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tv   13 News 6  ABC  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the peninsula are using it on the public works crews in williamsburg stocking up on sea and insult ahead of tonight's snowfall right now are set at four hundred tons of salt. so that'll help sustain us for several snow significance nor the news the whos down in newport news also on standby. well workers in hinton have already begun mobilizing the city expects to spread thirty thousand gallons of the salt water mixture to keep primary roads from freezing over here that it might snow this weekend that hope had the points i've never seen snow fall before they know what you are excited and i know and i'm not giving in so before now and the dot says they've also started work treating roads throughout world communities in the williamsburg area character spock to have the resources we have the manpower and were preparing to deploy as needed and the dot says they will begin pre treating
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they'll start with those bridges and overpasses that end a freeze over quickly and can be very dangerous reporting live in hampton eric came thirteen years now so nice preparations are also in full packed in the south side coming up in a few minutes we'll go live to virginia beach as the city their braces for the snow now that as of ice on the roads drivers need to take extra precautions don't use cruise control on icy roads increase your following distance and give yourself plenty of room to stop and don't make sudden moves. if you want to accelerate and brake lonely and if you do skid steer into the skid before you leave your home you can also check out the thirty news now dot com traffic page to see him there are any additional traffic advisories now when the snow hence it is easy to send us your pictures and videos you can email it to us at sheraton and w b c dot com or post your pictures on our
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we might even put those pictures on the air cold conditions can also bring health risks for people who spend time outdoors the big danger of frostbite if you notice ice crystals on your skin your skin turns red or pale or you are painting your fingers or toes hours after you've been in the cold you may have frostbite to a doctor immediately hypothermia is also address if you start to feel cold and sluggish and have trouble thinking while in the cold try to get somewhere warm and get medical attention at the latest on this bitter blast no matter where you are download the thirteen news now app and track the weather from your smartphone firefighters tell us this cold has already turned dangerous in virginia beach a space heater is planned for a fire in the home of our departments address these pictures of the scene on rose craft drive that is in the county view neighborhood and no one was home when the fire started the fire departments as space heaters
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winter house fires and in chesapeake an adult and child are homeless after and chimney fire the fire started around two this afternoon and exit earth circle near indian river park firefighters tell us they found smoke pouring from the duplex when the wind on the scene crews knock down the flames in about thirty minutes. fortunately no one was heart with a cold snap and virginia natural gas has some safety reminders for everyone may hear the advice don't use your stove or oven to heat your home you could create a fire hazard or release carbon monoxide into your home. also make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working the odorless gas can be deadly and make sure that outdoor events are not blocked by ice or snow since the robbery suspect is on the loose virginia beach police as this video of the suspect you're looking at it right here they say this man walked into the walgreens on pacific avenue this
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threatened the workers and demanded drugs then ran off when he got that he was last seen running towards twenty fifth street and pacific avenue police think he may have also robbed the same store back on december twenty second. still no word what caused that massive fire did woods regina smokehouse in surry county the fire burned for hours yesterday. crews from at least four counties helped to put out the fire no one was hurt. an employee told thirteen news now most of the workers were on lunch break when the fire started the company posted online that the ham plant will be closed until further notice your heart and treasure into court and now his attorney is sounding off about the corruption charge motivated set of charges politically political accusations his enemies his detractors in some of them are still speaking out more from inside the courtroom next. and the winter weather has everyone preparing for
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i knew it information tonight criminal case. norfolk city treasurer was in court today he entered a not guilty plea to those political corruption charges thirteen news now reported marcella robertson was in court wilberforce lawyer promised a fierce
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we'll be fighting anthony burke attorney with a clear message on the way into federal court wednesday earth but who has not spoken to the media since the indictment is maintaining his innocence. the city treasurer pleaded not guilty and asked the judge for a jury trial. anthony says he's innocent he's adamant about that and he's presumed innocent and should be given every man for that outburst was accused of political corruption accepting gifts and money in exchange for the use of his power tie vest the now defunct development company is at the center of the thirty page indictment investigators say between two thousand five in twenty eleven per foot took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company in exchange for votes on city council perfect attorney says the case is complex and a challenging one but says they will fight because it all stems from politics is a politically motivated set of charges politically political accusations his enemies his detractors in some of them are still speaking out the case to trial in may
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treasurer is refusing to step down in her everyday and everyday faithfully at work and he will be there right through this trial even after calls to do so from other city leaders. this is america is in the presumption of innocence still alive isn't somebody still presumed innocent until proven guilty at trial date is set from a third birth attorney again telling us that his client is innocent and that they plan to fight this all the way through his attorney also says that no plea deal was offered in this case and they have no plans of accepting one in norfolk marcella robertson thirteen years now right now you can log on to thirty news now dot com to get more background on the charges against her foot and count on us to update you when he has his day in court the winter weather is causing big issues in hampton roads all eyes are on the forecasts in folks in virginia beach are not taking any chances will provisions are in place in a ready to go
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weekend and there are even more chances and the extended
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. updating our breaking news the joint expeditionary base little creek fort story. police have sat down shore drive and independence boulevard. this
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suspicious package found a good five virginia beach police have a suspect in custody the emergency call went out about five fifteen sending military and virginia beach police to the area of your email doesn't this picture from the scene look for more developments on the story on and on her website coldest on norfolk public schools for moving forward on a big project today the division broke ground on the new ocean view elementary on mason creek road this morning. then one set of schedule thirteen is now is there for the special event. the new superintendent doctor melinda boone says the new building is critical for helping students and the district to succeed the city also recently just broke ground on large month elementary. the new schools are part of a project to build five new schools in three years during this in the third last and good samaritans are trying to help those in need today in norfolk with an interesting scene and northside park
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hats. there is a sign with the clothes and said if you stop gotten the call to please take one to stay warm right now it is not clear who left of the clothing there was less than an hour the first virginia beach cruise will hit the streets to pre treat roads before the snow and ice hence those crews spent the day loading up their trucks with salt and sand to keep the roads safe christina's for j co is live in virginia beach with the latest. well tonight crews will be focusing on so called trouble spots things like bridges and overpasses that tend to freeze just a little bit more than others there are also plans in place for a busy road just like virginia beach blvd just behind me but you need to know that one street where many streets actually that would be taken care of our bills they are tucked away neighborhoods where you might live the snow is on the lake
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control is armed and ready for it. see this is three dozen times here. this is already mixed the magic mixture two parts a and one part salt mountains which are stored all over the city we have four locations get this one get one over in euclid on one kampung road or creeds and one edition and lankford with the virginia beach public works department says crews are already beginning to pre treating bridges ramps and overpasses more trucks ready to spread that mixture and flour. when the snow actually calms what we jews we try and hit all the primary roads and streets shore dr g beach boulevard princess anne road and then will always pay particular attention to any the streets leading up to the hospitals and the fire stations but not the surface streets those tucked away neighborhoods and away from major roads along the street right here are built for snow plows to come through fact i daresay that if if we started doing the street we have more complaints we get about not
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some of the damage gets done people get snowed into their driveways now so the plan is starts coming down the trees will be working twelve hours since the beach just a little over thirty trucks on the roads plowing the roads of course all to keep you safe reporting live in virginia beach secrecy is it a go team is now a lot of snow right now on radar already the one people don't realize that the raiders looking thousands of feet up in the atmosphere so it doesn't always match what's happening down at the ground in this case it certainly isn't very very dry so as the snow is coming down where it's very moist. set your five thousand feet up or whatever it is as it starts coming down by four thousand feet it's somewhat gone in three thousand feet might be completely gone. gradually as that happens the air gets more and more moist and you
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dropping more and more so you're up in a helicopter right now again you might have a few thousand feet to find the snow here within an have to go up a few hundred so eventually all of the starts to fill and these are the spots that money and i emphasize the word might have a little bit of snow occurring right now it's heavy enough that it may have wasted the atmosphere enough that it's finally making it to the ground but even if it is i can guarantee it's still very light out there now later on those same kind of colors in three or four hours will be a more moderate snow because again lot more that'll make it down so here's what to expect next a few flurries are possible late in the day today obviously peak wind gust for today eighteen right now twenty two down in elizabeth city so it's starting to get a little bit more blustery temperatures as you can see right around freezing. maybe a degree or two above and they stay that way for much of the evening as this system
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the drop just below freezing and that way if anything does fall it happens to make on the roads it may have a hard time getting rid of it so we might have some slippery conditions to talk about later tonight. in general i think a lot of us will see flurries and not have an accumulation a lot of spots will see a dusting and a few spots will see up to an angel just depend on this one hit miss variety those in where they end up this have your showers cold temperatures and sunshine during the day tomorrow and then look what happens as we get in the friday thickening clouds temps are starting off cold enough for snow but by the time waster gets here it'll still be snowing a number of spots but some of the southern areas will be starting to see a mix or some rain and then that head these very strong strong wind coming off the water moves that rain snow line more and more. and when preliminary snow ranges just for friday only for friday traced to an inch before it turns over to
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potentially on the peninsula though before you see a mix of late in the day and then it would turn over to rain more like the evening so that's the area more concern are most concerned about for the problems during the afternoon rush hour richmond should stay all snow again that's only for friday you're going to add tremendously to those amounts often to central virginia friday night and saturday so here comes that storm swinging through tonight twenty eight with flurries or light snow and if you have your snow showers and then as we get into the seven day forecast that the mass this weekend strong winds over forty five mph and gusts tide running one to two feet above normal that'll cause some minor flooding and again a mix of all sorts of different precipitation at various times all righty thanks to well in the morning meteorologist greg muller will have the latest snow and temperature forecasts count on ashley for any traffic updates and news team will have all of your latest closings and delays at all
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three i stand by me get to brag about a local cat that's right from green run high school we are in the heart of the winter sports season and so far rerun basketball a stepped up huge rf envy actually the week has something to do with that everyone stallions are often running start and see the light of that has to do with senior ford sterling carrington number twelve to six by seniors of today hide a player that's got him up to fourteen it'll start this recently read at tikrit over the fillet of beef as a button on the illinois game a lot and i did most the time is it like all the attendees and walks over to the bowl spoon. this is the ocean to you when when when it comes to that a word brings leadership and our room
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of basketball came in directly through his brothers they were football players it was all too physical for his days so for the stallions loss on the gridiron became a huge cave on the hardwood and friendly like and where we really need them and comes in daily homes were all season we lost then there's me. he's been warning their back on the floor and to cap things off with the debris hold the state title will present
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i finally did it! ew. let sparkle paper towels clean it up. it's perfect for cleaning spills... ...desktops... ...and chalkboards. too clean? sparkle. because it's a messy world out there. all uva had to do apparently was get back home with a strong effort but they got
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against clemson last night cavaliers last three games on the road in the acc in the last two weeks devon daughter virginia beach had a career high in acc game for him to eleven games close second half knocking robin slices his way through the defense here twenty there were up by thirteen lead. got cut to two with under three million to kill with breakaway tabs wanted sixty nine sixty two norfolk state had relieved deborah clark of her women's basketball coaching duties and reassigned her within the athletic department she had been there. this was her seventh season athletic director marty miller said it was time to go in a different direction they were when list this year owen sixteen record in seven years fifty eight wins one hundred twenty nine losses of course she got into
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a state of emergency already declared. the blizzard watches in effect at this hour. the major system. it could be historic. two feet of snow in some places. one governor desperate to avoid a scene like this again. and the new track right now. also breaking, the wild ride on wall street. at one point, plummeting more than 500 points. tonight, oil prices. saving you money at the pump, but punishing your savings, and your 401k. sarah palin onstage for donald trump, and addressing her son's arrest on domestic violence charges.
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>> pointing to the treatment of
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