does not freeze. also if you're looking for emergency shelter we do have that information online so you should be able to find locations to help you stay nice and warm. now for me to stay warm sometimes i imagine i'm on a beach somewhere. sometimes it doesn't always work so take heed and listen to the red cross and live in norfolk brown thirteen is now our fault rather ideal see what happens we say so much say ahead of the weather using a thirteen years now whether caster out there you will find the latest weather alerts and live radars we need it you can also download
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four later today a final farewell to a norfolk police k nine killed in line of duty so many people of the stock offices will gather at a private ceremony to honor krieger at two o'clock this afternoon the interminable include full honors by the norfolk police guard the department has invited the public to pay their respects along the funeral procession route that is set to begin at the norfolk police k nine range on keep every road in norfolk ne will end at the garden of the pines pet cemetery on salem road in virginia beach thirteen years now will be at kruger memorial today you can look for live coverage throughout the day both on air and online by thirty five time on the docket a trial is set to begin for hampton woman charged with killing a baby boy police a grassy old guard that was the boy's guardian last month medics found the injured child home in winchester drive four month old kai recruits died a few days later authorities say they determined that barnett assaulted the child
5:33 am
also on the docket today in arraignment is scheduled for hampton man charged with murder. willie smith his name he supposed to be in court this morning is forty nine years old and charged with the death of angeline of williams. investigators say that williams is teenage son found her body inside of their home country bar place back in october police said that she died from several lacerations a preliminary investigation reveals the incident may have been domestic our time goes by thirty six it's easy to assume the doctor's prescription is the answer to the slightest cough but that may not be the case straight ahead why may be harder to get your hands on antibiotics during this cold and flu season but first if you owe back taxes to the irs you could soon get a call from a private debt collector will
5:34 am
our eid town point park looking pretty cold this morning really no problems as far as precipitation or anything like that to worry about but it is very very cold and it is very breezy out their wins have been gusting up from twenty five mph especially the coast so when you step outside that when really cuts through the air and you'll definitely feel the sting of the cold air temperatures are
5:35 am
on the west side of the chesapeake bay in the teens it is twenty one hudgens their mom jack around nineteen fourteen in gloucester croak or eight fifteen on the peninsula we have temperatures in the teens as well use to newport news ran twenty one nineteen am and phil as we take a looks outside temperatures in the teens here as while suffolk executive airport fifteen degrees right now it is sixteen in western branch large mine eighteen nineteen in craddock so very very cold across the region i think you get that down into north carolina as well. skies are going to remain mostly sunny through the day today just beautiful but the temperatures very very cold afternoon highs officially expect to be close to twenty nine maybe thirty degrees but not much warmer than that low thirty for inland areas off to the north are also looking upper twenties long eastern shore near thirty eight cape charles thirty for hampton newport news and out of the south low thirties across north carolina enjoy the sunshine today tomorrow increasing clouds a chance
5:36 am
spend more time talking about that and the more significant storm system coming up friday into early saturday. let's check in on chesapeake with ashley acker does want to head to a spot that's not really seeing a whole lot of traffic trouble this morning sixty four westbound around greenbrier parkway traffic headed to indian river moving just fine. eastbound traffic headed to battlefield also in nice shape but as we head back to the traffic network maps of course the traffic trouble of the morning is run naval station norfolk. you are backed up all the way along five sixty four west rap because at fourteen miles an hour that's actually pretty gracious cars are pretty stop and go out there are delays begin three miles before you get the five sixty four on sixty four west and north of us that we dropped down to thirty and stopping going to hit that five sixty four split so again we still have the three big tropical rum naval station norfolk i had laid there and i'll remind you of your bridge was coming up in eight minutes are i think you actually a teenage girl accused of encouraging her boyfriend to
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after five forty for saddam to remain as scheduled in newport news for housekeeper accused of stealing more than half a million dollars from an elderly client in williamsburg. court documents
5:40 am
of three years from two thousand eleven to two thousand fourteen morris worked for the victim who lives in a retirement home prosecutors say morse used that money to buy personal items including a car she's also accused of not filing and paying in income taxes during that time in this morning a massachusetts teenager accused of encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself is set to return to court this week eighteen year old michelle carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the connection to the twenty fourteen death of conrad roy carter allegedly sent the eighteen year old dozens of text messages before he took his own life. defense attorney is expected to appeal a judge's decision last year that was to dismiss those charges. look for more on this story ahead on good morning america the new information this morning as the tax filing season kicks off today now there is a growing concern because of the move by federal lawmakers if you owe money to the irs may start getting calls from
5:41 am
congress voted to hire private debt collectors when it passed a new highway funding bill that also means that scammers might try to fraudulently dupe you out of your money iris scans have been growing in popularity with ease using it to steal personal information and identities and stick around for good morning america abc's mary bruce has more on how you can keep your money safe from scammers ahead at seven o'clock after daybreak this morning bad news from china could be good news the country's economic growth last year was the slowest in a quarter of a century but investors aren't discouraged most asian markets ended much higher today and overnight u s stock futures were and you may want to make your romantic valentine's dinner reservations today at white castle burger chain says reservations at its restaurants are going fast slots yes she does i guess this is the twenty fifth anniversary of valentine's day table service at
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man's clothes but my point that the uk right now o'brien see the milky way that no the reception with the bad eye pencil at sunset and the fried i just appreciate everything to be so good course everything smells like onions but as it cannot be this morning temperatures starting off with a team that's not so very windy out there as well. single digit wind chills i really want you to dress appropriately been stressing and sound like i'm preaching a little bit here but i want you to take steps to protect yourself and limit your skin's exposure out there. we had a lease going out and giving reports from outside that would bring her back and as soon as she does her updates to stay warm it's one of those mornings where you send the kids out for the bus stops keeping the house as long as you can or if they have to walk a little ways to get to bus stop when driving down and just keep in the car until the bus pulls up because it is very cold. we will enjoy
5:44 am
this afternoon staying almost twenty degrees below normal think about that normally work forty eight for a hike today upper twenties so very very cold low thirties friendly areas it will be a sunny day as we pick up the future castle a step into this so i can show you what's going on a you can see that while the skies are clear right now things are getting a little more interesting tomorrow and will start by looking out to the west you see some cloud cover starting to push another system is going to work through a quick mover and it should produce a tremendous amount but i do believe there's a chance that we're going to see some snow flurries or snow showers maybe some snow showers tomorrow evening. you see the clouds increasing during the day and picking up snow back over the mountains and energy breaking across central virginia and across the piedmont here's we go wednesday evening and by late evening will be chances for some snow around here now
5:45 am
forecast to warm up a little bit so that'll be good today very cold staying near thirty tomorrow it will be a little bit warmer but tomorrow through cold enough to support some snow showers. it doesn't last very long it should move out will be watching to see with the models do with that the beef it up are kind of bring down the potential little bit but that is certainly a concern for us wednesday evening by thursday to be mostly sunny and we will enjoy a very nice day on thursday friday and another round of what weather comes in and called him up on the backside of that system that saturday morning i think we could have another round of the wintry mix there i imagine the air temperatures very very cold in the teens across the region twenty in virginia beach at the oceania and you can see the wind chills single digits for several locations. again i really want to bundle up we were taking a look right now in norfolk and it is breezy northwest winds at ten with a temperature of ninety highs
5:46 am
lows and aiden around twenty tomorrow thirty seven a little bit warmer with increasing clouds this snow showers or snow flurries tomorrow evening late and then i saw on thursday by friday rain and then early saturday could move out as a wintry mix will be watching ashley. all right craig would take a look at a couple of spots in hampton roads on the interstate to come and make a feel for how traffic is shaping up. our photographer read eloise out onto sixty four this morning driving around checking conditions seeing how things are shaping up out there right now it looks good where he is thinking he may be on the north excited to sixty four right now tracking conditions again in that spot moving very well but as we had our second cameron back here on the traffic network maps of the other camera up and running the show you something that i found here on the cameras in the midst of the backups headed toward naval station norfolk and looks like this tractor trailer here is stopped for some reason not sure what it is whether it's a breakdown or a job there was some sort
5:47 am
i can see what's going on but again this is around or view avenue to the backups are beginning they are going to be a slow go from there all the way to the base or against a very busy this morning have the latest for you coming up at six o'clock breaking news we're following out of pakistan eleven people are dead after a bomb explodes at a police checkpoint happened just a few hours ago in northwestern akis pn were just getting in this video from the scene we are told another seventeen people wounded in that early morning blast which took place on a road that was leading to neighboring afghanistan. among the dead are police civilians at least one child officials on the scene said the attack appears to been carried out by a suicide bomber who struck at the local police chief arrived at that checkpoint so far no one has claimed responsibility for that attack began monitoring the situation will bring you updates as we get them right sandra thank you argue this morning gas prices across the country reaching shocking lols the low cost of crude oil is helping drive down prices at the pump. it's a
5:48 am
put into perspective for you that's three times less than the cost of the actual barrel while the prices are helping average household economists say we're paying in the form of thousands of jobs one hundred and twenty nine thousand jobs have been cut directly linked to the energy and oil industry since two thousand fourteen look for more on the plummeting prices ahead of the morning where neo and health news researchers say about half of antibiotics prescribed to patients in the us are unnecessary. now two leading medical organizations are advising their doctors to use these drugs more sparingly the cdc and the american college of physicians say that antibiotics should never be prescribed for the common cold and this may surprise you to also say that the drugs should also not be used to treat bronchitis sore throat or even sinus infections unless doctors suspect a much more serious illness are telling us spotted the three do you ever
5:49 am
ringing or vibrating when it's really not a new study shows you're not alone can explain a modern day phenomenon dubbed phantom vibration syndrome who then he's ridiculously good looking and has landed the coveted role you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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boston who became popular on social media during last winter's blizzard has resurfaced this morning the mythical creature posted on twitter in honor of the city snowfall asking if anyone has gloves in his size on the viral sensation last january when a twitter account started posting photos showing him creeping through boston street late at night and heavy snowfall the city has more than eight thousand twitter followers seems legit her fear of missing a phone call or text is now a real medical condition is called phantom vibration syndrome or even ring citing a study out of georgia institute of technology found ninety percent of students say they felt phantom phone sensations i'll admit i have done that as well have been preggo experts say it happens out of fear that we're going to miss a text or notification they see it speaks to the fact that our society is so obsessed with new ideas i had
5:52 am
good with that being away from your phone and i know how to pop the question when you ask when to marry a man to white castle the romantic boyfriend has taken one hundred and fifty secrets elysees of his girlfriend over five months hiding a message with each will you marry me. actually the one of those oh my what an asset. ok well the fact i did which i think most of the day presenting the opposing goal it's the rooster one photoshop am posing with their baby scan picture and another at the zoo we needed to know that birds are yet to set a date but they say that they will say i do this sometime this year that isn't really anything long and wonderful all of this and
5:53 am
phone the entire time i never noticed the right way. he's really really really ridiculously good looking in on the cover of o z leonard co star penelope cruz both are in the magazine's february issue zealand or two is out february twelve as i didn't get the low ceiling at the look feel i have had to watch the clip just to make sure the list. i feel an emotional moment when a young boy is reunited with his missing daughter all right we just took his cue as pop was missing for a month and as they were found the animal mom decided to report the former union posted to the city's lost and found pets facebook page look us in the house most of those who live with this week's acutely that that is an adorable dog spent the rest of the show and one and this is what's more the serious looking across all the stories are
5:54 am
with the soap more news weather traffic write six today a community meeting that could cause some controversy the latest on the ongoing issues with the portsmouth city council oh boy a new video this morning on the fight against terrorism when it shows about a norfolk based aircraft carrier and the fight against isis is coming up on six o'clock right now this is thirteen years now at the break at the top of this half hour after the showing it to its backups at the base will have more on that and craig is here with a check of your forecast before you head out the door super cold day it is very very cold out there when sea temperatures staying chilly throughout the day today so while we start off with temperatures in the teens don't look for much of a warmup highs only around twenty nine officially made the low thirties hanlon that i don't think you're going to be feeling warm anywhere that you can hear my voice to the broadcasts it is cold outside today we had the northwest winds blowing
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