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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  January 20, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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virginia beach already frozen thirteen use them as live team coverage on the winter weather hitting us right now let's start off with greg craig what should we expect well we get the cold air still across the region temperatures today in the mid thirties barely above freezing and we've done in the deep freeze now for a couple of days so the stage is set for some wintry weather in around that i believe we will see later this evening we'll show you that in our future cast just a moment what to set up what's going on two systems were watching one right here and then there's one out to the west that is really coming together right now back across the middle part of the rockies are really starting to push them towards the panhandle of texas and oklahoma. this one is going to develop and come into play and really pack a punch in to the weekends will be talking about this one a little later in the show will focus on this one which is going to bring a chance for a few snow showers this evening or flurries right now you have increasing clouds this time is going to thicken up the will get into the future cash right now because
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are pretty close to freezing we're not going to see warming up a lot today right now thirty one in norfolk temperatures mid thirties from virginia beach low to mid thirties for chesapeake up to about thirty five there by two o'clock i expect caffeine highs around thirty four so we should remain dry through the afternoon but as we head towards the evening you see those snow showers and dancing. i think we'll see some activity on the radar it'll take awhile before the low levels of the atmosphere moisten up but eventually we should see some flurries or snow showers passing by very minor amounts of accumulation if any were not expecting a lot here but maybe enough to leave some roads a little messy in spots we could pick up a dusting to maybe a quarter of an inch again these are model snowfall projections this one from the euro and she very quickly look at the g f s a both models trying to predict a little bit of snow again we're not anticipating a lot should be a really big deal but you can bet we'll be watching this very very closely as i mentioned the next storm system though
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saturday were talking about snow more all that much harder hit for virginia and we've got some other issues tides wins and a lot of rain as well plenty to talk about a forgotten except i cried within a minute right now mathews county high school is not only dealing with the cool temperatures but heating problem that forced the school to close early today oh boy bed time for superintendent made that announcement this morning and had to close the school immediately with temperatures there in the low twenties right no other schools in mathews county remain open escape is headed to matthews right now she'll have a live look on the details come in that area coming up about thirty minutes or so the prophet role in virginia beach will go out overnight to treat bridges ramps and overpasses. normally three trucks go out around two thirty in the morning because of the forecast so city officials say six trucks will go out to more on standby and the trucks will go out an hour earlier than normal. if things get worse though city leaders say that plan could change knew it known as the temperature drops
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people keep warm. yet another ball lights admission will be critical for the homeless center nor seen it you shelters in virginia beach serves at risk homeless kids lisa brown sat down with their executive director there are more than a thousand homeless youth in our community alone very very important that these this you can get to a safe place as quickly as possible. a safe place like a scene youth shelters in virginia beach executive director jennifer surat he says the boys and girls shelters serve ages nine to seventeen and sometimes eighteen we take responsibility for getting them to school even if it's a doctor's appointment we know we we eat together we know the word shelter on you know is actor but we really are a home home that has space right now. it welcomes people twenty four hours a day seven days a week or you can can walk up to the front door
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to us through a referral from a family member a teacher they can also get in contact with the group through a safe place which is a story fire station a library that day that carries the safe place yellow sign to rocky says it's important that there's a place kids and teens can go especially in the cold weather and what would you do for a warm place to sleep or some food. if you didn't have any you know it's it's a scary prospect to think what what could happen to you on the streets in virginia beach police brown thirty news now with two weather systems moving through our area or whether authority has you covered crab will have more updates throughout this pics of our coverage on thirteen years now starting at four clock but you can get weather updates anytime by downloading or thirteen years at apple store website and or naval ship a toxin will depart naval station norfolk
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the fifth fleet area of operations s in the middle east the persian gulf and parts of the indian ocean while deployed in a tux and civil service mariners will provide fuel and other supplies aircraft carriers at sea the ship is scheduled to leave tomorrow at three pm knew it known as celebration in norfolk the city began work today on a new school months ahead of schedule. yeh thirty news now is there's crews broke ground at ocean view elementary that's on mason creek road. this is about two hours ago city leaders including superintendent linda boone attended that ceremony the sea just broke ground on large one elementary couple of weeks ago the schools are part of a project to build five schools in three years hampton police are still investigating after a truck slammed into a home's garage it happened last night just before ten o'clock on carter's grove court. next the ticket and high school hampton fire and rescue says the firefighters had to free two people from the truck one person went to the hospital with minor injuries the people inside that home
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had to shut off the utilities there the extent of the damage forced officials to condemn the home displacing to new information now on a deadly terror attack at least twenty people have died when a gunman stormed into a school in pakistan actually multiple shooters now the leader of the group officials say planned the attack they say they were not involved at all and the kent state professor
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the terror attack in pakistan the leader of the taliban now denies they were involved in today's deadly shooting previously officials said taliban gunmen stormed the university in northwestern pakistan today killing at least twenty people officials say students guards policemen and a least one teacher among the victims men were reportedly shot in the head execution style pakistani security forces
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terrorists after gun battle that went on for hours developing now a professor at kent state university in ohio is under fbi investigation for potential ties to isis abc's kind of moat and has the latest from washington state university associate professor julio pino under investigation for possible ties to ice as the fifty five year old man also known as assad teaches latin american third world history of the ohio school. the fbi probe came to light after the editor of the student newspaper broke the story federal agents interviewed her as part of their investigation into articles about ripping out a couple semesters about this about and it isn't just try the school paper the daily kent stater post opinions interview online. he denies supporting the terror group by the law. i don't have
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i haven't been served in the period he knew a cuba native and convert to islam has not been charged with a crime in oct twenty eleven he made headlines after shouting death to israel a public lecture given by a former israeli diplomat who was visiting the camp as pain no blame his rhetoric for possibly sparking the fbi investigation. everything that perfectly legal i might be an american citizen by speaking out on a few people buy a refill of boys can stay told abc news the university is cooperating with the ongoing investigation and the fbi has this or the school there's no threat to campus to vote. abc news washington taking on gun control attorney general loretta lynch testifies on the president's gun control
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i will do a new u s attorney finished testifying before senate subcommittee about gun control hearing focused on the justice department's role in implementing new executive actions related to gun control earlier this month you may remember president obama announced executive actions designed to reduce gun violence proposals focused on background checks law enforcement mental health treatment and advanced gun safety technology. meanwhile delegate scott taylor virginia beach is pushing a new bill to protect gun rights legislation would prohibit localities access to federal agencies to police services. this is for executive action order related to firearms and munitions that have not been made law by the congress now taylor emphasized
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restoring balance when it comes to states rights. well much of us dealing with freezing temperatures here's a look at snow in chicago man who had robbed her of that right now is creating slippery conditions on area roads and sidewalks is making plain hard to get around with chances for a light snow or flurries this evening not only do you want to make sure you bundle up we also want to make sure the pipes in your home stay warm. reach reporter candace cole has more on how to avoid a disaster in your house the wind is going to make things colder going to probably start freezing despite faster with temperatures dipping below freezing frozen pipes could spell big trouble for your home either leaving you with no water at all or bursting pipes leading to costly cleanup and repair and sometimes bowl. now let me reply good amount of damage and broken pipes to keep your
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johnston left them a plumbing repair offers these sets. if you have a crawl space door to close on a foundation but if you close the foundation vents that will keep the win from get across the pipes and hopefully stop it from freezing. if you can open up the cabinet doors that will sometimes help get some heat back into there and help prevent anything from freezing or bursting into walls you can also keep your files as onslow drive to keep them from bursting the number one thing simmons says it's to make sure you know where to shut off the water to your house. he dealt under an hour in a closet by water heater and also nowhere to turn off at plumber time getting to the right spots. i also want to disconnect hoses from the water supply to keep them from icing up all those sayings great advice is we've already had some bitterly cold temperatures in the mornings and now actually
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trend but cold enough to support snow this evening and i think some more wintry weather coming up friday to saturday chances very good going to focus on that as we go along here for today temperatures up in the low to mid thirties i expect an official high around thirty four then temperatures falling off this afternoon evening down below freezing in the city are forecasters call for that chance for light snow showers or flurries at some point this evening best chances between eight thirty and eleven or so and again you see it with the future cast. i will tell you right now the low levels of the atmosphere are very very dry so as the precipitation initially falls a lot of that snow kind of evaporate or subway as we go through the early evening in late afternoon and then as i think the evening wears on when she see the low levels voicing up enough where we get some flurries or snow showers and there might be some minor accumulation very minor based on what we're looking at right now temperatures currently in
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really haven't been that big gossip on the eastern shore but really the winds not the issue that they have bid skies are partly sunny right now the winds calm at see the occasional winds up around ten to fifteen mph satellite radar images morning skies are mainly clear as we take a look at the bigger picture here you see that moisture out to the last one of the washer has a hard time crossing the mountains is it does one get sick and wrong nothing but as the wins live this moisture up the west side is that windows up the slopes kind of brings out the moisture their leaves the snow back over the mountains and in the down sloping winds dry out. that's why we're not seeing a lot of precipitation crossing the mountains but there will be a chance for flurries with that later this evening so here's a look at a future cast and again you see as we head to those evening hours that chance for some flurries or light snow showers this up and move through skies would clear out early tomorrow
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sunshine wins coming in from the northwest to mari see the wind direction here with her when streams put in in color enhanced you can see which way they're blowing from the northwest tomorrow as we look ahead to friday this is where things get a lot more interesting for us to their two storm systems the one that comes through with a lot of fanfare but a chance for flurries or snow showers tonight. the next one comes in friday into saturday in this one should have some more significant impacts certainly across the mid atlantic region were looking at areas they could see one to one half feet of snow back out to the west this is outside of our viewing area but around here. i suspected some point friday morning we're going to see at the onset snow or mixed precipitation and as we go to the day friday were to see the transition from the snow changing over to rain now this latest future cat smile still keep some snow and around hampton roads even in the early afternoon that you see a transition or is there
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accumulations friday morning for hampton roads before changes over rain mainly rain down across north carolina and then as this continues we see the warmer air getting drawn into the system we see more of a transition to rain into early saturday as the system exits on the backside. that's when we'll get the next round of snow and that could leave us with a few inches as well sorta need to see exactly what happens. the amounts will range greatly from location location. this is a very early look at the snow ranges and jeff put this together and i really don't see any reason to change it yet we will continue to get more model information and to update those totals but you can see we can pick up one of hampton roads area three to five up in the peninsula have your mouse richmond and west of richmond really heavy stuff there here's the seven outlook. temperatures will be warming a little bit through the weekend and then turning cooler again into early sunday we will try it out but in addition to the wintry
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was looking at wins we could have some title issues as well. o a book re. last time this happened was last year yes it's been this potentially could be a pretty big messes with our greed our region by region the next half hour definitely worth sticking with well doing noon a beautiful view in the cold weather this winter weather storm is bringing in so much colder it froze a fountain in fayetteville north carolina remember we showed you the fountain over to town center virginia beach earlier the newscasts well this is happening across our area as well the temperatures in that area in the mid twenties at the time that fountain actually floats with the approaching winter weather you may be able to your own we want to see them if you do so safely send us your pictures through the sharing app on our thirteen years now website thirteen is now the com will share them on aaron will have continuing coverage of the weather coming up here video and these forecasts are probably wanna go somewhere warm. we've got news now at
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tickets analysts say that right now. airfares are running at some of the lowest rates in three years experts say that january and february are typically some of the best travel prices are the months that have the best travel prices even if you do not plan on traveling for a few weeks. experts say take advantage now and book it as for summer travel. they say that you should try booking in the coming month will book a ride now are you looking for some cash for your vacation or a lack of financial expert is coming stanton wrote to teach you
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. our serious subject or layoffs company downsizing hiring freezes all happen in our economy we all know that so one of the best things you can do is to empower yourself for the job market mr derek norris. he's executive director of creative empowerment of hampton roads and he's here to talk about a workshop to thank you so much for joining us this norse think you have all right so let's talk about out with you guys have going here this is the job training improve would resume for federal government jobs are but a lot openings in our this is very out his vial is resumes of course the structure is totally different from the private sector so we want to make
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the opportunity to everything his farm and in structured purse in a concise precise way and at the same time you want to make sure that you understand what's going on and we were a big military town of course have some government employees here in taos is very important ego step by step and instructed them what needs to be in the federal application. i do we go. actually we view the usa jobs that go that's the federal website. we go over the announcement of break down everything in complete details with them and also i give them additional insight on the hard appointments that the office of personnel management of the everything is based off of the structures completely different and perhaps a private company hiring a sony that's left to go over and this is your what some of the free seminar for a house full of mature and doors open nine thirty sessions from ten saturday december eight january thirtieth as free as
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the dress of that location was more the details the second were located in the interstate corporate center in building three four hundred north center drive in offer bridging into three five zero two and oh so tell me how important this is for for this area hampton roads and why offering this one this free summer once a month. well the hampton roads as you may very well know unemployment rate is currently sits at sixty seven percent primarily of some our public housing authority young terrorists we look at that percentage and this will fall the layoffs in the shipyards now everything is going on in our community we must do something that is why we're here to help decrease unemployment rates and further the advancement in the community nor thank you so much with the executive director of creative empowerment of hampton roads that event again this saturday january thirty from ten a m to twelve pm all the information will
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. and thank you for joining us for thirteen years bustamante time andre sierra top story this half hour is that when or whether moving over our area or the cold weather we deal with now right now a storm system is developing that will bring major impacts the hampton roads before that storm reaches us we have to deal with potential snow showers this evening to take a look at this video from louisville kentucky and this is the same system that will impact our area eventually craig is tracking the developments and we'll listen to you were use of dashes etc get us and
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to come to some flurries or light stuff tonight got it so which is alright there was a blanket of white around lvl here we're not going to get as much from the system but a chance i going to talk a little bit about that they were really gonna focus on the next storm system and we've been talking here's the stuff that earlier impeccable now it's interacting with the mountains and as it crosses the bounds a lot of it will dry out that there will be a chance for a few flurries. this is the system that not this one that we're going to see the flurries but tonight this next one is one that we're going to see continue to develop as it swings and across texas to the southeast and up through the mid atlantic. that's significant impacts to our weather as we head through the weekend so let's detail some of these and more first of all start withrnhe north carolina ou banks mainly aai event there might be a mix of the onset or since now even across north carolina at the beginning but it's going to be warmer over eastern north carolina some of that moisture in the one gets drawn into the system is going to be mainly rain with
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some snow showers at the end we will see strong shifting winds and there's the potential for heavy rain as we take a look across the south side possible next year maybe even some snows we get things started the latest future cast predicting a little more snow at the onset but a change to rain then back to snow on the backside some accumulations will be possible especially the end and we'll be watching our tide levels as well when you consider the penance the law and i were going to take a look at the williamsburg area up to the middle peninsula here we could see some more significant amounts of snow especially in the back end of the system toward russia near franklin. we have the potential there for some of the heavier snows as well and that carries around hampton and newport news we're looking at that next to reign them back to snow plenty to watch tide running high and again the snow at the end could create several problems in the week and we'll talk more about that i show you the latest projections are getting new
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it for me in about five ten are they so much crab with the cold weather approaching now is a good time to get your car stocked with imported supplies. aaa recommends keeping a winter car kit in your vehicle at all times during the wintertime to include a car charger for your cell phone a blanket and ice scraper in something like sand or kitty litter to give you traction if you get stuck in ice cold blast is causing ponce a freeze but not all the way and that creates a really dangerous situation the ice covered waters can be really inviting especially for kids. first responders are warning parents please tell your children do not play on the ice experts say the ice needs to be at least four inches thick and become any kind of sports so if your child does fall to the ice call nine one right away try to reach the child with a pull a rope or poll do not go in after the child as tempting as that may be and as we approach the weekend you may need thirteen years
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are all kinds of tips to keep you in your family safe the concert is now back on the very bottom of the homepage under producers pics. developing now in just under two hours norfolk city treasurer anthony burr foot is due in federal court for arraignment was indicted on several felony charges including conspiracy perjury wire fraud and political corruption. earlier this month. now according to the indictment the charges stem from his time on city council told the judge will formally advised of his charges and then he'll enter a plea for updates starting a four o'clock this afternoon and thirteen is now and its value will see only on thirteen is now portsmouth residents gathered in an informal meeting to pay a fine for councilman bill moody last week city council find moody fifteen hundred dollars for allegedly breaking a rule for ten years now was the only tv station to capture the video of me receiving the donation charity lebeau has a lot more
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fronting moody's find in front of a packed house in a community meeting in the church an area of portsmouth and with no hesitation. bryant now has been over fifteen hundred dollars to count them in humanity. lastly we received a fine in that amount from council saying he had violated a rule adopted by the majority of its members would violate the rule on december eight. apparently with the facebook posts talking about a city matter outside a closed door session but a day laborers can now create a go fund me page to help a moody's fine calling it the transparency fun to get the feeling from our government currently that they're they're trying to hide from us what they're doing more than they're trying to keep us involved in what to do it la kan so members took some steps tuesday night to inform the people and address their concerns. some say there's still a long way from portsmouth to go see that we
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in council that of more concern with home being against the media and taking down the monument been working for the citizens of portsmouth area about thirteen years now and still ahead our us navy is moving forward in their commitment to go graham or on the first carriers group's first cruise after many of their ships make use of biofuels and many students at hampton university wanted to know if bill cosby was still on the board of trustees today we get that answer and we have a new statement from
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right now students at mathews county high school are home trying to stay warm weather cold weather actually force the school to close early today thirteen years as the scape is live outside the school bell what happened there was just terrible timing hero one of the coldest days of the year mathews high school is closed tell them and told that they have a heating issue. this is disco superintendent said that this is a problem that they hadn't anticipated the slow starts at about five after a day not long after that the emergency staff was assessing the situation and less than an hour later the decision was made to send students home. they hope to have this problem fixed by the end of the day but they'll have a better idea of
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again the assistance goes a picture that says that they do not have a problem with the furnace that they had a heating issue a couple of students told me that their classrooms were cold but the other students say that their classrooms were comfortable but in certain areas of the building they were smelling fumes of some sort live in mathews county the escape thirteen years now thanks so much helen virginia living museum a residence great the ground groundhog is campaigning a special guest of honor next month. that's right his name is chesapeake shot and he
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new at noon the fate of virginia living museum the chesapeake chalk is now in the hands of actor bill murray according to our partners at the virginian pilot the museum recently sent the groundhog. after an invitation. the museum invited mary to newport news
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groundhog museum officials are trying to invite murray to chuck's groundhog day ceremony next month let you know any sense or i we may see some possible dusting tonight craggy is with us
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i knew him knew him a bill cosby is legal troubles have university released a statement to us today regarding the comedians position on the school's board of trustees the statement reads. for decades bill cosby supported hampton university as an institution of higher education including serving on its board of trustees he no longer serves on the board cost me was named in a sexual assault complaint from two thousand five. his next hearing for the trial in pennsylvania is scheduled for february second new a new and
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groups running on biofuels it is poised to set sail out of san diego. it's part of its great green fleet meant to ease the military's reliance on foreign oil though some critics argue that biofuels are impractical and costly in two thousand i may be called for ships to run on fifty percent biofuel and fifty percent petroleum after that the price for barrel of oil topped one hundred dollars and has since dropped as low as twenty nine dollars or nearly seven million dollars will go to help the homeless in virginia governor terry mcauliffe announced the housing trust funds yesterday the money will fund twenty three affordable housing projects including one in newport news and one in chesapeake money will also go to other organizations that help the homeless in virginia beach norfolk and suffolk to see a complete breakdown of the funding go to thirteen years now. doc. all right our
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the lower to mid thirties and that's important for us because that's what we've been calling for with our spot on forecasting a quick little update you can see by three o'clock right around thirty three. we may hit thirty four that's about it officially temperatures inland near the coast a little bit milder right now in the mid thirties air as you can see the temperatures will fall and later this evening save between seven seven thirty we can start seeing some snow showers or flurries out to the west and during the evening through nine ten o'clock chances for snow showers across the metro and then move out and out later tonight so that's what we're looking at in the short term very quick their spot on forecast yesterday calling for wind chills below twenty five degrees actual wind chills eighteen twenty one so we had another spot on and you can see our street now i too was when recently reset at thirty three is what jeff was going for today will be very close thirty three thirty four feel great about extending that
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prank forecasts a spot on sino lot of you are watching and following with us when we win and when occasionally we miss you guys let us know that two temperatures currently lower to mid thirties across most of the area of the winds really haven't been too much of a deal right now but occasionally could still see some winds up five to ten mph little breeze you're right the water current year for the winds are calmer thirty with partly sunny skies satellite radar images show a dry conditions right now across the area the snow showers crossing over the mountain some of this will break across our region lovely atmosphere really really dry which makes the forecast for tonight snow showers and makes a kind of tough for cassidy to go see some very light precipitation the atmosphere has to moisten up down to the ground a lot of it will show up on your mobile apps you're looking in to rate on your phone you might sit out with tickets knowing he may not see initially because that moisten up the low levels that will see the snow flurries or snow showers naked and the grounds of the best chances for that
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shortly after midnight most that should clear the coast we catch a break tomorrow and then we turn our attention to the next system and you can see how it's rolling toward syria thursday night were still dry around here into early friday we go and that moisture initially snow and maybe some mixed precipitation of the onset through the day on friday a transition to rain heavy rain over eastern north carolina and the match injuries we could get some snow friday morning then it becomes kind the warmer temperatures surging northward on the backside of this colder air and more wind solar cycle now and that's where we could see some accumulations so how much we'll here's what the g f s is producing this is one of our our models or medium range models one by the us government here a couple of inches potentially through saturday afternoon ron hampton roads had your announcer brad richmond. you get up towards lynchburg in northern virginia. they're looking at a foot to almost
12:38 pm
inches. some places back towards the mountains very heavy snow out that way. one more look this is the euro and the european model heavier snow north and west couple inches round here so the main headline snow showers flurries likely this evening. not a lot on for friday saturday storm a mass winter mix rain in when it's all possible and the forecast very attractive penance to please stay tuned over
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