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tv   13 News 5  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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that coming up that's the timeline for now guys i jeff thank you so much again virginia north carolina are under states of emergency the declaration makes it easier for governors to get help once the snow and ice com christopher j could talk to governor mcauliffe about the move increased and he says he just wants everyone to be ready ready and now where governor terry mcauliffe told me today that just because it seems like canton roads will be getting the brunt of this winter storm doesn't mean we're completely in the clear sometime early tomorrow there's going to be a major snow event locale of the region in virginia governor terry mcauliffe says crews are ready to handle it all state of emergency allows us to move all the equipment without any weight limit issues in addition allows you to mobilize the national guard so this morning we met with the guard jenna williams tower folks together the mcauliffe says that with the equipment on the road santa rosa already being
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shift to part away from hinton roads that are expected to get nearly two feet of snow down here in hampton roads region are saying you know primarily high winds some rain but still dangerous condition which should be enough of a reason for people in our area to not let their guard down quite yet. stay off the road led us to our workers get a letter be able to move around and you're on top of a rose on top of the situations but to help us get our work now warning stay off the road since there for a very specific reason will have much more on this coming up in about an hour reporting live in norfolk christina's or j co thirteen years now be over prepared and underwhelmed that's north carolina governor pat mccrory school for this winter storm there's a lot of uncertainty with the storm so we'll have to see what mother nature brings in the meantime we all need to be ready in pay close attention to the forecast corey also said he is worried about the possibility
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the threat of power outages that go with it. our team coverage continues in newport news dallas cases live by i sixty four where the doc says it has a plan to prevent road conditions from becoming too dangerous to be not treated a major highway connecting door county is james city county last night tonight. it's the interstate when the calm before the storm but crews of the dot art necessarily just resting up this work to do before the first flakes start falling. all of our hands on deck the dots administrator for the williamsburg region says crews treated the heavily traveled route one ninety nine yesterday with a brine solution to keep it from getting slick from the brief snow that fell early in the evening we started doing the brunt of applications on our ramps and bridges and some of our primary roads of credit
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reading the interstate with the salt and water mixture today to get ahead of the store so as the precipitation starts to fall as snow. you have a layer of snow doesn't fall onto the road right of the doubt is in what's called a full deployment of the equipment is ready supplies are stocked and manpower ready to go. we have all of our day and night shift schedule so ago a twelve hour shifts the most of us have a gauge in our party tells the temperature outside giving up on thirty news now taking the temperature of the highways live in newport news them escape their teen years now and have been city crews are getting ready for the storm. public works started pre treating the roads yesterday that ellis the chemicals are good for about forty eight hours city tells us it has two thousand gallons of brine a thousand tons of salt and twenty five snow plows available in virginia beach
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for nine hundred miles of road the frost patrol goes out before the morning rush hour to pre treat bridges and overpasses. if the weather gets really bad city leaders tell us all thirty trucks will be on the road and workers will be put on twelve hour shifts on our website you'll find the winter weather guide explains everything you need to do to prepare your home and your car for the storm. thirteen years now but calm is also the place to find any school closings or delays. remember newport news schools will dismiss dismiss early tomorrow because of the storm it any more schedule changes come and watch breaking traffic news for you one lane ish on i sixty four westbound in york county near the camp area as the result of a crash state police and is a picture of the work truck involved in that accident you see it right there. investigators tell us the driver lost control hit a bridge at queens lake. the crash sent several gallons of motor oil all over the road. no word yet on any injuries. a stone is busted in gloucester
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had all of this on campus a gun ammunition and marijuana the resource officer at gloucester high school got a tip about the senior having a gun the officer checked out the seventeen year old scarred city found the weapon and the drugs deputies arrested him and took him to the juvenile detention center however mason on the man accused of threatening to bomb joint expeditionary base little creek. only thirteen years now has this picture of authorities arresting twenty eight year old kali the ballot last night right now he's behind bars without bond. yesterday military police in virginia beach police shut down parts of shore drive and independence boulevard for more than two hours after they found a suspicious package there still no word what was inside the package bracing for the worst but hoping for the bass that's the thinking behind some important training today in virginia beach local fire departments worked with the navy to practice how they respond in the event of a military plane
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it's not too great of a stretch of the imagination it's a scenario with an all too familiar ring here in virginia beach and many jet has crashed and it's up to local first responders to save the day again just as they did in april two thousand and twelve when it happened for real and oceania fa eighteen hornet fighter jet crashed into an apartment complex off bird road forty units were destroyed but somehow nobody was hurt or killed. oh she as captain credits training like this without that training without that communication between the city in the navy. i don't show the results would've been the same because the response was incredible i am today in a field in congo virginia beach and chesapeake firefighters worked side by side with peers from the navy's mid atlantic region fire department all with a common goal get to the fire get it out save whoever can be saved
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together seamlessly is the key. the main value they're getting is actually fighting a fire that we don't normally fight has given him experience doing that plus seeing how all different agencies coordinate with each other we work with the military so closely so to bring everybody together is his sad great opportunity to spend time together and work out the kinks now kit controller parameter and sometimes bad things happen when accidents do occur. it's truly like this which allows us to save lives in person for most of the property that surrounds that my getting thirty news now. changes can become an i sixty four from norfolk to chesapeake would you pay a little extra money to get through traffic faster coming up details on a plan to turn hov lanes into toll lanes plus details on a carjacking suspect in hampton police say the suspects dangerous find out where officers are looking for and the mayor of dc is reacting
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nightmare where she says she dropped the ball and we'll be talking about the major storm in case you haven't heard heavy rain heavy snow is as strong winds high tides it's all coming apart of our region and as we head to our first camera in your county there's a two and a half mile back up starting at route one ninety nine due to this truck accident we just told you about. still blocking the left lane on sixty four west between west queens road and camp perry and as we head to our second camera in norfolk. there is a seven
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. . it's probably not the news a lot of drivers want to hear but more tolls could be coming to
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hampton roads are looking at two options that would add tolls to hov lanes both options are along i sixty four came talk to state transportation secretary of the lane about the possible change yet david and he stresses it would be the driver's choice to pay this store and he says the strategy has cut down on traffic in northern virginia and would do the same here in hampton roads. if you find yourself stuck in traffic along i sixty four you could have the option of pain to get around its transportation secretary aubrey layne spoke at the hampton roads transportation planning organization thursday detailing his idea to toll hov lanes turning them into so called hot lanes were looking at is allowing single occupant drivers now who are not allowed to use the hov lanes the reversible lanes that allow them during rush hour to pay take you to use the lanes hopefully freeing up the other lanes. the plan
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i sixty four the first i five sixty four to eight to sixty four and from there down to battlefield blvd in chesapeake. every time we get someone off that plane is congestion. it helps relieve congestion on those lines lane says the price of the tolls would fluctuate based on congestion when sensors along the interstate register slowing traffic in the free lanes the price of the toll lanes increases the key to that is is a choice. hot lanes are based on the same concept as the express lanes on i ninety five in northern virginia lane says the tolls have been so successful at their the reduced travel times by up to twenty percent but some drivers here in hampton roads remain skeptical given the traffic in hampton roads quicker it doesn't happen well it will take several months for the planning organization to complete a feasibility study on the stalls secretary elaine says tolls are needed to complete expensive infrastructure projects and coming up at six will have how plummeting oil prices are
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the tolls. eric came thirteen years now. now the crime alert in york county the search is on for an armed robber the arctic ocean sheriff's office as a pair of thieves held up living in store. this happened last night at the yuppies on george washington memorial highway. investigators tell us the suspects had guns when no one was hurt. you have any idea who the suspects are call the crime line in hampton police are looking for a carjacking suspect we have his picture he's identified as twenty five year old james drew police say last wednesday drew another suspect were riding with the victim who was driving and ruin the other manllegedly pulled out guns and force the driver out police say drew's lastwn address was on sheila drive in the book grow area and he's known to hang this. he also has the name that are tattooed on his mat call police if you see creating a plan to get north and thriving ec the future. that's the aim of vision twenty one
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developing a plan to deal with sea level rise and disaster resiliency the city wants neighborhood leaders and the community to join the conversation and there's a public meeting from five thirty to seven tonight at first baptist church lambert's point. there are three other meetings next month the mayor of washington d c is apologizing for last night's traffic nightmare when the roads got icy it took drivers hours to just go a few miles are a few blocks and make matters worse road crews got stuck in gridlock so they could help to clear the ice the backups lasted throughout the night it was pretty rough driving home an hour to get four miles then we decided to walk and it's pretty icy on the road to iraq in the mess as the city was too worried about tomorrow's storm and underestimated the ice that came last night. number of airlines are posting travel alerts ahead of this weekend's storm. american airlines already canceled all flights in and out of several
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saturday including charlotte north carolina where there's a big game this week and washington d c and philadelphia. you can track your flight on the thirteen news now app just click on the flight tracker link. jeff is busy tracking the system was turned to him for another update jeff i got almost two and half hour show just by myself on the system is so complicated and such a different forecast we probably have five different zones that we at least that we have to break this down into from south to north even more than a typical right now thirty five it is very dry out modest rise just a bit dry and the wind out of the north northwest down from eight or nine mph little earlier than seven captures you can see everybody thirty five thirty six couple thirty eight thirty for thirty five thirty seven is i think i see a thirty three in grandview he get up here across the northern neck closer to thirty. we have anywhere from thirty to thirty four or so
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slightly less cold can call this mild really but a few at least upper thirties when she get down into areas of north carolina so we dropped the readings this evening back to the thirties near the coastline back into the twenties across the more rural locations and then temperature source hold steady there so not as cold as last night during the morning clouds on the increase there watching us maybe from way down in places like bertie county might have a little bit of a wintry mix by the morning rush hour but for most of us certainly here across the seven cities we won't have to worry about that and then as we go through the day this snow slash mix moves across the region gradually shifts over later and later in the day and gets heavier and heavier as well to the point whereby the late afternoon we're seeing rain or a mix near the coastline snow or a mix on the peninsula that changes to heavy rain tomorrow night very strong winds gusting over fifty mph rain heavy at times tomorrow during the overnight with a rain snow line getting back in
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richmond somewhere that'll be a important thing to figure out whether you're going to get a eight inch snowfall and snowfall in richmond or a twenty inch snowfall depends on exactly where that rain snow line but around here lesser precipitation on saturday but eventually changing over saturday later saturday night and when i think could be an accumulating snow again on the backside so here are the total amount to show you the amount earlier through tomorrow rush hour. now these are the total amounts they include the fact that it will melt let's say we get an inch or two south side then it melts away and then we get another three inches. well yes we would've seen five total but we've never seen that much on the ground is or how much you will see on the ground including melting sleep etc at the most we think one of three across the south side up onto the peninsula three to five five eight including the williamsburg gloucester
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of their eight to sixteen inches so lots and lots of sand west of that even attended one. so a ton of snow coming to central and northern virginia as well as western parts of the state system organizing and the south clear early partly cloudy late lower to mid twenties across the inland areas a wintery mix develops them are changing to rain for the metro and the coastline late in the day tomorrow night forty five when be very windy wet gust to fifty mph a mix or some snow though still the farther north and west you go and then the forecast as we look ahead to the seven day outlook on saturday calls for forty five in the morning for the low which is really high because the temperature then drops to thirty three during the afternoon as we change some of this precipitation back to snow and that continues overnight into early sunday so two different rounds of accumulating snow if you want to consider the metro area the beginning of the storm heavy rain and then again at
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and we just got another early dismissal. hampton will be dismissing city schools early tomorrow. pre k through eighth grade and emit dismiss two hours earlier than normal and then the high school let out at one ten and the other school district doing this dismissing early as newport news a schools right. you still have several hours before the storm hits hampton roads of a checklist of what you need to do to get your car ready for the snow and ice plus a convicted serial killer in virginia learn his fate today. find out the word
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. charles severance a convicted serial killer will spend the rest of his life behind bars today a judge in fairfax sent in severance to three life sentences for unskilled three prominent alexandria residents of the course of the decade he had a grudge
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prosecutors say severance wanted revenge after losing a child custody case. severance has a history of mental illness and shouted say this as today's sentencing started jesse matthew jr faced a judge today denied a motion to suppress some evidence in the anagram case is accused of abducting and murdering uva student. he also faces charges in about the virginia tech student morgan harrington in court today the defense said some items police took from matthew's apartment including toothbrushes and bedding were not included in the search for and shouldn't be used as evidence in the graham case the judge disagreed. a former sailor who smuggled heroin aboard the uss george h w bush will spend eighteen months behind bars a judge sentenced donald mcmanus today in federal court in norfolk man has pleaded guilty last year investigators say that man is sold heroin to another sailor who was later found unresponsive on the ship that victim did not serve. oh did
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also charged in the case and she faces sentencing next week. heroin is a growing problem in virginia and recently thirteen is now taken in depth look at the epidemic and you can watch the thirty minute special hooked on heroin virginia's growing killer on thirteen years now but com just click on the invga if you haven't stocked up to ride out the next winter storm you might have a tough time finding which we store owners we talk to are actually sending customers away but it's for a good
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. am from new york to the carolinas the east coast prepares for a historic winter storm that isn't as i got on the road that is going to be a bad idea and this is just the beginning i'm packing the storm's path and impacts as it gets closer and show you have to hit the roads are preparing that includes a trip to the store i love bitter blasts velma
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it a huge winter storm is coming. it's taking aim at the east coast including us were going to get a mix of rain snow ice and some powerful with some school districts have been in newport news are both already planning on dismissing early tomorrow and if any more schools do the same election now for now is go to jeff for an update on the path of the store. alright it's organizing over the deep south nothing showing up on radar yet but as you'll see it about ten fifteen minutes much of the wide view it is organizing down across dixie meanwhile temperatures are cold in there going to certainly get a little bit colder tonight down into the twenties and that's why we have the stage and it set for this big storm to come in however despite the fact that it's going to get cold and it's already cold. we have warm air coming in a loft and that's going to change over to rain for most areas for most of the storm but we're still going to get some precipitation and some accumulations of both the front in the back side
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